Swim Club Ch. 01

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Anna pushed open the doors to the club and walked inside. The building was modern but non-descript, there was no sign or anything else in front to identify it. Those who were members knew what was inside, that was enough.

Once inside Anna was in a small reception room with two receptionists behind a counter. One of the receptionists was a pretty girl about 20 and the other was a somewhat older guy. Both were dressed in shorts and tank tops.

Anna stopped for a minute and searched through her athletic bag for her new membership card. She had just gotten it yesterday, this was her first real visit to the club. Anna had searched for a long time to find a club that could meet her special needs.

After rummaging in her bag for a minute Anna found her card and walked up to the counter. She was nervous but also excited at the same time. But the need she felt for what this place had to offer was strong.

“Hi, it’s my first time here,” she said as she offered her card to the girl at the counter.

“The locker room is through the door on the right, I will open it for you.” the girl at the counter replied. “Do you need a towel?”

“Yes, please,” Anna answered.

The girl behind the counter handed Anna a white towel and then pushed a switch under her desk. There was a buzzing sound as the lock was released. Anna walked over to the door, opened it, walked through, letting it close behind her. She found herself in a short corridor which ended in another door. Opening and passing through this second door Anna found herself in a locker room.

Immediately inside the door was the area with lockers, then a open doorway with on either side, and then a shower area beyond another open doorway. Anna stopped for a moment and blushed when she spied a naked man in the shower area taking a shower. And off to the left there was a woman in the process of undressing, she was wearing only a bra and panties and hung her blouse in the locker right as Anna entered the locker room.

She hesitated for a moment but then thought to herself “This is what I want..” and resumed walking into the locker room. Anna picked walked over to the wall of lockers and selected one that didn’t have a lock on it. As she was doing so the girl who was undressing unsnapped her bra and removed it, placing it in her locker. Anna opened the door to the locker in front of her and finding it empty set purse inside. As Anna withdrew a padlock from a small paper bag she had been carrying the girl across from her pushed down her panties and stepped out of them.

Noticing out of the corner of her eye that the girl across from her was now completely nude Anna turned her head to watch her for a moment. The woman was Asian, about 30, with long black hair almost down to her waist. Her skin was a uniform dusky tan, with no marks that might be due to being in the sun in a swimsuit. Her ass was perfect, two delectable globes slightly parted as the girl stood in front of her locker. As Anna watched the other girl stepped back a little, bent down, and picked up her panties from the floor.

When the Asian woman bent down her ass was directly facing Anna. As she bent down her ass cheeks spread a bit, showing Anna a complete view of the Asian woman’s ass and pussy. Anna noted the other woman was completely shaved, her pussy was as bare as that of a little girl. Since she was bisexual Anna watched with interest as the other woman seemed to take just a little bit longer than necessary to pickup her panties. Once she had them in her hand she gave her ass a little wiggle that showed she was aware of the eyes on her and then stood up. Anna turned back to her locker, took a deep breath to calm herself, and started unbuttoning her blouse.

“You must be new,” Anna heard behind her.

She turned toward the voice and found the Asian woman had turned to face her. The other woman had small, perfectly shaped breasts with large dark nipples. Anna found her eyes moving from the other woman’s breasts down to her shaved pussy. Her bare pussy and small body and breasts made the Asian woman look like a young teenager, extremely beautiful and sexy. Anna found she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the oriental woman.

Anna suddenly realized the other girl was waiting for her to speak. She blushed a little and said in a somewhat quiet voice, “Ah, yeah, today is my first day.”

“I’m Jade,” the Asian woman replied, introducing herself. “I’ve been going here for a year, it’s so wonderful.”

“I’m Anna, I’m happy to meet you,” Anna replied.

Anna turned back to her locker and resumed unbuttoning her blouse. When she had it fully loosened she took it off and hung it in her locker. Anna felt Jade’s eyes on her as she undressed and felt a bit self conscious but at the same time a thrill of excitement. Anna unhooked her bra and drew the straps off her shoulders and put it away in the locker. This left Anna naked from the waist up.

