A Bath with You – A Simple Story

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I return home from a long business trip to a house lit with candles and you greet me at the door with a glass of wine, wearing nothing but a towel and a smile. You step up and kiss me, and my whole body responds as all of me has missed all of you. One kiss, and the time apart has melted away and the power of living in the moment, this moment, hits me and I don’t want this kiss, this feeling to end.

Looking up into my eyes, you take my hand and pull me behind you, the smell of your hair and the taste of wine from your lips still lingering…

Leaving my bag at the door, you take me by the hand and lead me through the suite into the bedroom room, where the fire is lit, the curtains are drawn and the bed is turned down. Arching my eyebrows and nodding to the bed, you smile, then shake your head no, or not yet…

I see the hunger in your eyes, echoed in mine and I stand still as you touch my face. You are in control … for the moment…

You slowly undress me, there in front of the fire so that I can feel the heat on my skin as each layer falls away, until I am naked before you. Shivering in the chill or anticipation of the moment.

You touch my lips with your own, pressing against me, letting your towel fall away, and it seems to fall in slow motion, until I can fell the full length of you. You pull me close, skin to skin, kiss me with your full body, and the points where our bodies make contact warm in contrast to the cool sir.

You then lead me into the bathroom where you have drawn a hot, steaming bath piled high with bubbles.

Together, we slip into the warm waters, you leaning against my back, me sitting in behind you, my arms around you, my mouth caressing your neck. Mmmmmm I love kissing your neck. And I can tell that you are enjoying the kisses as well, as…

You relax against me, lulled by the wine and the heat, yielding yourself to the comforting sensation

of simply being with me. Music is playing in the background, but you only hear my breathing in your ear, melodic, it further relaxes you. Warm, it comforts you.

For a while, we are content just to lie still, and to be, but eventually my hands start to move, sliding up and across your abdomen, slippery under water, rising to your breasts and drawing lazy circles in the bubbles over them. Not quite a massage, just a touch, but still my hands feel like fire – hotter than the water,and you feel my pulse quickening at my touch.

You squirm to get further back against me, feeling our bodies slide against one another, you moan as my kisses move up your neck, and the tip of my tongue finds your ear, tracing its outline, while my fingers skillfully draw out your nipples.

When my hand dips lower, between your legs, you gasp. It has been so long that you feel that you may cum with just one stroke of my hand.

You whimper as my fingers slide across you, teasing your lips, circling your clit, bringing it to full attention.

Your hips buck to meet my hand as I slip first one finger, then two, deep inside you curling up and rubbing and stimulating the tissue inside you. Soaked with your juices, I find your g-spot, sending waves through your body.

“Let go” I whisper, and so you do, surrendering your body to my touch, to the feeling of one hand playing with your breasts, my lips kissing on your neck and shoulders, and my fingers moving inside of you until you cannot stop the tidal wave.

I feel your vagina isveçbahis clamping down on my fingers and your clit slamming against my hand as your orgasm overtakes you.

As You catch your breath, you lay back, content, against me, the warm water and bubbles lapping at your breasts, my hardness pressed against my back.

The oils that you have added to the bath have made us both very slippery; and I am enjoying the sensation of your entire body sliding against me. Our skin is shiny and slick, the water forming droplets that glisten in the reflected light of the many candles around the room.

We can still feel the heat from the fire in the neighboring bedroom, embers glowing in the semi-dark, while the candles and the steam from the bath have made the bathroom comfortably warm, and i don’t feel a chill when you tell me to rise and sit on the edge of the tub.

My arms support you on either side, feet still dangling in the water. When you turn to face me, kneeling in the water, my feet. rubbing along my sides, teasing your slippery breasts, then hooking behind your back, drawing you closer.

You take my right foot in your hands, and feel my toes, slippery between your fingers, tickling them lightly, kissing them tenderly, as your hands move over my sole, up my ankle, massaging my calf, then my knee.

You repeat this with my left foot, this time nibbling on my toes, drawing one and then another into your mouth. You massage my left calf, then my shin, trailing your hands up to my knee. All the while, I am mesmerized by your body, glistening and glowing in the candlelight. Your breasts swinging rhythmically as your hands touch my legs, causing me to harden

Pushing my knees far apart, your hands continue their journey, up my slippery thighs, darting beneath my legs, moving back on top, inching your way upward, exploring the muscles of my thighs, your kisses trailing behind the path left by your hands.

Adding a bit more oil to your hands, you reach the parting of my thighs, and you slip your hands beneath me, and feel the heaviness of my balls, a pleasant weight, warm, full of life, sliding, rolling in your palms.

You can’t resist kissing one testicle, and then the other, using your tongue to probe and separate, to slide in between their roundness.

Your exploration is interrupted, though, by the thumping of my shaft on top of my head. You smile, a hungry smile, at seeing how hard you have made me, and how badly I want to feel your lips on my member, so hard and erect.

Grinning up at me, You shift back a bit, sliding along my thighs, supporting yourself and driving me mad with desire for you as I feel the sides of your breasts as the slip along the inside of my hypersensitive thighs.

Now you are in position, you can grab the base of my cock with your hand, feeling it jump at your touch.

Mmm…warm, and hard, and slippery, you can feel my heartbeat pulsing through it.

Holding me still, You take a minute to just to look at me, your eyes moving from my face back down to my member, you see the way the veins trace patterns along the shaft, see the head, dark and shiny, notice the ridges where the head joins my shaft, and the drops of pre-cum oozing out of the very tip. I am mesmerized watching you just look at me.

With your other hand, you touch a finger to my very tip, smoothing my juices over the head, mixing it the with the oils, painting the pre-cum on the crown and making isveçbahis giriş it even shinier.

