Surreptitious Love Ch. 24

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After the incredible spectacle at Nguyet’s the week before, we all needed some time to recover. We knew that our pregnant friend shouldn’t be counted in for any sexual adventures for at least six months, but Tuyet and I still wanted to visit her; first, to admire the final version of the drawing she did of Tuyet and, second, to say our goodbyes. Nguyet hadn’t done the other drawing we had been planning yet—a thoroughly sensual portray of Tuyet naked on the bed with her legs spread. That would have to wait til Tet or even the next summer.

When I asked Nguyet, however, when we could come to visit, she told me that she had already moved back to her parents’ house. We would still be welcome, but perhaps on a Thursday when her mother went to play cards, so I could avoid bumping into her. Nguyet was right; I didn’t need to see her mom. Tuyet had her time at her disposal, as she was still on semester break, and so we met at the old, secluded café where everything had started with Nguyet and her black knee-length skirt.

“I can’t wait to see the drawing,” I told Tuyet after we had ordered two iced coffees.

“Same here,” she nodded. “I also wanna see the house where your affair started,” she added.

“Yeah, that’s true. You haven’t been there. I haven’t either for about a year-and-a-half. My last time was with Trinh ad Quynh, when we had our incredible foursome. When are you going back to Hue?” I asked to plan our farewell.

“August 22nd or the 23rd.”

“Well, that gives us more than two weeks to work with,” I calculated.

“Hold on,” she cautioned me, “I’m going to Phu Quoc with my parents next week. So today might be our last time before I have to head back.”

Phu Quoc was a beautiful, yet touristy and expensive island off the coast of Cambodia.

“When exactly are you going?”

“From the 10th to the 18th or so. Realistically, today is our last time before I’ll go back,” Tuyet reiterated.

“Oh. What are we gonna do then today? We can’t just fuck at Nguyet’s and have her watch, as pregnant as she is. Do you still have the key to the old house?” I asked Tuyet.

She grinned and reached into her small leather purse and triumphantly got a single key out.

“Ah. Clever. Good thinking. Thanks for remembering. Or shall we do it at those two old trees that look like an old couple?”

“That would be hot, sure, but someone could see us there. We’ll just go to Nguyet and say goodbye and then we’ll head over to the old house. I think that’s best,” Tuyet said.

Well, she was right. The old yellow house with the blue shutters was the perfect place for a farewell-fuck. I lit a cigarette and admired Tuyet, who was wearing a—by Western standards—old-fashioned dress today. It had a green and gray pattern, a crocheted white collar and a row of buttons in the front. In the States, girls had stopped wearing such dresses around 1959, but I loved it. Well, she was so gorgeous that she could wear anything. I was already looking forward to unbuttoning it. Or she could leave it on during intercourse … nah, I did want to see her naked one more time before we wouldn’t see each other again for six months.

Tuyet got up and went to the restroom. How gracefully she was stepping around the array foe empty tables! I loved watching her slim figure. I wrote a message to Nguyet, asking if the coast was clear. When Tuyet came back, she wanted to take off right away, but Nguyet told me that her mother was still at the house, so we ordered two more coffees.

I started caressing took Tuyet’s hand, which she had on the table. She looked at me, beaming. She had been to the hairdresser and her ponytail was gone. Her hair was still parted in the middle but it was relatively short now, perhaps seven or eight inches long. She leaned over and we kissed. She didn’t care, as she would leave our provincial little town in few days again. As I didn’t really care either, I stroked her breasts tenderly, and we kissed again.

“Do you know what Nguyet and I did after you left?” she grinned.

“I suppose you sucked her enormous tits and fingered her. And then you went down on her and licked her profusely,” was my theory.

“Ha! Yeah, kind of. We took a nap first but when we woke up, we kissed and began to our tender love play, which probably lasted one hour or so. And, yes, she directed my hand and then my head between her legs. I touched her everywhere and made her come again,” she laughed. “I probably licked her for half an hour,” she added.

“You are insatiable,” I remarked with mock-exasperation. “Well, I think that wasn’t the last time. You’ll probably do it again when you get back over Tet,” I surmised.

“Sure,” she nodded. “I really had the feeling we were together. Like a couple. Like you and her. Or the two of us.”

“Well, today, we might not get any action, as she isn’t feeling too well,” I cautioned her. I was also keen on fucking Tuyet one last time before her departure. The phone rang, and Nguyet told me that we could come over since her mother had left.

