Surprise: The Final Chapter

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“Plan B?” Said Michael; a little surprised that Gerry had all ready moved on to something else.

“Yeah! What do you think about this? We set up a gang bang for your Mom, you said that she constantly wants sex so maybe if we get a lot of guys together, and maybe some girls, then we can tire her out.”

“Man, you’re messed up. You just want to fuck my Mom again, and since you know that I wouldn’t let that happen again you think of another way to do it. I don’t think I like that idea.”

“Come on Mike! It would be great! You’re Mom is just all hyped out because she hadn’t had sex in so long and then you gave it to her. Now, she is raging to have more because she now remembers what it was like. I really do think that if we get some guys together and fuck the hell out of her then she won’t want it anymore or at least not as much, and maybe not with you. Maybe she’ll find someone that we bring in that she will like better. What do you say Man, are you with me?”

Michael really hated the idea, it was bad enough that Gerry knew that he had fucked his Mom and that afterwards she’d turned into some type of sex demon and demanded her son to fuck her constantly. Now, if Michael agreed to this then others would know what had happened and he knew that all of his friends, like Gerry, would think that the situation was so cool. Michael hated what he has started and he was trying to find a way out of it. No matter how many times he told his Mom no, she never listened. He wanted this nightmare to end, not make it worse and he thought that Gerry was about to make it worse.

“Okay, Gerry. I’ll let it happen, but I’m not going to be a part of it. I might just leave the house the night you set it up and pray that it worked. I’m going to kick your ass if it doesn’t.”

“Hey Man, no need to get violent. I’m for sure that it will work out just fine. Trust me Mike. But I think that it would be better if you were there. She looked very guilty the other night when she found out that I knew about it. I thought that she was going to stop then. She was embarrassed for a minute remember.”

“Yeah that is true, and maybe when she finds out that more people know what she’s doing she won’t be able to handle it. So, yeah I might be there, but I’m not going to do anything with her, understand. I’ll just watch and reminder her that all these people know that she turned her son into her personal sex slave. That might end it for good. I got to go, she’ll be home from work soon.”

“All right. I’ll let you know when everything’s ready. Talk to you later.”

“Okay, bye.”

Michael sat on the couch and thought about what he had just agreed to. He really didn’t know if it would work or not, but he was desperate. He couldn’t take much more of his Mom’s sexual desire towards him and Gerry was right, there had been a lot of guilt in her eyes when she found out that he had told his friend. He was just hoping now that the guilt would come back and he could play more on it during the gangbang.

Michael decided to take a shower and then take a nap. He had been so worn out here lately having to take care of his Mother’s need into late hours of the night and then again when she woke up to go to work. He headed into the bathroom and turned on the water, making it almost too hot for his skin to take but the hot water would relax him enough to sleep for a couple of hours.

Right before he was ready to turn off the water and dry off he heard the bathroom door open. He looked over and there stood his Mom. “Oh crap not now,” he thought to himself.

“Hello Michael.” His Mother said with a smile coming to her lips.

“Mom, leave me alone. I just want to finish my shower and take a nap.”

“But that’s no fun.” A smile playful pout coming to her lips.

“Mom, I’m serious. I don’t want you. I want you to find someone else. I’m tired of you using me like a toy.”

“I’m not using you, I’m showing my love for you.”

“Well, I don’t believe that a Mother showing her love for her son through sex is right.”

She said nothing more. She always stopped talking when Michael began to throw in that what she was doing wasn’t morally right and that pissed him off. He knew that she knew it wasn’t right but she wouldn’t stop doing it and he couldn’t understand why. “Probably for the same reasons why you keep letting it happen.” He thought to himself, he knew it was wrong but she was so good at fucking that once she started in on him he was done saying no and he let her do whatever she wanted with him. He knew that he was a lot stronger than she was and ataşehir escort he could make her stop whenever he wanted but he never did it. He had told Gerry about it really because he had wanted to see his Mom get fucked by some one else and the same went for the gang bang that Gerry was setting up now. It turned him on to watch his Mom getting fucked. Then after it was done his mind would be begin to tell him how sick he was for liking it all. How bad it was to fuck his own Mother, how he’d burn in hell for it, and he’d feel so bad after that that he didn’t want to be a part of it anymore.

He watched as she quickly shed her clothes and moved closer to the tub. He kept up his protesting, but they fell on deaf ears. She got into the shower with him and went to her knees. She took his cock into her mouth and began to suck him gently. He let out a moan as her mouth worked to get him hard, and she looked up at him with joy in her eyes. She liked to please him, to hear him moan, to make him cum, and that made it harder for him to tell her no.

She kept sucking him, taking his now hard cock all the way down her throat, swirling her tongue around the shaft as she pulled him harder into her mouth. His hands went to her head and he began to pump his hips into her, fucking her face hard. She began to moan the harder he pumped. He knew he’d cum if he kept up the pace and he didn’t want to yet. He pushed her head away from him roughly, “stand up and turn around.”

