The Devil’s Pact Chapter 13: The Pleasure and Pain of the Nuns

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The Devil’s Pact
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2013

Chapter Thirteen: The Pleasure and Pain of the Nuns

Slowly, the Ecstasy faded from me, the rapturous fire withdrew, and the outside world returned. No longer was I swept up in the passion of the Archangel Gabriel. My sense returned, one by one. The first was smell, the air filled with a lemony scent trying to mask a bitter ammonia cleaner. I could feel the cool tiles beneath me, through the fabric of my gray habit, as touch returned. My mouth tasted of incense from Gabriel’s kisses. Something tapped over and over, a hollow, woody noise, and light filtered red through my closed eyes.

I once again became Sister Theodora Mariam.

I opened my eyes. I was lying on the floor of the ladies room of St. Afra’s fellowship hall. The tapping sound was caused by someone incessantly knocking at the bathroom door. I pulled myself shakily to my feat. My panties were drenched with my juices and the fabric felt rough on my sensitive clitoris and labia. A pleasant ache radiated from my vagina from the passion of Gabriel’s lovemaking.

“Sister Theodora? Are you okay?” a Hispanic woman asked, concerned, through the door. It sounded like Esmeralda.

“I’m fine,” I answered, straightening my habit. I splashed some water on my flushed face before I unlocked the door. A concerned Esmeralda and her friend Rosenda awaited me. Both elderly Hispanic woman looked concerned and I said the first lie that popped into my mind. “Just some food poisoning. I just need to get back to my house and lie down.” It wouldn’t do to tell them the truth, that the Archangel Gabriel just made passionate love to me in here or that I had been sent on a sacred mission to fight Evil.

“Of course, of course,” Esmeralda said and barked something in Spanish.

A teenage girl sullenly walked up. She was dressed in a purple halter top trimmed in pink with a unicorn jumping a rainbow on the front and a pair of stonewashed jeans that rode low on her hips. She had the perky breasts of youth, and the halter top did nothing to conceal them. Definitely not the clothes a young lady should wear in church. Her full, vibrant hair, a deep black, was streaked with blonde highlights. A smart phone was clutched in her hand and kept vibrating and beeping.

“What?” she asked in teenage annoyance.

“This is my granddaughter, Cruzita,” Esmeralda said. “Cruzita, help Sister Theodora to her house, she’s not feeling well.”

“I’m fine,” I told them. I took a step and swayed and Cruzita caught me. “Okay, maybe I need a little help.”

I placed my arm around her shoulder and Cruzita helped me outside. She smelled faintly of apples, from her shampoo, and apricot, from her lotion. The heat outside was like a hammer and didn’t help relieve the exhaustion I felt from the mult-orgasmic bliss I just left. We reached my door and I opened it was blessedly cool inside my house. Cruzita helped me to the couch and started looking around, curious.

“Thank you, Cruzita,” I said. I would rest a minute and then start packing.

“Zi,” she said. “No one calls me Cruzita but mi Abuela.”

“Okay, Zi, thanks.”

She smiled at me and looked around the small living room. “I’ve never been in a nun’s house before.”

“Oh, its just like any other house, really,” I told her.

“You even have a TV and a computer!” she exclaimed, in amazement. “I thought nuns weren’t allowed to have processions.”

“Different orders swear different vows,” I told her. “As long as I don’t have anything too fancy, it’s okay.”

“Ohh, is this your bedroom,” she said, opening a door.

“Wait, don’t go in there,” I protested, remembering that I hadn’t put my vibrator away. Ever since I realized there was a Warlock operating up in Washington State, I had been masturbating almost constantly. I was so excited that I might get the Ecstasy, I just couldn’t help myself.

And now I had received the Ecstasy. But instead of being filled with excitement, I’m filled with fear. Fear for Sister Louise, my mentor and savior. The news reported she had been arrested for attempted murder. Whoever this Warlock is in Washington State, he’s dangerous. I would have to be careful. Take my time. Especially if he had police under his power.

“What this?” Zi asked with a naughty smile, holding my vibrator as she returned from my bedroom. It was a short, but wide, purple dildo with a black base that turned to adjusted the intensity of the vibration.

I flushed. “I’m a nun, not a corpse,” I told her.

She laughed. “No, you’re definitely not a corpse.” She boldly eyed me.

Was she hitting on me? My fax machine beeped and started printing. That would be my Papal Indulgence. I eyed up Zi, considering. While I loved men, and their cocks, Sister Louise had shown me a woman could be just as fun in her own way. And since my Indulgence has arrived, any sins I committed from this point were already forgiven. I returned Zi’s smile.

“You seem very interested in the life of a nun. Are you interested in taking the vows?”

“Maybe,” she said with a flirty smile. “Being around women all the time, away from men, why that does have a certain appeal.”

“Yes it does,” I told her. “Having other woman to share things with can be quite … stimulating.”

Their was a hum as Zi accidentally turned on my vibrator. She quickly turned it off, blushing. I stepped closer to her and she flushed, breathing quickly. I reached out and touched the strap of her halter top. “You shouldn’t wear something like this in church.”

“Oh,” she asked, feigning ignorance. “Why not.”

“It shows off too much flesh,” I said. “Your tits are practically spilling out and those pants.” I tutted my tongue. “You may as well be naked, that’s how tight those pants are. I can see your panty line. In the old days, I could punish you for wearing something this revealing.”

“Maybe you should punish me,” Zi whispered. “I’ve been a bad girl. I’ve had impure thoughts about a certain nun for a week.”

