The Perks of Going Nude Pt. 02

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Jason quickly got around to making dinner. He was feeling too drained to cook something great, so he settled for a few sandwiches. Halfway through, his dick stiffened again, and he constantly bumped it against the kitchen drawers. He groaned and ignored it, continuing to work. Soon, Chloe skipped in and watched him for a time, before saying, “You left a huge mess in the basement.”

He felt himself turning red, and replied, “I’ll take care of it.”

He tried not to look at her, but he felt her eyes boring him down. Why did her tone feel so accusatory? She had been leading him on, hadn’t she? She sighed and said, “Y’know. You should probably take care of your huge problem too. You’re just bumping it on every corner. Plus, I don’t want it in my food or anything.”

He didn’t want to comprehend what that was about. His dick felt like exploding. He swallowed and heard her laugh. He finished quickly and handed her her pair of sandwiches and went to the dining room to eat his own. Unsurprisingly, she followed and sat in the chair next to him. They ate in silence, although Jason felt like he was eating mush. He wanted to make a move on her so badly, but ultimately decided not to. It was simply too weird, and he would never be able to forgive himself if he had mistaken her intentions. Well, even if she had been making moves on him.

He was doing the dishes when she nonchalantly stood beside him for a minute, and said, “Let’s play another game.”

He groaned in response, but she continued with a giggle, “Hide and seek. But the seeker is blindfolded.”

That caught his attention. “Doesn’t that sound a little dangerous?”

“It’ll be fiiiine. We’ll play on the first floor only. What stakes?”

His dick, stuck near the counter perked at that. He humped against it unintentionally, prompting Chloe to chuckle again. She stood on her tiptoes, moved closer to him and said, “If I win, you don’t masturbate for 2 days. How’s that?”

It seemed like all of his blood was being diverted to his dick, even from his brain, for he felt heady. He turned, which brushed his cock against her skirt. For her part, she didn’t flinch at all. But he did catch her going red. He thought they would pounce on each other at that moment, but some measure of self-control remained. He swallowed, and replied, “Make it one week. However, if I win, you give me a handjob whenever I ask for it for the next two days.”

He clamped his mouth shut as soon as those words left his mouth. His adiosbet yeni giriş dick was doing a remarkable job of emulating an orgasm, only with precum along her skirt. Chloe turned even redder. Eyes widening, with a clenched jaw and a husky voice, she replied, “Alright. A handjob, but no more than that, or it gets too weird, right?”

His dick strained against her skirt; he wanted to extricate himself from her, but he simply couldn’t. He replied in a trembling voice, “Yeah, a handjob isn’t really… It’s just scratching an itch, nothing more, right?”

She nodded and moved away, out of the kitchen. His dick felt the kiss of cool air once more. He hasn’t realized how warm he had gotten.

He was of course, seeking first.

She tied the blindfold around him and spun him around. His dick bumped against her every spin. It disoriented him more than the spin itself. He couldn’t get his bearings for a while after she stopped, and then finally started questing out with his hands.

They had removed all breakable furniture, particularly because he couldn’t tell where his “rock-hard cock” even went. Well, he appreciated the gesture, but he wasn’t always hard. He had a semi for now.

A few moments of searching later, he heard a swish behind him, as if someone had slipped on the carpet. He immediately spun and collided hard with a warm Chloe, with his arms around her. She groaned, but he held her firmly. His dick hugged her skirt painfully. He couldn’t help himself, and roughly humped against her a few times, until he very nearly had an orgasm. She actually giggled after he was done, and said breathlessly, “God, I’m your sister, you horny beast.”

Her breath tickled his chest and he shivered. He muttered an apology and tried to extricate himself from her, but she held on to him. “Um, could you..”

She refused to relent when he tried pushing her from her shoulders, her hands pressing firmly against his cold back. When he’d had enough, he put his arms between them and pushed her from her chest, cupping each of her breasts. For a second, he held there, then decided to fuck it. One of his arms went around her waist, pulling her even closer, while the other went under her shirt groping her tits. She feigned surprise, and whispered, “Jason…?”

