Two Wheel Desires Ch. 08

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It was the late afternoon Sunday when Cody finally wheeled the motorhome into his driveway. The four of us sat in silence for a few moments, quietly celebrating the completion of our trip to Sturgis. We’d already dropped off Liz along with her new trike off at her home in Crawfordsville.

“Let’s get everything unloaded.” Kelly suggested. “Before we come up with excuses to put it off.”

While Cody and I unloaded the four motorcycles, Kelly and Heather cleaned out the motorhome.

“I’m glad we didn’t run into Cory when we dropped Liz off.” Cody commented. “I’d probably have busted him in the mouth…even though he is my younger brother.”

“Get over it Cody.” I advised him. “Put in in the past and quit dwelling on it.”

“That’s the same thing Kelly said.” He asserted, rolling his Road King into the garage.

With everything cleaned out, I gave the couple and hug and drove Heather home. It felt strange driving a car after being astride motorcycles all week or behind the wheel of a motorhome. Kelly and I had agreed to take Monday off to recuperate and catch up on household chores. Tuesday, we’d be back at work at the project site.

Arriving at the construction trailer early Tuesday morning, I found none of the contractors had showed up for work. Kelly was busy, shuffling papers, sipping coffee and making phone calls. After fixing myself a cup of coffee, I sat down across from her desk, propped my feet up and lit a cigarette. Kelly gave me a disappointed look as she disconnected from her cell phone call.

“You gonna do anything today besides drink coffee and smoke cigarettes?” Kelly inquired, subduing a smile.

“Why should I?” I replied. “Looks like you’re doing it all.”

“Well, we’ve got a problem.” She stated. “A serious one.”

“Cody’s father backed out on loaning us the money to renovate the building.” She disclosed. “Cory pumped him full of lies about Cody and me. He even slammed Liz for going to Sturgis with us. Said she was running around on him and turning into a dyke.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, how much was your father-in-law going to loan you?” I asked.

“A hundred and twenty thousand.” Kelly answered. “With what Cody and I could lay our hands on that would have give us two-hundred and thirty.”

“That wouldn’t have covered the renovation.” I declared. “I ran the figures yesterday, just to get a rough cost on getting the biker bar up and running. You’re looking at almost three-hundred and eighty grand.”

“That much?” She exclaimed. “Oh God, now what’re we gonna do? Cody’ll have a fit when I tell him it’s gonna cost that much!”

“Well, let’s not worry about the money right now.” I suggested. “We need to keep going forward with this project. It’s too late to back out now.”

Reaching into my attaché, I pulled out a manila folder. Tossing it on her desk, I waited patiently while she read through the documents. It was a detailed plan to complete the biker bar, which we’d decided to call “OUTLAWS”. I watched, not saying a word, while Kelly read every word.

“When? When did you put this all together?” Kelly mumbled. “This is fantastic!”

“While I was driving back from Sturgis.” I replied. “That’s why I didn’t have the radio on. I didn’t want to be distracted.”

“Is it really going to cost three-hundred and eighty thousand dollars?” She inquired. “Can’t we cut the cost down somehow?”

Reaching back into my attaché, I handed her another folder, waiting for her reaction. Her eyes scanned over the figures, growing quite large when she saw the final tally. She pursed her lips, then leaned back in her chair.

“What can we eliminate from your plan?” She asked. “We’ve got to reduce costs.”

“We can’t eliminate anything.” I answered. “I told you and Cody up front that two-hundred grand probably wouldn’t cover everything. You two should have listened to me!”

Rising to my feet, I walked over to the coffeemaker to refill my cup. Standing at the window, I looked out at the three-story building. Cody and Kelly’s dream…and mine too…had turned into a nightmare.”

“You’ve already spent a sizeable portion of your hundred and ten-thousand on clean-up and demolition.” I stated. “I’m guessing damn near half, figuring in the cost for landfill fees.”

“I know.” Kelly mumbled, looking very dismayed. “Maybe we shouldn’t have even started this project.”

“That’s a helluva thing to say!” I scolded her. “I never figured you for the type who’d just give up when things got tough!”

“What am I supposed to do?” She angrily questioned, rising to her feet.

“First, call the demolition contractors and get them over here to finish up.” I ordered. “Then, call the two electrical contractors. Their phone numbers are listed on the plan sheet. Tell them we need quotes…and we need them as soon as possible.”

“After that, call all three plumbing contractors.” I continued. “Their phone numbers are also listed on the plan sheet. Tell them the same thing about getting quotes.”

