The training of Alexandra

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Big Tits

Chapter 1: Spacial Awareness

What is that annoying sound?
Drop drip drop, is my roof leaking?
I don’t need this stress right now…..
I feel so sleepy, so heavy …so groggy ….can’t move…
That damn sound Alexandra thought.

“damn let me get up and catch the water before I get charged for more damages….”

Pain sliced up her body and she felt immediately light headed, I have got to stop drinking so much coffee!
Alexandra slowly opened one eye, she wish she hadn’t done that…

Both eyes opened in fright, it took her only a blink of an eye to notice she was not in her apartment. She was secured in a red velvet harness which in turn was placed in the middle of what can only be described as a circle of reflective glass like material. Alexandra suddenly understood why her body was in so much pain.

She was strapped to a table, upper body bent forward with ass up in the air and her head down. Her shoulders subdued perfectly to the table by a metal bar running from one wrist across her shoulders to her other wrist. Around her wrist, were metal rings that had encased her in it’s vice like grip. Her bright auburn hair was nicely pulled up into a ponytail that had been securely tied to rope which had been left to fall at her side and it’s extremely heavy. Alexandra’s legs either locked into position either side of the table spread wide enough for her to be able to balance enough to relieve a lot of pressure on her arms in small intervals.

Where the fuck am I, why am I pinned down like some gimp and why is it cold and where are my clothes? How did I even get here?what the fuck is going on here! A hundred thoughts were flying through her head at any particular second.

Her whole body was naked except for a strange leather knicker which was full covering her pussy at the front and had a thong like appearance at around the bottom where the underwear became assless underwear. Alexandra noticed immediately that she was in some type of disused warehouse as it was cold, damp and very airy.
The feeling that she was far from any other company impacted on her.
She could see nothing except that reflective glass and there was no way for her to figure out where exactly she was.

She looked at the reflective glass, licking her lips nervously and wondering if there was someone or a group of people behind the screens watching her as she lay there. It was not an inviting feeling and Alexandra was wondering if a crazed serial killer had caught her and was going to kill her. She started to shiver….

Her pale white skin was striking against the black shiny leather piece she was wearing. At only a petite 8 stones and a miniature 5ft 2inches. Alexandra knew she was on the she small side of petite. She knew she was sexy and had small full breasts. Her Pink nubs that she affectionately called her nipples, had swollen in the chilled atmosphere. She had very little fat but was shapely with curves in all the right places. Toned arms and legs testified to her gymnastic abilities.

Her full lips have always been a natural pink colour which had always complimented her strikingly green eyes and passion red hair. She was a woman who had her pick of men but stayed to herself and knew her mind without having to follow society or cared what others thought of her.
She was one of the greatest people you would meet.

As Alexandra’s head slowly cleared, she started to panic, she needed to get home, nothing had been done to her yet, but it was only a matter of time. She started to twist and turn in her bonds, quickly realising that she was tied fast, her heart and mind raced for ways in which to escape.

A noise from somewhere in the room stopped her thoughts in there tracks. She froze, her heart felt like it was beating full steam ahead as her eyes scanned the room for the presence of another human being. Alexandra didn’t even realise that she had stopped breathing until she received a mighty slap to her derrière.

“Whack.” The white gloved hand stayed on the spot it had just abused, rubbing the patch tenderly!

Owwww!!! Alexandra took a deep breath in through her mouth and screamed! A chuckle greeted her response, “son of a….

Another Whack to her other butt cheek greeted her.


A deep voice greeted her.

“Alexandra let’s play nice shall we, we have a whole week to ourselves and I would prefer us to enjoy it with as few bruises as possible, wouldn’t that be the best way to go about this whole situation?”

Alexandra was too shocked to reply until she saw his hand rise into the air again….

“What do you mean about we have a week together….. Is this some type of sick joke?….. okay, Look if you let me go… I have money…. Please let me go, Anything you want….honestly take my car anything, just don’t beat me anymore.”

