Susan and Daddy Ch. 02

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I’m sorry all, I have let this go too long, I don’t know if Susan and her daddy will have further adventures, if they do, I will try to post them in a more timely manner. I had a lot of life’s BS in the last few years, but that’s my problem, not yours…


When Carl got out of bed the next morning Susan woke up, but she stayed in bed, drifting drowsily. The sound of the shower woke her fully, she jumped out of bed, and padded naked down the hall to the bathroom. She tried to open the door, but found it was locked. She shrugged her shoulders, and continued to the kitchen, where she put together a pot of coffee, and left it to brew.

She padded upstairs to her own bathroom, and took a long luxurious shower. After getting dressed, she went back downstairs, to find her daddy in the kitchen, sipping a steaming cup of coffee. She poured herself one, and started making breakfast for the two of them. Neither one spoke during breakfast.

After they ate, Carl picked up the dirty dishes, and began washing them. “Daddy, I can do the dishes.”

“No, honey, you cooked, I’ll clean, it’s only fair. I’m thinking of going for a long ride today.”

“Can I come too, daddy?”

“Of course, how about packing something for lunch, while I finish the dishes?”

Susan gathered up some things from the refrigerator to make sandwiches, some sodas to drink, her daddy never had alcohol when riding, and napkins and other stuff for cleaning up. She found a small cooler, and put all the lunch fixings in it, then grabbed a big soft blanket, in case they didn’t find a public picnic table. She took everything out to the garage, and found some bungee cords to strap it all to the luggage rack on her daddy’s bike.

When Susan went back into the house, her daddy had both of their leather jackets and helmets out. She slid her jacket on, and brought the sleeve up to her nose, she had forgotten how good the leather smelled. In the garage, her daddy fastened her helmet for her, just as he had when she was a little girl, taking her first ride with him. He fired up the bike, and nodded for her to climb on. Rumbling down the drive, and onto the street, he accelerated away, and Susan felt the familiar rush from riding with her daddy.

Carl took them all around, some roads were familiar, and some were new to her. After several hours, and a quick gas stop, he turned down a new dirt road she did not remember. 100 yards down the road was a locked gate, her daddy parked the bike, and hopped off, pulling some keys from his pocket. As he unlocked the gate, and opened it, Susan slid forward, and put the bike in gear, and drove it through the gate. After closing and locking the gate, her daddy came back and grabbed the bars, while Susan slid back to the passenger seat. The dirt road was as smooth as a paved road, as her daddy drove them about 1/4 mile into the woods. There was a clearing off to the right, with enough room for one car to park in a little turnout. Carl pulled into the turnout, and shut off the bike.

“Daddy, where are we?”

“Oh, about 2 years ago, this rich lawyer from New York bought up 250 acres out here, he rarely comes to visit, but he sends me some money every month to maintain the road, and keep this field mowed. He comes out about twice a year, and rents an RV to camp here.”

Susan took the blanket, and her daddy took the cooler, and they walked to the middle of the field. Susan spread out the blanket, and they sat down and made some sandwiches for lunch. After they finished, Susan realized how warm the sun was, and asked her daddy, “Does anyone else come here?”

“No, illegal bahis honey, I’m the only one with the key to the gate, why do you ask?”

In answer, Susan stood up and quickly stripped naked, she lay back down in the warm sun, enjoying the feel of the sun and gentle breeze on her naked body.

“I could never do this in Boston, everyone was such prudes up there, even the guys who wanted to get in my pants if they had a second date. All the guys seemed to think that if they didn’t get laid by the third date, I was a waste of their time. When I told them if I really liked them, they might get a blowjob by the third or fourth date, they were like, ‘A blowjob? A blowjob is like a kiss goodnight at the end of the first date.’ I almost punched the second guy that said that to me.”

Susan was looking at her daddy as she was speaking, at that moment a cool breeze slid across her naked body, and her nipples clenched and protruded in reaction to the sudden chill. Her daddy’s eyes went quickly to her taut nipples, then back to her face again.

“Daddy, it’s just the cool breeze that makes my nipples do that, but a long ride on your bike always makes my pussy soaking wet. When I was in high school, and we went for a ride, didn’t you ever notice that I went right up to my room afterwards? I was up there pleasuring myself, because riding with you has always made me horny.”