“As we just had our awesome fuck with her two kartal escort weeks ago, I suggest we’ll go over now, say goodbye without having sex, and then head for the mountains. What do you think?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Tuyet said.

“I mean, you can go back tomorrow and then the two of you do your thing.”

“You bet,” she laughed, and we asked for the bill.

Before we left, I threw out another piquant story that was in the making: “Tuyet, there’s some frivolous story you’ll like.”

“Whose mother did you fuck this time?” the quick repartee laughed.

“Ha! Good one. Yes, she’s a mother but we haven’t fucked yet. Listen to this: She a friend of my wife. They went to school together. But her husband has had cancer, and now she wants me to help her conceive another child. They have a daughter already, who’s in first grade.”

“Wow. Did she ask you directly, or did she go through your wife?”

“She asked my wife first. But then she wanted me to masturbate into a large syringe, and then she would squirt the semen into herself, but I didn’t like that idea at all, so I said we might do it, but only the natural way. We had quite a discussion about that, together with my wife.”

“And then? Have you made an ‘appointment’ with her to get your semen inside her?” Tuyet was giggling while she drew the quotation marks in the air.

“Well, I have tentatively agreed to having sex with her, but I didn’t want to sound too enthusiastic in front of my wife.”

“You and your stories … let’s hit the road and see Nguyet,” Tuyet just answered.

We paid up and got on our motorcycles. At Nguyet’s house, we walked right in as the door was open, calling her name. When she appeared, I saw immediately that her belly had gotten bigger again. Naturally. She had to lean even further back to balance the weight in the front. But she didn’t seem to suffer.

“Hey, Nguyet! Is everything all right?” we asked.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s just that everything is getting more cumbersome every day.”

“Can we help with anything? We could do the dishes, or something.”

“No, thanks. My mother will be back later. Everything is taken care of. Tea?” she said while she was putting two small cups in front of us.

“Did you get the portrait of Tuyet done?” I asked eagerly.

“Yeah, sure. It’s upstairs on my desk.”

Tuyet looked around and said, “So, this is where your affair started …”

I looked at Nguyet and saw that she was smiling. Today—two years, one child, a host of adventures later—it felt like ages ago, even though not much, if anything had changed here in her house.

“Nguyet, I’ll go upstairs and get the drawing?” I suggested. “Tuyet and I wanna go to the mountains later …”

“Yeah, Ben, go ahead,” Nguyet agreed. “It’s in a folder on my desk.”

Upstairs in her room, I looked around a bit and reminisced about the glorious afternoons we had spent here together. All in all, we had been here maybe only five or six times, but those hours were some of the most precious of my whole life. But what can you do?! Nothing lasts forever, and so I grabbed the folder and returned downstairs before I would get sentimental.

Tuyet and I sat down on the small bench next to the table and admired the artful drawing. Nguyet had emphasized some details here and there, and just like last time, the sensual pencil-portrait of Tuyet seemed alive and timelessly beautiful. Apart from the modern clothing, Leonardo could have done it. Tuyet seemed to be heaving and looked astonishingly gorgeous.

“Look how beautiful you are!” I exclaimed, turning towards her.

“Well, Nguyet drew me more beautiful than I am,” she giggled coyly.

“Yes, she does that with everyone,” I laughed. “Do you still like the pose, now, three weeks later?” I wanted to know.

“Yes. It’s definitely erotic but still somewhat modest. But we need to do a fully sensual drawing. I wanna spread myself out for Nguyet: spread my legs, show my pussy fully, and all that. Can we do that, Nguyet? Ben doesn’t have to be there …”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because you will just come on top of me and fuck me,” she giggled again.

Nguyet agreed to do the drawing but cautioned that we’d better do it over Tet or even next summer during Tuyet’s break. I sensed that the two of them would have gone upstairs now if I hadn’t been there and lie down together or even undertake the drawing. Since it was my last afternoon with Tuyet for the next six months, however, and since Tuyet would be back here at Nguyet’s tomorrow anyway, I was eager to say goodbye and take off.

“Nguyet, I won’t see you until you give birth to your son,” I said, prefacing my goodbye.

“That’s true,” she nodded.

So, I got up and crouched in front of her chair, holding her knees. The scene reminded me of our most beautiful moment in Hue in March, when she sat up on that wall. We kissed, laughed, and wiped each other’s tears away.

