Try Not To Get Burned

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As always thanks to my editor CheerSmartie_526 for tweaking the story. Note — This series started out in the Loving Wives category, but it wasn’t a good fit ( this is the 2nd story in the series ). Hopefully it is a better fit here. Enjoy the story, and let me know what you think.


As she turned her car into her neighborhood Karen found herself wondering which the greater transgression was. Was it having sex with men that were not her husband or was it using her affairs to manipulate her husband to give her the rough sex she craved? She did not really think of her trysts with other men as cheating, her husband had not told her to stop; he had only told her that she would be punished if she continued to do so.

She was on her way home from her most recent fling. It was in the back of his SUV, parked in a dark corner of a downtown parking garage. Now she was racing home, hoping to catch her husband with just the right amount of anger. She wanted him mad enough that he would force himself on her, but not so angry that he would actually hate her.

Charlie was sitting in the room he and his wife used as an office. They had a custom made set of computer desk that faced each other. The monitors were on swivel arms so they could be moved to the side when they wanted to talk face to face. When he walked into the office he noticed a bag sitting on her side of the desk, the logo on the side was unmistakable, it was from the local sex shop. The last time he had seen that logo had been the night his wife confessed to fucking one of the interns at her office. She had given him a riding crop to punish her, and it had been a bag just like the one sitting on her desk.

Karen turned into her neighborhood; she could feel the evidence of her transgression leaking out of her dripping wet pussy. Having the men actually come inside her was an important part of her plan. It was proof that she had actually fucked another man. It added a certain amount of risk, but she had found a unique way to manage it. It was her job to evaluate applicants for medical trials. One of the many men that flirted with her had suggested he look at her file, and it had turned out to be an excellent idea.

This particular man had been pretty good; there was just enough foreplay to get her turned on without wasting any time. He had seemed enamored with her breasts; he had lifted his body up enough to watch them bounce as he rammed his cock into her pussy. After they both came he had kissed and caressed her tits until she told him she had to go.

Karen was a bit disappointed that her husband did not want to hear the sordid details of her affairs. She had tried several times to tell him, but each time he insisted that she stop. She never thought of the other men when she was with Charlie, but she sometimes replayed the affairs in her head when she masturbated, and one time she had dreamed out them.

Charlie looked into the bag. It was obviously set out for him to see. Inside was a flogger. That could mean only one thing, Karen had done something and she wanted to be punished. He was more than willing to oblige. Charlie loved Karen, but did not understand where he was failing her sexually. He had indulged every fantasy she had ever mentioned, and rarely pushed her towards anything she did not want. Charlie noticed the bag was sitting on a stack of papers. He picked up the bag and looked under it. The papers were patient records. Karen evaluated candidates for medical testing; it appeared she might also be evaluating candidates for her own purposes. Charlie picked up the first file. The reports had all the questions he had answered when he donated blood; history of any chronic illnesses, drugs taken, if he had been in jail, if he had ever had sex with another man. The second page contained information on the results of a physical exam and blood test. It also contained the candidate’s sexual history and highlights on interviews. Charlie noticed that Karen had scrawled notes on papers, but he could not make them out. He wondered if they were there for work or for her use. He was somewhat relieved that she was being so thorough, but at the same time angry that she was seeking other men. It was obvious that the first time he had punished her had not been enough. Charlie felt his cock begin to swell at the thought of what he had forced his wife to endure. He snatched the bag off the desk and headed for the bedroom. When Karen finally came home he would be ready to teach her a lesson.

Karen opened the front door to her house, half expecting Charlie to be waiting for her on the other side, but the house was quiet. His car was in the driveway, so he was probably home. She first went to the office to see if her gift was still there. Karen noticed that not only was the bag gone, but the candidate files underneath it had been disturbed, as she had intended. She wanted Charlie to know she was being very selective.

With some trepidation she walked to the bedroom. Charlie was sitting on the bed, Anadolu Yakası Escort waiting for her. He stood as she entered the room. Karen could sense his anger. She wondered if she was too late, if he was beyond just wanting to teach her a lesson.

“I suppose you have something you want to tell me about,” Charlie said curtly.