And then you can resist no more, so with a smile, you lower your head, inhaling my scent, before using my cock to trace along your lips, parting them, letting your tongue come out to taste me, warm, salty-sweet.

You savor the smoothness of my tip, rolling your tongue up and over and around, You feel the slit and try to dip your tongue in, seeking more of my juices, suckling a bit to draw them out. You take my swollen head into your mouth, wrapping it with your wonderful tongue and lips, feeling me pressed up against the roof of your mouth and just hold me there for a minute, a long wonderful minute, trying to memorize the feeling.

Meanwhile, your free hand has reverted to its exploration of my legs, drawing lazy lines up the insides of my thighs, playing with my balls, ducking underneath them to feel the silky smoothness of the skin behind them, and following it to where it disappears between my cheeks, lightly stroking back over my anus. I feel your fingers and shudder as you press lightly there, then moving back up top to curl your fingers in the pubic hair around my base.

Wanting to draw me deeper now, you bend forward sliding down my shaft, inch by inch, your tongue exploring my sides as a you go, until you have me as deep as you can manage. You wrap your lips tightly around me, savoring the fullness and the warmth of my shaft in my mouth, rotating your head this way and that so that different parts of my head connect with your tongue, until you find my pulse… throbbing…

You feel one of my hands move to your hair, my fingers running through it, knotting it in my hands. You hear my breath getting rapid, ragged, and a small groan escaping my lips, and it arouses you even more to know the effect that you are having on me… knowing that I want to thrust myself in and out of your mouth, but I hold back, waiting for your lead.

You begin to move your mouth, slowly at first, up and down my shaft, followed by the hand that is still gripping the base of my cock.

You swirl your tongue over my head every time you get close to the end of my length, you suck me back in…deep into your throat.

My cock is jerking in your hands now, and my scrotum, pulls up, getting tight and this spurs you on, to stroke me faster. Now your hand ducks between your own legs, feeling your own arousal…your lips puffy, and slick with bath oil, your clit engorged with anticipation of what would come…

I’m not sure whose sounds are whose, as I’m making small noises of need that are echoed by yours.

When you started this, you thought that you were going to be satisfied with pleasing me, and perhaps touching yourself. But now you know that you need more, that you need me deep inside of you.

And so you rise from the tub, using ,me for balance and draw me up with you. Dripping moisture on the floor, you press against me… our hot, slippery bodies meeting full on…your breasts smashed against me, my cock trapped between us, my mouth desperately seeking yours, needing that connection.

You feel me hard against you, my arms wrapped around you making us merge into one. Our bodies slide against each other, and this only increases your need to a more frantic pitch.

You drag me across the room to the counter with it’s mirror behind. Bending at the waist, supporting yourself on the counter, you pull isveçbahis yeni giriş me behind you, wanting to watch both of our faces in the mirror as I enter you from behind.

Your hand guides me and you gasp as you feel my cock part my lips, first sliding up and over your clit, slick with your juices, the friction is a fantastic warm up and you respond, pushing back against me, guiding my hard swollen cock to your entrance.

You lustfully pant, “I want you NOW!” Not willing to wait, you push back against me , and I’m hard, so hard, and you take all of me into you with one thrust. A loud noise comes from somewhere deep inside of you as you feel me bottom out in your pussy.

Smiling at me in the mirror, You look at my hands on your hips, my height behind you, our joining below the waist, your breasts hanging down… swinging in rhythm. We make a such beautiful sight!

You hold still for a moment, just feeling me throbbing and pulsing inside of you, looking up at my reflection in the mirror, standing behind you, keeping you waiting for the next move.

You shiver as my wrap your arms around you, pulling you tighter, closer. You watch my hands reach around and fondle your breasts as I begin to move inside of you. My hands first cup them, feeling their full weight, as our eyes lock in the mirror. you feel my fingers find your nipples, drawing them out with my touch, flicking over them with the tips of my fingers.

Still caught in the reflection of your eyes, I feel you push back in need as I slide partway out then back in, testing our fit, like a couple of puzzle pieces, wiggling to see how deep I can go. And enjoying the show as you gorgeous boobs swing with my wiggles while your face is filled with lust and desire. You are so very beautiful.

You grind your hips against me in circular motions, wanting to feel my cock touch every part inside of you. You contract the muscles in your vagina as hard as you can, knowing that always impresses and excites me, knowing that you are trying to embrace my cock with yourself.

You feel yourself building towards climax. It isn’t going to take you long to get there and I can tell you are close. And as I start to pick up speed, you can no longer look at me in the mirror. Your eyes closed, as you surrender yourself to the sensations. Knowing that a spectacular climax is building and close.

Our breath is getting irregular. as you are bucking back against me, meeting each thrust with one of your own, and now verbally urging me to go faster…harder… harder…longer…deeper… feeling the weight of my balls swinging and knocking against you, adding to the overall sensations that you are feeling.

We are almost a blur of motion, moving together.

You are totally lost in the moment, lost in me (while I’m in you).

You sense that I am close to coming too, lasting so long, but now its time, and I am beginning to swell inside you and you contract against me again, pulling me in.

And you shudder when my hand reaches around and finds you clit, rock hard and slippery, as I slide our juices over its hardness, pushing you over the edge and at the same moment that you feel me begin to spill inside you, your contractions meeting my pulses as I cum hard inside you.

Tears of joy, of ecstasy coming down your face, as the feelings overwhelm you- a mixed sense of euphoria and peace and wholeness. Legs weak, your rock back against me and I pull you close. Content and happy we are one.

When you are able to open your eyes again, You find me looking at you in the mirror and grin at the sweaty sight of us, still joined together, my strong arms wrapped around you … content smiles on our faces.

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