My lips were on hers and I shoved my tongue into her mouth. Zi melted in my arms, her breasts rubbing against mine. Her lips tasted of sweet strawberries. Her arms wrapped around me, one hand still clutching my vibrator. I slid my arms around her, stroked her back and let one hand slip down to her jeans and groped her plump ass.

God, it was wonderful to feel another person on my lips. The Ecstasy was amazing, wonderful. But it also overwhelmed you, reduced your entire world to just pleasure. It was nice to have a real person in your arms, kissing you. Someone you could hold and touch. And see. And smell. Zi’s arousal was filling my nostrils, a fresh, spicy scent.

Somehow we found my bed while kissing and Zi and I fell back onto the soft mattress, are lips pressed together the entire time. Zi was beneath me, her hands roaming across my back, still clutching my vibrator. Suddenly, there was a buzzing sound and we broke our kiss, giggling. The knob at the base of the vibrator twisted as Zi rubbed it on my back, turning the purple dildo on with a low hum.

I took the vibrator from her, twisting the base to turn it off, and then waggled it at her. “I was supposed to be punishing you. Kisses won’t distract me!”

“Sorry, sister,” Zi said with mock submissiveness, while grinning like the cat who caught the canary.

My hand slid down her side and reached her jeans. I unsnapped her pants and pulled down her zipper. Her panties were a flimsy pink that barely concealed her pussy underneath. Her pubic hair, shaved down to a landing strip, was a dark shadow beneath the the pink fabric. I flipped her onto her back, rubbed her plump, Latina ass and pulled her jeans and panties off, bunching the clothes around her ankles. I slapped her tan ass, watching the cheeks jiggle.

“Naughty girl,” I purred and slapped her again.

“I’m such a bad, Catholic girl,” moaned Zi. “I have many lustful thoughts. I play with my chocha all the time. In my bed, in the bathroom, at school, at church.” I smacked her ass hard. “I’ve had relations with men and with women.”

Smack. Another slap to her plump ass, and then I squeezed her flesh globe. “Tell me about these women you had relations with.”

“Uhh, let’s see. Catalina and I fingered each other’s chochas in the school bathroom.” Smack! “Ohh, I let Señora Bautista eat my chocha at the church picnic last week!”

“She just had a baby,” I gasped and smacked her ass.

“Her milk tasted so sweet,” Zi purred. Smack!

“At a slumber party, I made out with all the girls and snuck into the bathroom with one and ate out her chocha while the other girls slept in the living room.” Smack!

“I think an Act of Contrition is in order,” I told her, smacking her ass one last time.

“My God,” Zi recited. I grabbed the vibrator. “I am sorry for my sins with all my heart.” The vibrator hummed as I turned it on. “In choosing to do wrong and failing to do good I have … oh fuck …” she gasped as I slid the vibrator up her wet pussy.

“Don’t swear when praying!” I barked, and slapped her ass with my free hand.

“Oh, I have sinned against you whom I should love above all things.” I slowly slid the Vibrator deep inside her before slowly drawing it back. Her breath quickened. “I firmly intend, with your help, to do penance, to … fuck, that’s good … to sin no more, and to … ohh my God, faster, faster!”

I obliged her, fucking the vibrator faster into her cunt.

“And to avoid whatever leads me to sin,” she gasped, writhing on my bed. She was doing a bad job of that, right night.

I spread her plump ass cheeks and found her puckered asshole. I tongued her asshole, tasting the sour flavor of her ass as I fucked the vibrator into her faster and harder. I wiggled my tongue into her tight ass, delighting in her moans of pleasure.

“Oh, Mother of God that’s amazing!” Zi cried. “Tongue my ass, Sister! Oh, our Savior Jesus Christ suffered and died for us. In His name, my God, have mercy. Amen!” She screamed the last word, shuddering as her orgasm washed over her. “Oh, Sister, I think I’ve sinned again.”

I smiled at her, rolling her onto her back and crawled up her body. “Then I guess you’ll just have to do more confessing,” I told her and then captured her lips with a kiss.


The bed was gently rocking as I drifted awake. I rolled over on my side and the rocking stopped. I thought about going back to sleep when the bed started rocking again. There was also a slippery noise, like wet flesh sliding against each other. There was some heavy breathing and soft, feminine sighs. I let the bed rock me back to sleep, or at least to a light doze. Sleep overtook me for a time, and when I awoke the bed rocked a little harder, the sighs were turning into gasps. The spicy-sweet scent of female arousal filled my nose. My cock was painfully hard.

“Oh, fuck!” a woman moaned, the bed was really shaking now and it was getting harder to keep dozing. There was a shushing sound. “Sorry, Mistress,” someone whispered.

I cracked my eyes and saw my fiancee writhing on top of Allison, one of our sex slaves. Allison’s slim legs were wrapped around Mary’s waist as the pair tribbed. Mary’s auburn hair spilled across both their faces, obscuring their kiss. Mary’s freckled breast rubbed against Allison’s pierced nipples while Allison racked her Mistress’s back with her fingernails.

I smiled, enjoying the sight. Last night, Mary and I were so exhausted from our encounter with the demoness, Lilith, we just fell asleep when Allison joined our bed. We had promised Allison some quality time and the poor teenager was hot and ready to go, but all she got was to sleep between us. But, she was a good slut and didn’t complain, just let us snuggle her between us.

I reached out and pinched Allison nipple that peaked out and tugged gently at the silver barbell that pierced the hard nub. Allison broke the kiss and turned her face towards me, brushing görükl escort Mary’s hair out of her eyes. “Good morning, Master,” she panted. Her face with flushed and damp with sweat.

Mary turned to face me and I leaned in to kiss her. “Good morning, Mare.”

“Morning, hun,” Mary greeted, and she started tribbing Allison hard and the headboard started banging on the wall.

