The Heartbreaker Room

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Alexis Texas

So it was cool to be that I was a “womanizer” as they called me, at least the bitches that I left behind.

I liked that they called me, made me feel more myself, I was not one, and liked to feel it, did not like to keep myself in one nest, I was all, and while anyone.

Do not even know why I’m writing this, I think the dose of Asian last week left me a bit broken, nothing more than a few shots of whiskey does not resolve, my old friend Poll, that old man shit.

I do not know what to write about, do not even know why the hell I went to a psychologist, I looked well, maybe if I had not visited that cheap whorehouse, I would not be here, but fucking some more fucking busty blondes, who lost time at least the psychologist is delicious.

That shit was making me look so weird, I was not that she did not want to be there, and it was not a redhead with a sunglasses brand that would make me change my routine.

I closed the diary and put it in a drawer, got up and separated clothes, something simple, a white shirt, black pants, and pointy shoes that I always used to not miss style.

I folded his sleeves and put my wristwatch, which showed longer be 6 o’clock.

– Damn …

I thought it was an important meeting until the woman’s name I had forgotten.

– What’s the name of this woman …

She was the type gran thin, a bridesmaid, beautiful, blonde … one of the best types of women there.

Before leaving, I used one of my best fragrance, if I were to bed with that woman … I would beat me for sure.

Most knew that … could not let the feelings go up to the head, or rather to the heart, I was not falling in love, just wanted that beauty in my collection anyway ..

I turned off all the lights, and wished luck to myself, closed the door and handed the keys to the doorman who was listening to a French song I do not know who.

– Give me the keys to my car.

When he said that, the doorman looked at me as if I had never been there before ..

– Which model, sir?

Shit, that idiot would be late .. but I decided to be nice, could not miss class like that ..

– A camaro, the only camaro here.

Said slowly looking at the hours on the clock.

– One moment sir .. What’s your name?

Holy shit, it was already 6:46 pm, the meeting would be cleared if I do not arrive on time, more than porter son of a bitch ..

– Müller Thompson.Quickly with this, please.

It was suffocating me, that shit would make me lose a rare jewel in the missing letter in my deck, I wanted it for my collection.

– Here is sir.

I took a boat in his hand and walked quickly to the car, turned around and found my camaro for among some poles and vans.

I unlocked the door and walked in, started the engine and got out of reverse parking, which was not very full, and headed to the Empire of the Sun – Food & Drink.
It was a fancy name, after all, the kind of people were snobby and think always the best.

But in the case of that delight, she would surely have one of the best nights of her with the best lover she could have.

– Hanny .. Hanny Vilhena …

Had finally remembered his name, what a relief, I could not help out a small smirk, it was a great victory, amidst many obstacles, and oddly enough, undefeated ..

He was almost there, the traffic was unbearable, I had to stop in a traffic jam.

– What the fuck these motherfuckers could not wait another day to bottling?

After all, had so many days to bottle, had to be exactly on a Thursday?

I did not even look over at the clock, everything stressing me for the first time, I would have a real lady, and they fuck me like that ..

A tuzla escort strange vibration comes from my pocket, why the hell I had a cell phone, or better, I had a cell phone?

I took the phone from his pocket, looked at the screen and did not believe she was calling me …
I answered already knowing what was to come …

– Where you are Müller? Is delaying,i dont like delays, much less men without word.

She was fire, listening to her talk that way, motivated me even more to quarrel.

– A traffic jam came out of nowhere, I’m close, I can not leave my car here.

Any argument was useless ..

– It is better to end this gridlock because I will not wait long Müller.

Naughty, hung up on me, but she would pay for it, I’d make her moan all night so I’ have a word, and my word was the following.

She was in trouble, because it would not mercilessly that her gorgeous little body.

– Finally ..

I thought, holy shit, it was finally over, I was already tired of sitting around doing nothing, I’m not sitting still, I like action.

I increased the speed, and 5 minutes after the call, I came, I left the car in front of the restaurant and gave the keys to the valet park my car.

Quickly entered the restaurant, and some looks, she saw, sitting alone, listening to a band called Blocks’ n Roses, a english garage band.