“Yes,” she replied.

Charlie stepped behind Karen and smelled her, “You’ve been with someone,”

“Yes,” she answered,

“Another intern?” he asked.

“No, a candidate from work, but you already knew that. Would you like to know which one?” she replied.

“No, it does not matter,” Charlie said, putting one arm around her. His hand rested on her belly, and then slowly moved downward. His fingers slipped inside the waist band of her skirt, then under her panties. Finally she felt his fingers slip past her labia.

“You know what this does to me,” Charlie growled as he felt another man’s cum inside of his wife.

“I know,” Karen replied, “I guess I need to be punished again.”

On the bed Charlie had laid out several items. There was a pair of handcuffs, the flogger from the bag, the riding crop from her last punishment, a blindfold, a pair of nipple clamps and a large vibrator. There was also a bottle of lubricant. She wondered how her husband intended to punish her. Her eyes fixed on the bottle, wondering if he was going to push his thick cock into her tight ass.

“We are going to start with these,” Charlie said, holding his hand in front of her. In his palm were two silver balls.

He knew this would hardly qualify as punishment as he closed his fist around the two balls. Charlie now had both arms around his wife. With one hand he pulled her panties away from her body, and with the other he pushed the two shiny spheres into her pussy. Charlie did not quite understand what he was feeling. She had broken the vows of their marriage for a second time. The right thing to do was leave. But at the same time he wanted her. He wanted to use her for his own pleasure and convince her to be a good wife again. He wanted to understand where he had failed, what had caused her to stray.

“Now I want you to pick two items from the bed. After you have made your choices I will pick two,” Charlie said.

Karen surveyed the items. She considered the bottle; maybe if she picked it he would go easier on her. But it also might encourage him to do something he had not planned. Karen was not sure she wanted to be fucked in the ass again. She knew the nipple clamps were a safe bet, and she had purchased both the riding crop and the flogger. She was not sure about the vibrator.

Karen picked up the nipple clamps. They were made of brass and felt heavy and cold in her hand. She opened the clamp and let it close on her finger. The clamp was so tight it was almost painful. Next she picked up the flogger. Just the smell of the leather was arousing. She slapped it against her thigh and wondered how hard Charlie would hit her with it. She wondered if she would be able to sit down the next day.

“Interesting choice,” Charlie said.

“I’m glad you approve,” Karen replied.

Charlie took both items from Karen, then opened the drawer in the nightstand and dropped the flogger and the nipple clamps in. Then he closed the drawer.

“Aren’t you going to use those on me?” Karen asked. She was disappointed.

“Not this time,” Charlie replied. He wondered if Karen realized this was part of her punishment.

“So you want me to do this again?” Karen asked.

“No, I don’t. I’m pretty sure there are other things you need to be punished for besides fucking other men,” Charlie said and he stepped behind Karen.

Karen felt Charlie’s hands on her head. He stroked her hair for a few moments, and then began to twist it into a French braid. Karen knew what that meant; she was going to have his cock in her mouth. Charlie enjoyed watching her when she was blowing him and insisted that her hair be out of the way so it did block his view. She wondered if he intended to come in her mouth.

“Aren’t you going to pick two?” Karen asked.

“Yes, but first you are going to get on your knees and suck my cock. I think you know what I like. After I come in your mouth I will make my selection,” Charlie said as he took his hands off his wife. The thought of coming in her mouth made his cock even harder.

Karen turned and dropped to her knees. There was a noticeable bulge in her husband’s pants. She started by unbuttoning his shirt. She was pleased to see he was not wearing an undershirt. Karen dragged her fingertips across Charlie’s abdomen and then hooked them into the waistband of his pants. One by one she unfastened the buttons of his jeans and then pulled his jeans and boxer shorts down to his ankles. Karen smiled; she had a few new tricks that she thought Charlie would like.