“You gonna make this whore cum?” I asked, stroking her back.

“I am, Mark!” Mary breathed. “She’s going to cum on my pussy.”

“Oh, yes!” Allison panted. “Your clit feel so nice on my cunt, Mistress.”

Mary’s hips took on a frantic rhythm as her orgasm neared. Both women were moaning and panting in pleasure. “I’m about to cum, whore! Uhh, you’re cunt feels so sweet on my pussy! Cum with me, slut!”

“Oh, Mistress, I’m cumming!” Allison howled. “Thank you, thank you, Mistress! It’s so good!” Both women clutched each other as their orgasms rolled over each other. Allison kissed Mary tenderly. “Thank you, Mistress, for sharing your pleasure with me.”

Mary smiled and kissed her back. “You’re welcome, slut!” Mary reached over and grasped my hard cock and stroked it a few times. “It feels like Master wants to share his pleasure with you.”

Allison’s hand joined Mary’s on my cock. “Ohh, do you Master! Do you want to stick your hard cock in my tight, slutty cunt and make me feel good?”

“Oh, fuck yeah!” I moaned, enjoying their hands stroking my cock.

Mary rolled off Allison, stretching out next to her. Both their shaved pussies were glistening with girl-cum. I knelt upon the bed and grabbed Allison by the waist and pulled her to me. Above her shaved cunt was the phrase “Cum on in” tattooed along with a little arrow pointing towards her hard clit. I pulled Allison up and Mary slipped a pillow under the small of her back as I fucked my cock into her wet pussy.

“Oohh, Master’s cock feels so nice in my cunt!” Allison cooed as I started to fuck her. Her tits jiggled every time I plowed into her.

Allison’s cunt felt so nice on my cock, tight with youth and sopping wet. Mary rose up and then straddled Allison’s face, lowering her dripping pussy to Allison’s eager lips. Mary’s face lit up in pleasure as Allison’s tongue dug through her pussy lips and Mary leaned into kiss me. Her tongue was wet in my mouth, wrestling with my tongue. I caressed Mary’s soft cheek as we kissed.

“I love you so much,” I told her when she broke the kiss and she smiled beautifully, dimples appearing on her angelic face.

“I love you, Mark,” she whispered and then moaned in pleasure.

I realized I had stopped fucking Allison while we kissed, and started plowing back into the slut’s velvety cunt. Mary caressed my chest and then bent down and sucked my nipple. It felt weird, her mouth sucking greedily, wet and hot on my nipple. More ticklish then pleasurable. When Mary finished I bent down and captured her own, larger nipple in my mouth. She moaned in pleasure as I explored her hard nipple with my tongue as I gently sucked on her tit.

“Oh, god this is amazing!” Mary gasped. “My stallion’s sucking my tit while my slut eats my pussy!

I bent further down, stretching my legs out and started kissing Mary’s belly, tonguing her cute little belly button. I kissed lower and found the fiery heart of pubic hair above her pussy, kissing the curly hair. I could smell the spicy-sweet scent of Mary’s pussy and hear Allison’s tongue probing Mary’s cunt, lapping up her sweet nectar.

Allison cunt was convulsing on my dick and she shuddered beneath us and gasping in Mary’s pussy as she came on my cock. I continued fucking her, enjoying the way her cunt milked my cock. Mary shifted on Allison’s face, leaning back so her cunt was in front of my mouth and Allison was tonging her ass. I greedily ate at my fiancee’s cunt, savoring her sweet and spicy honey.

“Ooh, Mark, that’s so good!” Mary moaned. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum! Keep sucking my pussy, hun! Oh, keep sucking me! Tongue my ass, slut! Suck my pussy!”

I drank her juices as she flooded my mouth when she came on my lips. I felt my balls tightening and screwed Allison hard a few more time and then my orgasm surged through me and out my cock, flooding Allison teenage cunt with my sperm. Breathing heavily, I rolled over onto my back.

“Fuck that was good!” I gasped.

“Oh, thank you Master,” Allison said, happily. “I’m glad my slutty pussy pleased you and I’m so thankful for letting me cum.”

Mary crawled over me and snuggled up against me on the other side. She stroked my face and then kissed me, savoring her flavor on my lips. “Allison, get out. Mark and I need to talk.”

“Oh, okay Mistress,” Allison said, a little disappointed.

Allison bent over and kissed Mary and then me and I groped her breast. “Go get the sluts counting the money,” I told her. “And stop pouting. You’re our slut, remember. We can throw you out of our bed whenever we want. Just be happy we decided to use you as our sex toy this morning.”

“Yes, Master, sorry Master,” Allison apologized and strode out of her room, her tight, teenage ass swayed beautifully as she walked away.

Mary bit her lip, and it looked like she wanted to say something. I stroked her hair and waited patiently for her to speak. Finally, she said, “Mark, can …” She cleared her throat. “Can you do it. Sleep with your sister? Sleep with your mother?”

“My sister, she’s always been a kid to me,” I told her. “But she’s the same age as you, so … I guess I could.”

“But your mother?”

I swallowed, should I tell her that I used to fantasize about fucking my mom. What if she was disgusted? What is she hated me? I peered into her deep, green eyes and saw her love and support. “Yeah,” I whispered. “I … When I was young, I used to … jerk off, thinking about it.”

“Oh,” Mary said, mulling over that thought. “I … guess that’s not that strange. An … Oedipus complex, right?”

“You don’t think I’m … disgusting?” I asked, holding my breath.

“No,” she said and kissed me. “When I was young, I thought of my father …” Spots of crimson appeared on her freckled cheeks. “So, I can understand.”

