Surprised at Work

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This actually happened to me today, and was so hot I just HAD to share it.

About me: I’m 27, 5’5″. I have red hair and light blue eyes. 34/B cup, and I’m always perfectly shaved. I’m not super skinny, but in no means heavy. Just average shape and size, (137 lbs., last I checked.)I have a “bubble butt” that even my gay guy friends stare at and continuously praise me for. I’m Irish, so I’m pretty pale, unless I go tanning. Then my hair lightens up and I get dark. I think I’m really pretty either way, but not vain or conceited. Actually have a pretty dorky personality.

My boyfriend, Jackson, is the sexiest man alive. He’s 34, 6’2″, and 190-200 of muscle. He was a personal trainer when we met, and spends a lot of time at the gym, or working out at home. He’s got a 7″ dick that he definitely knows how to use. He’s got long blonde hair that he sometimes ties into a ponytail and his eyes are green and orange. Yes… I said green and orange. They’re orange around the pupil and pale green the rest of the way. He’s Swedish and Italian so aside from his blonde hair, he’s got a perfect tan year round. He has absolutely perfect facial features as well.

His sexiness used to make me insecure in the beginning of our relationship. Girls would just look at him and you could see it in their eyes, that they were thinking “take me now!!!” Oddly enough, that’s not how we got together. When we met, I spotted him at my gym, thought “ooo he’s hot” but went about my business, thinking he probably had a girlfriend. I mean, how could he NOT, looking the way he did?? Anyways, I saw him a few times but didn’t think anything of it. But one time he walked by me, we locked eyes for a second accidentally, and something in me snapped. The look he gave me was… unintentional, for starters, but he looked so intense. It wasn’t how attractive he looked at that moment, it was the look of intensity that I can’t quite explain, but it set me on fire. He was training someone so I didn’t try to talk to him that time. It actually took quite a while before I had the nerve to approach him. When I did, we talked for a bit, and he told me he was seeing somebody but it wasn’t serious. Shortly after, we lost contact with each other. I casually seeing someone new, but wasn’t into the guy. Out of nowhere a few months later, Jackson reached out to me and asked me on a date, so I agreed. I assumed my attraction to him was mostly physical, I assumed he was a muscle head/stupid jock type who was vain and self-obsessed (because of his looks) but on our first date I learned a lot about him. We had some deep conversations and it turns out he was very intelligent, that he was back in college getting a degree in counseling, and that he was very spiritual. We had a lot of crazy little things in common and it almost seemed like fate that we were there together. Well, these deep, intense conversations lead us back to his place for some deep, intense “something else” And the rest is history.

He’s never had a real “girlfriend” before; he’s always just dated and slept around. But after a few dates together we were both smitten, spending every other day together and only a few months into the relationship he asked me to marry him. But I turned him down telling him we should wait, and let our relationship progress, and he said he would wait as long as it took but that he’s certain that there’s no one in the world he wants to be with.

So here we are, living what feels like a real life Harlequin romance.

That brings me to my story today.


I work with senior citizens, and people with disabilities for a living. Part of my job requires me to transport and accompany the individuals to doctors’ appointments. On Tuesdays, one woman, Rosanna, goes to a therapy session. It’s at 1pm and lasts an hour every Tuesday. Jackson works about an hour away from my job, so you can imagine my surprise when, just as I was ushering Rosanna into her therapist’s office, I noticed a car that looked quite similar to Jackson’s pull up. Knowing that Jackson had work, and kartal escort that his job was so far from mine, figured it wasn’t him. It’s not like there was only one black Nissan Sentra in the world, it was probably someone else.

I went and took a seat in the very tiny, empty waiting room. There was no reception desk, and only 4 chairs and 2 offices, one of which I never saw used. The only person I ever saw in there was the therapist that Rosanna came to see every week. I only ever saw one patient in there before. It was tiny, private, but cozy. As soon as I sat down, I looked up and who do you think was walking in the door with a red rose in his hand? Yep. It was Jackson.

I was so excited to see him; I jumped up and hugged him, and asked what he was doing here.

He told me that work was slow, so he left work early, saying he had errands to run. He basically knew my schedule so he knew I’d be at the doctor’s office with Rosanna so he stopped by to say hi. I kissed him, quickly, and before we had totally broken away from the kiss, he pulled me back into him and kissed me again. He kissed me hard, and started doing this thing where he sucks a little bit on my tongue- it drives me nuts and he knows it. His one hand moved down to my ass and squeezed. I was wearing yoga pants, which I often did at work, due to the sometimes heavy lifting and such. I felt my face flushing and the blood rushing between my legs, but this was nothing new. The kiss continued for a while before he broke it off to say “I love you.” I tried to reply with “I love you too” but he kissed me hard again, this time with his hand on the back of his head. I felt his cock hardening through his work pants and I got even hornier. The thin fabric of my pants let me feel it almost as though I was wearing nothing. I expected this to end at any second, but it didn’t. He surprised me by keeping the kiss going for a while. It didn’t stop until he broke away to start kissing my neck.