Not undressing Karen was a conscious decision. Charlie wanted to make her work to give him an orgasm. Seeing her naked always made Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan him come faster. Her technique had improved considerably after he had told her exactly what he liked. Charlie looked down at her as she pressed her lips against his abdomen. His anticipation built as she kissed and licked her way towards his throbbing erection. He felt her delicate fingers stroke his balls and grasp his rigid shaft. She pulled his cock away from his body and licked it from base to tip. The entire time she looked into his eyes. He could feel her warm breath flowing over the head of his cock. Charlie wondered if Karen had any idea how much he was going to enjoy draining his cock into her mouth.

Karen let her lips hover a fraction of an inch from her husband’s dick. She did not know what he had in mind for her, so she was taking the opportunity to tease him while she had at least a bit of control over the situation. She had brought him to orgasm with her mouth several times since her last punishment, but had not swallowed his seed. She had allowed him to come on her tits or in her hand, but not in her mouth. She would not have those options this time. She lapped up the precum leaking from Charlie’s cock, preparing herself for a mouthful of the salty liquid. She could see the anger in his eyes turning to lust as she continued to lick his cock. Unlike last time he was not holding her head still and fucking her mouth. Instead he was letting her do all the work.

When Karen finally took his cock into her mouth Charlie let out a quiet moan. Her mouth felt hot and wet. When she had saturated his cock and made it slippery she let it slide out of her mouth and began to stroke it with her hand. After a few moments she plunged her head down and massaged his engorged head with her tongue. The combination of her hand and mouth on the most sensitive part of his cock was pushing him towards climax faster than expected.

Karen pulled her head back and put both her hands on Charlie’s erection, “I fucking love your cock. I want you to come in my mouth.” She continued to pump her hands up and down. Karen extended her tongue, pressing the tip against the head of his dick.

The sight of her stroking his cock with her mouth wide open took Charlie to the very edge of orgasm.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to come,” he groaned. He watched the first thick stream of cum shoot out of his cock and into her mouth. The moment it splattered on her tongue she wrapped her lips around his turgid shaft and pressed her tongue against him. At the same time she stroked his cock, pumping every drop of cum into her waiting mouth.

Karen winced slightly as she felt Charlie’s cum flowing into her mouth and down her throat.

This part still qualified as punishment. She loved pleasing him, but still had not learned to like swallowing. It was a price she was willing to pay for what would follow. She continued to suck his cock until she felt his erection begin to fade. She pulled her head back, letting his cock slide out of her mouth. Karen tipped her head forward and looked at the floor, waiting for her next command.

“Wait there,” Charlie said. She heard him walk over to the bed. Karen wondered what he was choosing. Perhaps it was the bottle and the vibrator. It did not take long for her to get a partial answer. Charlie covered her eyes with the blindfold.

“Stand up,” he instructed.

Karen stood. She had no idea what would happen next. She felt Charlie begin to remove her clothing. Karen wondered what other item Charlie had picked up. She wondered how angry he was. She felt guilty about breaking her wedding vow to him, but at the same time she was exhilarated by the risk she was taking. If only there was another way to bring out his darker side. The man she married would never strike her, never tease her, and never force her to swallow his cum. Most of the time the man she married was everything she desired, but once in awhile she had the uncontrollable need for something she did not think her husband could be. Her aberrant behavior gave him license do those things that she desired but could not ask for.

One by one Charlie unfastened the buttons of his wife blouse. When he was done he let the material hang loosely as he reached up and released the front clasp of her bra. He put his hands on the collar and then slowly pulled the garment off Karen’s body. Charlie looked over Karen’s shoulder. He could see her breasts. It wasn’t hot but she was sweating, the tiny beads glistening in the subdued light of their bedroom. Her nipples stood out like two amber pebbles. He wanted to touched them, pinch them, and wrap his lips around them, but he did not. Charlie knew Karen wanted the same thing, and he didn’t want Karen to have anything she wanted. He reached down and put his finger on the zipper of her skirt. The room was silent except for the sound of the zipper. Charlie gave the garment a quick tug and it fell to the floor.

“Bend over and put your hands on the bed,” Escort Anadolu Yakası Charlie instructed.

Karen slowly bent at the waist and leaned forward until she felt the mattress with her finger. As she moved the balls inside her shifted and she let out a quiet moan. Karen wondered what it would feel if Charlie fucked her in the ass with the balls still in her pussy. The mystery of what else Charlie had selected was revealed when she felt the tip of the riding crop slide along the inside of her thighs.