Anna felt a thrill of excitement at the thought she would be exposing her body to everyone in the club. She also wanted to get kartal escort bayan a look at the man she could see was still taking a shower in the open shower area. Anna was a woman who was excited by both showing of herself and looking at others. She could feel her nipples hardening and her pussy moistening already. Like Jade, Anna had shaved her pubic hair, she wanted to make sure her sex was as exposed as possible for her first visit to the club.

Feeling the other woman’s eyes on her Anna unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down off her hips. She pulled each leg off until she held them in her hand. This left Anna dressed only in a pair of tiny thong panties. She felt a surge of lustful excitement at the idea her body was almost completely exposed to the other woman, as well as the man still in the shower. Anna hung her jeans on a hook inside the locker.

Conscious of the Asian woman behind her and the man in the shower who could also see her Anna hooked her fingers in the waistband of her thong panties on each side and pushed them down off her hips. Her panties slid off her hips and down her legs to fall at her feet. Feeling more excitement now Anna stepped out of her fallen panties and bent to pick them up off the floor. She wanted to give those watching a good show as this exposed her ass and pussy to their eyes for the first time.

Just when Anna’s hands reach the floor and she was the most exposed she got an added thrill. At that same moment a man entered the locker room and stopped for a moment to enjoy the view he suddenly encountered. Anna felt a surge of excitement thrill through her as she heard the new footsteps enter the locker room and then stop behind her. “They can see everything!” Anna thought excitedly as she lingered for a moment in her exposed position. Then she grabbed her panties from the floor and stood up. She dropped her panties her locker and closed the door.

The man resumed walking and made his was to another locker a few feet away from Anna and Jade. Anna watched avidly as he opened the locker door and began to undress. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that Jade had come up beside her and she too was watching the newcomer take off his clothes. Anna felt a desire to make the Asian girl her friend and she though with pleasure of the other friends she was going to make her. She was so glad she had got the courage to join this club!

Finally the newcomer finished removing his clothes and turned to face the two women. When he had turned around Anna found her eyes drawn to his penis. The man’s cock was circumcised and already partly erect. Anna found herself fascinated by the view she was getting.

One of the rules of this club was that unlike most nude resorts, sexual display and public sex were permitted. This was Anna’s main reason for joining this club, the way it was operated excited her tremendously. She was not very experienced sexually but she wanted to experience everything she could.

“Hi, I haven’t seen you here before,” the man said to Anna. Of course he knew Jade already but he was curious about the new girl.

“She’s new. She’s a cutie isn’t she?”‘ Jade answered for Anna.

Anna was still staring at the man’s cock which was now almost fully erect. Jade noticed the direction of Anna’s gaze.

“It looks like she really liked your cock, John,” the Asian woman commented.

Anna blushed at this but was unable to look away. In any case while Jade was teasing her a little Anna sensed there was no disapproval in her comment. And the man who she now knew was John seemed to welcome her interest, too.

“Go ahead and touch it if you want to,” Jade told Anna. “I’m sure he won’t mind.”

Anna reached down and, hesitating for a moment, took the man’s hard cock into her hand. At first her touch was tentative but after a couple minutes she grew more confident and her fingers closed on John’s penis more tightly. Anna began stroking his cock, loving the way it grew even firmer in her grasp.

“Can I suck on it?” Anna asked shyly.

“Sure! Please do,” John replied.

Anna knelt down in front of John and brought the tip of John’s penis to her lips. Jade moved to John’s side and he put his arm around her.

Anna licked the head of John’s cock, enjoying the smooth texture of it. The man sighed in pleasure as she explored the head with her tongue. Then she opened her mouth and closed her lips over the head. She continued licking the head and resumed stroking the shaft with her hand.

“She’s good, isn’t she?” Jade commented as she watched Anna sucking John’s cock.

“Oh yeah, I’m about ready to cum already!” John answered, breathing heavy in excitement.

Hearing this and feeling the man’s cock start to make pre-orgasmic swelling Anna redoubled her efforts. Anna loved cocks and loved sucking on them and this was so exciting! Anna felt a thrill of excitement flare in her pussy at the though that very soon she would make John cum.

Anne felt John’s penis grow even harder and more stiff and then suddenly it escort maltepe lurched in her hand and mouth. A strong pulse of warm semen shot out of John’s cock into her mouth. Anna moaned as the man came in her mouth, she loved semen and she eagerly swallowed his hot cum as it shot into her mouth.

