Taking It All In

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Written by HarmonyMotion

Chapter 1 – Sarah

Striding down the vinyl tiled hallway of Beaumont High, Sarah regarded all of the students that parted to make way for her. They all turned to face her, their backs to the worn, overused red lockers, bowing meekly before her as she paid them no mind.

She was eighteen. Final year of high school. Sarah stood only a slip over five feet tall, but she was imposing nonetheless. Beyond imposing, actually.

Her silky, shiny, beautiful brunette tresses flowed down the generous slopes of her body, resting at her wonderfully sculpted lower back. She dressed to ensure that her marvelous flesh was always on full display, and even at her short height, there was plenty of nubile flesh to bare to the world.

Sarah always wore fashionable, expensive sneakers with ankle-high socks. No reason to cover up any part of her legs. They were smooth, silky, perfectly even, without a blemish, and oh so long. From a low angle, no one would believe she was as short as she was. They went on forever, and then some.

She was not sickly thin like all of the models these days. Oh no, quite the opposite. Her calves were strong, sinuous, and smooth, flowing beautifully from her small, delicate feet. Her thighs were packed full of feminine flesh, giving off the most tantalizing jiggle as she strutted. Sarah knew that all the boys and girls of the school yearned to touch them, to be trapped between her thick thighs as they received her ultimate pleasure.

Even wider than her thighs were her supple hips. They were decorated with a pair of painted-on shorts that sat so low on her waist, and rode so high on her thick, tight rear. A large portion of the bottom of her cheeks were visible for all to see, every inch of her smooth, tanned skin, even, unmarked, unblemished, and utterly perfect. She always exaggerated her catwalk to cause her butt and thighs to wiggle back and forth, so tantalizing, so teasing, so irresistible.

Her midsection was bare, just like most of the rest of her. Her stomach, flat and soft, her waist, absolutely tiny. It was mind boggling, considering what lay just a few inches above that taut tummy.

Sarah’s breasts… her infamous bosom that made her queen of this school, were absolutely gorgeous. Mind bending. Irresistible. Tastefully large, half-spheres of lust inducing, mesmerizing, voluptuous orbs that rode so high on her torso, impossibly perky, accentuated perfectly by the tightest tube top she could find.

The smooth, slightly bronzed canyon of perfect cleavage was on full display. Her mammaries bounced slightly with every step, the two swells of her succulent flesh jiggling and rubbing against each other so enticingly. Every single boy fantasized about being with her. About burying their face in that modest well of feminine eroticism, fantasized about being smothered and suffocated by Sarah’s perfect tits as they tried to breathe in her scent while humping her leg…

Or perhaps they imagined those soft, fleshy swells being pressed up against their erections as she worked them, squishing and rubbing their leaking shafts. She smirked at the fantasy she knew she was inducing in all the boys. None of them were worthy of her breasts. Everyone was beneath her.

And it was clear as day that she never wore a bra. Her large areola, crowned with a large, cherry pink nipple, poked a clear indentation in her tight tube top, causing all onlookers to gasp and worship her perfect femininity. Sarah considered it a crime to cover up her jiggling tits any further than she already was.

Ever since puberty, her prodigious swells had never stopped growing, slow and steady. From the age of fourteen, her hormones fueled her growth at a nice, comfortable pace, leaving her skin perfectly smooth with no stretch marks, and causing her figure to fill out beautifully, day by day. Her mother bought her training bras, but she always outgrew them, and it didn’t feel right to cover them up that fully. And now at eighteen, those ripe, pert, lush swells were formidable weapons of mass seduction in their own right.

Most students, and even adults, never made it past ogling her perfect breasts. It was their loss. Those who had the iron willpower required would have seen the most elegant pair of shoulders, a beautiful, swan-like graceful neck, and a small, delicate heart-shaped face, framed by her silken shiny tresses. Sarah’s face was as lightly tanned as the rest of her, complexion matching perfectly with her body. No facial makeup necessary. Her lashes were thick and long, her brows arched and sculpted. Her coffee-colored eyes twinkled brilliantly. She knew the effect she had on boys, her beauty absolutely devastating, turning them into mindless, drooling wrecks, and she loved to play it up.