The man came closer to the glass so he was in Alexandra’s line of sight on the reflection of the glass. This man stood at least 6″4 and was dressed in black denim trousers and a pearly white silk shirt. This man worked out and was all natural. His pectoral muscles bulged with health and vitality under his shirt. His face was obscured by a simple brown paper bag that had eye holes cut out and a slit for the mouth piece. You could tell three things about this man.

He was commanding.
He was intelligent.
And he was black!

His hand slit from Alexandra’s ass and straight underneath her leather covering straight to her pussy and he began to rub that little intimate area of hers. As he rubbed deliberately, he walked closer to her and whispered in her ear…

“I’m going to fuck your ass all this week till the only thing you can think about is Black Dick.”

Panick raced through Alexandra, and she felt his lips kissing her neck, licking her neck slowly as he played with her pussy leisurely. Alexandra tried to move her body away from his hands and lips but he simply used his other free hand to simply snake it around her little waist and draw her back into perfect bursa escort position.
After a few minutes of this assault Alexandra was ashamedly wet and thoroughly mad!

This masked man stood back from her, his right hand dripping with her juices and started to take his dick out of the fly of his pants!

” Have you ever tried BBC Alexandra?”

Alexandra’s eyes flew open as she saw him take out what looked to be some kind of weapon.
It was big, dark chocolate in complexion and she was sure it was nearly as long as her arm was.

” how do you know my name?”
Alexandra’s question and interest soon died on her lips as she saw him reveal his dick. Deliberately pulling his dick out like he was unwrapping sheets of foil. His dick was rock hard, throbbing, angry and eager looking with veins marked everywhere, she could see it was throbbing and he was using her juices to lubricate that full length of dick. Soft Curly dark Pubic hair marked the base of his dick and her gaze travelled the length to reveal a big onion sized head. That was stroked to glistening perfection.

The masked man never dropped his gaze from Alexandra, he allowed her to watch in amazement and fear.
It was a common reaction to all who had seen it! Yet he never got tired of that new look of gob smacked horror that first flits across a woman’s face.
Then the question which follows next Can I take it all? Will it hurt? Will I die? He loved the play of expressions that changed so swiftly across a woman face till they reached to the conclusion that they were going to have to take every inch of hard black dick.

Never breaking eye contact, he moved slowly and deliberately behind her. He watched her faced, amused as she tried to fight, it only gave him the sweetest view of her toned yet round ass shake and flex. Now this masked man loved anal and he specialised in ass pounding and always went balls deep regardless of the many times he’d destroy a woman ass.

He finally moved into position only to stand up onto the harness and position himself behind Alexandra.
He allowed the weight and length of his dick to slap down on Alexandra’s back. Let her feel the heat, the length and strength I’m packing, he thought!

“I’m going to humble this whore in just a few seconds.”

Alexandra felt the heat and the weight of his dick hit her back and she stopped moving as if she had been struck. She again heard her masked abuser chuckle. Her anger rise within her… His Pearly white teeth partially concealed, greeted her death stare and he started rubbing her pussy again.

“I know you’re angry but your going to have to watch me fuck your ass and your going to like it okay? This is going to hurt but you will endure it. You will have to suffer but you can do it.”

The Masked man slowly pushed a button and a mirror came from underneath her left wrist and was positioned directly in front of her sight but far enough away for her to see with perfect clarity what was going to happen to her ass.

The masked man let his dick slide off her back until it slid down her spine down between her ass cheeks,
He used his juice soaked hand to lubricate her ass, she immediately clenched on touch and his dick jumped immediately, obviously his dick found that movement inviting. The masked man rose up enough to look like he was perching on her ass and positioned his dick to the entrance of her rosebud and ever so gently started pushing forward.

Alexandra had never felt such a blatant intrusion in all her life.
The consistent pressure she felt was making her knees buckle.
The Masked man started to bare down on her ass, his body letting gravity and time win over her muscle control. He slipped past her first barrier and kept going with slow but persistent movement and he went past her second barrier.

“Uuuurghhh…. Oh no!….please I can’t….. Out take it out!……too much….I oh no!”