“You’re getting me all hot, I’m getting so wet, you have no idea…” I whispered to him.

“Oh yeah?” he replied, as he started to slip his hand into my pants.

I got nervous. With my luck, it would be the one time another patient, or doctor, or random person walked into the building. I pushed his hand away as fast as I could and said with a smile “And just what do you think you’re doing?”

“Trying to feel that wet pussy of yours.” He said, matter-of-factly, as he pushed his body against mine. I could feel his cock pressing through his pants, into my abdomen (the way we were standing) and that did it for me. I told him to come with me, and we went into the bathroom. It was a single bathroom, no stalls or anything, so we had room, and privacy, and almost an hour. As soon as he closed the door, he locked it behind him and pulled his cock out, which was twitching. He leaned against the sink, and down on my knees I went. I started sucking hard, up and down, while moving my hand around the base. I started sucking hard on the head while jerking him off a little, which is what I do when I want to get him off fast, but I really wanted to fuck him, so I stopped. I licked up and down the entire length, and then started licking his balls while rubbing his dick. He loves that. The little breathy moans he gives drive me crazy.

“Get up, I wanna fuck you” he said.

“Hold on.” I told him, and went back to sucking. I looked up at him while going up and down on his cock. He was starting to thrust forward and I knew it was time to stop. I stood up and kissed him. I felt his cock, sticky with saliva, pushing its way under my shirt, touching my belly because of the way we were standing. We kissed for a few minutes while he “cooled off” a little bit. He stood up straight from his leaning position and started yanking my pants down.

“We have to be quick.” I told him, peeling my pants off.

“No shit.” He said. “Turn around.” And that fast, his big strong hands had me by the hips, bending over the sink. It took no time at all before I felt his cock head at the entrance, and just maltepe escort bayan like that, he had slammed it in me. It took absolutely no effort.

“Oooo… you are wet. You’re a horny little slut today, aren’t you?” he whispered.

I absolutely LOVE it when he talks to me like that.

He immediately started pounding away at me from behind, while holding onto my hips. I tried to be quiet, but when you are that excited, it’s hard. I mean I wasn’t screaming, but I was too fucking horny to be able to be silent. The sound of slapping bodies, his silent little grunts and my moans filled the room. At one point I remember him grabbing onto my hair and pounding my pussy so hard, I thought I was going to scream. Who knows, maybe I did, because it was a few seconds after later that he whispered “Babe you need to shut the fuck up, someone’s gonna hear us.” Meanwhile, he never stopped or slowed down. I felt my pussy clenching up and KNEW it was going to be an intense orgasm.

I can’t cum doggy style without playing with my clit, I’ve never been able to, but it’s still my all-time favorite position. I looked up into the mirror above the sink and watched his face as he rammed his cock into me. He was looking down, watching the action; watching himself go in and out of me, while grabbing a hold of my hips. The look he gets on his face when he’s fucking me drives me wild! So as I felt my orgasm quickly building up, I whispered “Keep going, I’m gonna cum…” and just then, he slammed into me hard, grunting. I felt him cumming inside of me, his cock twitching.

After a few seconds, he pulled his wet dick out of me, saying “I’m sorry babe… I couldn’t hold back any more. Your pussy is so fucking tight.”

I was on the verge of orgasm when he came and stopped the activities, but I wasn’t disappointed. I knew there would be more to come later, after work, and now the anticipation combined with the post-sex feeling (what is it about that feeling??) would make it that much more intense later. We both started dressing ourselves, and I “cleaned up” a bit. I looked up into the mirror to fix my hair. My face was flushed, my mascara running just a tiny bit below my eyes, and my hair looking all kinds of crazy.

As I was pulling my hair back to twist back into my scrunchie, Jackson stepped back behind me, now fully dressed. He grabbed my tits through my shirt, squeezed them, and then ran his hands down my sides before stopping on my hips. “You’re so sexy, you know that?” he said to me, right before his hands started roaming up and down.

I smiled in response. It never gets old hearing it, and the way he was touching me all over, even if it was through my clothes, was getting me fired up.

I closed my eyes for a second as I felt my pussy throbbing, and clenching down onto nothing, wishing his cock was still inside of me. I had no idea what time it was but for that minute, I didn’t even care. I wasn’t even thinking about it.

