A Bedtime Story

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Glancing again at her stiffening nipples he gently rubbed his cock through his tightening jeans. Her tank top was pulled taut across her ample breasts and the buds pressing outward from each betrayed her quiet excitement. His cock had been on the rise from the moment he smelled her sweet perfume, teasing his senses with its fruity aroma, mixed with the tangy fragrance of her quickly dampening cunt.

She had seen a few pictures of his cock already and knew it would do the job of quenching the fire spreading outward from her loins, like an unchecked wild fire waiting for the right hose. She hadn’t sent him any pictures in return; he could just wait to see the real thing. Now, after months of casual cybersex, she was imagining the sight of his throbbing cock, bulging beneath his jeans, begging to be released.

“Should I start?” she purred. Slipping her shirt over her head, exposing her ‘more than a handful’ breasts. Pinching a tender nipple as she ran her tongue over her lips she whispered, “Shall I continue?”

With a perverse smirk he only nodded his approval.

Bare-breasted she stood before him and slid her skirt down, revealing black and red vinyl panties. “They’re crotchless.” She grinned evilly. While he stayed in his chair she spread herself across the bed, making herself comfortable for a little playtime. “He’ll suffocate if you don’t let him out soon.” She said playfully.

Unzipping his jeans he released his pulsing shaft. Drops of precum had moistened his briefs already. The sight of her, nearly naked and only a few feet away was driving canlı bahis him wild. He wanted desperately to pinch and suck her nipples. Tossing his clothes aside he settled back into his chair to watch and enjoy the show. Their occasional cyber had given him plenty of time to consider how watching her masturbate would be, but his imagination had failed him. His excitement dripped from the tip of his cock and he slowly stroked himself. She had spread herself in front of him on the bed, legs wide so he could see her swollen pussy, glistening with her juices as she rolled her clit beneath her fingers.

Watching him release his cock from the confines of his clothes had stirred the fire beneath her fingers. As he tossed his clothes away she slid two fingers inside, sighing slightly at the penetration. After a few strokes she rubbed her wet fingers over her engorged clit, watching the precum shine on his dick. Propping several pillows up behind her she watched him slowly stroke his cock as she started working on her own throbbing cunt. She was already so wet her juice was running down to tickle her ass and soak the bedspread. Caressing her clit with one hand she used the other to finger herself. Slipping her fingers inside she began to enjoy the rhythm of her dancing hands. The thought of him watching her was making her enjoy this all the more. She loved to masturbate, but she loved to be watched even more.

As she slid her fingers inside he felt his balls contract with anticipation. She was watching his cock as he stroked, mirroring his rhythm. She was dripping wet, bahis siteleri he considered giving her a hand but decided to enjoy the show instead. There would be plenty of time to touch her soon enough, he wanted to see her cum first.

She soon found her own rhythm and began to rub more vigorously. Thrusting her fingers deeper inside she wished that she’d have brought a dildo. Her pussy was craving a cock. Looking again at him in his chair she grinned at the intense look of desire on his face. Her fingers swirled delightfully around her sensitive clit, her orgasm was coming fast and she wanted to share it with him.

“Come here,” she moaned, “I’m thirsty.” Licking her lips she watched as he came across the room, cock in hand. He knelt on the bed beside her, situating his pulsing dick in her face. As he twirled her nipple between his fingers she took him into her mouth. The taste of precum brought a wave of ecstasy to her cunt. She wanted him to come with her, filling her mouth with his sticky, hot cum.

He nearly came as she wrapped her soft lips around his dick. He would cum soon, he knew and he couldn’t wait. Pinching her nipple gently he watched her suck him in while she continued to stroke and finger herself. He swayed slightly, fucking her mouth as she licked and sucked him. He massaged her tits firmly, thinking of how many times he’d hoped to see them. He wanted to cum on them, but not this time. His orgasm was building more with ever lick and every suck. He would fill her mouth soon.

Her breathing became deeper, her breasts swelled as she bahis şirketleri inhaled. Her body began to tense as she spread her legs out wide. She moaned around his cock. Thrusting her fingers in and out vigorously she finally felt her cunt tighten. It gripped her fingers as she madly rubbed her clit; it felt like electricity coursing through her groin. Looking up at him she pleaded with her eyes. Cum with me.

He watched as she suddenly stuffed her fingers deep inside her saturated pussy. Her other hand was a blur on her clit. Looking down into her face her knew she was on the verge of her orgasm. He slid his hand behind her head and began to fuck her mouth with vigor. Her lips tightened around him as she continued to suck. Suddenly her entire body tensed, she moaned deeply, waves of pleasure washed over her body as she came. Her pussy gripped firmly around her fingers, urging her to thrust again. Just then his cum began filling her mouth, like a dam let loose a flooded riverbank. She swallowed quickly as he gushed into her. Her aching pussy clamped down as a second orgasm soaked her fingers. He was looking at her with animal lust and she loved it. He was fucking her mouth and filling her belly with his juices as her second orgasm subsided. Slowly he withdrew his cock, she licked the sticky remains from the tip as he drew away.

He sighed deeply. He knew his orgasm has helped bring on her second. He would be up for another later, for now he planned on keeping her the way he liked her, wet and horny. Kneeling on the floor he grabbed her ankles and pulled her around towards him. Running his fingers along her swollen red lips he smiled wickedly and said, “Come here, I’m hungry…” as he slipped off her panties. The crotchless, black and red vinyl pair he’d sent her for Valentine’s Day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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