As John’s orgasmic spasms subsided Anna licked the last of his semen from the head of his cock and the hole in the end of it. Then she let his cock slip out of her mouth, released it from her hand, and stood up.

Jade rushed over to Anna and hugged her and then gave her a kiss on the lips. The Asian woman licked a few traces of John’s cum from the other girl’s lips as she kissed her.

“You’re getting off to a great start, Anna,” Jade said. “Is this what you wanted when you joined?”

“Oh yes, it’s great!” Anna replied.

“Let’s go out to the pool,” Jade suggested.

“Sure!” Anna replied.

The two women walked together into the shower area.

“We have to take a quick shower first. Do you want to go with me?” Jade asked Anna.

“That would be nice!” Anna answered. She noticed the man who had been showering when she first came into the room had finished. He looked at Anna and Jade appreciatively as they entered the shower area. They in turn watched as he walked through a door that, from the sounds that came out when he opened it, Anna could tell led to the pool.

Jade went up to an open shower area and went to the water controls on the wall. She turned on the water to a gentle spray and adjusted the temperature. Anna reached out and put a hand into the spray to measure the temperature. As soon as the water was warm she went under and Jade joined her.

Jade took a bar of soap and began to wash Anna’s body. Her hands lingered on Anna’s breasts and she sighed as the Asian woman rubbed and pinched her nipples. It was even more pleasant when Jade washed her bottom and Anna gasped when her fingers brushed her anus and pussy. Then Anna felt the Asian woman wash her pussy in front and she sighed in pleasure as Jade rubbed her sensitive clitoris for a few seconds. Then it was Anna’s turn to return the favor and wash Jade.

Anna was careful to pay the same close attention to Jade’s body as Jade did to hers. Anna washed the Asian woman’s back and bottom in just the same way she had herself been washed. Then Jade turned around and Anna washed her front, paying special attention to the other woman’s breasts and pussy.

The two women rinsed off and Jade turned off the water. Then still dripping Jade led the equally soaked Anna out into the pool area. Since the door to the pool was propped open the two girls just walked through out into the pool area.

The first thing Anna noticed when they entered the pool area was that everyone there was nude. There were about 40 people in the pool or sitting on benches around it. It was about half men and half women, a mixture which was actively encouraged by the management.

Anna and Jade walked further out onto the pool area and Anna felt another tingle in her pussy as she felt the exposure. It was the first time she had been naked in front of so many people before and Anna felt herself becoming excited by the idea of so many people being able to see her nude. And the fact everyone else was naked added even more to her excitement.

Anna watched as Jade walked to the edge of the pool and dived into the heated water. Once she had enjoyed the view of her new friend’s back and ass Anna followed her friend to the edge of the pool and dived in after her. The water was warm as she plunged beneath the surface and she swam under water until she was in the center of the pool.

As soon as she surfaced Anna looked for Jade. After looking for a moment she found the Asian woman a few feet away holding onto the edge of the pool with one hand and facing a middle age man. Anna swam over to join her friend and meet the guy she was with. As she arrived she noticed Jade’s other hand was down in the water playing with the man’s erect cock. At the same time the man was playing with one of the Asian woman’s nipples. Feeling bold as she came up to her friend Anna reached down with her right hand and put it on the other woman’s ass.

“Oh, hi Anna!” Jade said. “This is Mike. Mike this is Anna.”

“It’s nice to meet you and welcome to our club,” Mike said, eyeing Anna’s nudity appreciatively.

“Hi”, Anna said, still feeling a bit shy to be to be nude in front of an equally naked strange male, but she was starting to get used to it.

“Hello! Welcome to the club!” Mike said. “You’re a cute girl.”

“She is, isn’t she?” said Jade.

“Thank you,” Anna said.

The three floated together for a couple of minutes just talking about the club and other inconsequential things. As she relaxed Anna found herself becoming more and more excited by the situation and the possible pleasures that might come her way. As her horniness grew Anna felt an increasing attraction to Mike. And while she was naked she also realized Mike couldn’t see her pendik escort very clearly and she suddenly wanted him to see her body.

“Let’s get out of the pool,” Anna suggested.

“OK,” Jade replied. “Come with us Mike.”

“Sure!” the man replied.