That only made him hornier. Soon, his hand was exploring under her skirt. She did not resist at all; in fact she had completely melted against him, with one of her legs twined around him and adiosbet giriş her head resting on his chest. He found and played with her clit, eliciting tiny moans out of her. This went on for a while, until he felt she was close to an orgasm. Then, he let go of her and stood back, taking his blindfold off. His dick felt painful and cold after being in touch with Chloe for so long.

His blindfold off, he saw that she was completely disheveled. He felt guilty for not finishing her off but it only seemed fair. He swallowed and said, “Your turn.”

He slowly brought his blindfold close to his cock, wrapped it around and gave it a few strokes. He heard her whisper, “Oh, you think you’re so funny, aren’t you?”

Then he tied her with the blindfold and spun her around. They hadn’t bothered checking the time but it was obviously less than a minute. They both knew what she had intended and it was driving him nuts. Once he had her disoriented, he sat down on his customary couch on the living room, and waited.

The wait seemed like an eternity, but she finally came checking, tapping the couches to make sure he was not on them. Once she was at his couch, he grabbed her, pushed her to her knees, and stood above her. She made is if to remove the blindfold, but he held her fast. They were both breathing so hard; it was the only sound in the room. He took his cock, tapped her on her face a few times with it, and inserted it beneath her blindfold. He felt her blink a number of times inside before deciding to keep her eyes closed. She swallowed and said, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Making sure you know my cock inside and out before you’re covered in my cum.”

“Oh, shut up. We both know you’re weird.”

“At least I’m not the one on her knees with a cock over her face.”

“Which wasn’t the deal. Hand me your dick so we can get this over with.”

“Eager, are we?”

“Eager to have my face covered in your cum? No. Eager to take a long fucking bath? Yes. So hand it over.”

She held out her hand close to her face, making stroking motions. That got him even more riled up. Eagerly, he removed the blindfold from her face, making her blink at the sudden light, then at his dick. She actually gasped, even though she’d been seeing it everyday. Swallowing visibly, she whispered, “Not gonna lie bro, but that’s a pretty nice cock you’ve got.”

“Just noticed?”

She glared at him, and then finally took his dick in her hands and began adiosbet güvenilirmi stroking; slowly and hesitantly. Moaning involuntarily, he cupped the hair at the back of her head, pulling her to look at him. She rolled her eyes, increased the tempo and then immediately stopped. He groaned in frustration and she laughed, saying, “If only you could look at your face right now.”

She opened her mouth and moved his dick closer, waving her tongue tantalizingly. He must’ve looked ridiculous because she laughed even harder. Jason couldn’t take it; he pushed her closer, but obviously she had expected that and shifted out of his grip. She blew hot air at his dick, driving him mad. His brain was screaming at this point to simply grab his dick and shove it into her mouth. Deciding it’d be worth the trouble, he managed to blurt out, “If you don’t finish this quickly, I’ll shove my cock inside your mouth, whether you like it or not.”

Instead of replying, she made a show of stroking a phantom dick again, except this time she moved it inside her mouth, using her tongue to form a bulge. Jason was about to do exactly what he had said, but before he could do so, she used her other hand and finally began jerking him earnestly. He passed the point of no return a few moments later, and decided not to warn her; as a way of getting back to her. He finally started coming, and the first spurt struck her right in the forehead. She swore and stopped for a second, before continuing as fast as ever. Spurt after spurt hit her face, but she took it as bravely as any pornstar he’d seen. It coated her face, dripping down to her skirt, unnoticed as she’d wisely closed her eyes. Those few moments were absolute bliss to Jason. He felt as though he finally had some release from the constant horniness he had been experiencing the whole week.

She only stopped when he had gone completely limp, taking her other hand out of her skirt. He hadn’t even noticed she’d done that. But then again, an asteroid would have hit and he wouldn’t have noticed. She finally spoke, “Thanks for the warning.”

“You’re welcome. Come to think of it, the deal was only handjobs, so I still have no idea why you were so persistent-“

“I will literally rub my face against you if you don’t stop speaking.”

He laughed while she cleared her eyes, and then beamed up at him. Her face was almost completely covered in his jizz, as well as some of her hair and clothing. She finally climbed to her feet, gave his dick a pat, and walked back to her room, very slowly. Her touch was still electric, and all he could think of the next few minutes was barging in her room and demanding another handy. So as soon as he was erect, that was what he did, minus the barging in part, of course.

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