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Big Tits

‘Damn him,’ I thought, angrily stomping out as the door slammed shut behind me. Even on holiday he could find something to moan about, maybe its time I started looking for a new Master! Let me explain, by nature I am a very submissive person, perhaps you might even call me a pacifist, under his tutelage I had become his slave, his slut and his whore.

Whatever his needs it was my duty to pander to them, even to the point of subjugating my own personality. Whenever he wanted something, I had to give it to him, any place and anywhere. He was my Lord and Master, he only had to say the word and I was duty bound to allow my body to be used and abused in any way he wished, and with whomsoever he might wish. Now don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed this usage and abuse of my body.

To look at I am nothing special, five foot nothing, good figure I suppose, certainly a bust that gets me noticed, thirty-six inches, nice and firm, perhaps a little top heavy, suffice to say that if I fell forwards I would have no chance of breaking my nose. Oh, and I never wear a bra. Although I have a rather plain face, I think, what really draws attention is my waist length copper coloured hair, I call it my crowning glory. At twenty-seven, I have had a relatively good life, never having wanted for anything.

My virginity was taken, well to be quite honest I gave it willingly to a forty-one years young uncle, when I was just eighteen and very precocious, at that age I had a good figure, but not too many friends.

The boys at school would hang around me like wasps at a picnic, and sometimes I would even let them feel my breasts, although they were clumsy and fumbling, finesse being way beyond the capacity of their one brain-cell. I had even agreed to give the odd hand job too; fascinated by the way the cream spurted from that little hole at the tip of their cocks.

On these occasions I would go home and lay on my bed stroking my pussy wondering just why I had this compulsion to caress, until one night just before my monthly was due I began to do it even faster and harder. That was when I discovered the joys of masturbation, the elation felt and the satisfaction achieved from this event had been so powerful that the exercise quickly became part of my daily routine.

It was while masturbating that Bert, my uncle, had quietly entered the room to stand watching me. As I came down from my climax I realised he was standing there with his cock in his hand, gently stroking it up and down.

“You left the door open,” he had said, “and I heard noises so came to look, do you want me to leave?” he asked.

I remember feeling my face go red a little, but for no obvious reason blurted out, “NO.” I lay there with my legs bent; spread wide and breasts heaving like a sixteen-year-old slut. “Would you like me to do something with that?” I couldn’t believe I had just said that; Bert was not really my uncle but I called him that, he sorta lodged with me and my mother, although he had his own room I knew that he sometimes got it on with my mum when they thought I was sleeping.

He walked over to me full of confidence; his hard cock still in his hand, but it was soon my hand that held this fat monster, I rubbed it up and down quickly, fascinated by the way the head turned purple just before he exploded all over my breasts. This was great, so much better than those stupid boys at school.

He thanked me, asking if I had enjoyed doing it for him. Telling him yes, as soon as he left the room I started rubbing his cumm into my skin, I had heard that it was good for the complexion. While carrying out this exercise another strange urge had come over me. I had also heard that guys liked their cocks to be sucked, and wondered what it might taste like, so, scooping up a little on the tip of my finger gingerly tasted it, a little salty but otherwise it was okay, so I swallowed some more.

For the next few weeks when my mother had gone out, he would come to my room to watch me masturbate, and then I would make him shoot his cream onto my breasts before scooping it into my mouth when he had gone. I liked the warm feeling it gave me as his hot cumm burst from its single eye to splash onto my soft skin, and sometimes I would masturbate again.

One day he popped back into my room, and seeing what I was doing with his cream asked if I enjoyed the taste, I told him yes and the very next time the curse caught me, he taught me how to suck his cock. It was magnificent, this way I got to swallow all of his cream before it went cold, but I still liked the feel of it on my breasts, it made my nipples all tingly.

Following a period when I had been unwell and stuck in bed for a few days, my mother went away for a long weekend; to see her ailing mother she told me; and Bert agreed to look after me. This weekend I would at last lose my cherry.

Knowing there was no one in the house apart from we two he had entered my room as usual, but this time he drew back the covers, shrugged off his robe and climbed in beside me.

“I izmir escort bayan shall leave if you wish;” he said softly, “the choice is yours.”

