The Surrogate Ch. 04

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John’s boat and the other boat were listing badly as the waves continued pounding the small craft. John’s anger was fueling him to continue to paddle hard. He kept thinking about his toy being harmed or raped. He wanted revenge on the bastard pirates who dared shoot at him. John wasn’t hit like two of his passenger’s on the small boat. It appeared one of the fellows was dead already or barely hanging on to life.

The salty taste of the water and wave after wave it seemed no land was in range forever. The other craft was worst and with even less men. John believed he only seen like four perhaps five men on that vessel and two teen boys. The rest were killed or butchered by the sharks as they fell or were thrown into the briny sea.

John paddled hard remembering his Mary’s sweet lips, her sparkling green eyes, the wisps of blonde hairs which sometimes fell perfectly out of place. John paddled determined to get back to shore. He was thinking quickly grabbing the flare pistol and two flares once he realized what was happening on the ship. The yell of pirates rang out and he thought that absurd when the gunmen began firing at him missing him by only inches. John was swift and managed to circle back.

He would have gotten to his beloved Mary too except he was cut off by three pirates one a large blonde pirate who spoke in Spanish or Portuguese to the other two. He seemed in charge of that group. Even more pirates on the aft deck with more shooting they were gathering the women. John made sure of it before he set out for his own escape. He had to live to fight another day because if he was dead he would do no good for Mary. Even though flight was not in him, being a true Alpha Male but he thought now the balls in my court because all bets are off now. I will get my sister, my toy back at all cost. I love her and she is mine forever.

John began reminiscing this running it over and over again when one of the other guys said, “Hey is that a helicopter?”

John looked up then remembered the flare gun in the back pack he took from the closet from someone else’s cabin. He grabbed it loaded the flare and fired an arc to the side of the helicopter almost hitting it. The helicopter never even swerved so John loaded the final flare. John’s heart was beating fast and hard knowing the arc the angle he needed. He stood up in the boat on wobbly legs then fired with smooth accuracy to the front of the helicopter perfectly.

The helicopter obviously looking for them swirled in a semicircle pattern until it was hovering above their vessel stating, “This is the United States Coast Guard we are here to rescue you. You are in safe hands now.” John and the fourteen piled in his vessel were pretty bad off being out there for approximately twenty seven hours. Dehydrated, hungry, and some needing some serious medical attention, John sat still while the medic put an I.V. into his vein to give him some hydration and antibiotic. The rest of the men received similar treatment then John remembered to tell the medic about the other small boat with five or so people in it.

The medic called the helicopter pilot and they swung a crisscross pattern until they found the tiny little boat with seven people inside of it. One was dead when they found it he bled to death from a gunshot wound to the back. The two teen boys barely survived needing serious medical attention one was suffering from low blood sugar so bad he had went into shock, unable to speak his own name.

John and the rest of the saved told of the pirates. How the cruise ship was taken over. They were further out in international waters where the Coast Guard didn’t patrol and that’s why it happened. At first it was an unusual story but then the crew did find the burning ship when the distress call went out but when they scrambled they arrived still two hours response time from the beacon which was disengaged after forty five minutes but without a response from the crew or Captain of the cruise ship they responded to a burning vessel. They looked for survivors however, none were on the ship.

I was in the cabin of my new Master, Marquez naked as the day I was born between his thighs, kneeling, and sucking his magnificent veined cock. I heard every sound from his voice as he declared me his wonderful toy. He could not believe how wonderful I made him feel as I continued bobbing, faster and faster, swirling my tongue as I moaned. I had no gag reflex as I swallowed and slurped while he tried to find my limits. I let him watch me as I slurped up the underside of his fat juicy cock to his balls licking and sucking them as well. I felt his ass lifting into my talented hot wet sexy mouth again and again he fucked my face. I knew it wouldn’t take too long as I grabbed his shaft in my tiny little hand then began in earnest bobbing, faster and faster.

My entire life depended on these next few moments because Marquez explained to me the facts that I either please him or I was fish bait. I know I sound like an un-loyal toy slut but I am letting you know pendik escort right now, if my Master John, who is the real Master to me, were here, I would not be servicing this horrible killer of children. I remembered all the blood I seen in the water where the sharks ate up the young, the old, and the men. My one thought while it took me seven or eight minutes of great head for this fellow to pop off was getting back home at all cost. I needed to just survive.