I approached, when i get touched by someone behind me.
I looked back and took a little scare ..

– Müller ?Hello, how are you?

Hiloria Raphael, a French cocky son of a bitch who tried to steal my girls when I was a little younger, 19 years, maybe.

– I’m busy now, Raphael.

Said moving forward, until interrupted again.

– Hanny Vilhena … no? hahah

Like that piece of shit you know?

– Fuck you.

I was clear in saying this, I was stressed and all I wanted to do was finish my night with that delicious blonde.

– Do not miss the class, looks bad for you, Müller.

I was holding myself not to hit that shit, moved on, ignoring his sarcasm useless.

Arriving near the Hanny table, I notice she stared at me with a slightly angry look, i sit, just wanted to see what she had for me.

– You were late.

His face was so beautiful, she was so beautiful, green eyes, pale pink lipstick, smooth hair blonde woman .. a delight.

– I know, I’m over here, I have word now?

I barely had time to take a second response ..

– No, you’re a middle word was delayed, promised me you’d be here at 7 o’clock, not 7:30.

She was punctual, what to expect from a noble family?

– Hanny Sorry, this will not happen again, I swear.

– And what part of your “swear” you will meet?

She was fire, but I was ready to clear it.

– Beginning, middle and end.

She dismantled at the time that expression of anger and quickly changed the subject.

– I hope … What are we asking?

1×0 for me, it was a victory they do change the subject, I was seeing that night, it would not be too hard ..

We ordered a light meal did not want anything to go wrong, she deserved to have their night.

By making our meal, she was already loose, telling me personal things, it was easy to take her other subjects, she was so flexible, that did not seem real ..

In an oversight, it gives me the clue I needed to know, an act of submission ..

She ran her hand staring at me by the neck, often biting lips when we played in a subject a little hot, and created the climate that several times I expected from us.

– Come, I’ll take you home, you look tired ..

It was like a hidden code, which she soon figured out, I took a few dollars out tuzla escort bayan of my wallet and put them on the table, take her out in the output direction.

When leaving, it was impossible not to notice the moonlight did, it was so beautiful, full moon .. many stars, lights and movement … it was so beautiful …

– Is not beautiful?

When she said that, I could not help but look in his eyes, they were green and clear with the reflection of the moon, she looked beautiful with the reflection, a muse, a few seconds, it starts to look at me too, look in for a few seconds, it was so magical, because it seemed so … unique?

The looks were approaching, I could already feel his breath next to my mouth, I could not resist, brought to me, and my lips touched hers, were so soft, so sweet, it was like tasting a sweet ..

We stopped for lack of air, now she was in my arms, and of course, at that time, she was only mine.

We went to the car, got in, and stared at each other for a few seconds, started the engine and went to the house of Hanny, it was a little far ..

Were nine hours when we arrived, I did not think she lived so far away, it would be worth more, that night was one of my best, and of course, it surely would be one of my best girlfriends in the collection.

When whe arrive, whe enter through the gate open by one of her employees, drive into the garage and park the car next to her white Mercedes.

As we left the car, she walked supposedly towards the main door of the mansion, she walked and I just followed him, after all, I did not know that place, it was not dumb, she was going straight to her room, she knew that when she decides to climb a ladder ..

Not that I was right?
I was pulled by Hanny, leading us to another kiss, this time, I decided to indulge once in the game, entered the room, and in one motion, shut the door, and lay down, putting my hands on her thigh, while the other was on her waist.

I was removing her black dress carefully, leaving only the bra and panties, she seemed totally submissive, and that was very good ..

She did the same, removed my shirt, as we kissed, it was so good to feel his soft skin, I decided to be a little more abused this time, grabbing her breasts in my hand.

She answered only with groans, exactly what I wanted, her breasts did not fit in my hand, they were great, it was amazing to see how she was hot.

I went down my hand to her clit, passing the index finger, with a few minutes of moaning, her panties gets a little wet, it was obvious she was getting wet.

– Let me prove you Hanny.