“How do you expect me to pay for all this?” Kelly inquired, picking up her cell phone.

“Let Anadolu Yakası Escort me worry about that.” I responded, grabbing up my purse and attaché. “I’m going out and look for some investment capital.”

“I’ll be back tomorrow morning, bright and early.” I asserted, exiting the construction trailer. “I wanna see a lot of activity going on when I arrive.”

Driving back to my apartment, I quickly changed clothes, putting on one of my best tailored business suits. Complimenting my attire with a satin silver blouse, high-heels and appropriate jewelry, I checked my hair and make-up in the mirror before leaving.

Arriving at the Regency Building, I took a deep breath before exiting the car. I wasn’t sure if my father would even see me but I had to give it a shot.

Entering the building, I spotted Evelyn, Regency Investment Group’s receptionist. She flashed me a big grin, coming around from behind her workstation to give me a hug.

“I knew the day would come when you’d come back!” She exclaimed, holding me tight against her.

“Well…I’m not here to come back to work.” I muttered. “I just need to see my father about a business matter.”

“Things ain’t been the same since you left Darlin’.” She stated, releasing me from her arms. “Things just ain’t been the same.”

Stepping off the elevator onto the fourth floor, I walked briskly towards my father’s office. Claire Williams, my father’s secretary, was refilling the paper tray in the copy machine.

“Ms. McConnell! It’s good to see you!” She asserted. “Do you want to see your father?”

“Yes. Is he busy?” I asked, stopping at his closed office door.

“He’s…not in a very good mood.” Claire replied, choking out the words.

Entering my father’s office, I expected to see him putting golf balls across the carpet to a putting apparatus. Instead, I found the sturdy figure of a man, sitting in the middle of the floor amidst stacks of papers.

“How the HELL does anyone expect me to make sense out of all these reports?” He shouted, glancing up at me. “I can’t tell if we’re making money or not.”

I just stood there, more surprised than anything, watching him toss papers from one pile to another. His salt and pepper, grey-black hair was slightly mussed from running his fingers through it.

I realized he hadn’t been reviewing financial reports for such a long time that he’d forgotten how to decipher them. It was very amusing but I wasn’t about to laugh.

“You just gonna stand there or are you gonna give me a hand?” My father shouted. “I damn sure don’t need someone standing over me like a watchdog!”

Kneeling down, facing my father, I started sorting through the papers, placing them out of his reach. I could feel his eyes on me but I wasn’t about to look him in the face.

“Your mother used to wear that perfume.” He commented in a calm voice. “I can’t remember what it’s called.”

“It’s called Intimate.” I responded, continuing to sort through all the papers. “I wear it because Mom liked it.”

With the reports sorted and stacked, I placed them on my father’s desk.

“How did all these reports end up on the floor anyway?” I asked, starting to breeze through the latest ones.

“Hell, I don’t know!” Dad replied, sitting at his desk. “Maybe the damn wind blew them off my desk!”

Since the windows were sealed I knew he’d tossed them out of frustration. My father had a quick temper and doing something physical was his way of working it off.

I read through the reports for almost a half hour without saying a word. Dad paced the floor behind me, stopping occasionally to stop and stare out the windows. He frequently turned and stared at me, hoping I’d have something good to say.

“How’s your golf game?” I inquired, trying to get his mood calmed down.

“How’s my golf game?” He bellowed. “How the HELL do you think it is? I don’t get to play except on the weekends. All the damn courses are crowed, even both of my country clubs. My average is up eight strokes AND I broke the shaft on my best number two wood.

“Well, so much for calming him down.” I thought.

“Haven’t you figured out those numbers yet?” He roared. “Christ, what’s taking you so long?”

“Profits are up but only by a percent.” I proclaimed. “They should be up at least three points.”

“At least the expenses are well under budget.” I added. “Course, you’re not paying out five grand a week out for a Vice-President’s salary.”

“Stocks and money market numbers aren’t exactly where I’d like to see them.” I continued. “You can blame the uncertainty in the stock market for a portion of that.”

“So, I can still brag that we’re making a profit…right?” Dad surmised, sitting back in his leather chair.

“Yeah, I just wouldn’t brag too loud though.” I responded.

“Now…you wanna tell me why you stopped by?” He inquired, looking over his glasses at me. “I’m sure it wasn’t because you missed seeing me.”

“I’m looking for some investment capital.” I replied. “Three-hundred thousand dollars Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan to be exact.”

“What kind of an investment is it?” Dad asked. “Real estate, warehousing, small manufacturing?”