Alexandra felt as if she was going to be torn in half. Her eyes bulged at the amount of pressure exerted on her body and her ass was quickly losing the battle. She started to scream and beg him to stop, but she felt ever fuller as the seconds went by. Her back fully arched in opposition to this intrusion started to really hurt, her stomach starting to bulge with the imprint of more and more inches of dick entering into her ass.

Alexandra saw her masked attacker losing inch after inch of cock in her ass, hearing his moans and intake of breath. it must of been hard for him too, she wished she could snap off his dick with her ass! That would serve him fucking right. As if he understood what she was thinking he chuckled again, he then deliberately pulled out a few inches and then moved his body closer to her ass. The masked man bend his face forward slightly and let a thin line of spit hit the too of her ass crack and watched it run down to her asshole. Alexandra realised at that instant that this masked man wouldn’t stop until he had gotten every inch of his dick inside of her ass!

“Take it. Alexandra, take this this dick, I want my balls slapping against that pussy of yours. Take these 13 inches you fucking who’re take it.”

Alexandra’s asshole bulged obscenely as the masked man deposited the last two inches of his BBC into her tight stretched ass with brute force.

“Shit, you motherfucker, I’m going to kill you, do you know who I am? Get out of my ass.”

Completely ignoring Alexandra’s words, the mask man sighed in bliss. He was now safely balls deep in her ass and he was in heaven. He gave her five hardcore pumps which rocked her whole body and the scream Alexandra let out, made excellent confirmation that she would behave. The Masked man knew he needed to give her time to get use to this and as a show of kindness he pushed a button in his pocket and Alexandra felt a vibrating bullet start to life. It was deep in her pussy and she didn’t even realise till it was on. Masked man turn the level up every so often.

“Please…sir……..uuuuuuuhhhhh……. Let…….me……..GO!!!!!!”

His reply was to start moving inside bursa escort bayan her ass.

“I think it’s about time you stopped talking, let’s keep your mouth busy…. Robert come fill this women’s throat!”

Alexandra in a panic, uselessly scrambled pitifully.

“Owwwwwwwe….. Please…, sir…… I can’t at the moment…… Help me!

“Did you just call for Superman?
Alexandra you know that he’s a not a real person, superman won’t be coming to help you because he’s not real.”

The masked man moved within her, stretching her working her muscles, pain rippled through Alexandra as he worked her anal walls like a pussy!

“I would laugh but I’m too preoccupied in your tight ass! Damn…. I should of done this years ago! “

He started moving in longer strokes, Alexandra’s knees buckled and shook again and again with each firm and earth shattering pump!

“Robert where are you?”

A shuffling sound came from behind one of the reflective glass screens. It was out of Alexandra’s view. Robert came strolling out, leisurely stretching as if he had just woken from a nap! Yawning he made his way over to Alexandra. Robert was completely naked and shaved from waist down. He was a good looking man of Italian decent with dark brown hair, and amazingly deep hazel eyes, his features a lot like Antonio Bandareas. Robert smiled a dazzlingly smile and casually walked over to Alexandra. He was just as well built as the Masked man, but of a stockier build and standing at least 5 ft 10 he had an impressive look.
This man loved himself, he was perfectly tanned and his body gleamed with good living.
His dick was already hard, probably from his sleep, it was jutting right out in front of Alexandra.

Never a slow woman, Alexandra closed her mouth, but the masked man anticipated her action and gave her another fast 5 pumps which echoed around the room along with her scream, Robert seeing her mouth open took the liberty to put his dick straight down Alexandra’s throat. The noise Alexandra made abruptly stopped and the air and sound was cut off at the source.
Her neck bulged with the imprint of his dick so deep in her throat! Her body convulsed with effort to expel Roberts dick from her mouth.
Water immediately streamed down Alexandra’s face and her body violently racked with broken heaves to expel the blockage in her throat. For the first time in Alexandra’s life, she didn’t know what would happen to her. She felt like she was going to break in half or explode. With the fucking the masked man was giving her as well as this Robert guy, ducking throat wildly, Alexandra was sure she was going to pass out!