Naked he looked awesome, his cock long, fat and hard, like a fence post, I could feel its hardness tight against my thigh in the confines of the narrow bed.

“No,” I said breathlessly, “please stay.”

We began kissing without any preamble, proceeding to touch one another very quickly; I loved the heat and the silky feel of his hard and throbbing cock, but this time I needed more. My period would be starting in two or three days and I had become extremely horny, more than usual. I had no idea then that my hormones were crying out for me to be fucked.

Until now he had never touched me, not even my breasts, but now it had been different, he seemed more urgent, he filled his mouth with my nipples, sucking and gently biting, it caused a tingly sensation in my pussy. The sensations running through me were incomparable to anything I had previously experienced, Bert was the first man to ever touch me down there, and I nearly went through the roof, knowing that it was not my hand.

We lay there face to face, breathing becoming more shallow, with him stroking me, and my hand wrapped around his cock, I knew this was going to be my first time. I had never had a real hard prick inside me but at this moment in time I badly wanted it to happen, and badly wanted Bert to be the one to take down the last stone from my wall of innocence.

By adjusting my position slightly it became possible for me to rub my already wet sex against the tip of his cock, and by lifting my leg over his hip, I found that I could get the whole head between my now thick lips. It felt really good, and Bert asked if I was sure that this was what I wanted, I replied that I had never wanted anything more than to feel him inside me.

Rolling me onto my back, Bert positioned his body above me and between my now spread legs. Inside I jumped for joy feeling the tip of his hot cock nudging into my pussy; he was slow and gentle, pushing in steadily until meeting the barrier. Telling me this would hurt a little bit he began to put on the pressure. It was hurting and I wanted to tell him to stop, but at the point where I thought that I couldn’t take any more he lunged hard, the full length of his hard, thick prick now inside me.

For a moment, he just laid there, buried deep, whispering that now it would get better, while stroking my face and soon I felt what would quickly become familiar to me, as he began to move that wonderful cock in and out of me with a slow but steady rhythm.

Realising how much I was enjoying this, I lifted my knees high, encouraging him to fuck me hard. This feeling was so very different from masturbating, but the urge to cumm was just the same, and soon I had found myself thrusting up to meet him knowing that I would soon climax.

It wasn’t long in coming, and just as I crested the wave Bert gave a yelp, withdrew his cock and splashed his lovely cream all over my belly.

I remember crying afterwards, I was so happy. We continued on like this for about six months, with Bert teaching me much. Then I told him that I needed to find a boy my own age, but it was never the same, they had no idea how to please me. It was then that I stopped looking at boys and started looking for older men, boys just couldn’t handle my needs.

Now here I am in Mexico, some eleven years later with a man who had pissed me off just once too often, was I happy? For the time being yes, I revelled in this brief feeling of freedom. A freedom that I would probably have to pay dearly for when I returned to the bungalow.

Initially he was great; he had been exactly what I needed. I had become a spoiled brat, but he saw my potential, and what my body cried out for. During the following months he changed me from being the brat that I had become, to the most obedient and willing slave, becoming my Master and owning me completely.

We have been together now for nearly nine years, but the last twelve months or so have been a real headache for me, he has changed, nothing pleased him anymore and living with him had become a nightmare.

He had planned this holiday for us in Mexico, a break away from work and our everyday living, but from the outset he had been whining and complaining over the slightest little thing. Now I had had enough of it, and walked out to do my own thing, whatever that might be.

I had nothing specific in mind; I just needed some breathing space, peace, away from his constant whinging, which was beginning to get me down. Initially I had considered looking for an Internet café, but instead, found a downtown bar advertising Tequila at half price, so decided to take a look at it.

I suppose I had expected the kind of place one sees in the movies, you know, a few tables and chairs, tired and worn down patrons, a drunk or two whose only support was the bar, and sawdust spread on the floor; but the outside belied the interior. There were a escort izmir couple of almost naked girls dancing in cages suspended from the ceiling, the bar top was marble, disco lights pulsed and flashed, and the music was so loud that that it put conversation almost beyond reach.