“No. It’s a nightclub of sorts.” I answered. “I need the money for renovations.”

“A nightclub of sorts?” My father questioned. “Let me guess. I bet it’s something to do with motorcycles. Am I right?”

“For the sake of arguing, let’s say it is.” I responded. “Are you interested in fronting me the money or not?”

“NOPE! Not a damn bit interested!” He exclaimed, getting to his feet. “You wanna toss good money away, use your own. You should have a million or two in the bank. Use that!”

Reaching for my purse, I walked briskly towards the door.

“Come back here and sit down!” My father commanded. “Let’s talk a deal.”

“What kind of a deal?” I asked, turning around to face him.

“A deal for this investment capital you want.” He replied.

I wasn’t sure what my father had in mind for cutting me a deal but I couldn’t walk away without finding out. Sitting down across from his desk, I waited patiently for him to speak.

“First off, I need some sort of guarantee that I’ll recover my investment plus a sizable profit.” My father asserted. “In order to insure that guarantee I need to make sure you’re going to keep an eye on it.”

With that said, I hoped he was finished but I knew he was far from listing his demands.

“Secondly, I want you back here at your old position as Vice-President.” He added. “Starting tomorrow! Naturally, I’ll reinstate your salary and benefit package. You can even move back into the house on Geist Reservoir if you want.”

“Will you agree to that?” Dad inquired. “I’m not budging so don’t try to negotiate with me!”

“I’ll agree.” I muttered, gritting my teeth.

“There’s one more thing.” He continued. “Also non-negotiable.”

“I know there’s no way you and that fag husband of yours is ever going to work things out but I need you to promise me something.” He asserted.

“I’m planning on retiring around this time next year.” He announced. “I’ll be promoting you into my position as President and CEO. It’s what I’ve always wanted.”

“I’ll expect you to be remarried by then.” He proclaimed, putting his hand up to stop me from protesting. “If you’re not, I’ll find a husband for you. I’m not going to postpone my retirement just because you can’t find someone who meets all your requirements.”

“God Lord, I don’t even wanna know what those requirements are!” He exclaimed. “They’re probably perverse!”

“I hope that’s all.” I responded. “It sounds like you wanna take control of my life.”

“Not really.” He argued. “I just want to see you happy, that’s all.”

“Anything else?” I asked, picking up my purse.

“Just one.” Dad laughed. “See what you can do about these damn reports. I’d take care of them but I’ve got other things to do, like improving my golf game!”

Leaving my father’s office, I thought about the demands my father had coerced me into agreeing to. Going back to my old job didn’t bother me. In a way, I was actually looking forward to it. But finding a husband wasn’t going to be easy, at least not for me!

Before leaving I sought out Heather to let her know I was coming back to my old position as Vice-President. I found her in the data storage room, filing reports.

“Guess who’s back?” I jested, sneaking up behind her.

“Kaitlyn! You! You’re coming back?” She shouted.

“Yeah but not until tomorrow.” I replied. “Naturally, I’ll need you for my secretary.”

“Great! I hate all this damn filing!” Heather exclaimed.

“How about I take you to lunch?” I suggested.

“Let me grab my purse and I’ll be right with you.” Heather responded without being coaxed.

While I waited on Heather to run back to her office, I chatted with Evelyn at her receptionist’s station. She was thrilled to learn I was coming back, seeming quite relieved at hearing the news.

I took Heather to a restaurant called the Wharf, one of Indy’s best seafood restaurants. We sat out on the terrace, which overlooked the downtown canal. Selecting a bottle of dry white wine, we drank several glasses before ordering lunch. I filled Heather in on the “Outlaws” project while we waited for our food.

“Trey stopped by my office this morning.” Heather stated. “He apologized for what happened in Sturgis. He asked if I’d go out with him again.”

“What’d you tell him?” I asked, before thinking.

“I told him, hell no!” Heather answered. “He’s too much of a player. I don’t want a guy like that.”

“I’ll say one thing for the guy. He was a damn good fuck!” I jested. “Too bad he was such an asshole.”

“He told me he never slept with you.” Heather disclosed with a laugh. “That bastard! He’s not only an asshole, he’s a liar too!”

With our food arriving, our conversation turned to other matters. Heather expressed a desire to buy a motorcycle and learn how to ride. Since there was an agency in Noblesville Escort Anadolu Yakası that taught novice riders and helped them get their license endorsements, she could get everything taken care of before the Biketoberfest rally in Florida.

It was around 12:30pm when we left the Wharf. Having consumed a considerable amount of wine, neither of us was feeling any pain. Glancing over at Heather’s long slender legs, I had the urge to reach over and slide my hand up her skirt.

