The Office Boy

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As soon as he heard his mum close the front door Jay plunged down the stairs to idle in front of the tv. Flicking to the football, he made his way to the kitchen to grab some cereal and slump back down on the sofa. Since dropping out of college this had become his daily routine, wait till his mum left then chill out till meeting his mates later.

Running through his daily to-do list of porn, pot noodles, and Fifa just flittering the day away till meeting his mates in the park to ogle the girls. The only negative in his lifestyle choice was the constant earache from his mum and the incessant piss-taking from his sister Amy.

As soon as either got home he would get it from one or the other and the subject matter would always get round to his lack of a job. “If you think you’re going to idle here all day whilst I go out to work you can think again,” his mum barked at him within seconds of returning home. “You’re over eighteen now, time to earn your keep.”

Jay turned up the volume on the tv to drown out his mum in the kitchen and sprawled out on the sofa. A cushion bouncing off his head awoke him with a start, “wake up knobhead.” His sister Amy plopped in the adjacent chair and hand signaled a wanker gesture. “This all you’ve done today dickhead.”

Jay hurled back the cushion but was careful to miss his sister. His sister Amy could only be politely described as a bruiser, even his mates were wary of upsetting her. “No I’ve been the job center, so piss off and leave me be.”

Instantly she set to him and launched her full weight on top of him, “bollocks.” She peered inches from his face, “Mum might believe your shit but I don’t. You’ve been hanging around the park, as usual, perving the schoolgirls.”

“Amy”, their mum screeched at the top of her lungs. “Get off your brother and get your tea.” Amy clambered off him but not before slapping his face as she rose.

Jay grabbed his plate and swiftly disappeared to his room before the pair could start to criticize. His sanctuary was broken by his sister barging open his door, “If you don’t find a job soon I’ll find you one.”

“Piss off out of my room, I don’t need your help.” Jay hurled his last chip at her as she ducked.

Within seconds she had him in a headlock and was squeezing tightly, “If you think we’re bringing money into this house just for you to doss about you can fuck off.” She eased off slightly as he turned purple, “if you have nothing by next week I’m asking my mate if she can use you.” Releasing him from her grip she stomped to the door, “one week dickhead.”

Gasping for air Jay spluttered out his half-hearted response, “fuck off.”


The following Friday, Jay sat curled up in his bed enjoying the entertainment on pornhub. With his mum not due home for a few more hours, he could relax and stroke his cock in peace to some lesbian porn.

“Busy as usual pervert,” Amy smirked at the fumbling figure fleeing under the bedsheet.

“Fucking knock in future,” he screamed as his laptop careered to the floor in the confusion. Jay pulled the sheet up around his neck to hide his pole in the tent, “just get the fuck out.”

Amy stalked towards him, picking up the laptop and opening up the screen, “oh very nice, good to see you’re learning how to do it from girls.” She slammed it down on his desk and sat down on his bed, “now, do you have a job to show me.”

“What the fuck are you on about now, “he edged away from his sister as she leaned in.

“I told you last week, if you hadn’t found one then I would.” Amy flicked him hard on the forehead, “forgot didn’t you bellend.”

The dawning realization on Jay’s face gave her the answer without words, “as I said then I don’t need your help, I can get my own when I want.”

“Bullshit, you have an interview on Monday at nine and if you let me down on this I will fucking kill you.” Amy emphasized the threat with a sharp punch to the gut, “I’ve gone out on a limb to a friend to get you this so do not fuck this up.”

“I don’t remember asking you for any help,” Jay tried to keep up his attitude but was hindered by his embarrassing hard-on and sore ribs.

Amy rose with another swift jab and bounced to his door, “it’s not for you, it’s for your own good.” “Tossing about around the house won’t make you a man but work might.”

Wincing from the latest punch Jay cried back at this departing sister, “why can’t you all leave me the fuck alone.”

Amy mocked him with a crying face, “awww be a fucking man for once.” Flicking him the finger,” oh and mum knows all about this so don’t even think of not going. You don’t turn up and your arse is out of this house.”

As the door slammed behind her Jay slumped dejectedly back into his pillow, his weekend already ruined before it started.


