Tales From The Therapist’s Couch

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As a practicing therapist I tend not to make value judgments. I listen to my clients as they relate their situation and try to guide them to an appropriate solution.

This often requires me to set aside prejudices and societal values in order to determine a solution that works for each family.

This Dad, Greg, and his nineteen-year old daughter came to me with a common dilemma. Kim and her dad are having some boundary problems.

In the telephone interview prior to the session Greg admitted that he and his daughter Kim had been “fooling around” for a period of time and he was concerned that this was getting far too serious.

When I asked him what he meant by this he admitted that he and his daughter had been teasing and touching each other with his wife’s tacit approval for quite a while.

Greg admitted that the last few times they had come very close to having intercourse and although his wife had been understanding up to this point, he doubted that she would be willing to tolerate this degree of physical intimacy between them.

I set them up for an appointment and because this was to be their first session, I set aside a three-hour block of time. Often my first sessions are the most intense.

During their first session they both attended along with the Amber, Greg’s wife of twenty-two years. She is Kim’s mother. She is in her early forties, a very attractive brunette with heavy blonde highlights.

Because of the delicate nature of such sessions the room is in semi-darkness.

Mom, dad and daughter each relaxed on a comfortable reclining chair in a semi circle in front of my desk. I usually start such sessions by having the patients listen to soft relaxing music for 10 minutes or so before we get to work.

They were dressed in soft cotton pajama tops that I provided for them but wore nothing below the waist in order to allow me to monitor the degree of their arousal during the session.

Kim is a beautiful girl in the height of her blossoming. She has dark brown hair and serious brown eyes. Her long legs are tanned and toned. She lies in her recliner wearing her pajama top and covering her naked pussy with her hands as she listens. From time to time she glances at her father as he speaks.

As they described their problem it was clear that the dad and his daughter were embarrassed and ashamed of themselves but appear very attracted to each other.

He was the first to relate his story.

For over a year, with mom’s blessing he and his daughter have been teasing and touching one another. The cardinal rule has been that neither are allowed an orgasm in the others presence.

It all started completely by accident.

Mom had been talking about taking the family to a nudist camp.

Before taking that step she decided to try a weekend of camping on some secluded privately owned wilderness land where the family could camp together in the nude.

I leaned back in my chair as he began to describe the camping trip.

“It was late afternoon by the time we got our tents pitched and everything put away…and then came the moment of truth. Amber and I went into our tent to strip and when we stepped out Kim was still getting undressed.

After several minutes Kim emerged definitely embarrassed to be naked. She had clearly matured into a beautiful young woman.

I interrupted Greg to ask Kim how she felt about being naked in front of her parents, especially her dad.

“It felt kind of weird but we had always been casual about nudity around the house…so I was pretty OK with it.”

I had Greg resume his account of events.

“We busied ourselves with preparing dinner and soon the dinner was eaten and cleared away. Out of the corner of my eye I observed Kim’s breasts bouncing as she went about her chores.

I stopped Greg again and asked Kim if she noticed her father eyeing her breasts.

“Yeah…as a matter of fact I did notice him looking at me.”

“How did that make you feel Kim” I asked.

“Actually it was a little exciting…he’d never seen me naked before…and I was looking too.” Kim was blushing as she said this and she looked at her father to see his reaction. I told Greg to continue telling me about the experience.

We had built a fire and were all wrapped up in a blanket together. I was between the girls and the feel of their skin against mine in the closeness of the blanket was…well sensual.

The sun started going down and as we listened to the crickets in the darkening thickets of trees I could feel a cool breeze from the lake.

“It was almost dark when the fire began to die down and we watched the embers crumble.”

Amber was pressed against me on one side and Kim was on the other. For the first time I thought about how attractive our young daughter had become.

She was unlike her mother in many ways. She had small firm breasts and her pubic hair was the same shade of brown as the shining hair that cascaded past her shoulders to the middle of her back. She moved and I felt her hair tickle my arm. I could smell her shampoo and as bursa escort we sat together in the deepening dusk, I could smell something else; the clean and innocent aroma of arousal.

Maybe I imagined it but it wasn’t Amber. I was well aquatinted with her womanly scent.