“What about you and your sisters?” I asked her. “Could you sleep with one of them?”

She bit her lip again. “I … I don’t know. They are my sisters. It … it just doesn’t seem right.”

“Of course, Mare,” I told her. I could feel her pussy pressing up against my thigh getting wetter. “But it seems exciting, too?”

“Yes,” Mary whispered, huskily, sliding her wet pussy on my thigh.

I kissed her. “You want to sleep with your sisters?”

“Yes!” she hissed.

I kissed her again. “You want to fuck your father!”

“Oh, yes!”

I rolled Mary onto her back, kissing her passionately. “I can be your daddy.”

Mary’s legs wrapped around my hips. “Oh, fuck me daddy! You’re cock so big, so hard in my pussy, daddy!”

“My baby girls grown up to be so beautiful,” I moaned, getting into the roleplay. “Your pussy feels so wonderful on my cock.”

“Am I making you feel good, daddy!” she asked, in a little girls voice.

Her cunt felt magical on my cock. “Yes, babycakes, you’re cunt’s like silk on my dick! So amazing!”

“Fuck me! Fuck me, daddy!”

The bed creaked as I fucked her hard and Mary gasped and moaned as I fucked her. She felt so warm and tight on my cock, her pussy sending tingles of pleasure as my cock plunged in and out of her hole. My balls tightened. “I’m gonna cum, baby girl! Daddy’s gonna cum in your slutty pussy!”

“Oh, cum in my cunt, Daddy!” she moaned. “Flood your daughter’s cunt with your hut, sticky cream!”

“Here it comes, cupcake!” Mary was cumming on my cock as I flooded her with my cum.

“Oh, yes daddy!” she cried out. “Oh, thank you daddy!” Then she kissed me, gently and lovingly. “That was nice, Mark.” I smiled and went to roll off her, but she stopped me. “You feel nice on top of me.”

“How am I going to sleep with my mom?” I asked, coming off the high our lovemaking.

She sighed. “I don’t know. We’ll figure it out, I guess.”

“I guess I’ll call my sister today.” It was weird, thinking about seducing my sister.

Mary’s phone chirped and I rolled off her so she could reach it on her nightstand. She sat up in bed, her breasts naked above our mussed sheets, and read the text. Mary smiled, reading the screen and started texting back.


“Alice,” Mary answered, focused on her phone. “She wants to get together today.”

“As your realtor or your lover?” I asked.

Mary smiled, mischievously. “Both.”

“Tell her I want to buy all the houses on the block.”

Mary texted back and their was a chirp. “Hmm, she thinks it very unlikely you can buy the block, but I have faith in you, hun.” Mary took a photo of herself with her phone.

“Are you sexting her?”

Mary nodded. “Here, she sent a photo.” Mary held up her phone and there was a picture of a topless, raven haired beauty who used the bathroom mirror to photograph herself.

“Nice tits,” I commented. “Not as nice as yours, of course.” Mary smiled, blushing. I bent over and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth, savoring the hard nub between my lips.

There was a soft knock at the door. “Master.”

“Come in,” I yelled, letting go of Mary’s nipple with regret

Lillian opened the door. The hot topic slut was naked. Her black hair with blue and purple highlights was pulled into two pigtails. Her pale face was accented with black lipstick and eyeliner. Gold rings pierced her right eyebrow, nose, and lip. Her pussy was shaved bare and her slit was tight and inviting.

“Master, there’s naked lady on the porch,” Lillian said, “She says she’s a part of the ‘Naked Jogging Club.’ ”

“That would be Anastasia,” I told Mary.

“The woman you fucked while her husband was upstairs, showering,” Mary asked with an arched eyebrow.

I nodded. “Have fun sexting,” I told Mary, kissing her on the lips before I crawled out of bed. “I’m going to go jogging.”

“You sound so resigned,” Mary giggled. “Running with a naked woman must be so trying.”

“It is,” I quipped. “It’s the sacrifice I’m making to get in better shape for you.”

Mary laughed hard, her breast jiggling. Catching her breath, she asked me, concerned, “Are you sure you’re up for it? The doctor said to take it easy.”

“I’m fine,” I said, dismissively.

“Okay, hun, have fun. Burn off some of those love handles.” Her phone chirped, and she giggled at whatever Alice sent her. She held up her phone to show another pic from Alice. I bent down to get a better look, and saw it was a close up shot of her shaved pussy. Mary took a picture of her own cum-stained pussy and sent the photo.

“When I get back, I think we should discipline the nun.”

Mary looked up from her phone, anger flashing across her face. “Yeah, that sounds perfect.”


Your new name is Sister Cuntrag. The hated thought repeated over and over in my mind. Your new name is Sister Cuntrag.

It was my new, hated name, given to me by that bitch Mary, my new Mistress. I had cried and cried all night until I cried my eyes dried, trapped in this cramp, dark closet. Time lost all meaning in here. My entire body ached. I was kneeling on the floor, my hands cuffed behind me, my wrist chaffed. My butt was fire from those sluts spanking me and my vagina was sore from first Mark and then Lilith’s rapes.

Your new name is Sister Cuntrag.

“Please, God, please save me!” I begged again. My voice croaked, my lips parched.

And then a hand caressed my back in the dark and pleasure filled my body. The Ecstasy, I wasn’t forgotten.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“You have been soiled,” the angelic voice whispered in my mind. “Lilith has polluted you.”

“Please, I served faithfully, just free me, Gabriel.”

“You are here because of your own Pride,” Gabriel said, anger görükle escort bayan tinging his voice.

“What? I followed Providence,” I protested. “I did my duty!”