By Monday and a weekend of pestering Jay was ready as he ever would be for his interview. His mum fiddled with his ill-fitting suit and his borrowed tie and gave him last-minute çukurambar escort instructions whilst his sister gave him cutthroat signs in the background.

His nerves only kicked him when he arrived at the ‘Theresa Berkley’ building and realized the size of the company, being located by reception to the tenth floor where he would be met by a Miss Powell. Peering out of the lift he edged nervously towards the corridor before he heard the clicking of a woman’s shoes coming towards him. A vision in a business suit approached him and greeted him with a million-dollar smile.

“My name is Chloe Powell and you must be Jay, ” she reached out a small smooth hand to shake.

Jay was momentarily stunned by the gorgeous creature before him and cursed himself for not wiping his sweating hand before shaking. “Y-y-yess that’s me,” he stuttered it out embarrassingly.

Her deep brown eyes flickered as she smirked back at him, “follow me please.” With a flick of her long brown hair, she spun and strode off towards the direction she had arrived.

Hurriedly Jay caught up with her, knowing in that instant he would follow her anywhere. Her swishing hypnotizing hips guided him through a labyrinth of tight identical halls and rooms, past busy hurrying businesswomen who barely glanced in his direction.

She stopped at a large glass door and knocked twice, “wait here please.” With one more flash of her bewitching smile she sadly disappeared from his view into the room.

Jay waited patiently outside the door, listening to the muffled voices and occasional laughter from within. His nerves grew and he could feel the cold sweat under his suit, deep breaths his mum had told him, stay relaxed.

Chloe popped back out of the office and beamed that smile again, “just wait here until Miss Lord calls for you.” With that, she pirouetted away and Jay couldn’t do anything but stare at her perfect round arse as it wiggled away.

“Enter,” the order was barked loudly towards him and he took one last breath before he entered. A tall stunning blonde rose from her desk to receive him and gripped his still sweaty hand in a much tighter grip than Chloe.

Miss Lord discreetly wiped her hand and bade the boy to sit before her, before returning to her higher positioned chair and smiled pleasantly at the crumpled figure before her.

Jay sat hunched uncomfortably on the small seat as he peered up at the imposing beauty who dominated the room. Her long blonde hair cascaded down her ivory skin and her piercing blue eyes examined every inch of him.

The silence was broken by a click of her long fingers, “do you have a cv for me to read.” As she collected the single piece of paper she crossed those achingly long legs and leaned back to read.

Jay couldn’t help but stare at her smooth endless bare legs as she rocked in the chair but her visage changed as she slipped on her thick black glasses and her face grew immediately austere. The smile grew colder, turning into more of a scornful smirk as she waved the sheet and turned her cool stare back to him.

She viewed him up and down contemptibly making him feel younger than his sixteen years. “You know there’s nothing on this cv that would make you right for this position,” she threw it down on the desk aggressively. “The only reason you are even sitting in front of me is out a common courtesy to your sister, if it was up to me I’d bounce you back out of here but I’ve given her a promise and she has vouched for you.”

Jay’s confidence evaporated as quickly as his mouth dropped open, he gripped his hands together to stop from shaking.

Miss Lord leant forward and Jay could see his worried reflection in her glasses, “I’ll give you one chance and you had better not make me regret my decision.”

“No no you won’t regret it, Miss Lord, I will do my best, ” his head bobbed like a nodding dog.

“I will give you a trial period of one month, at the end of the month we will see whether your behavior and your work rate has been adequate.” She reached out her scarlet fingernailed hand and squeezed another forceful handshake.

Jay smiled his platitudes towards her and slightly winced at the surprisingly strong grip of the tall blonde who waved him towards the door. “Check in with Chloe for all your details before you go,” and the glass door slammed shut behind him.

Chloe lent against the wall waiting for him, judging by her smile she had heard every word of the interview. “Come follow me.”

Instantly she made him feel more like his own self, his eyes instinctively dropped to that hypnotic swaying backside. She drew him spellbound through the office and he stood somnambulistic before her.

Chloe brought him back to life with a mocking laugh at him as she handed him his induction pack, “you need to read through all that and fill in any information required.” Her deep brown eyes shone back at him, “bring this back to me completed, with your P45 on Monday at 8.30 prompt.”