I was bobbing faster and faster as Marquez grabbed my hair pulling it hard like reins and fucking harder into my soft sweet mouth. Saliva and semen in long gooey strands fell off of my chin dangling down to my neck and breasts. What can I say a real blow job isn’t nice and neat without some sloppiness? I actually love giving a great sloppy blow job. I cannot stand thinking I am some boring housewife blowing my husband once a month and believing I’ve done something. I want to be desired and lusted after. Having awesome great sex the entire time without hang-ups is truly a lasting memory especially in a man’s mind. I needed Marquez to fall in love with me or if not me what I could for him.

Marquez was gripping my head thrusting upwards more often and I felt the glands of his penis head swell very big so I knew he was losing his load in about the next minute or two so I began swallowing over and over again pushing past my gag reflex point and suddenly like I suspected his cock began shooting stream after delicious stream down my hot sweet throat. I continued sucking, licking, moaning, and slurping until I felt my Master release my tresses.

I stopped then said, “See I hope having that every-day is worth keeping me alive for your pleasure sir.”

Marquez just chuckled then said, “Get naked on the bed. I need a lot more convincing than me shooting off into your sweet mouth darling. My Captain Rodrigo will kill us both if has any idea I failed to take his orders seriously. You should be dead right now lady.”

I was completely naked and climbed into his bed when he grabbed my ass flipping me over on my back roughly, forcefully, it turned me on instantly. He then seen my blonde tiny thin thatch of hair and smiled as my tiny little pink lips protruded sweetly. Marquez looked into my eyes smiling like and evil wicked man that he was. He then licked my entire slit finding my love button perfectly where my two labia meet at the very top of my sweet pussy. Oh the pure pleasure of this roughneck with beard stubble chaffing my inner thighs I knew Dorothy is no longer home but in the Land of Oz.

I tried to defy my feelings and not enjoy it keeping my emotions out of it but my body betrayed me. I writhed in pleasure and lust like a whore or a drug addict needing his fix. Marquez giggled as his skilled tongue took me into new heights of pleasure. He would suck my clitoris while circling his tongue around and around, again and again with such delicate slipperiness. My body writhed as I grabbed his head pulling his hair thrashing my legs and screaming in pleasure as I felt the sweetness of my building orgasm. Suddenly and without warning he quit smiling up at me then he said, “Gosh lady you have the sweetest pussy in the world seriously. Do you want me to stop or would you like for me to continue?”

I knew he was teasing so I said, “Marquez is it? Well Marquez, I suggest you finish because we will both be killed if I scream loud enough for your Captain Rodrigo to hear!”

I got louder and louder as I spoke with each word. Marquez panicked and grabbed my mouth then said, “You crazy stupid bitch. I will just tell him you tried to escape and I fucked you first. He would listen to me over you wench.”

I smiled then opened my legs then said, “Not if I said you were planning a mutiny. So look at this sweet pink pussy. Are you sure you can resist it, honey?” I smiled dancing my fingers over the labia and purposefully sliding two of my fingers inside myself while he was watching intently. He began licking his lips as I diddle myself merely inches from his face so he could see. He could also hear the tender wetness as it sloshed back and forth with the thrusts getting more and more vigorous. I watched as his Adams apple bounced from him swallowing then he smiled huge.

Marquez then said, “Fuck you’re a sexy, crazy whore, you know that right? Damn right, I want to eat that pussy move out the way.” I gasped as he tossed my hand away to the side and renewed devouring me with expert licking.

I yelled out, “Oh fuck yeah, eat me, suck my pussy. Yes, yes, yes, and yes like that baby doll. Oh God, fuck yeah, baby do it. Lick it, yes like that.” I watched as he swayed his head back and forth, side to side between my thighs. I felt his devil of a tongue swirling and tickling my love button with precision. I was almost there as my hips raised upwards then he sucked my entire clitoris and labia into his mouth nibbling gently then a little harder until the pleasure took over. The sweet crashing waves of the ripple effect were maltepe escort here but not small ripples either instead of mere rocks it was boulders.