“No, you did not!” There was anger in his voice, disappointment. “You wanted to punish Mark, to humiliate him, you let your pride get in the way of God’s Providence. Yesterday, Providence guided you to the Mall. You parked your car next to Mark’s mustang. He was in the mall. All you had to do was let him seduce you. But you were too fixated on dominating his Thralls, on doing it your way. Not God’s way. You have brought your circumstances upon yourself.”

The touch vanished, pleasure faded and anger welled to replace it. “Damn you, Gabriel!” I croaked. “I served faithfully for thirty years and you cast me aside! One fucking mistake! God damn you, Gabriel!”


I returned from my jog with Anastasia. Unlike yesterday, only one cop stopped us and he was given the standard orders. We also caught up with another fine looking woman, Madeleine, a southern beauty with the hottest accent and she became the second woman to join the Naked Jogging Club. I thought watching one woman’s naked ass jog before me was a great motivation, turned out two was even better. When we finished, I enjoyed both women back in Madeleine’s house.

When I returned home, I found Mary and most of the sluts sitting around the dinner table enjoying french toast and giggling over what turned out to be bridal magazines. Korina was missing as she was still in the hospital, and Mary had sent Allison to relive Fiona at the hospital. All the sluts were naked and Mary wore her pink, silk robe that molded to her body like a second skin. No, they weren’t all naked, I realized. Thamina still wore her headscarf. The Muslim nurse looked very erotic wearing her modest headscarf and nothing else, so I let I slide. I paused to admire my love and our slaves, drinking in their naked beauties.

“This dress would look amazing on you, Mistress,” Lillian gushed.

“It so lovely,” Fiona said, wistfully. “It will really show your bosom off.”

“Oh, Master’s back!” exclaimed Violet. The petite teenager bound up and hugged me eagerly, pressing her slim body against mine. I kissed her gently and then I walked over to the table.

“Have fun, hun,” Mary said, smiling up at me. I bent and kissed her on the lips and sat down on the table.

“I had a lot of fun,” I said and Mary laughed wickedly. “I bet,” she said.

Each of the sluts had to kiss me like Violet did, and then Desiree placed a plate of french toast before me. It was delicious, as Desiree’s cooking as always was. Mary and the sluts continued flipping through the bridal magazines, left over from Desiree’s marriage last year. My cock hard from all my naked sluts, so I had Chasity slip under the table and blow me while I enjoyed my breakfast.

Watching Chasity sucking my cock got Mary feeling randy, and Lillian joined Chasity beneath the table to eat her Mistress’s cunt. Violet and Desiree started cleaning the dishes and Thamina sat nervously at the table. She was shy and I had Fiona get to know Thamina better. Thamina nervousness fled as Fiona’s skilled tongue brought her to a screaming orgasm. Xiu sat next to Thamina and spread her legs, hopefully. Thamina smiled shyly and slipped down and ate some Chinese cunt with gusto. Mary shuddered next to me, flooding Lillian’s face with her juices. Lillian stood up, beaming and Violet licked Mary’s juices off her face.

Both my breakfast and my blowjob were finished, I sent Chasity to go get Sister Cuntrag for her punishment. Chasity eagerly went, licking my cum off her lips. Mary went upstairs to get something. Chasity returned a minute later, shoving Cuntrag forward and the nun stumbled and fell to her knees on the hardwood floors of the dining room. Her face was red and puffy from crying and her hands were still cuffed behind her back. Her ass was a mass of red welts from the spanking last night.

She glared daggers at me so I casually slapped her across the face. “You’re punishment shall continue until you beg to be our slave,” I ordered her. “It will have to be sincere on your part. But the pain, the humiliation, will stop.”

Cuntrag spat at me. Chasity kicked her in the welted ass and she cried out in pain. “I will not be your slave, not willingly,” Cuntrag spat.

“No biting,” I told her, then grabbed her curly brown hair and pulling her face to my cock and shoved it down her throat.

Cuntrag tried to fight, but her arms were cuffed behind her back so all she could do was wiggle, which just made the blowjob feel better. I gripped her head and fucked her mouth on my cock. Mary walked back into the room, naked, with a large, pink dildo strapped to her groin. I kept fucking Cuntrag’s face on my cock, enjoying her wet throat as Mary knelt behind the bitch.

She rubbed the dildo against Cuntrag’s ass. “That your mistress’s cock,” Mary said. “I’m going to stick my cock up your ass.”

Mary pulled Cuntrag’s hips up so she was on her knees. Then she place the dildo’s head on Cuntrag’s puckered ass and slowly shoved her dildo into Cuntrag’s asshole. Her scream was muffled on my dick as I continued to fuck her face. Mary sank the dildo all the way to the base, pressing her groin against Cuntrag’s welted ass.

“You fucking bitch!” Mary yelled, pulling the dildo back and shoving it back in. “What did we do to you! Why did you try to ruin our lives! You fucking cunt!” Mary pulled back and then fucked the dildo back in hard. “How does it feel to be helpless!”

Mary gripped Cuntrag’s hips and really started to pound the bitch’s ass while I fucked her mouth on my cock. Mary’s freckled tits bounced to the rhythm of her fucking. “Here it comes, bitch!” I groaned and then I shot my load into Cuntrag’s mouth. I held her head down, forcing her to swallow my cum. When she finished swallowing, I let go of her head and she spat out my dick, coughing and gagging. “Are you ready to be our slave?”

“Fuck you!” she hissed, eyes filled with pain.

“I am, you stupid whore!” Mary shouted and smacked her ass, and went back to pumping her dildo in and out of Cuntrag’s ass.