By the time she was sixteen, boys were too easy. They all fell over before her. No, what really interested her was domination over all of the girls who were also developing. And none of them developed the escort bursa way she did. They teased Sarah at first about her relatively flat chest, but where they had stopped blossoming, Sarah just continued to grow. Soon, they began accusing her of padding her bra back when she actually used to wear them, gossiping about her fake implants, but Sarah’s boobs continued to enlarge, year after year. Their natural jiggle dispelled any myths that they were inauthentic. Teasing quickly turned to envy and jealousy as her classmates fondled their own chests, fully yet inadequately formed. Whereas Sarah’s were a perfect handful to cup. She massaged herself constantly, trying to will her body to keep developing and for her breasts to overfill her hands.

And then the teasing from the other girls stopped, only to be replaced by shame. Shame that Sarah was so much more of a woman than them, shame that they could even be allowed to co-exist in the same space as her. In order to rationalize and appease their own inner discomfort, they submitted themselves before Sarah, obeying her every order, hoping to please their superior.

Well, all of her female classmates but Eclair. That worthless, flat-chested little runt still dared to defy her. She was no threat at all, considering Sarah’s grip over the entire student body, but it was an eyesore that she just could not wash away. All of her female power, all of her luscious flesh, and still Eclair refused to bow before her.

Sarah got her rocks off by tormenting the prepubescent looking girl, but still, she never broke. No matter. She had even bigger problems than Eclair. She had to deal with the teachers.

The bell rang for the first period class. Sarah had grown even larger over summer, obviously. Maybe this time, the match would end with a different result. She had to be on par with Miss Rachel by now, right? Hoping against hope, she steeled her will and prepared herself to be in the presence of her glorious teacher.

Chapter 2 – Miss Rachel

All the students waited outside the classroom to let Sarah in first and have her preferred pick of the open seats. Then, the rest filed in meekly, muttering and chittering, showing Sarah her proper respect whenever they passed her. Sarah nodded and waved them on.

And then… suddenly they didn’t. The sound of a woman’s heels clacked against the tiled floor. Nobody was paying any attention to Sarah anymore. They merely stared at the front of the classroom where Miss Rachel was about to make her grand entrance.

The dilapidated door swung open. An enormous pair of breasts barely squeezed in between the confines of the doorframe, getting pushed and squashed together. The owner of those magnificent mammaries wiggled her torso, finally stepping beyond the threshold, letting her breasts bounce freely. The gentle waves of her firm, more-than-ample breasts caused all of the students to gasp, boys growing erect, girls getting wet.

And that included Sarah. Goddammit, Miss Rachel! She was still so much more of a woman than Sarah herself. Nobody paid her any mind when Miss Rachel walked into a classroom. Worse, she couldn’t even hate Miss Rachel when she was greeted by the sight of those perfect tits in a tiny, thin cardigan that did nothing to hide the tops of her watermelon-sized swells. Sarah herself turned into the sort of drooling slave that all the students felt toward her. Only when class was over could she fume about being Miss Rachel’s inferior once again.

And class was just getting started.

Miss Rachel took a seat at the front of the class behind her desk. Her massive tits spilled all over faded, scratched wood, causing the entire class to gasp. Some of the students went temporarily catatonic, drooling profusely as their heads collapsed onto their own little desks. Miss Rachel’s nipples were clearly visible through the fraying strands of her cardigan. There was no size large enough to contain her chest, and that’s the way she liked it. The cotton threads were no match from being rubbed against her large, chocolate nubs, wearing and grinding away until it was practically see through within a week’s worth of use.

“Well class, how was summer?”

She got a varied number of responses. Some students moaned, others whimpered, and others simply spasmed as they remained unconscious, drowning in a pool of their own spit.

Sarah and Eclair were the only ones to respond.

“Fine, Miss Rachel.” Eclair answered back first. She actually liked Miss Rachel. On account of…

“It… was… unnng… fine…” Sarah struggled to reply, refusing to bow her head before this large-chested goddess before her.

Miss Rachel gave Eclair a bit of a death glare. Why was this girl with the body of a little boy so able to resist the stunning effect of her breasts? They always induced subservience in other people. No matter. Sarah was a much more fun target anyway.

“Oh yeah? Tell me about your summer, Sarah. Just how fine was it?”

“N-n-n-no… I can’t…”

“Did görükle escort you grow bigger?” Miss Rachel taunted.

“Y-y-yes!” Sarah squirmed, trying to keep her head up against Miss Rachel’s inexorable aura. The gravity of her teacher’s bountiful bosom was weighing so heavily on her soul!

“Shame. You don’t seem that much bigger…” Miss Rachel tutted.