My eyes opened wide and for some reason I announced, “Oh fuck yeah, I am cummings. Oh my God yes, yes, yes, and yes.” Squirt after squirt almost drowned my blonde headed pirate as he continued his onslaught giggling with my juices splashing him like a fountain.

I watched as Marquez slid up from where he was to in between my open thighs and buried his cock into my sweet softness up the hilt in one solid swoop. I felt so frenzied and nerves were alive with rawness. I felt the perfection of this coupling as if it were meant to be with sweet sensations controlling my very core as I again heated up. I cannot say Marquez was ever better than my handsome lover no I cannot. I can say he was a good lover but lacked the skills truthfully that John possessed entirely. I felt a loving passion from my lover and a sense of being made love too. Marquez made this feel wrong like he liked a dirty little whore and I was a meaningless piece of meat.

The orgasm with my lover was much more intense and felt much deeper with love, emotion, and sensitivity which are important to a woman. I felt like if I didn’t please Marquez, I was doomed, dead, fish bait. While he was fucking me I was thinking about my lover John and wondered if he was safe. I needed him to be safe. I almost felt like crying while being hammered by this man whose body smelled like sweat, sea salt, and three day old liquor excreting from his pores. I wrapped my legs around his hips while he rammed me. I was a million miles away thinking of my real Master how much he loved me.

I used my pelvis to thrust into the pirate fucking me thoroughly and tried to imagine it being my lover. I relaxed thinking of John wishing it were him I was with. I never wanted to give in to this animal. I could actually hear his breathing rasping in his chest. I knew he was not in as great a shape as he appeared to be in. I knew that if I had to run in order to get away from him I could no problem.

I felt the rhythm as he continued fucking me. I felt my body giving in again I cursed my sexual being but I so wanted to orgasm again. I then tried to relax and give into the feeling as the metronome continued like a piston over and over again. I was hanging onto his neck thrusting my hips upwards to meet his pummeling thrusts when I felt my body surrender to the pleasure and the sweet release. I gripped his shoulders and rode out the wave writhing and squirting with pure pleasure. My lover began his own convulsions unable to hold out from the sweet tightness and gripping of my pussy milking his cock. He surrendered to me his seed as I felt satisfied and full.

It was then that he put me in his bunk then advised me to go to sleep and not disturb anything. He shackled my leg with a huge metal shackle to the bed or so I believed but looking further the chain ran to a big lead ball as if a bowling ball. I was worried because he had already left me there what if the ship started to sink I would drown with this heavy ball on my leg. I so wanted to explain that to the idiot because he could kill me if the ship went down by drowning.

I waited for what seemed an eternity then I heard his door open and he brought me two red apples, a bowl of some stew which was hard to the palate, and a hunk of bread which wasn’t too fresh either. I ate one apple then held onto the other for later. I tried to eat the stew until I saw it had roach or spider legs mixed up in it. I just couldn’t stomach the idea of eating any more of it. Marquez watched me as I bit the tough bread and chewed before it even broke up into smaller pieces. The bread was salty and very dry like thick four day old pizza crust. I ate it and was thankful because I had no idea when if ever I would be rescued.

I then told Marquez about getting the big lead ball off my leg because the ship would go down if something happened and he said, “Really love, do you think I am that dense. I would get the key and unshackle your leg.”

Tears welled up in my eyes as I felt his indifference and I said, “I matter you know. What if something bad happens like another pirate ship or we run aground because of a storm? Marquez you are the Captain’s number one so you won’t be able to let me out of this. Besides think about it where am I going in the middle of the ocean? I do not want anyone touching me but you. I mean you are the one who found out my trigger of pulling my hair and kissing me. Why would I want any other man here to touch me?”

Marquez sat there and I realized that he wasn’t that bright intelligence wise. He looked at me then said, “You promise me you will not escape.”

I gasped then said, “Where would I go? Marquez think about it baby.” I lowered my voice even though I was exasperated with his lack of understanding.

Marquez looked me in the eye then at the leg iron shackle. “Okay, I will get it off your leg I wouldn’t want kartal escort you drowning.” He got the key from behind the picture of a parrot with a wooden leg which said, “Aye Captain!” on it.