I was certainly smelling something and as we sat there images began crossing my mind, coming unbidden of Kim as a sexual person.

I pictured her trim little pussy which I had just seen for the first time in many years, now mature with a fine little growth of pubic hair which covered it without completely concealing it entirely.

I wondered if anyone had been allowed to touch it…and if she touched it herself at night in the privacy of her bed.

I could picture her stifling her breathing, fearful of being heard as her hand moved fasted and faster under the covers.

I tried to think of something else…anything else but the mental images kept pouring across my mind.

I Felt my penis begin to tingle and unfold itself in the darkness under our common blanket.

I tried to wrench my thoughts away from the mental images and sounds that filled my mind. Even as I tried to summon laundry lists and equipment inventories to drive out the erotic images I imagined Kim having a climax, whimpering and stifling herself in the darkness of her bedroom as she creamed on her rapidly moving fingers.

In my minds eye I could hear the sounds coming faintly from under the covers then suddenly the mental imagery changed and she was in her sleeping bag in her tent here at camp that was pitched five feet away from Amber and my tent doing the same thing.

I imagined standing outside of that tent late at night after Amber had gone to sleep…listening to our daughter masturbate…and jacking off as I did.

It may have been my imagination but it seemed like the smell that had set my thoughts in motion was somehow stronger.

A final thought crossed my mind. I wondered if Kim really was as aroused as I was becoming.

Before I could even try to push this thought from my mind I felt my penis begin to rapidly inflate. In less than a minute I had developed a gigantic erection. I was thankful for the concealing darkness of the blanket.”

I figured it would go away in a minute or two but the longer we cuddled, the harder it got. The intoxicating scent of Kim’s pussy was filling my head and even without the pictures that continued to play across my mind like some kind of three dimensional pornographic movie complete with smell and sounds, the smell of her pussy would have been sufficient to keep me hard.

I noticed that the girls had gotten very quiet when I heard Kim breathe “This is real nice.”

“As she said this I felt her hand brush my erection which had, by this time begun to leak a stream of pre-come that Kim must have surely felt when her palm had brushed the tip of my boner.”

As Greg spoke I made notes on the laptop I had on my desk. When I looked up I discovered that Greg has become semi erect while he spoke and I make a note of the time this has happened.

His wife, Amber reclines on his other side. She is clearly excited to be part of the therapeutic process. She makes no attempt to cover herself and even in the semi dark room I can see her labia glistening as she listens to her husband relate this story. Clearly it brings back memories.

Kim is also very engaged in the story as well. She squirms in her place, her hands that still cover her pussy are jammed between her legs and she has unconsciously begun to flex her thigh muscles against her trapped hands as she listens to her dad speaking.

I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that his story was having quite an effect on me as well. I wasn’t wearing a bra, but I always wear an expensive starched white blouse made with 300 count Egyptian white cotton, so there is no danger of my clients seeing anything inappropriate, nevertheless my nipples were quite stiff. Every time I moved the scraped the starched material.

Whenever I crossed my legs I could feel my dampening slippery pussy lips slide against one another.

I turned my attention back to Greg’s story.

“The first time I thought it was an accident but about a minute later I felt her palm brush the tip of my cock again. I looked over at Amber but she seemed oblivious, her eyes closed, her head resting on my shoulder.”

“Kim’s hand returned again, this time lingering a little as she brushed her palm against my leaking cock.”

“I tried to maintain something like regular breathing as my daughter continued to brush my rigid cock with butterfly light touches. Suddenly I felt her soft hand slide down the shaft of my cock lubricated by the stream of semen I was leaking.”

“The sound her hand had made sliding down my cock was clearly discernable even under a blanket and I couldn’t believe that Amber was unaware of what was going on but she appeared to be asleep.”

“I freed my arm from Kim’s shoulder and rested my hand on Kim’s thigh. She immediately spread her legs and releasing my cock for a moment used her hand bursa escort bayan to direct mine to a slippery virgin pussy.”

“As if my hand had a mind of its own I began to play with my daughter’s slippery clit while her hand slipped up and down my stiff cock. I was rapidly approaching the point of no return when I heard Amber say “Don’t either one of you dare to come.”