“Good luck with everything! Take care!” I just said when I got up.

I was relieved that the two women didn’t have to say goodbye right now and that maltepe escort bayan I wouldn’t have to be there when it happened. Nguyet came to the door with us, and we kissed once more. I had my hand on her belly and felt how her son moved around inside. Just like my dick. The ladies kissed and laughed, too, and chatted a little in Vietnamese. Then we got onto my motorcycle; Tuyet left hers at Nguyet’s house.

“Well, goodbyes …” I said, as we started driving. “They’re always a little strange.”

“What’s strange?” Tuyet asked.

“Well, I don’t know when I’ll see her again. I only know it’ll never be like the last two years.”

“Just wait and see. You never know. Next Spring, you’ll know how much you love, how much you need each other. Let her have her baby first, and then you can reinvigorate your friendship. You can go and visit her in her apartment and drink her milk,” Tuyet giggled.

“Ha! Yeah, lovely thought. Although mother’s milk doesn’t taste great … anyway, today I’ll drink from your body one more time.”

As we were driving along, I didn’t really know what to think. My head was spinning, and I wasn’t even sure if I really wanted to have sex with Tuyet right then. But she’d be gone for six months, so it had to happen today. After a while, after we were out of town and driving on the small country road, my tensions eased and made room for the thrill of anticipation. Tuyet was going have her period in about three days, as far as I remembered, so we were all set.

When we got to the old house, nothing had changed. We didn’t see or hear anyone, so we opened the padlock and pushed the motorcycle behind the house to lock it there. Inside, there was a strong musty smell, as it had been raining a lot this summer. It would probably have been too wet to lie down at the two old trees.

We closed the door, and Tuyet wanted me to put the bed back in the smaller one of the two bedrooms. The furniture had been left untouched; for some reason, she preferred the bed to the sofa. I reached under the cover, however, to get the couch cushion out, which was relatively clean. The air in the room was a little stuffy, so I pushed the shutters out but closed them again after I had put the bed where it needed to go, as we didn’t know if there wasn’t anyone passing outside from time to time.

Tuyet had already started to unbutton her dress. I now stood in front of her, and we kissed. I caressed her breasts and assisted her with the buttons. I could see her light-green bra, but I put my hands on her hips first and then on her butt.

“Nice dress,” I said.

“Yeah, I inherited it from my sister. She thought it was too old-fashioned.”

“Well, old-fashioned. Sure, it could have been tailored in the 19th century. But it’s beautiful. Timeless. You can wear anything anyway,” I laughed.

I reached inside her dress and stroked her belly. We kissed again, but we were very hesitant and cautious the whole time. This felt like our very first time in many ways. We weren’t in a hurry, but perhaps we also wanted to postpone our goodbye. I was still a little absentminded from saying goodbye to Nguyet. I wasn’t used to not seeing her for such a long time.

I pushed my hand upward, under Tuyet’s bra, and twiddled her nipples tenderly with my thumb and index finger. She pressed her hand onto my crotch and massaged my dick through my pants and underpants. She was applying quite some pressure, which was new. She had never done anything like that. I took my hand out of her bra and reached down to lift up her dress with both hands. I saw her light-green panties. Her pubic mound pressed her furry triangle nicely through the material. Her long, slender legs were absolutely gorgeous. I let go of her dress and reached underneath it to caress her midsection, without getting between her legs, though.

She sat down on the bed and opened my belt, the button of my pants, and the zipper. Her youthful teenage cleavage and her collar bones looked marvelous. I caressed her hair; she was already breathing heavily, while she was helping to get my pants off me. I also took off my shirt, while she was looking at my cock like she had never seen one before. The pushed the foreskin back and removed a hair that had gotten stuck there, before she started to touch my glans with the tip of her tongue.

It was still outside. There were only a few birds but no wind. We could only hear the quiet, tender sucking noises that Tuyet made under my belly. My dick was about half-stiff, but I wasn’t in a hurry. Tuyet was treating my dick artfully. As I was standing while she was sitting on the bed, all I could do was stroke her head and put her hair back behind her ears. She had her hands on my ass, while she was sucking my dick, which slowly became larger and longer. And stiffer.

“Turn around!” she requested. “And lean forward!”

I bent over, put my hands against the wall, like I had been apprehended by the police. She reached between my legs and stroked my cock even more adroitly after she had spat in her hands. She milked me for a little while, before she escort pendik spread my buttcheeks and touched my anus with the tip of her tongue. Marvelous. She’s never done anything like that; I wondered where she had gotten it from.