“What saw we take the rest of the day off?” I suggested. “We could go shopping or something?”

“Why don’t we go to your place and do some more celebrating?” Heather proposed, smiling.

“Is that you talking or the wine?” I asked, knowing she was quite intoxicated.

“It’s me talking.” She replied, reaching for my hand. “The wine’s just giving me the courage to express myself.”

Pulling up in front of my apartment I looked over at Heather, giving her a chance to reconsider celebrating. I could see by the hungry look in her eyes she wasn’t.

“You got anymore wine?” She giggled, entering my studio apartment.

“I’ve got some chilled Sangria in the refrigerator.” I responded.

“Why don’t you make yourself comfortable while I get it?” I suggested, heading towards the kitchen.

Heather walked through the livingroom, turning around and giving me smile before stepping into the bedroom. I was allowing my strong sexual desires for this woman override my better judgment. I hoped I wouldn’t someday regret it.

Entering the bedroom, I found Heather sitting up in bed, leaning back against the headboard. She was completely naked with the sheet pulled up to cover her breasts.

“Comfy?” I jested, setting the Sangria and two fluted wine glasses on the nightstand.

“Hmmm…yes.” She murmured, reaching out for me.

Our lips meshed in a most passionate kiss. Nothing romantic, it was raw, hardcore, sexual desire. Our lips sucked on each other’s, drawing each other deeper into our own perverse cravings. I could feel the heat emanating from Heather’s beautiful body. When our lips finally parted, we were both breathless.

“I never thought kissing another woman could be so hot.” Heather muttered, her face blush-red.

“I’m gonna have your body soaking in sweat before I get through with you.” I murmured, kissing her cheek.

“Why don’t you get undressed while I’ll pour us some refreshment?” She suggested as I rose from the bed.

Slipping out of my suit jacket, I slowly unbuttoned my blouse. Heather was pouring the Sangria and trying to watch me at the same time. Tossing the blouse on a nearby chair, I worked the zipper down on my skirt. Letting it fall to the floor, I stepped out of it, kicking it aside.

“You look so fucking hot!” Heather commented, taking a sip of the wine.

Unhooking the front clasp on my black, lacy bra, I slipped the straps off my shoulder, letting it fall behind me. I kicked off my black high-heels then put one foot on the bed to remove my thigh-high stockings. Heather was watching my every move, sipping the Sangria.

Wearing just my black bikini-cut panties, I sauntered slowly to her side of the bed. I sat down next to her, then picked up my wine glass and took a sip.

“How do you like it?” I whispered.

Speechless, Heather just nodded her head, her eyes focused on my bare breasts. We finished the two glasses of wine, placing them back on the nightstand. I refilled both glasses before setting the bottle aside.

“I couldn’t drink another drop.” Heather muttered. “I’ve had all I can drink.”

“These aren’t for drinking.” I assured her with a coy smile. “I’ve got other ideas in mind.”

Whisking the sheet to the foot of the bed, I let my eyes leisurely scan over Heather’s naked form. Her breasts were perfectly rounded with tanish-brown areolas and large nipples. Gazing momentarily at her flat tummy and cute little bellybutton, my eyes drifted lower to her neatly trimmed pubic mound. The sparse hair was just as black as the hair on her head. I glanced down at her long, slender legs, knowing I would soon have them spread wide apart.

Easing Heather into a lying position, I stretched out beside her. Our bodies were already radiating tremendous heat. I kissed her softly on the lips, holding her chin with the tips of my fingers. She responded with a loving kiss, licking my lips with the tip of her tongue. I nuzzled her neck, placing wet kisses along both sides. She was moaning softly, completely captivated by my oral stimulations.

My hand brushed lightly over one of Heather’s breasts. She gasped as my fingertips touched her nipple. It responded immediately, growing erect and hard. My lips trailed down over her breasts, nipping lightly at her soft skin. Heather’s eyes were closed, her fingers clawing at the sheets. I tugged gently on one of her nipples with my teeth, bringing a long, loud moan from the girl. Sucking the nipple between my lips, I flicked my tongue over the hardened nub.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDDDD!” Heather cried out, grabbing the back of my head.

Heather’s body gradually relaxed as I gently massaged her other breast. Flicking the nipple with my fingernail, she arched her body upwards, lifting her breasts to my lips. I sucked on it hard bring her almost to orgasm. Her body quivered in my arms, her inner desires reaching a peak. I waited until Heather’s body relaxed before continuing.

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