“We froze and Kim immediately released my cock.”

“Amber calmly said, “Kim, I suppose it will be better for you to find out about sex with a trustworthy role model but I don’t want you two climaxing together and absolutely no fucking.””

“With that she pulled me to my feet and into our tent. As soon as the zipper was down she pulled me to the ground and forcefully directed my hand to her pussy which was swollen and wet.”

“As I slid my finger around her engorged and swollen clit she gasped, “Don’t play with it, please just fuck me.”

“I did as I was told. I mounted and started fucking her.”

“Did you like Kim jacking you off” she gasped.


“Ever thought about having her suck your cock?” she said teasingly.

“Not until…just now.” I replied, fucking Amber even harder.

“You’d like it though, wouldn’t you.”

“Now that you mention it…yeah…I would.”

“I’ll bet you’d like to fuck her wouldn’t you?”

“Yes…I would.”

“You’d like to take her cherry wouldn’t you?”


“You’d like to slip your cock into her tight little pussy and fill her with sperm, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yes.”

“I don’t care if you two fool around a little…but there’s one thing you can’t do…you’ve got to promise.”

“Anything” I gasped.

“I don’t want you two fucking…do you understand?”


“I don’t even want you two coming together…it’s too risky…do you understand?”


“You can masturbate a little, kiss, make out, whatever…but don’t you make each other climax…you might make her pregnant unintentionally by getting sperm on her pussy.”

“Can I make…her climax?” I gasped; nearly ready to blow my load in my wife’s now saturated cunt.

“No…you might be tempted to join her…and your sperm belongs to me.”

“I didn’t reply because I could feel the first sweet tightening from my balls and down the shaft of my penis that signified approaching ejaculation.”

“You can only come inside of me, do you understand?”

“I…I’m doing it now” I whispered.

“It was true. The head of my cock was jammed deep in her womb gushing jet after jet of hot semen that I could practically feel splashing against her cervix as I drained my balls.”

“That is how it started.”

“The next day Kim and I went fishing together while Amber remained in camp to relax and read.”

“After an hour or so we had an eaten an early lunch and were relaxing in the shade watching our bobbers out on the water as we digested our food.”

“Nether of us had spoken of the events of the night before. To be honest I actively avoided thinking about them for fear of growing an unwanted boner alone in the presence of my daughter.”

“I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were erect even though the day was warm and idly wondered if she was a little excited. My own member began to tingle and I forcibly wrenched my thoughts away from this speculation.”

“Kim flipped onto her stomach and said, “Dad…I don’t know what got into me last night…I’m really sorry.”

“”I’m the one who should be apologizing,” I said”.

“No…I should have stopped…but that’s not the worst part.”

“Really, what is the worst part?”

“You’ve got to promise not to be mad,” She said.

“Well…I guess…OK, I promise.”

“All right, here goes.” she said “After…mom took you inside the tent…I stood outside…and listened to you both.”

I was thunderstruck that my daughter would eavesdrop on Amber and I while we were making love.”

I could see that Kim was blushing and felt an unfamiliar warmth in my own cheeks and realized that I was blushing as well.”

“Uh…did you hear what we were saying to each other?”

“Well…not everything…but I thought I heard mom say that it was OK for us to fool around together.”

“Well…I don’t think she really meant it.”

“It sure sounded like she meant it.” Kim said doubtfully.

“What were you doing standing outside our tent anyway.” I said, somewhat grumpily.

“I was…just listening…I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Yeah…I’ll bet.” I muttered.

“I’m sorry dad…I told you that it was awful…and you promised not to get mad.”

“Is that all?”

“Well…there is one other thing…but dad, this is really embarrassing.”

“I think we’re a little past embarrassment, don’t you?”

“Well maybe…but this is really …I don’t want you to think badly of me.”

“I promise I won’t think badly of you.”

“OK, I feel like such a…slut…but I was…touching myself…and when I heard you say…you’d like to fuck me…that’s when I started playing with myself…and escort bursa listening.”

Kim jumped up saying, “Just a sec dad, I’ve got to pee.”