Well, Tuyet was experienced enough to know when it was time. She let go of my dick, and I turned back around. She took my cock in her mouth for about a minute, holding her breath, let it snap out, and gasped. She looked at me and nodded.

Sie slipped out of the upper portion of her dress and turned so that I could open her bra. Then I reached for her midsection again under her dress, while she turned back around so that I could take her nipples in my mouth. She dropped the bra onto the bed and then reached for my dick again. We nibbled on each other, but still somewhat hesitantly and playfully. I smelled her hair and bit her one earlobe that didn’t have an earring in it.

Now, she reached inside her dress at her hips and pushed it fully down. She picked it up and put it on the bed, too. I was holding onto her hips, while my glans touched her bellybutton. Who would pull down her panties? We both laughed—perhaps we had been asking the same question—and kissed again. Eventually, she couldn’t wait any longer and did it herself. But she pushed them only half-way down her thighs.

I looked down on her and admired her graceful features and the contrast between her black bush and her light legs. Caressing those, I was approaching the other center of the universe and felt how some thick nectar was already oozing out of her and running down the insides of her thighs. I crouched in front of her and pulled her panties all the way down. Right in front of me was her heaving little bush, and I conceived some mixture of body and pussy aroma, which indicated that she was ready. When she stepped out of her panties, I saw they had a large wet spot on them, and I put them together with her other clothes.

She lied down on the bed and spread her legs. As we didn’t have a blanket to soften the bamboo boards, I lied down with my 235 pounds on top of her. All I could do was prop up my upper body on my elbows. She reached for my dick an positioned it at the entrance of her pussy. I moved upward on her and pushed about half way in effortlessly. I started to thrust, while she closed her eyes and turned her head sideways. As wet as she was, it wasn’t gonna take long before my dick would be fully in her.

After a few minutes, I reached behind her back and pressed Tuyet onto my chest. We turned together, so that she was now on top of me, which was so much better considering how the weight was divided among us. I was holding her butt cheeks, pulling her onto my dick periodically, while thrusting upward at the same time. She still had her eyes closed and was panting hard through her clenched teeth. I was moaning similar to her, and now we let ourselves fall to the side. She had her hands around my neck and looked at me. She gasped again, nodded, swallowed with her mouth closed, and then let out an infernal yell. I thrusted just a few more times, and then delivered a formidable load inside her.

Now, I had her head on my upper arm, while my hand rested on the back of her head. We listened to each other’s breathing and came back to our senses. My dick was limp, but still inside her. When we untied the knot that our bodies had formed, Tuyet lied down on top of me to rest. I felt how some cum was running out of her onto my legs.

“Jesus, it’s always so wonderful with you!” I said.

She laughed: “With you too, unless you’re fucking my mother.”

“Stop it, will ya? You know why I did it. Apart from that episode with your mother, our summer has been perfect, hasn’t it?”

“Yes. Our afternoon with Phuong and Vu was great. Just as the hour at the hotel four weeks ago. I loved how you told me the story with Hang, the hairdresser.”

“I like the afternoon at Nguyet’s best, when she did the drawing of you. But the two of us didn’t do much together that afternoon.”

“But then when you were gone, Nguyet and I fucked rather nicely,” she proclaimed again.

“Has you grandma told your dad that she found you in that compromising position on the table?”

“Not that I know off,” Tuyet giggled.

“Do you wanna get up? I asked. “I need to work at half past five.”

“Oh. Let’s stay a little longer. You still have plenty of time. Another ten minutes or twenty? We’re not gonna see each other for so long …” she begged.

“Fine. But you’ll start another adventure in Hue soon anyway,” I was teasing her. “I know you.”

“I don’t know. The next semester will be hard. I got lots of difficult exams. I’m not going to look for someone. But, then, you never know …”

“Come on, sit down on my chest. I wanna say goodbye to your pussy.”

Her eyes flashed and she laughed, while she was swinging herself over me. Some sperm was still dripping out of her pussy, but it didn’t matter. There was water over there in the bathroom, and the weather was warm. She looked down on me, and I put my hands on her thighs. I admired her little open flower, which was still breathing and pulsating. I saw that little cute opening of her urethra again and the button above it, which I now started to diddle gently together with her nether lips. I was completely lost in thought when she suddenly said: “I need to pee.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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