“I grew… almost a cup…” Sweat beaded on Sarah’s forehead and rolled off her chin. Her body was beginning to bend forward to kowtow before Miss Rachel. Her nipples scraped the desk, causing the silky fabric of her tube top to rub against them. She moaned, both in arousal and resistance.

“Really? I don’t believe it for a second!” She stood up from the desk, her humongous breasts sagging a bit on her torso as it left the desk. “Come, show me. Are your itty bitty tits any match for mine?”

Miss Rachel approached Sarah’s desk, her boobs bouncing hypnotically beneath that far-too-tight cardigan. The threads were already at their limit, swishing back and forth, rubbing against the buttons. Out of the corner of her eye, Sarah could see Eclair smiling gleefully as she struggled against the urge to submit, crumble, collapse under the potent influence of Miss Rachel’s power. She could always torment Eclair later. For now, it took the focus of her entire being not to turn into a useless, drooling puppet like the rest of her classmates.

“I’m… not… small!” Sarah protested in vain.

And then, Miss Rachel’s breasts burst out of the thin cotton fabric.

They were so huge, so soft, so utterly dominant in their size and beauty. Sarah moaned under Miss Rachel’s imperious, amused gaze. She tried to maintain eye contact with Miss Rachel, but failed. She tried to maintain eye contact with Miss Rachel’s boobs, and failed there too. Her head began to loll, her lips went slack, her mind melting into a misty mush of helpless obedience.

Sarah’s head hit the desk like everyone else, catatonic and trembling. She was nothing compared to Miss Rachel. Miss Rachel was her entire world. It was only natural. Sarah’s tiny C cups were no match at all. Miss Rachel’s breasts were so much better than her. Miss Rachel’s breasts were everything. Miss Rachel’s breasts…

“Stupid little Sarah. You have potential, though,” she said to no one in particular. She looked at Eclair, who gleefully smiled at Sarah’s defeat.

“What are you smiling at, you useless, flat girl?” Miss Rachel said to Eclair.

Eclair’s smile faded.

“I’m tired of all of you with your huge boobs! I’m not useless just because mine haven’t come in yet!”

Miss Rachel swiveled her torso, letting her breasts swing side to side until they came to rest. She gauged Eclair’s reaction. There was none.

“Hmph. You are wrong, child. You should listen to your teachers.” Miss Rachel tried to play it cool. How could Eclair face her naked beauty so easily?

“Whatever! You’ll see! I’ll show you all someday!” she yelled indignantly.

Miss Rachel walked back to her desk. The two were at an impasse. Sitting in silence for the next hour until the bell for next class rang, Miss Rachel idly examined her fingernails while Eclair prayed and begged to a higher power for some justice. Sarah and the rest of the class merely drooled as they dreamed of serving Miss Rachel.

Chapter 3 – In Between Classes

“Goddammit!” Sarah yelled as she stormed into the hallway. Miss Rachel had left class thirty minutes early, and most of the students had recovered from the mental conditioning of her breasts by then.

“Mistress Sarah? What is wrong?” some useless, smaller chested girl asked her in deference.

“I thought I could stand up to her! I’ve been growing! I… I thought mine looked good!” Sarah looked crestfallen.

“I’ll always worship you…” the twit pleaded. Her fellow students within earshot nodded in agreement as they all stared at Sarah’s bulging top.

“Whatever. What can you guys do for me? Useless. All talk and no breasts.”

Eclair tried to shuffle by without garnering attention.

“Hey Eclair! You! Yeah, little boy!” Sarah wanted to take her frustration out on her favorite target.

“Leave me alone! You think your breasts make you important!?” Eclair mumbled back softly without looking up.

Sarah and her enthralled posse quickly surrounded her and slammed Eclair against her locker. The loose metal doors rattled violently from their assault.

“Ow!” Eclair cried out.

“That’s right, you little bookworm. How many boring books did you read this summer, huh? You think anyone cares about that? Yes, my breasts do make me important. Way more of a woman than you. Look at everyone who obeys me. They know that I’m just so much better, so much more than them. More than you!” she spat venomously.

“Oh yeah!?” Eclair dared to defy her, never submitting to Sarah’s superior chest. “And how well did you do against Miss Rachel, huh? I wasn’t the one who woke up with a side of bursa escort bayan my face covered in my own drool!”

“Fucking bitch!” Sarah yelled. She slapped Eclair across the cheek. It stung.

Eclair tried to fight back, but all of Sarah’s minions pinned her arms back. Eclair stared at her tormentor in defiance, face tingling from the slight pain, tears welling in her eyes.