She demetevler escort brusquely bade him goodbye and Jay hesitantly made his way back through the office amid the peering faces of the female staff. It hadn’t caught his attention before but it dawned on him he would be the only male in the office and by far the youngest. Confidently sniggering to himself, he thought this might not be so bad after all.


Flicking through the pack he absently skimmed through most of the information and skipped most of the pages. The strict dress code did catch his eye and he made sure his mum bought him the requested trousers, shirt, tie, and smart shoes. This must always be worn, shoes kept clean and polished and the shirt must always be tucked in, anything otherwise will cause disciplinary measures.

With a scant glance of the small print, Jay swiftly signed his signature and lay back to dream some more of the magnificent Chloe. It would an understatement that she and Miss Lord had starred in most of his erotic thoughts since Monday, sometimes together. After this, he might even have to thank his sister for getting him the job.

On Monday morning he arrived slightly early in readiness eager to impress Chloe but there was a quite pronounced change in Chloe’s demeanor towards him. She was colder, more aloof, there was no smile to ease his nerves just a composed businesslike manner to her dealings with him.

A swift tour of the building was given begrudgingly by one of the older members of the office who halfheartedly detailed the toilets, dining area, and fire exits before quickly returning to her duties and dropping him back to Chloe.

With a brief cool smile, Chloe brought him to his desk at the far rear of the room and introduced him to Danielle who would walk him through the job and teach him the basics to get him started. Danielle seemed the most pleased to see him as she had been covering the job since the last person left. She also was clearly the most pleasant towards him and was clearly glad she wasn’t the youngest in the office anymore.

The work itself was not hard to pick up, just lots of very tedious data inputting and indexing of invoices. Danielle passed him some notes to follow and off he started, quickly working his way through the paperwork stacked in front of him. Jay was actually quite happy being left to it as the time flew by and he was left alone to his own devices.


The week passed quietly and Jay’s confidence grew as the work was completed on time and without error. At home his Mum’s attitude towards him turnabout and he was once again the favored child, much to the annoyance of his sister.

Chloe still gave him a cool attitude but it didn’t stop his eyes drifting to her throughout the days. Every flick of that delicious long brown hair brought his cock to life and he was endlessly glad to be seated at the back of the room.

To kiss those plump luscious lips would be heaven, even just to stroke, her perfect glistening skin would be enough to die happy. The highlight of his day was always when she rose and he could watch that perfect tightly wrapped arse gyrate before him.

Jay was sure she knew how enraptured he was by her and he guessed she enjoyed teasing him. When her eyes caught him looking, there was amusement in her face, not anger. A slight flicker of a smile always grew no matter how quickly he averted his view.

His nights now invariably ended with him wanking eyes closed thinking of that magnificent creature. To keep his mind on his work he now regularly had a morning wank in the toilets to clear Chloe from his thinking.

After Friday lunch Jay returned to his desk to a post-it note pinned to his screen. ‘Miss Lord would like to see you at the end of the day before you leave.’ Looking up Jay caught Chloe’s nod towards him to confirm the message.

Slightly perplexed Jay resumed his work guessing that this must be a weekly review of his work so far. With no errors or problems, his confidence was fine and he actually look forward to hearing some good feedback to relay home.

As the room started to empty, Jay followed suit and switched off his pc. Waiting until the room was clear, he composed himself and firmly knocked upon the door.

“Come in and close the door” the answer came back loud as Miss Lord beckoned Jay to take a seat before her.

Jay perched himself forward in the seat and smiled assuredly towards his manager. The cold hard stare he received back brought that grin to an end.

“There has been a complaint made about you,” her icy blue eyes bore into him.

“w-w-what?” Jay’s mouth dropped open in dumb shock. “W-w-who?”

The stuttering boy brought nothing but exasperation to Miss Lord, “Miss Powell has complained.”

Chloe’s name stunned him into total silence, his brain failed to comprehend this development. “But I don’t understand, what have I done?”

Miss demirtepe escort Lord angrily rose and leaned ominously above him, “I will not allow my girls to feel objectified under my leadership.”

Jay’s confidence had evaporated and he answered bewildered beneath her, “but I have never.”