The floor was a highly polished hardwood, and young topless waitresses, chosen I thought for their bust size rather than their expertise, roller-skated from table to table taking orders. I selected a table furthest away from the blaring speakers, ordered Tequila, paid, took a sip and looked around the bar room at the other guests.

Over in one corner there sat a bunch of casual, but well dressed and good-looking guys, drinking and having a laugh. Catching one of them giving me the eye, I looked away but with a smile on my face. I felt kinda naughty doing this without my Master’s permission, but I didn’t care.

Before my glass became empty, a different girl skated to the table and dropped another while gesturing over her shoulder at the guys in the corner saying that they had sent it over. I picked up the drink, turned towards them and lifting the glass in a toast, throwing the fiery liquid down my throat.

They cheered as one and the guy who had given me the eye picked up his Stetson and sauntered over, dropping it on the table. Around the crown it was studded with silver rodeo medallions, he smiled as he sat down saying: “everyone knows this hat, so as long as it sits on this table you’ll not be bothered by anyone.”

“Hi,” I replied gaily, “my name is Laura, here on holiday from England, do you ride in the Rodeo?” I asked.

“Yep, I travel all over, and that mixed rabble of semi drunks,” he pronounced it ‘see my’, “is ma crew.”

I had never met a real live Rodeo rider before, and the thought that he might always be putting his life on the line sent a thrill right through me, straight down to my pussy.

“You must be real brave to ride in the Rodeo, have you ever been hurt?” I asked.

“Real brave or real stoopid missy, you take your pick, I had more broken bones than I kin count, but I wouldn’t change it no ways, always wanted to do it even when I was no higher than blue-grass. Guess I kinda like the danger.”

His drawl was really starting to work on me now, and I felt myself warming to his easy friendliness.

“You’re not from Mexico are you?” I enquired.

“Nope, I’m from the Lone Star State, Texas; they call me the Wichitaw kid on account of my havin a little Native American blood in these veins, but I reckon I spilled a mite more than I’d have liked,” he laughed.

He waved a hand in the air and gave a whoop, one of the girls skating straight over to our table.

“What kin ah gitcha Wichitaw?” she asked him with a smile.

“Bring us a couple a beers and Tequila Slammers honey,” he said, slapping her on the rump before she could get away and running thick fingers through his thatch of straw-coloured hair.

While we waited, I took the opportunity to look at his sun-tanned and weather-beaten face properly; ignoring the various scars, each one of which would probably tell an exciting story in its own right, and took in his eyes. They were of the most beautiful china blue that I had ever seen, tinged with a touch of violet. I saw mischief in those eyes, this guy was a joker, of that I was certain.

The waitress brought the drinks plus a small bowl of salt and a lemon cut into four quarters. I noticed that there were four shots of Tequila, but what the hell, we prepared for the first, downing it immediately, slamming our glasses upside down onto the table. Wichitaw laughed, remarking that I was okay for a girl, and a Limey at that, and gave me a resounding slap on the back that almost lifted me out of my chair.

We continued with the general chitchat as we drank our beers and the second Slammer, until he asked me to come over and meet the crew; I readily agreed and we got up to join them at the other table. Once sat down, Wichitaw introduced me as one heck of a good Limey and I quickly became the focus of attention, although I’m sure that my bra-less breasts had a lot to do with that. It wasn’t long before I was throwing back Tequila Slammers alongside the guys and loving every minute as they egged me on

I had easily gotten into the party spirit. These guys were rough, tough and oozing testosterone, but they were also very friendly and treated me like a lady. Not only were they great fun, but they had taken me to there hearts and I enjoyed it to the full.

They were a mixed bunch, some from Mexico, all over the US and one from Canada. I was outnumbered thirteen to one, but I didn’t care, they were all lean, mean, tanned and tough, my kind of guys, but above all they knew how to party and I seemed to be the star turn.

A couple of hours later I had become quite merry, even a little pissed, swapping lewd jokes along with the best of them, but still on the right side of being in control and responsible for my actions. Not one of them had laid a finger izmir escort on me, not even Wichitaw.

However, when one of the guys suggested that we all go back to the Motel and party, a place where we could drink all night, I said ‘what the hell,’ threw caution out the window and readily agreed.