Susan took her daddy’s hand and placed it on her dripping pussy. She had to hold it there for a moment, as she felt him trying to withdraw, before his hand, almost of it’s own volition, cupped her sweet pussy, and rubbed it gently.

“Susan, I don’t know about this, last night was a…”

“Daddy, I do know about this, it feels so right, it’s what mom told me I should do. Please daddy, I’m so horny right now, please?”

Carl removed his hand from his daughter’s pussy, when he did, the scent of her arousal wafted to his nostrils, and made up his mind for him. He quickly got undressed, and slid between Susan’s parted thighs. He nibbled the velvet skin on the inside of her upper thighs, before settling down and tasting her succulent pussy. He was taking his time, slowly and lightly flicking her love button, then sliding down to taste her juices, before returning to arouse her some more. He could tell she was becoming very aroused, her clit was protruding so far he could almost suck on it, like a little cock. He felt her start to tense up, so he continued to lightly flick her with his tongue. Susan began to arch up her back, as her orgasm was approaching, at the moment of maximum tension, just before her pleasure broke, she gushed sexual fluids into her daddy’s mouth. The movement of him gulping down her juices triggered her to have a long, moaning orgasm. After a minute, her daddy started to slowly lick her again, and she slowly tensed up, and released a second gush of sexual fluids into her daddy’s mouth, just before her second orgasm. Four more times, her daddy brought her to gushing orgasms, before she put a hand on his forehead and said, “Please, no more daddy.”

Her daddy reluctantly released his grip on her thighs, and rolled over to lie beside her on the blanket. Susan reached down to put her hand on her daddy’s hard cock.

“Give me a minute to catch my breath daddy, then I want suck a delicious load out of your cock. Bye the way, that was the first time I ever gushed from someone else pleasuring me, I can do it sometimes when I play with myself very slowly, with lots of teasing. Thank you.”

“Your mother did that sometimes, I never could figure out what would trigger illegal bahis siteleri it.”

“I know what will trigger you!” Susan pushed her daddy down onto the blanket, and quckly insinuated herself between her daddy’s legs. Holding his hard cock so it was straight up from his body, Susan placed her closed lips on the tip, and opened them slowly as she slid her daddy’s cock into her happy mouth. She watched his face as she slid her lips down his cock, and enjoyed the look of pleasure she saw. She closed her eyes, and focused all of her attention on the cock in her mouth, giving it slow, wet strokes, combined with flicks and swirls of her tongue around the velvet tip. As she made love to her daddy’s cock with her mouth, Susan rememberd something her mother had said, that her daddy had the nicest cock in the world, and she realized her mother had been right, her daddy did have the nicest cock in the world. Susan was in heaven, her favorite thing in the world was sucking cock, and since she had drained her daddy’s balls just last night, she could make him last a really long time, so she did, moving so slowly sometimes, it almost seemed like she stopped, then suddenly taking her daddy as deep as she could, making him moan with pleasure.

She wasn’t sure how long she had been enjoying sucking her daddy’s cock, when she got the desire to taste his cum. She switched to a steady medium pace, just pumping her mouth up and down his hard cock, when her daddy told her was going to cum soon, “mmhmm”, she told him. Soon she felt the head of his cock start to swell in her mouth, and then a pulse at the base of his cock, and suddenly her daddy was pumping his hot delecious cum into her mouth. She gulped it down with delight, concentrating on the taste, she realized he had the most delicious cum she had ever tasted. All too soon, his cock stopped delivering it’s tasty treat, she gave it a couple more sucks to be sure she had gotten every drop, making her daddy jump.

“Heehee, I love the way a guy gets all sensitive after he cums, you want us to suck your cock, until, suddenly you don’t!” Susan ran her thumb up the underside of her daddy’s cock, and was rewared with one more drop, which she licked right up. Susan slid up next to her daddy, and put her head in the crook of his elbow. With the warm sun shining on them, they both drifted off for a short nap.

After a bit, Carl woke up to his lower arm asleep, and the need to pee. He disturbed Susan when he pulled his arm from under her head. He went one way from the blanket, and Susan went the other way, both emptied their bladders. When Susan came back to the blanket, she picked up the wet wipes, which she had brought along in case of a spill. She turned away and bent over, so her daddy could see, and carefully wiped herself, from the base of her spine, to her fluffy pubic hair.