She smiled and did as he said, placing her hands on the wall of the shower as he entered her soaked cunt. She screamed out in passion as he began to move in and out of her womanhood. He grabbed on to her hips and pushed her ass back into him, driving his cock as deep as he could.

“Oh God Michael, that feels so good! I love when you fuck me! I love your cock! Oooo….you’re going to make me cum!”

Michael said nothing, he loved to hear her talk while they were fucking, and that was another thing that came back to haunt him afterwards. He felt her cunt tighten more around his dick as she came and he couldn’t hold of any longer. He shot his load inside his Mother’s hot pussy, which sent her into another orgasm immediately.

He pulled out and she turned around. She tried to kiss him but those bad feelings had all ready crept into his mind. He pushed her back; “I’m going to go take that nap now.” He said without even looking at her

“Michael why won’t you kiss me? All I want is for you to show how much you love me and you hurt me when you won’t show it with a kiss or a hug or anything.”

He got out of the shower and started to dry off, he had a look of disgust on his face when he looked at his Mother. “I don’t love you anymore Mom.” He saw the tears fill her eyes before he turned to leave.

In his room he couldn’t sleep. He kept thinking about what she had said. How could he love her? He couldn’t love her as his Mom anymore and he couldn’t love her as a girlfriend or anything because she was the woman who had given birth to him. He couldn’t do it, his love for her had left when he had committed the first sin in raping her and then when she came back for more and he knew he couldn’t explain that to her because she wouldn’t listen.

For the next two days, she backed off of him a little. She’d still demand him to fuck her but not as much and it was different. She wouldn’t talk to him during sex; she wouldn’t look at him. She used him more like a toy than anything else, getting herself off and then leaving the room nothing more. Everytime she did look at him tears would come into her eyes. He knew he had hurt her deeply when he told her that he didn’t love her but he couldn’t lie to her.

About a week later Gerry called, “all right I have it all set up for this weekend.”

“Okay, how many guys do you have?”

“Could only get two other guys, but I figured that those two and you and me would be more than enough to ware her out.”

“I told you that I wouldn’t be a part of it.”

“Well, you are going to have to be.”

“Whatever. Is it going to be over here?”


“Who are the other two guys? Do we know them?”

“Yeah, it’s John and Jake.”

“So, you had to go and get two brothers? You know this whole deal is weird enough and it’s now going to be worse with brothers.”

“Come on! Are you trying to back out of it? Jake and John constantly fuck girls together you know that.”

“Yeah, all right. See you this weekend.”

Michael hung up the phone. He didn’t think that this would be such a good idea anymore. kadıköy escort She might think of it as some kind of gift from him for hurting her feelings and he didn’t want that at all. He hoped that it wouldn’t work out that way, but he guessed he would see come this weekend.

Gerry had planned it for Saturday night, and it seemed like that week flew by for Michael. He sat around that day feeling nerves, sick, and a little excited. He had told his Mom that morning that he was having some friends over but nothing else. She hadn’t said much to it and left shortly after to do some shopping. She had come home about a half and hour before everyone showed up. She seemed happier today, and that scared Michael, maybe she was thinking about how much fun she could have with his friends. He wished that wasn’t it.

When everyone arrived, Janet went back into her bedroom so that the guys could have some privacy. This put Michael at ease, if she had wanted to do something with his friend she would have stayed out in the living room with them all. After a while Gerry looked at Michael, “shall we start?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I’ll go get Mom.”

He got up and went to her bedroom door. “Mom, could you come out here for a minute.”

He heard her turn off the TV and walk to the door. She opened it and looked at him, “you guys need something?” “No, we just want to talk to you.”

She looked at him suspiciously but nodded her head and followed her son to the living room. She hadn’t bothered to get dressed and came out with only a short tee shirt on. Michael started to have doubts again. He knew that if she hadn’t had wanted anything from his friends then she would have thrown on some sweat pants like she use to before this all started.

Michael sat back down on the couch and his Mother sat on the coffee table. “What can I do for you boys.” She asked. Michael noted the innocent look she had on her face, but he knew how much she was capable of.

Gerry smiled at her, “Well, Janet. I was just sitting here telling Jake and John about the good time we had not to long ago and they want to have a good time with you too.”

Janet’s eyes widened a look of fear and guilt coming to play on her face. “Gerry! I can’t believe you and Michael did you have any part in this?”

“I gave the okay. I mean you did have so much fun that night with Gerry and I that I thought maybe you’d like to do it again with some more of my friends.” He gave her an impish smile as he watched her face turn from guilt to anger.

“I don’t know who you think I am Michael but I will not do it.”

“Oh now this comes from a woman that fucks her own son several times a day without a second thought even after he pleads with her to stop. You have no say in the matter. It will be done.”

“No, nothing will be done. I’m going back to my room. I really can’t believe you Michael.” She got up to leave but didn’t get far before her son stopped her. He grabbed onto her arm and threw her in a chair.