Violet knelt down next to the nun. “It’s so nice being their slave,” Violet told her softly, kissing her tear-stained cheek. She was such a sweet girl. “The pain can stop and you’ll be happy with us.”

“That’s not what you really believe,” Cuntrag snarled through clenched teeth. “That’s just what he’s made you believe. Deep inside, you’re screaming in rage at what he’s done to you. I know!”

Violet looked confused. “Wh-what are you saying? I love being Master and Mistress’s slut. I’ve never been happier!”

“Oh, I hope you keep fighting!” Mary exulted. “Fucking your ass is so sweet! I’m going to cum, you fucking whore! You’ve got me so excited! Oh, fuck!” Mary pounded away at Cuntrag’s ass. She buried the dildo all the way into her bowels and shuddered. “Oh, fuck that’s great!” She thrust in one more time than fell back, the dildo popping out of Cuntrag’s ass and lay panting on the floor.

I grabbed Cuntrag’s hair and pulled her up to her feat and threw her roughly at the table and forced her to bend over it. I caressed her red ass with my hand, then squeezed it hard. She groaned in pain. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her pussy. I slid my dick in slow, enjoying her tight cunt and was surprised to find her wet. “Are you starting to like being abused, Cuntrag?”

“Never!” she screamed back, twisting around to glare at me.

“Then why are you so wet? Did you like sucking my cock so much. Or was it Mary fucking your ass that got you so wet?”

“You’re fucking delusional if you think I’m enjoying this!” Cuntrag snarled as I fucked her cunt with slow, deep strokes. “I’m not going to submit, so you might as well stop! You’re just wasting your time!”

“Wasting my time! You almost got Desiree killed, bitch!” I angrily said. “You fucking deserve this! I hope you never give in, then I can enjoy raping you! Desiree, hop up on that table and make that bitch eat your cunt! Let’s put that foul mouth of hers to good use.”

“Ohh, thank you, Master,” Desiree purred, climbing up on the table. She grabbed Cuntrag’s hair and shoved Cuntrag’s face into her shaved pussy. “Ooh, the bitch knows how to lick pussy!”

“She’s probably a dyke!” I shouted, and slapped her welted ass.

Desiree writhed on the bitch, her big tits heaving as her breath quickened. Her dark pink nipples and sweat glistened on her nut brown skin. Desiree held the bitch’s face to her cunt with one hand and groped her large tits with the other. She hefted a tit and brought her own nipple to her lips and sucked hard on her own nipple.

Fiona bent over the table next to Cuntrag, on my right. Mary stepped up behind her. “You ready for my cock, slut?” Mary asked, slapping the pink dildo on Fiona’s pale ass.

“Yes, Mistress!” Fiona panted. “My slutty cunt is dripping wet for your cock!” Mary sank the dildo into Fiona’s cunt and Fiona moaned wantonly as it sank in. “Thank you, Mistress!”

“Enjoying your new toy?” I asked Mary as she started slowly fucking Fiona.

“Umm hmm,” Mary murmured. I matched Mary’s speed, and we fucked our sluts in rhythm, plunging in and pulling out together.

Chasity grabbed Violet and pushed her back so she sat on the table to my left. Chasity knelt down and started to eat her tight, teenage cunt out. “Oh, that’s nice, Chasity,” Violet moaned.

Lillian and Thamina were kissing, Thamina pressed up against the wall. Their thighs were parted, and each rubbed their slutty pussies on the other’s thighs. Lillian’s pale ass flex as she furiously rubbed her cunt on Thamina. Thamina’s rich, brown hands cupped her ass, kneading Lillian’s perky buttcheeks.

Poor Xiu was left all alone and just started slowly fingering her cunt, watching enviously. “Fiona’s mouth’s free,” I told her and she smiled gratefully and climbed upon the table next to Desiree and spread her legs.

Fiona dived into Xiu’s shaved pussy. Desiree stopped sucking her own tit and groped Xiu’s large pair. Xiu’s tits were as large as Desiree, though Xiu was seven or eight inches shorter making her breasts seem even larger on her small frame. Desiree lifted Xiu’s round melon and sucked her pierced nipple into her mouth. Mary reached out and grabbed Xiu’s other pierced nipple, pulling hard on the butterfly that dangled from her nipple.

“Fuck that hurts!” moaned Xiu with a smile. “Bite my clit, Fiona, oh yeah, just like that!”

The room was filled with the moans of women, the scent of aroused cunts: spicy and tangy, sweet and tart, a beautiful musk. Mary started fucking Fiona faster with her strap-on and I matched her pace as I fucked Cuntrag. It became a sort of game, Mary changing the pace of her fucking and I matching it.

“Umm!” Violet moaned next to me, biting her lip while she played with her tiny titties and her little nipples. “Oh, yes, I’m cumming! Oh, thank you, Chasity!”

Chasity rose up and kissed the teenager on the lips and swapped places with the girl. Violet was quite eager to return the favor to the cop and Chasity was panting like a bitch in heat as little Violet ate her cunt. Mary’s began fucking Fiona’s pussy hard and fast, gasping loudly. I matched her rhythm, fucking Cuntrag’s pussy just as hard, just as fast. Fiona moaned into Xiu’s pussy as she came and then Xiu was screaming and bucking so hard she almost fell off the table.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Mary moaned over and over as her frantic fucking of Fiona’s cunt was sending her over the edge. “Oh, fuck this dildo feel so fucking good on my clit!”

I was about to cum in Cuntrag’s pussy when I felt her pussy contract swiftly on my cock. “Shit, the bitch is cumming on my cock!” I moaned. “You like my cock up your cunt? Or do you just like eating pussy that much?”