When she turned back toward her daddy, he had a quzzical look on his face. “Daddy, mom told me her one regret was, well, she was so sensitive she couldn’t, umm, let you, ahh,… lick her asshole,” Susan blurted out the last 3 words in a rush. “Can we try?…I mean,…would you like to lick my asshole?”

Carl frowned, “Such language from my little girl, why do you think you want to try that?”

“Because mom knew you wanted to, and she just couldn’t take it, she said it was too intense.”

Her daddy gave her a curt nod, and she quickly got down on her knees, with her bum facing him, bent over so her face was on the blanket, and reached back to spread her cheeks wide. Carl knelt down, and mesmerized by the tight funnel, leading to her sweet, pink rosebud, canlı bahis siteleri he was drawn in, like a bee to a flower, taking her asscheeks in his strong hands, spread them even further apart. Leaning in further, he kissed the inside of her cheeks, moving closer and closer, until he ran his tongue in a circle on Susan’s tender puckered hole.

“OH!” Susan jumped at the first touch, ” daddy, don’t stop, I think I’m OK.”

Carl swirled his tongue on her rosebud again, Susan wriggled, then held still. Carl began to actually lick her asshole in earnest, as Susan pushed herself against his face, to urge him on. Susan just relaxed a little, and her daddy felt her cheeks spread apart a little more. After a few minutes, Susan moaned with pleasure, and keeping one arm under her head, she reached back with the other and began to pleasure herself. Carl didn’t notice, but he could tell Susan was becoming aroused again, and he sped up his attack on her tight puckered touch hole. Susan’s orgasm came on her with a rush, her clenching asshole actually pulled her daddy’s tongue into her a little. She stopped touching herself, just the action of her daddy’s tongue on her asshole brought her two more orgasms, before she had to pull away.

Carl stood up to stretch his back from the cramped position he had been in. Susan turned over to sit, and noticed her daddy had another huge erection.

“Daddy, does licking my ass make you horny?”

Carl looked down at his cock, then at his little girl, “I guess so, I have never been able to do for long enough to find out.”

Susan got up, walked over to her daddy, and knelt before him, with her knees not quite touching his toes, she took his hands and placed them flat upon his thighs, and said, “don’t move.” She put her hands in her lap,and leaned in to take his cock in her mouth. She didn’t do any long teasing, she just started sucking her daddy’s cock at a nice steady pace. With her hands in her lap, and his hands on his legs, the only point of contact was her mouth on his turgid cock. After about 10 minutes of vigourous sucking, Susan felt her daddy’s cock start to swell in her mouth. She didn’t have a hand on his cock, so she didn’t feel the warning throb, so his first pulse of cum went stratight down her throat, making her choke a little, but she quickly shifted her mouth to control the rest, savoring the taste, and swallowing it down. Since he had just cum a short while before, it was not a huge load, but it really satisfied Susan.

After she finished, Susan sat back and looked up at her daddy, “No touch blowjob, daddy!”

Carl’s mouth flopped open, “How did you know that?”

“Mom told me that last time she came to me in a dream, the night before I got on the plane to come home. She said to be sure to give your daddy a ‘no touch blowjob’, he loved it when I did that for him. Daddy, I woke up right after she told me that, and I swear I could smell her presence in my room.”

A gentle September breeze picked up, as the sun was obscured by a cloud, and both shivered, “Susan, let’s get dressed and head home.”

After packing up the picnic stuff and loading it on the bike, they had a pleasant ride home. After putting everything away, Susan set about preparing dinner, and her daddy dissapeard for a few minutes. Once dinner was in the oven, Carl returned with a shaker, and two frosted glasses. He gave the shaker one final shake, for good measure, then filled up the frosted glasses.

“What’s this daddy?”

“Vodka martini, your mother and I would frequently enjoy one on a Sunday afternoon, while dinner was cooking.”

Her daddy sat down across from her and held out his glass so they could toast, “To us, honey, I don’t know how this is going to work, or if it will continue, but I will always love my little girl!”

“I love you too, daddy!”

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