Here we were, standing in front of the bathroom sink of a therapist’s office, staring at each other and ourselves in the bathroom mirror, with his hands still roaming up and down my body right after fucking over the counter. He started kissing my neck from behind me, while still feeling me all over. His hot breath gave me chills and I considered telling him he had to go, because it was getting to be more than I could take, and that if he kept it up I’d end up jumping his bones again.

Instead, I said, humorously: “You came all the way up here with a rose just to get some pussy in a bathroom?”

He kind of chuckled and said “No, I came up because I wanted to see you, figured I’d surprise you.” And he went back to kissing and lightly sucking on my neck, while feeling me up.

I was certain that if he kept this up another few minutes I would start cumming, even without anything even touching my pussy.

But I was in luck.

Just then, I thought I felt a little stirring in his pants.

Figuring I was probably getting my hopes up, I ignored it again. I turned around to face escort pendik him, and he kissed me hard. Here we were, making out like horny teenagers. I slid my ass up on the counter with my legs on either side of him and he pressed himself against me. If I wasn’t mistaken, he had a full-fledged hard on.

He broke the kiss for a moment and said “See what you do to me?”

He lifted his shirt a little and unzipped his pants.

I grabbed his dick from the base with one hand, and rubbed up and down from the other, just like he likes.

Then he said “I don’t know if we have time for all of that…” and I glanced at my phone to check the time. It had been about 17 minutes since he first showed up. Rosanna’s appointment was an hour. We still had some time.

I hopped off the counter, pulled my pants down and off, and he let his fall to the floor. I scooted back up on the counter and pulled him closer with my legs. Now, with my legs wrapped tightly behind him, he slammed himself back into me, and oh god did it feel amazing. I know I yelled out when he pushed himself into me and he stopped for a second, saying “Shhhhh!” but without much hesitation immediately started nailing the holy hell out of me.

I don’t think it was any more than a minute before I came. I remember crying out “Oh god I’m gonna fucking cum…” and he started fucking me harder, whispering things like “That’s it babe… cum for me…. Let me feel you cum for me… You horny fucking slut…” and it set me on fire. My pussy clenched down on him so hard it almost hurt, but in an amazing way, making him let out a loud grunty sound while I grinded my clit against him, pulling him onto me with my legs. I don’t know what I said or if I said anything, or what sounds I made, I just remember feeling like I was going to explode from the intensity.

After I calmed down I noticed he never slowed down. My pussy was still throbbing around his cock as he pushed in and out of me.

“Ahhh…. Ah shit, I felt that, that felt so good. Your cunt just grabbed onto me…like…. Ahhhh…..” He said as he pounded away.

I was still in a daze, and he kept fucking me, talking dirty, telling me what a good little whore I was. It felt amazing but I was starting to become conscious of the time. We now had less than 20 minutes and I was getting nervous, but this was so hot I never wanted to stop. I spread my legs a bit further, with my feet behind him, and started fingering my clit. I watched his eyes fixate on my fingers’ busy work while he pumped away. His thrusts quickened and I knew it wouldn’t be long. Knowing he was so close was getting me even hotter. In my head, all I could think was him dumping a huge load into me, and I felt my pussy clench down on him. I was just about to cum, so I started rubbing my clit harder. My orgasm hit me just as his did. This time I didn’t announce it, I just let it happen just as he shoved himself into me, yelling “ohhhhh! FUCK!!!…… Ahhhhhh………ahhhhhhhhh…”

His cock was throbbing against my pussy walls while I rubbed my clit hard, shaking all over as I came.

He pulled out, and cum spilled out with his cock, leaking onto the counter. I slid off and before I had a chance to think or react, his hand was on the back of my head, gently pushing downwards- you know, the universal signal for “suck it”. So down to my knees I went, and took it all into my mouth.

“Clean it up for me babe.” He said. “That’s it……” as I sucked and licked it all over. His hand held my hair in the back of my head, gently guiding me where he wanted it.

When it got too sensitive he let go and flinched backwards. This time, when we cleaned up and got dressed, he had to go. We had a little over 5 minutes. We kissed, said goodbye, and he rushed out. I grabbed my rose out of the bathroom and sat in the chair of the waiting room.

Rosanna emerged with her therapist a few minutes later, filling me in on important details. The therapist asked about the rose, I said “some guy” gave it to me while I was waiting. She asked if I was feeling alright because I looked a little flushed, I told her I felt perfect, and that it was just a little hot in the office.

I couldn’t help wondering if she knew. If she heard anything, if she smelled it on me… anything that would give it away. I guess I’ll never know!!

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