The bell rang for the next period.

“Oh, fuck it. Let’s go.” Sarah ordered. They left an angry, silent Eclair by her locker. She didn’t make any motion to go to her next class.

Why couldn’t they just leave her alone? She never wanted to cause any trouble, with anyone. If there were any justice in the world, she would be able to get revenge on these selfish, heartless, boob-obsessed bitches.

Chapter 4 – Miss Suu

The next class was with Miss Suu, an even bigger bitch than Miss Rachel. The woman was of Japanese descent, but nobody would think it considering the size of her breasts. And if anyone caught a glimpse of those breasts, they certainly wouldn’t be able to gaze upon anything else.

She regularly wore a strappy top, which did absolutely nothing to contain her logic-defyingly enormous, soft boobs. Her pale, porcelain bust constantly shifted and spilled out of her fabric, fluctuating and swishing up and down with every step. They would naturally sit far outside the boundaries of her torso, creating a glorious view of sideboob, but Miss Suu always chose her tops to press them together. It created a wonderful, creamy canyon of cleavage that constantly shifted against each other. A large portion of her diamond-hard nipples were always on display as she naturally swiveled her torso as she walked, left, right, left, right, always undulating, always teasing, and oh-so-much better than any other woman’s… save one.

As soon as the Japanese woman entered the classroom, the class went silent. Sarah caught a glimpse of that heavenly cleavage, and she became as entranced as the rest of them. The sheer glamour of Miss Suu’s chest could not be resisted. They captured the eye–no, the soul–of everyone who witnessed their magnificent glory.

“Good morning, class.”

“Good morning, Miss Suu,” everyone droned back.

“Good morning, Miss… Suu…” Sarah answered, out of sync.

“Oh my, what have we here?” Miss Suu continued her classroom lecture.

“Oh my, what have we here?” everyone repeated.

“What… we… here…” Sarah fought, even as she was unable to break her gaze from Miss Suu’s bosom.

“Oh, it’s little Sarah!” she mocked.

“Oh, it’s little Sarah!” her classmates echoed.

“I’m… not… little!” she protested, finally breaking out of her trance, if only for a second.

Miss Suu brought her arms together, pressing those tantalizing, fluid orbs together. The entire class oohed. Sarah did too.

“Repeat after me, Sarah,” Miss Suu rubbed her fingers over her own creamy cleavage.

“Repeat after me, Sarah,” she droned, completely losing all sense of self to the Asian bombshell. She wanted to suck on those enormous, hard nubs that Miss Suu called her nipples. She wanted to grope and feel what it was like to have a pair of breasts that large, that seductively fluid. She wanted to feel what it would be like to be actually worthwhile with a bust four times her size like Miss Suu had, instead of her own, small, flat pathetic self.

“Miss Suu’s breasts are wonderful,” Miss Suu ordered, as she began to pinch her own nipples and tweak them with her long, nimble fingers.

“Miss Suu’s breasts are wonderful.”

“Sarah thinks she is large.”

“I think I am large.”

“Sarah pretends to run the school.”

“I pretend to run the school.”

“But Sarah’s tiny titties don’t run anything at all.”

“But my tiny titties don’t run anything at all.”

“Sarah’s daddy’s money is worthless compared to being a real woman like me.”

“My daddy’s money is worthless compared to being a real woman…”

“Class, tell Sarah how worthless she is.”

“Sarah, you’re worthless!” “Sarah, why do we even follow you!” “Sarah, you’re a nobody!” “Sarah, you’re not even that big!”

Miss Suu stopped playing with her own breasts and attempted to cover up the hypnotic glamour of her bountiful breasts. Sarah’s mind, slow as molasses, struggled to recover, trying to shake free of the insults that had been etched into her brain. She cried in anguish as she tried to convince herself that no, she wasn’t small. She wasn’t worthless. She was still growing!

Miss Suu had sat back down, kicked her legs up onto the desk, and left her imposing cleavage and nipples on display once again. All of the students just stared for the rest of the hour as Sarah fought back tears.

Chapter 5 – A Gift

With Miss Suu no longer in sight, Sarah unconfidently tried to reassert her dominance. Eventually, the spellbinding power of Miss Suu’s glamour wore off, and they fell back in line under Sarah once more.

“I… I hate our teachers! Why are they so mean!” she wailed, her eyes still red and puffy from crying. “It’s not fair!”

Sarah stomped down the hallway, catching a glimpse of Eclair once again. She appeared to be reading a small, pink, slip of paper.

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