“She must love pussy, Master!” gasped Desiree. “She’s so good at it! Umm, this bitch escort görükle is going to make me cum!”

“Do it!” Mary hissed, as she cuddled with Fiona. “Cum on the whore’s dirty face!”

“I’m cumming, Mistress!” Desiree gasped. “All over her disgusting, whorish face!”

And so was I, shooting my sperm deep into her pussy. “Shit, you’re a good fuck, Cuntrag.” I said, slapping her red ass. I pulled out of her and slumped into chair, watching my sperm trickle out of her pussy. “Ready to be my slave, Cuntrag?”

“No,” she whispered.

“Where’s the fight?” I asked her. “Did my cock feel that good inside you? Your cunt felt so great on my cock when you came.”

“Fuck you, asshole!” she snarled.

“Fucking bitch!” Mary snarled and reached down and grabbed one of Cuntrag’s nipples and pulled the bitch to her feet.

“Fuck, let go!” Cuntrag demanded. “Please!”

Not caring, Mary pulled Cuntrag out of the kitchen by the nipple. I followed after, leaving Chasity moaning on the table as Violet greedily ate her snatch and Thamina and Lillian moaning as they fucked each other. Fiona and Desiree followed after me, as curious as I was. Mary led Cuntrag up the stairs, pulling hard on her nipple every time the bitch balked. Cuntrag whimpered the entire way up the stairs. Mary led her into the bathroom and shoved her into the shower. Cuntrag landed on her side on the shower floor. Mary pulled off her strap-on and squatted over Cuntrag.

“You ready to be our slave?” Mary demanded.

“Whore!” Cuntrag hissed in defiance. “You fucking …”

Cuntrag was cut off in a splutter as Mary’s pee splashed into her face and open mouth. Cuntrag tried to curl up in a ball, trying to protect her face as Mary’s yellow piss splashed all over her body. Mary’s stream of piss slowed until only a few squirts of piss remained. Then Mary grabbed my cock and pointed it at the bitch. I relaxed my bladder and Mary guided my hose of piss all over Cuntrag’s body, matting her curly hair, spilling across her breasts, and splashing on her welted ass while Cuntrag sobbed.

“Clean the bitch up,” Mary ordered Fiona and Desiree. “Feed and water her and then throw her back into the closet.” Mary looked down at the drenched Cuntrag. “Unless you’re ready to be our slave? All you have to do is beg Mark.”

Cuntrag just sobbed.

“Yes, Mistress,” Desiree said.

“Mistress, I have to pee,” Fiona said.

“There’s your toilet,” I told her, pointing at the sobbing nun.


Pee covered my body, stinging my eyes, stinging my welted ass. Sobs wracked my body. It was too much. They beat me, they left me in a closet, they raped me. And now they pissed on me. I wiped urine from my eyes and looked up to see a red-furred pussy, Fiona, and another stream of acrid piss splashed into my face.

If you just gave in, be their slave, this will all stop.

I forced that traitorous voice back down with anger. No! I’ve been a slave once. Never fucking again!

You came on his cock. You enjoyed the rape. Just give in, Cuntrag.

No, no, no, no! I beat those traitorous thoughts down with my anger.

Cold water splashed on my body as they turned the shower on. I shivered on the shower floor as Fiona and Desiree wiped the urine from my body. Then they hauled me up and dried me off. The towel was painfully rough on my tender ass. Fiona, clearly inspired by Mary, grabbed my nipple and pulled me downstairs. It hurt so bad, my tender nipple stretched painfully between Fiona’s fingers.

I was ravenously hungry and Charity unlocked the handcuffs while I ate. I wolfed down the cold french toast and drank the glass of water. But once I was done eating, the handcuffs snapped back on, my arms cuffed behind my back. Chasity roughly led me back to my closet and threw me inside, slamming the door.

I curled up in the dark, my body sore, and sobbed quietly.

Just give in and be their slave.

I beat that traitorous thought down. But it would just come back. Over and over. And each time it was harder and harder to fight.

Just give in and be their slave.


Mary and I left as Fiona stepped into the shower to piss on Cuntrag. Mary went into our bedroom and started the shower in the master bathroom. I followed her into the shower, my cock hard from watching her degrade that bitch. I was so horny, I just pushed Mary up against the shower wall and kissed her passionately. Mary was just as excited, parting her thighs for me and then she wrapped a leg around my waist as I fucked my cock hard inside her.

She was tight and wet and I fucked her madly. Her hips writhed on mine. We were both excited, both frantically trying to cum as fast as possible. The warm water beat on us, inflaming our lust. My hands roamed up her wet body, groping her perky tits and squeezing her plump ass and enjoying her silky skin everywhere. We came quickly, shuddering in each other’s arms.

Mary shuddering turned to shaking and then she was sobbing, clenching me tightly. “It’s okay, Mare,” I said, stroking her back, not sure why she was crying.

“It is,” she sobbed. “That bitch can’t hurt me! Can’t hurt us! She’s nothing. She’s just an ant!”

She was smiling and crying, and I realized that all the fear and shame and pain she experienced yesterday at the nun’s hand was spilling out of her. Raping the nun was a release for Mary. She was right. We were going to be fine. And something relaxed about my heart, a tension I wasn’t really aware of. It was the fear of being at the nun’s mercy, I realized. But how could you fear a woman you just pissed on while she cried in a shower.

“We’re going to be fine,” I nodded and kissed my fiancee.

When we finished showering, Mary started digging through her clothes. “Does this make me look hot?” Mary asked, holding a short red skirt.

“Yeah, Mare,” I told her, reclining on the bed. “Whatcha doing?”

“Oh, getting ready for my date with Alice,” Mary answered. “When do you want to buy all the neighbor’s houses?”