“You aren’t going anywhere. You are going to feel what it is like to be me and then maybe you’ll have a little sympathy. We are going to use you as our own personal fuck toy, just like you use me.”

She said nothing more but tried to fight her way out of her son’s grip. She wasn’t strong enough and began to tire as the other guys got undressed and came to her. Michael moved her onto the floor, John and Jake coming to her first.

Jake straddled her chest, placing his cock to her lips. She wouldn’t open her mouth. Jake tried to force his dick between her lips but he couldn’t do it. John smiled, “hold on I’ll get her to open up.”

He slammed his cock into her dry pussy and she screamed out allowing enough time for Jake to get his dick in her mouth. “Suck me!” He commanded.

She gave up the fight, she knew it would do no good to try and fight these four men and she began to suck Jake off as John moved deep into her pussy. “See, you like it don’t you? You’re getting so wet and it feels so good on my cock.”

She wanted it to hurry up and be over. She all ready could not take the humiliation of having these men treat her like this. She had been angry when Michael had told Gerry but now she was embarrassed that he had told even more of his friends. She knew what she was doing was wrong but Michael had reminded her so much of her husband when he fucked her and she missed Dave so much that she couldn’t stop with Michael. He gave her a piece of his father and she always wanted that.

She sucked and fucked Jake and John as good as she could. bostancı escort bayan She let Jake fuck her mouth so hard that she would choke on his cock before he pulled back, she moved her hips along with John, making her pussy tight that it felt better to him and make him cum soon. But before they came they moved off of her.

Gerry came over and told her to stand up. Michael lay down, “Fuck your son’s cock!” Gerry commanded. She began to cry then from anger but did as she was told. She mounted Michael and began to ride him, while Gerry got behind her. He worked out her ass just long enough to shove his cock in her. She screamed out in pain as her tight hole stretched out over Gerry’s cock. Jake and John moved so that they could both have access to her mouth.

While Michael and Gerry fucked her, she took turns sucking Jake and John. The tears flowed freely from her eyes as she took them both deep into her throat. She had to admit to herself that she did like it a little. It felt good to have all four of these cocks wanting her attention. She began to cum with that thought, having Gerry filling her ass, her son filling her cunt, and the two cocks in front of her filling her mouth.

She started moaning loudly, letting the boys know how much she was enjoying herself now but she also made up her mind that this would be the last time. She began to push back hard on Gerry, driving his cock deep into her ass, while Michael pumped his hips under her, pushing his cock into her dripping cunt. She sucked the two brothers cock harder, pulling them all the way down her throat and keeping them there for a while, opening and closing the back of her throat, making it feel as though she was trying to swallow their dicks.

It didn’t take much longer for the men to cum. Gerry filled her ass with his cum, and shortly after Michael filled her pussy. The two brothers made her open her mouth as the jacked themselves off. She caught as much of their jizz in her mouth as she could. The rest falling onto her lips, chin, and tits.

After they moved away from her, she laid on the floor letting them enjoy what they had just done. Letting them watch as their cum seeped from her ass and cunt, letting them watch as it ran down her chin and chest to her belly.

She lay there while they all got dressed and left and Michael had gone to his room before she got up and showered. She decided in the morning she’d tell Michael that she was through with him and his friends.

He was up before she was and when she walked into the kitchen he didn’t even glance up at her. He was waiting for her to tell him how much she loved last night and then make him fuck her again but she surprised him. She didn’t talk to him until after she had brewed some coffee and made a cup for herself. She sat down in the chair straight across from him and looked at him a bit sternly.

“Michael I need to talk to you.”

“And what would you like to talk about Mom?”

“I’m done, Michael. What you did last night that was the last straw for me. I can’t do that again, and I can’t take you telling everyone that will listen that we fuck. I know I made a mistake and I know that you made a mistake in doing what we did. I would like to forget about all that and start over again as your mother and not as some sex driven slut.”

“That’s good Mom. I’ve wanted that for a long time now. I did what I did last night to get you to end all this and it worked. I will not apologize for what happened. I did what I thought I had to do.”

“I understand that.”

They sat in silence for a while. Michael got up and poured himself a cup of coffee trying to figure out how he was going to say what he wanted to next without hurting her feelings even more. Finally he decided to just come out with it.

“Mom, I’m moving out. I’ve found an apartment and I really think that it would be best for the both of us if we didn’t live under the same roof anymore.”

“I was thinking the same thing Michael. I think it would be too hard for the both of us to start over again if we lived together. There is too much of a temptation there.”

“Good. I am leaving this week.”


His Mom helped him move his things over to his new apartment and bought him some furniture to go along with it though he told her that it wasn’t nessessary. He figured that that was her way of apologizing for her half of what had happened between them just like him moving out was his apology.

They still got together once a week for lunch or dinner but always at a public place. They were still too leery of their sexual feelings towards each other to do anything in private. Eventually Janet started seeing a man and in a year planned to remarry. Michael still had not settled down with one girl but he didn’t mind he was happy with the type of life he led now.

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