I felt like I could relax a little with Marquez letting me loose. He left out again to handle, I guess, his duties as first mate. He left me untied and like I promised I never left his room or plundered his things. I stayed asleep and when I got hungry again I ate the other apple with the rest of the old bread piece. I had a strong feeling that this ship would be under siege really soon because my brother was I definite candidate to bring the heat in order to get me back.

It was seven o’clock in the afternoon of the second day. John had returned home. He got the butler, Douglas and his Limo driver, Max, who was a handsome young delicious looking man, to accompany him with a tactical team which he hired to take over the pirate ship. It was very hard to tell where they would be but then again the rescue team was privately paid by my brother and was of various military backgrounds. They were mercenaries prepared to kill anyone to get in their way.

The U.S. Coast Guard had given the last known location of the vessel on radar prior to a hurricane warning. It seemed that the pirate ship was headed towards the eastern coast of Panama or in the straits there somewhere close. The pirates cove where several Caribbean pirates of old came to sail. The weather would hinder the mission according to the coast guard but my brother and his small band of armed mercenaries believed it to be a blessing with better cover for them, especially at night.

Four and a half hours later the team would launch from an undisclosed coastal town from Costa Rica named Puerto Limon in a military type vessel with small speed boats attached to it for the quick quiet assault on the much larger vessel of the Pirate ship. The Pirate ship was approximately seventy miles south somewhere in the area of the Boca Del Toro Islands off the coast of Panama. It would be a night time assault with the pending rough weather and possibly choppy waters. The team was ready with the assault rifles, handguns, and grenades. They would be swift, silent, and efficient.

It was two o’clock in the morning when I heard the first noise of what sounded like gunfire just outside my room door. I thought I was imagining things when I heard a loud horn blowing for alarm but then it went quiet again. Chaos broke out with rapid gunfire and explosions. I remember that Marquez had left me to go out to see to his duties. I heard several men shouting and more shots being fired. I heard several voices with my mind racing. I was nude still lying in the bed from where Marquez made love to me again before leaving me basking in the afterglow of sex.

Suddenly, the door to the room burst open I recognized Max instantly as he said, “Mary come you’re free now let’s go! Your brother awaits you.”

I smiled, jumped into his arms not thinking I was naked and he looked me over really good then said, “Mary, clothes, you need your clothes hurry.”

I remember running over to where my dress was laid earlier, threw it over my head and the panties I had from two days ago. I put them on, running behind Max. I felt an incredible urge to run blindly to find my brother but the assault rifle in Max’s hand was real. Max entered the hallway he let off a three round burst. I heard a man scream then a thump. He looked at me then said, “Stay with me at all cost and do not look at the dead bodies okay!”

I merely shook my head in a nonverbal response as I lit out right on his heels. Max was quick, agile with cat like reflexes as he traversed the stairs two at a time jumping over the dead he had left in his wake. I actually saw the other ladies running before me in a single file line behind another man. Immediately to my left I observed a shadow in the hallway and knew instantly who it was, Marquez. I watched as the hallway went pitch black as his mere size hid all the light as it were. I watched Max being undeterred lower the barrel of the assault rifle and let loose with two three round bursts at the figure.

I truly had mixed emotions as I watched the figure fall to one knee and cry out my name as if a little boy somehow needing me. He needed my comfort as he realized he was dying. I felt uneasiness about seeing him die but I hated that he raped me as well. Looking back on it I am glad Max killed him. I just was worried about my brother John wondering where he was. Then suddenly John came out of the side of the ship where the other women were obviously kept. John brought them along behind him. My heart leapt in my chest when I saw him. I was about to run and hug him but the circumstances in our situation was get out of there as soon as possible.

We managed to climb onto the two awaiting smaller speed boats yet my brother and I remained separated as the storm was upon us. I looked up towards the blackness and the ghostly black masts just as a lightning bolt streaked across the sky illuminating a pirate named one, Captain Rodrigo as he raised his fist into the sky. He cursed our survival to depths of hell wanting the ocean to swallow us whole. I heard his rantings over all the thunder and roaring of the surf.

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