Robert grabbed her by the back of her point tail and rope and started pumping her mouth like it was a pussy he was fucking. He yanked hard on the rope tied to her hair so his dick could get further in. He was grinding his pubic area into her face. As Robert fucked her throat he held her nostrils closed so she had to breathe through her mouth. He moved closer to the table to get his balls in her mouth. He stood up on specially made foot rests and the base of the contraption. Robert then grabbed hold onto the bar across Alexandra’s back and shoulders and used it to lean back so his dick was positioned perfectly to fuck Alexandra’s throat. Robert took his time working Alexandra’s throat and was only semi hard. He has no time to think about if Alexandra could breathe, for all he cared she would have to learn to breathe through her ears or die trying. Robert in the throes of passion start slamming his dick into her throat with crazy force. Ever so often Alexandra would retch pitifully, never being allowed to fully gagg or vomit. The Masked man loved the displayed and was secretly counting each second Alexandra had gone without air.

“This bitch can suck dick, glad I’m only semi hard I got more for that throat! Robert will treat your throat real good, don’t worry princess. You dirty fucking princess slut you want more don’t you, let Robert in now take more…. take it”

He rammed his cock deeper into her throat, causing her body to shake as the air and sound to get cut off, then without warning He pulled his cock all the way out of her throat so that she could breathe.

“See Alex, I’m going to call you Alex, I rather like the pet name, I’m nice, unlike the masked crusader over there!”

Robert chuckled at that quip.
The masked man responded by fucking Alexandra deeper and moving closer to her ass to pump deeper and firmer. The masked crusader then ripped his dick from her ass.

“Ahhhhhhhh…. Oooowwwww”

Alexandra immediately spit a load of silva which hit the floor next to Roberts feet. Alexander greedily took great fulfils of air still coughing and spitting lungful of saliva. Her face had turned an alarming red colour. After a few more gulps of air, Alexandra started her verbal tirade…

“I will kill you, you fucking Smurf.”

This got a deeper chuckle from the masked man and Robert said simply

“Aren’t smurfs short and Blue?”

The masked man then lined up his dick to Alexandra’s gaping ass and shoved his dick in her ass balls deep causing Alexandra to scream in a higher louder pitch, Robert then stuck his dick straight down her throat. He was fully engaged within her throat and was now rick hard. he was now pumping her throat as hard as he could without killing her or breaking her neck. Spit ran down the corners of Alexandra’s mouth. Her eyes started to blur with lack of oxygen and tears.
Robert realised Alexandra’s mouth was stretched as wide as possible and he also belatedly that he had cut off all her oxygen intake. He slowly started pumping her throat never pulling out enough for her to breath, then fucking her wind pipe hard, Robert’s ass flexing with exertion.”

“no more name calling ok Alex?This is happening and we will both continue to hurt you until you relax into this some more okay .”

With every few words just to emphasise his point Robert would pump her mouth hard and fast then slow and gentle. As the masked man escort bursa fucked her ass in long hard pounding actions. The masked man had resumed his slapping of Alexandra’s ass and his hand marks were imprinted on her skin. Pink hand marks everywhere.
Alexandra was starting to turn blue when Robert realised he had been fucking her throat for a long time without letting her breathe. He slowly pulled out of her mouth. Giving her a few slaps to bring her back from the edge. Alexandra realised that in order for her to exact her revenge upon these two men, she has to live and somehow let them do what they wanted her to do!……

Then Alexandra Blacked out!

Chapter 2: Rough Treatment

Alexandra, came to looking around as if she had been in a dream. Her hands were no longer tied and she was now lying on her back covered up in a warm blanket. Alex wanted to go back to oblivion but the slaps were becoming annoying and she started to talk, when her hands were suddenly and violently pinned at her sides.

“Oh…please….just…let….me be!”

The towel was ripped from Alexandra’s body and her legs were spread with lightning speed and she felt the masked mans dick again invade her ass again. The masked man was fucking her ass missionary and kissing her neck deep and just the way she liked it! She realised her body was reacting on it’s own and as soon as her legs wrapped around the masked mans waist, he started to fuck her ass in earnest. Over and over again she heard and felt his heavy balls slap her ass.