Charlie paused for a moment to look at his wife. He considered squirting lube all over his cock and then ramming into her tight ass. It had not been an effective way to stop her from fucking around, but he enjoyed it. He swung the riding crop above her, missing her ass cheeks by a fraction of an inch. He would leave her ass alone, for now. Charlie slapped the side of Karen’s breast with the riding crop, alternating between the left and right side.

Setting the riding crop down, Charlie put his hands on Karen’s ass. One at a time Charlie’s slipped each of his fingers between Karen’s wet labia. When his hand was dripping wet he wrapped it around his cock and pressed the tip against her pussy.

“I want your cock so bad, I need you inside me,” Karen said, sounding desperate.

“I know,” Charlie replied and he began to stroke his cock.

Karen felt her husband’s erection just beginning to spread her pussy open. She moaned in anticipation of being penetrated, but all she felt was the tip of his cock rubbing against her lips. Then she heard it, the sound of him stroking his cock. She tried to force her hips down to engulf his cock, but he put his hand on her ass and stopped her. Charlie continued to tease her, rubbing the head of his cock against her lips. She wondered if he was going to take the balls out before he rammed his cock into her.

“Are you going to fuck me or what?” Karen asked impatiently.

Charlie didn’t feel the need to answer. He was focused on the way Karen’s labia were splayed open around the tip of his erection. The sight of her smooth, wet flesh spread apart by the purplish head of his cock was more arousing than he thought it would be. He had originally planned to tease her for a minute or two and then fuck her hard, but her demanding tone had changed his mind. If she wanted his hard cock in her pussy she was going to have to work for it.

“You fucking bastard. I want your cock right now. I want you inside me,” Karen said insistently.

“I think maybe you have had enough cock inside you for now,” Charlie replied. He had found a new way to punish her. He took his eyes off Karen’s pussy and looked at the rest of her body. She was clearly very aroused. Her nipples were stiff and swollen. Her skin was flushed from her excitement. He looked back down between her legs and brushed the tip of his cock against her clit.

“Please, please let me come. I need to come with your cock inside me,” Karen begged, changing her tone from demanding to pleading.

“Don’t worry; you will have a chance for that, just not right now,” Charlie responded. The strain of holding back his climax was obvious in his voice.

“Don’t you dare come before you fuck me,” Karen said. She was right on the edge of her orgasm. She had never had a desire to know anything about how Charlie masturbated, but hearing him stroke his cock was turning her on. Karen wondered how his hand could possibly feel better than her pussy. She wondered how much longer he planned on taunting her. Then she felt something hot and wet on her labia. She realized he was coming on her. The thick streams of cum that splashed against her labia and clit were not quite enough to make her come.

Charlie tried to aim his ejaculation but it was impossible. His fine motor skills were just not there. It was the most intense orgasm he had ever had from jacking off. Even after the last drop of cum dripped out of his erection he kept stroking his cock, watching the rivulets of cum run down Karen’s vulva and drip on the floor. She was cursing him for not letting her come. When his erection finally began to fade he stopped stroking his cock and picked up the riding crop.

“So, you think you deserve to come?” he asked.

“Yes,” Karen answered quietly.

“I’m not so sure, I think you still need to be punished,” Charlie replied as he picked up the riding crop.

“Please, please, I need to come,” Karen begged. She wasn’t sure what to expect. She could not imagine Charlie going down on her. He might have if it was only his cum that covered her pussy, but it wasn’t. If he had picked up the vibrator that might be enough to get her off, but she really wanted to climax with her husband’s cock inside her.

“Get on the bed,” Charlie said.

As soon as Karen stopped moving Charlie picked up the leather cuffs. He quickly buckled them around her ankles and wrists then fastened the restraints to the bed. He pulled the straps tight so she was spread eagle on the bed.

Karen felt the leather tip of the riding crop on her neck. Her entire body tingled as Charlie dragged it across her skin. When it was pressed between her breasts she felt him lift it. She did not want to give him the satisfaction of hearing her beg, but she could not help herself.

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