Anna turned and swam until she reached water shallow enough she could stand. She suddenly realized that when she got out of the water Jade and Mike would have a clear view of her naked ass. This gave Anna a powerful surge of lustful excitement and she decided to give the other two the best show she could. She moved to a straight ladder on the side of the pool and grabbed the side bars.

Jade and Mike somehow sensed Anna’s mood and followed close behind her. Anna started climbing up the ladder, keeping her feet to the outside of the rungs. This had the effect of opening her ass and exposing her pussy which she wanted to show off to her new friends. She climbed up the ladder out of the pool and when she reached the top she bent off to expose herself even more.

Mike and Jade watched appreciatively as Anna climbed out of the pool. Anna had a great looking ass so they definitely enjoyed the view. Mike could imagine himself behind the girl fucking her doggy style and Anna was thinking the same thing as she felt his eyes on her most intimate parts. As she was getting out of the pool Anna decided she wanted to make the thought a reality. She wanted to be on her hands and knees as Mike’s cock filled her pussy and Jade watched him fuck her. This idea made Anna so horny she couldn’t contain herself any longer.

“Mike, do you want to fuck me?” Anna asked the man as he climbed out of the pool after her.

“I would love to!” Mike answered.

“Is there somewhere we can go that doesn’t have a cement floor?” Anna asked.

“There is the mat room. The whole floor is covered with rubber mats and there are mirrors on the walls,” Jade suggested.

“I want to be fucked doggy style,” Anna said. “That sounds like the perfect place for it.” The idea of being fucked in front of all the mirrors excited Anna even more. Maybe there would be someone else in the room already to watch her, too.

“You’re right, it is. I’ll show you where it is,” Jade told her new friend.

The Asian woman led Anna through a doorway into a short hall. In the middle were two doors and the hall ended at another. Jade turned when she reached the pair of doors in the middle of the hall and pushed through the door to the left, with Anna and Mike following.

Inside Anna found a large room with the floor completely covered by thick wrestling mats. All four walls were covered by large mirrors similar to those in a ballet or other type of dance studio. There was even a hand rail along one wall just like what you would find in a ballet studio.

When the three entered the room it was not empty. In one corner there was a couple laying on the mats fucking. In a circle around them several other people sat or stood watching them. Anna realized that in a few minutes it was likely there would be a similar group watching her. That idea excited her even more.

Jade led the other two over to an area of the room which was unoccupied at the moment. This happened to be near the wall which held the hand rail and at one end of this two girls were doing stretching exercises on this railing. Since those girls were nude this gave anyone looking at them an unusual view of their anatomy. Anna was dripping wet by this time and she couldn’t wait to feel Mike’s cock inside her pussy. As soon as Jade stopped at a clear spot Anna got down on her hands and knees. She lowered the front of her body and raised her ass in an obvious invitation to Mike.

“Mike, do you want to fuck me like a dog?” Anna asked him, wanting to excite him as much as she was feeling now.

“Do it Mike! Fuck her like she wants!” Jade exclaimed, urging him on. As if he needed any urging to fuck the beautiful new girl…

With his cock hard and jutting out stiffly in front of him Mike got down behind Anna and moved up to her. The girl wiggled her ass in further invitation as she sensed the man coming up behind her ass. She was so excited she didn’t want to wait a moment longer.

“Don’t tease me Mike, fuck me now!” Anna demanded, wiggling her ass again.

Anna gasped as she felt Mike’s cock suddenly push into her pussy. He entered her with one long, strong push relentlessly until she felt his hips slam into her ass. It was just like she wanted it this time!

Anna felt Mike grab her hips and then he began to fuck her with hard, rapid strokes. With each inward push Mike’s hips slammed against Anna’s ass with a loud whacking sound. Anna watched herself in the mirrored wall in delight as she received the hard, fast fucking she wanted so much.

Anna felt Jade come up alongside her and reach under Anna for her breasts, which were being whipped forward and backward by Mike’s rapid fucking. Anna felt Jade’s hands lightly brushing her nipples with each hard thrust Mike made into her welcoming pussy.

Anna was already so horny before Mike had even started fucking her that it wasn’t going to take much more to make her cum and Anna could tell it was going to be a strong one. As Mike fucked her toward a powerful orgasm several people came over to watch him fuck Anna.

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