“Alexandra I can feel your pussy twitching through your ass, I can also feel your tight ass gripping my dick. You like being ass pounded don’t you Alexandra? Your fucking ass is going to look like a tunnel when I’m finish plumbing your depths.”

Alexandra was beyond words, she could only feel herself getting closer to an orgasm. Her lips turning deep red her face flushed and her body pink with exertion. The masked man large hands moved her limp arms above her head and he gripped both hands in one of his hands as he sucked her nipples and fucked her with no limits. His free hand grabbing Alexandra’s neck and started squeezing slowly but deliberately. Alexandra was stunned at this behaviour and her eyes pleaded with the masked man to let go, within 30 seconds of no air, she felt her whole body become hyper sensitive and the beat of her heart became harder against her rib cage.

Alexandra’s panic triggered a hyper orgasm which heightened by her lack of oxygen. Her face turned red then purple and then the masked man started fucking her faster, harder and deeper never stopping his nipple sucking and strangling.
Alexandra exploded into a massive multiple orgasms as her eyes rolled back in her head. Her whole body was deeply convulsing with the shock of that orgasm. The masked man kept squeezing her throat till Alexandra squirted all over his waist legs and chest. Only then did he let go!

After a while Alexandra came to, she realised she was still being fucked although now, the masked man was giving her slow and deep thrust.

“Glad to see your back in the land of the living. I knew you were a dirty little girl, who knew you had a fetish for erotic asphyxiation? Kinky little thing you.”

The masked man grinned then winked at her. He started to speed up ever so steadily and Robert pulled Alexandra’s chin up like he expected to give mouth to mouth, but simply straddled her face and immediately started to fuck her throat full and deep. Robert had been patiently waiting fur her to come back to life, before fucking her mouth properly. Robert was kneeled astride Alex’s face while his ass was on her forehead and his dick was touching her lips. His positioning was great as he only had to push forward to go balls deep in her throat.

Robert put pressure on Alexandra’s chin to open her mouth wider and to get deeper into her throat.
He ruthlessly started fucking her throat but managed to frequently allow her to breathe. Within a few minutes of deep fucking Alexandra’s throat Robert starting pumping pre cum deep and fast into Alexandra’s mouth. Robert was obsessed with watching her throat expand and contract with each of his in and out strokes. His dick was ready to drain so he lifted Alexandra’s head up and have one last throat bulging thrust and stayed in her throat as her tight wide pipe milked every last but if cum from him. Exhausted he fell forward onto her face cutting off her ability to breathe.

“Fuck this bitch swallowed my load, she doesn’t even gag anymore.”

With that Robert pulled out of her throat with a wet unplugging sound whilst the masked man, upon seeing the workmanship decided he was ready to cream her insides. The masked man called Robert to pin Alexandra’s hands over her head, and once her hands were secured, the masked man then lifted her legs over her head till her ass high up in the air. Alexandra’s ass was gaping for all to see, pleased with his work the masked man then moved himself into a position similar to a push up above her and guided his dick deep into her gaping ass and continued horse fucking her till her ass shivered with the impact of his body weight till he came hard and deep in her ass. Alexandra had no choice but to take every drop of this masked man seed.

The masked man continued to fuck her gently till he became soft and slipped out her ass with a plop.
Alexandra’s ass gaped obscenely, no cum to be seen, the masked man had deposited his cum too deeply for it to escape.

Alexandra felt his dick cum inside her, she thought he must of put that cum deep in her belly because she suddenly felt very full. She felt the warm sticky discharge pool somewhere deep inside her!
She was already planning her revenge… For now Alexandra was too tired, to air deprived to do more than pant and cover her body as best she could. The masked man covered her over with the blanket and retreated with Robert to plan the next day and nights activities. Grinning like a Cheshire car, the masked man was satisfied with the proceedings, for a first try….

“I told you Robert, this girl is different. I just love those naughty yet invitingly innocence girls, they always make the best whores.”

Night 1 complete!
5 nights left!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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