“Miss Powell has complained to me that she has repeatedly caught you ogling her and lewdly staring at her bottom in the office,” Miss Lord slammed her hand down on the desk making Jay jump immediately. “This I will not accept in my office.”

Jay desperately wanted to object and decry his innocence but his conscious tapped him on the shoulder to remind him that all the complaints were totally true. Chloe had caught him repeatedly staring at her gorgeousness and his attempts to look away fast had obviously failed.

“Never mind the amount of staff who have commented on the unsightly bulges emanating from your trousers on a daily basis.” Miss Lord peered over the black rim of her glasses and pointed towards his crotch.

Even now, taking this verbal lambasting his cock grew and Jay cursed himself for being thrilled by this. The puzzlement of being humiliated and sexually excited was written large on his reddening face. Still the words to defend himself from the accusations failed to materialize and he sagged dumbly before her.

“This type of behavior is totally unacceptable in the workplace and therefore you must and will be punished,” her voice rose in anger as he sunk.

At the word punished, his eyes widened and he awoke from his stupor like water hitting a sleeping man. “P-p-punished, what do you mean?”

“You obviously read your contract as tardily as you keep your timekeeping,” Miss Lord pushed her chair back against the wall. “You signed the contract that explicitly dictated that you fully agreed to receive the appropriate punishment for any office disciplinary proceedings.”

Jay shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot as the knowledge that he had not read any of the small print and had signed without thinking of the consequences sunk in.

“Now obviously there are two ways we can proceed, one you refuse punishment and you will be dismissed immediately.” Miss Lord ran her hands down her skirt flattening any creases, “or you take your punishment like a man and we will continue your employment and hope you can improve your future behavior.”

Timidly Jay begged a question, “what would my punishment be Miss Lord.” His voice barely registered above a wavering whisper.

A small but noticeable smile broke upon Miss Lord’s face, “you will go over my knee for a corrective spanking.”

The final word spun through his mind as he failed to comprehend the full implications of her demand. Jay stared dazedly back at his imposing manager, stumbling to find the words to defend himself. Finally, the words fell from his mouth without thinking, “W-w-what?”

Miss Lord glared angrily back at the stuttering imbecile before her, “boy do not test my patience.”

A last effort of defiance ran through Jay, “you can’t spank me it’s against the law.” His jaw jutted out with his last thread of confidence.

Miss Lord smiled devilishly, “Oh but it was in your contract. Paragraph four explicitly states that you agree to undertake physical corrective punishment.” She leaned back in her chair smugly, “the decision is yours, punishment or immediate dismissal. Which will go on your record.”

The color ebbed from his face as did the last remaining embers of a fight, he knew he couldn’t go home with the news of his sacking. Better to take the small moment of humiliation than to be jobless and probably homeless. Barely looking her in the eye Jay forlornly replied, “Y-y-yes Miss Lord.”

The stuttering buffoon who stood before her had started to irk her and her voice grew noticeably impatient and the tone angrier. “Boy, get over my knee now. I will not waste anymore of my valuable time on you.” She tapped her hand angrily down on her dark blue skirt.

Dreamlike Jay approached cautiously around her desk and stood zombie-like beside her. His voice lost and his resistance crumbled beneath him as he stared forlornly towards her crisp skirted lap.

With a swift grab of his tie, Miss Lord yanked the boy off balance and over her knee, his hands instinctively grabbing the floor. With a flick of her long blonde hair, she perused the pert round bottom before her, running her hands over the smooth cotton trousers.

The blood rushed to his face in embarrassment and position as she teased the contours of his rump. His brown hair hung down limply around his face as he awaited his punishment, invariably his eyes couldn’t keep away from locking on her long smooth legs.

His growing shame was only ended with the first sharp spank from Miss Lord, the force of which took away his breath. Only a barely audible rush of wind fell from his lips and he forced his lips together in anticipation of the next blow. The second brought the first pained groan from him and a growing smirk from the punisher.

Each painful spank made him wriggle uncomfortably under her and the harder he moved the harder came the slaps. His backside throbbed from the pain and his cries now echoed around the tight office, accompanied by real tears which now dripped down his red hot face.

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