We all piled into three cars and two trucks, heading off up the road in a convoy, to a Motel some distance outside the city limits and overlooking the soft sands of a Mexican beach.

Once inside they all seemed to want to use the loo at the same time, although three of them went into the kitchenette to prepare enough food for the fourteen of us. There was not enough seating for everyone, so a few hunkered down on the floor, me along with them, sitting between Wichitaw’s legs with my back to him.

Someone put some music on, the beat heavy but lively, kinda sensual, the so solid sound of Santana. Music that I loved; this kind of music never failed to get my juices running. I knew that at some point Wichitaw was going to fuck me, and quite honestly I wanted him so badly that my pussy had been wet for some time. What I hadn’t bargained for was what was really going to happen.

We quickly tucked into the excellent tacos and tortilla’s, and while eating, the beer and Tequila continued to flow freely. The crew were really friendly and very attentive making me feel very much at ease and comfortable with them.

However, when we had finished eating, their true agenda became all too obviously clear, I knew in a heartbeat that I would be the desert; I was going to get gang banged. This held no fear for me, my Master having insisted on such a course of action on several occasions. This time was different, there would be no abuse of my body, just usage, these were all nice fellers, and as the revelation hit me I realised that I wanted it to happen.

The fellow sitting on my left turned my face toward him kissing me voraciously, open-mouthed, tongue probing deeply, naturally I responded willingly. Simultaneously the one on the right twisted around to cup my breasts, gently squeezing and thumbing my nipples into an erect state very quickly.

As usual I became instantly aroused, although this was in some part due to my having been turned on by the rugged Wichitaw, I did feel a little uncertain amongst thirteen tough and horny young men. The conversation had dropped to zero now, as Wichitaw assured me quietly that no one would hurt me, adding that they only wanted to fuck me, and that all bets were off if anyone even thought of causing me harm.

What else could I do, there was no way out of that Motel without their co-operation, so I just smiled sweetly and said, “help yourself, I’m game if you are, there’s plenty enough of me for everyone.”

Whoops and cheers resounded around the room, with one of the guys adding that I was a great sport. From that point I was butt naked in seconds flat, they quickly stripped me of the only two garments that I wore, my top and my skirt, just like any other day I wore nothing else.

Soon there were two mouths feeding from my breasts, sucking hard and biting on my nipples, as yet another slid exploring hands along the inside of my hot thighs towards my billiard ball smooth, I waxed regularly, and already thickly swollen pussy. Although still having my mouth tongued, I managed to sneak a glance at him, seeing the mixed look of lust and pleasure on his face. I also noticed the very prominent bulge in his shorts; he had become good to go.

The guy kissing me broke away, and Wichitaw turned my head towards his crotch; quickly turning my body I unzipped him, to draw out a very handsome piece of hot, and very hard cock meat; from a few inches away I could feel its heat against my face.

It was bigger than my Master’s, being some eight inches in length and quite fat around. Gently I stroked, squeezing from the base to draw my fisted hand up the length of this beautiful cock toward the head, feeling the vein pulsing in my hand and being rewarded by the thick, creamy and surprisingly large bead of pre-cumm.

Putting out my tongue I deliberately and slowly licked it off, scooping the tasty titbit into my hungry mouth while looking directly into those gorgeous blue/violet eyes.

His moan was clearly audible as I went to work on this showcase of a cock, licking it all over from the tip to its base, savouring the size. Up and down the length, my tongue pleasured it, paying particular attention to the sensitive part at the base of the head.

I could have worshipped this beautiful monster for hours on end without even putting it in my mouth. One hand softly stroking was wrapped around its unbelievable thickness, while the other gently massaged his heavy sac. Fingers became entwined in my hair, drawing my mouth to the now purple and angry looking head.

I surmised that he had not had sex nor even masturbated in a long while, as I took as much of his gorgeous cock meat into my hungry mouth as possible in this awkward position. Satisfied now, I ravished it with such intensity that my guess proved to be pretty accurate, as momentarily freezing, he gave out with a huge moan before pumping a whole barrel load of thick, hot, if a little salty, creamy sperm into my waiting throat

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