“She walked about five feet away and then in my full sight squatted and began to piss on the ground. I could see her stream spatter on the ground and hear it splashing.

Kim couldn’t have known but I have always been excited by watching my wife Amber piss and over the years we have incorporated this into our lovemaking.

Amber enjoys this as well and we will get into the shower with full bladders and either piss in front of each other or do it on one another. Amber say’s she is “marking” me as her own and if I can manage to I will squirt on her clit, which she says is warm and often causes her to have a small “pre-climax” right then and there. She says she feels like I am “marking” her as well.

Kim couldn’t have possibly have known about this but it had a dramatic effect on me that I could not control.

What had been a semi hard dick that I had more or less successfully concealed by pinning it between my legs now grew too hard to contain and sprouted from my lap like a tree.

Kim got to her feet saying, “No toilet paper, I’ll just have to drip dry.”

She pretended not to notice my erection and sat down in front of me cross-legged, which now revealed how excited she really was. Her pussy lips were swollen and even from where I sat I could easily see her clit sticking out.

“Anyway” she said, looking up at me “I just wanted to be totally honest with you.”

“I appreciate that” I said, “Can I ask you a question? Were you embarrassed to be hearing us talking…like that?”

“Well…yeah…but I was really turned on…and I was wishing…oh never mind.”

“No…tell me what you were wishing?”

“I was wishing that I was inside the tent with you both…watching you.”

“It was pretty dark in there…I don’t think you’d have been able to see much.” I said “but you’d probably have been able to hear my cock sliding in and out of your mothers pussy really well.”

“I bet you’re right” she broke in, “and you both could have heard me playing with my pussy.”

“Maybe…we could have lit the lantern…so you could have watched me fill your mom up with sperm.”

“Maybe…if you did light the lantern you could have both watched me…cream my…pussy while you filled her up.”

Kim was flushing bright red from her face to the tops of her breasts as she gazed longingly at my raging boner.

“I would have liked that,” I said.


“Yes Kim.”

“Would you let me…feel you?”

“I was really tempted but I wasn’t sure that Amber was really serious about letting us fool around so I said, “We’d better not.”

“If you want…you can…feel me up too.”

Again I was very tempted but I declined her offer.



“I still…feel…’


“Well I suppose that it’s natural…the way we’ve been talking.”

“You mean about me watching you and mom fucking while you both watch me play with my cunt?”

“Yes…I must admit I find it exciting as well.”


“Yes Kim?”

“I really like the way I’m feeling right now.”

I looked down at my tingling erection and noticed that I was beginning to drizzle a stream of pre-come. I saw that Kim’s eyes were riveted on this as well. She raised her eyes until she was looking directly into my eyes then she smiled and said, “It looks like you’re feeling the same way.”

There was an extended silence between us and then Kim said, “Dad, could I at least play with myself a little…just to take the edge off?”

“Well…I don’t know.”

“Please dad, just let me do it a little…I promise I’ll stop before…I, well, you know before I…do it.”

“You promise?”

“Absolutely…I won’t…make myself cream…and you…can…like stand behind me while I’m doing it just in case…to make sure that I don’t…go all the way and…do it, you won’t even be able to see what I’m doing.”

“Well…all right” I finally agreed.

We both got to our feet and she stood in front of me leaning back so her head was resting against my chest. I circled my hands around her stomach interlocking my fingers to help give her support…and also to prevent the ever-present temptation I knew was there to give her a “helping hand”.

One thing that I hadn’t considered when I agreed to this is that my erection was pressed firmly against the soft skin of her back and the lubrication leaking from the tip was causing it to slide against her in a most distracting way. I realized that I would have to use the utmost self-discipline to help Kim “take the edge off”.

She began to rub her pussy at once and what she said was true; I couldn’t see what she was doing…but I could hear and I could feel her arm moving as she energetically masturbated her pussy.

“This feels so nice” she whispered as she began to move her pelvis in time to her busy hand.

As she moved her pelvis back and forth her body pressed against my erection providing a back and forth pressure that was as I feared, was having quite an effect on me. The pre-come leaking out of my boner was gradually covering her back as she pushed against me hard cock with increasing pressure.

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