Date? I looked at Mary. She was trying to find the perfect outfit for her date. Jealousy stabbed at my heart. Just what was Alice to Mary? Friends, I thought. But you don’t date your friend. Don’t be stupid, Mark. You’re reading too much into it. Mary loves you. She’s just going to have fun with her friend. You had fun with Madeleine and Anastasia today. It’s no different. She’s wearing the ring you gave her. She was looking at bridal magazines. She’s excited to marry you. She loves you.

“Mark?” Mary asked, pulling on the red skirt. “When do you want to meet with Alice to buy the houses?”

“Oh, right,” I said, snapping out of my jealous fog. “Well, tomorrow is Wednesday, right?”

Mary nodded.

“Well, I got that meeting with the Police Chiefs at LESA in the afternoon. So, Thursday, then. Around five.”

“Okay, hun,” she said, pulling on a matching, red halter top. “You should call your sister. The sooner you can … be with her, the better.”

“What about you and your sisters?”

Mary paused, in the middle of pulling on some black, knee high stockings. “I … I’m not ready for that, yet,” she said, nervous. “Maybe after seeing you and your sister together.”

“Sure babe.” I reached for my phone and started scrolling through my contacts.

Mary continued pulling up the stalking. “What’re you going to do today, Mark?”

“Well, I’m going to have the sluts go and get some actually slutty clothes today, I’ll chaperone them.” I told Mary. “Maybe rob another bank.”

“Sounds good, hun.”

I pressed call when I found Antsy phone number. The phone rang a few times then went to her voicemail. “Hey sis, its Mark. Call me back, it’s very important.” I sighed. “She’s ignoring me. She usually does when I call. She prefers texts.” I started typing a text to send to her, letting her know it was really important that we speak in person.

“How do I look?” Mary asked, finished dressed.

“Fuck, you look hot,” I told her. And she did. The halter top showed off her tits well, and the skirt was short, exposing most of her snowy thighs. And nothing was sexier then a woman wearing thigh-high stockings.

“I do, don’t I,” Mary said, preening in the mirror. “I’m also going to do a little shopping. Gets some new clothes, some jewelry, maybe.”

“Yeah, sure,” I told her. “There’s a basement full of cash.”

Mary nodded. “I guess there is, I hadn’t really thought of it.”

I was about to say something when my phone chirped, it was Antsy texting me back. “Sorry bro, just left for Miami this morning. See you in a week.”

“Shit!” I said. “She’s out of town for a week.”

“Oh, shit!” Mary gasped. She swallowed. “I guess I’ll call my sisters, then.”


“Now boarding rows 20 thru 30,” the gate attendant said.

I stood up and joined the lines of people queuing up to board American Airlines flight 126, a flight from Seattle to Miami with a layover here in LA. After my Ecstasy this morning, I was sure the Lord was sending me to Seattle to fight the Warlock that defeated Sister Louise. After Zi had dropped me off at LAX and I walked up to the ticket counter, I discovered Providence wanted me to go to Miami instead. I was confused, but it wasn’t my place to question Providence.

I walked down the aisle, squeezing past other passengers, looking for my seat. I had seat 27b. Sitting in 27a, against the window, was a raven haired teenager, probably eighteen or nineteen, in a leopard print crop top and jean shorts. She was listening to music on her ipod while surfing the internet on her smart phone. I put my carry-on bag in the overhand bin and sat down in the seat next to her.

Her phone rang and she rolled her eyes in annoyance and hung the phone up. “My brother,” she told me, shaking her head. “He still uses his phone as a phone, can you believe that?”

I laughed, being polite. But what else was a phone for. I may look eighteen, but I was actually forty-four and I really didn’t get girls my apparent age. I glanced curious at her phone. What did people do with those smart phones, anyway. The girl’s phone chirped again.

“Man, my brother really wants to see me,” she said. “It’s a shame I won’t be back home for a week.” She started texting her brother back. “Oh well, it couldn’t be that important. He probably just needs money. He’s always asking relatives for money.”

“Oh,” I said politely.

“Looks like we’re going to be plane buddies,” the girl said. “The guy who sat beside me from Sea-Tac just snored the entire way.”

“I don’t snore,” I told the girl.

“Good,” she said, relieved. “It was so annoying.”

“I’m Theodora,” I told her, holding out my hand.

She shook my hand. “Samantha,” she said, “but everyone calls me Antsy.”

“Antsy?” I asked and couldn’t help my smile.

She rolled her eyes. “Yeah, my dad gave it to me when I was a kid. I never could sit still for longer than a minute. I was always shifting in my seat. He said I had ants in my pants.”

“Oh, that’s cute,” I told her.

“I guess,” Antsy said, shifting in her seat. “I guess I still have problems sitting still. But I’m just so excited. I get to spend a week in Miami! I’m going to have so much fun!”

“Are you visiting friends?” I asked her.

“No,” she shook her head. “I was supposed to go with my friend Donna, but she had a family emergency. I would have canceled, but the trip’s all paid for and Donna insisted that I go. What about you, Theodora?”

“Oh, I just felt like going to Miami,” I told her. “I kinda go where destiny takes me and today it’s telling me to go to Miami.”

“Wow,” Antsy said, looking at me in amazement. “Do you even have a place to stay?”

“Oh, I’m sure destiny will guide me to something.”

She looked considering at me. “Well, maybe destiny led you to me. My hotel room has two beds, if you don’t mind staying with a stranger.”

“Sure,” I told her, wondering how Antsy fit into God’s plan.

“Good,” Antsy said, nodding her head seriously. “We’re going to have so much fun!”

To be continued …

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