I went down a bit, and stayed for among her legs, pulled her panties very slowly, left her underwear beside the bed, and looked at her clit, it was beautiful, shaved, soft ..

I used my fingers to make her get used to, and makes it a little wetter, I used my tongue, she writhed with lust, it was beautiful to see her moan like that, I was using my fingers again, wanted her completely wet, and it was held in a few minutes.

I realized that she would have an orgasm, I continued, He’s stopped me, his hands catched my hands..

– No, not that, I want us to do it together.

She stood up, and I lay down, I was pulling my pants as she removed her bra.

– I hope you enjoy.

She said.
Leaving the bra side of the bed, along with her panties.

Thus, she come up among my legs, pulling my cock inside my underwear.

I was hard, she felt that when she took my penis, but did not hesitate and started licking the head of him, making me shiver a bit, she do this for a few seconds, she worked with his hands at the same time, everything was so slowly, so calm ..

A few escort tuzla minutes later, she finally puts the head of my penis inside her mouth, back and front, it was incredible, because the more she did it, most of my penis went in her mouth, and the closest I was exploding.

That was great, she had a mouth velvet, soft, delicious, I knew it would not last long that way, but i’m glad to be able to enjoy that little mouth.

It was so beautiful to see that little mouth, wet with my penis, I would really enjoy, and when i get a chance, she stopped ..

– Why stop? I was about to cum ..

I had to complain .. despite already knowing the answer.

– Let’s do it together, it will be much tastier.

She said.

She got up, i do the same, and with that, she lay back in bed, but in the “father and mother” better known as the “four” position, I loved doing that, was much more practical for me, and movements were much faster.

I was rushed, I decided to hold me over a bit, that it lasted for quite.

I spent a bit of saliva on the fingers, and penetrated slightly, to lubricate.

I started slowly, making only the head of my penis, she grabbed both hands on the pillow, was hurting, more like she was going.

I had not forgotten what she did to me, but would keep it for another time.

I was putting a little more slowly, she moaned and held firm the pillow, I began to go back and forth, slowly accelerating rhythm.

She moaned, she was enjoying it, I noticed it shortly after speeding, sped up a little faster and anal sex was really happening now, as she was hot, I put my all into him, to make her moan more and more, she did not hold over the pillow, no longer needed support, it’s time to get what he wanted.

Now I would get my revenge, I accelerated more thrusts, put many more of my cock much faster, she moaned no more, she shouted, and loud, and that was what I wanted.

– This delicious screams.

She yelled at will, was loving my cock, I was loving that ass, it was delicious.

– Müller, I’ll will cum.

I was in a stasis so big that neither noticed that my orgasm was near, i wanted to fuck a lot more, so I decided not to prolong the fuck.

Quickened as I could, I was sick enough to go so fast, insatiable woman ..

– Müller now, I’m gonna to cum.

I held her ass tightly, putting all my cock inside Hanny, enjoying the deeper I could, closing the night with a gold key.

It was really hot inside, our orgasms collided, i stop a few seconds, so i decided to remove my penis from her.

When removing,she lowering her legs, leaving much sperm streaming down her clit, she was so beautiful that way, submissive, i lay beside her,and i covered us ,on the end,i gave a kiss on Hanny and whe sleep.

2×0 for me, at dawn,i just got up stealthily put my things and walked towards my house.

Upon arrival, the valet was waiting keys ..

I walk into the hotel and follow straight to my room, open the door, enter and closing.

I sat in bed, thinking ..

– Does …

I get up and get caught in the desk drawer my diary, I lie in bed, and open the page marked with a pen.

Damn, that incredible night, was not as long as I expected, but whatever.
I’ll never have one of those again .. beautiful, delicious …

I had to stop writing for a while .. but soon i returned

Will I have more like these in the future?
I hope this type of woman is not unusual, because if is… we have a problem.

That room will still have a lot of women, everyday.
18. Remember this number.

I could not help laughing like a silly, there was nothing more to write,so i close the diary and go to sleep.

Is she unique? I think not … well, Fuck, I have to prove other bitches in future.

We’ll see if I’m right or not.

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