A Daughter’s Sin

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Public Sex

This is the prequel to “A Mother’s Sin”, it is Maggie’s story before she became pregnant with Jimmy. It tells of the events that led to her “sin”, and her future relationship with Jimmy. In order to fully appreciate this story, you’ll need to read the first chapter, and as before, this was written in my very early experimental style away from traditional concepts. Hopefully you enjoyed!

“Oh holy shit!”

I read it again, just to be sure! But the damned bastard still had a fucking plus sign shining on it! Not good, not good at all – so this ultimately means I’m pregnant, but that’s not the problem – the problem – is who the father is, and seeing as how I haven’t taken a load from anybody but – but my own son, It narrows it down pretty good, or bad, however you want to look at it.

“Oh shit! I’m pregnant by my own fucking son!”

Just how the hell did this manage to happen to me?

Gee, maybe it had something to do with not getting laid for nearly two fucking years, or maybe it had something to do with being horny beyond help – or maybe – it had something to do with me telling him to “come in me and make Momma pregnant” you think? Nah!

Well, ok maybe it damned well did – but I think the root of my problem goes deeper than that. I think maybe it has something to do with my childhood relationship with my father – I came from a broken home, one with an over-worked father who cheated till my mother abandoned us all.

Shit, I can still remember it all – as if it were just, no – no, it was a long time ago -twenty one years ago!

I need to just forget about it all, I’m better off not even dwelling on it – especially now that I’ve got bigger problems to deal with…

“Geez… Look at me, what the fucking hell happened to me?’

…Damn, I look in the mirror – and I can see myself, as I was – twenty one years ago, a teenage girl – staring at her own, wondering what to do.

Dammit. I can still remember the awe at how my body just ballooned all in one summer. I exploded out of a b-cup and ended up in a d-cup by the time my senior year started!

Hormones! Fuck! The fucking hormones!

The same summer I got pregnant with Jimmy. Shit! I don’t wanna think about this, not now – not ever again!

After Mom left, things got kind of sticky – dad hooked up with Mom cause her family had money, and when the divorce was final, dad got nothing. We had to move in with my uncle Tim, bachelor extraordinaire, and likely the biggest womanizer in the county – next to my dad, of course.

I’ll never forget the day they brought home some slut named Lena, pure loser trash of a woman, well , girl really – she was maybe eighteen at the most.

“Wow! So you guys got like, your own place?”

“Yeah! It ain’t much, but we call it home.”

“That’s like too cool, I was gonna get my own place awhile back, but you know, I travel around so much – it just didn’t make any sense to pay rent.”

Hey! Why not? Why pay rent when you can be a super slut and smooze off old middle-aged studs?

“Hey hey, who’s this?”

“Oh, uh – this is my, uh – daughter, uh – Maggie see…”

“Wow, you don’t look old enough to have a daughter her age.”

“Hey Dad, who’s your, uh friend?”

“This is Lena, she’s gonna uh, stay the night with us. Say, us, isn’t your brother over at the pool?”


“Well would you mind picking him up for me, we’re gonna be kind of busy.”

“I guess so.”

Busy? Ha! That was a definite understatement of the century!

“Say, if you’re careful, you can drive my Monte Carlo – and there’s twenty buck on the front seat too. We’re gonna be, uh, working on the house, and you know how your little brother gets in the way all the time – so could you do us a big favor and maybe take him to see a movie or something after you pick him up, keep him out of the house for awhile -you think?”

“Yeah sure, Uncle Tim.”

Dad and Uncle Tim couldn’t lie worth a shit, not even to do what they did best – get laid! It was a wonder they every managed to even pick up a woman to begin with. Even at twenty, I knew exactly what they were up to. I wasn’t that naïve, and besides – Ricky’s swimming class wasn’t over for another hour and a half.

“Johnny dude, man – you’re daughter has got the biggest set of tits I ever seen on a kid, like for real – I mean like how old is she? Fifteen or what?”

“Yeah, she’s got a rack…”

“She’s twenty, and sporting d-cups – I been telling his ass he’s fixing to start having boy trouble around here shortly!”

Nosy little weasel I was at twenty, I decided to cruise Uncle Tim’s car down the street about half a block – and then I walked back to the house and crawled through my bedroom window, so I could spy on them.

By the time I got back, they were all – sitting around with booze , discussing – of all things, my tits – how crude was that? Little weasel that I was, though I stayed hidden in my room and continued to listen in on their lewd little conversation.

“I’m telling you man, them big ass tits ain’t nothing but trouble!”

“You ain’t grandbetting giriş gotta tell me about tits, Tim – Hell! They already causing me problems, girl done went through two bra sizes in the last couple months man – talk about…”

“You’re shittin’ me, she got that big all at once? Hell! I bet your horny old ass is eatin’ that shit up, huh? Big tit man that you are!”

“Fuck! What? You ain’t just shitin’ neither!”

Little did I suspect what I was about to hear would change my life forever.

“The other night she come waltzing out with no bra on, and them big fuckers were just flopping like, all over – and I nearly damn shit myself Tim!”

My father, my father – had gotten aroused by me, by me – and I didn’t even know it!

“Had to get up right in the middle of Dallas and fucking crank one out, I shit you not – hell – I still don’t know who the fuck shot J.R. neither damn it!”

Worse still, he’d gotten up and beat off afterwards – and I wondered at the time, if he’d been thinking of me while he did it. To hear such a thing was horrible, to any daughter – much less a twenty year old one who was smack dab at the end of puberty, with her emotions confused as all hell.

“I tell you what, if she wasn’t my daughter – hoo-eee, it’s just be on…”

For awhile, I was just in shock, and then – as I came to grips with the fat that he was actually bragging about it, to his brother and some slut they dragged home – I began to get nauseous, but still – I remained glued to their every word, spying on them was no longer an option – as I was in to much shock to move, or leave by this point.

One bottle of whisky later, dad and Uncle Tim were tag teaming the slut on the coffee table. And I stood there and watched the whole thing!

“Damn bro… you gotta get you some of that!”

“Oh yeah, time to party babe!”

“Yeah, yours cocks are so fucking huge! Come on and fuck me while I suck Tim!”

Finally, I managed the willpower to close the door and seal myself off from the lewd display in the living room. But, unfortunately not before I played witness to my Father ejaculating all over the girl’s face and tits.

Never before, had I been a participant – nor even a witness, to sex, and the entire display had me on the verge of vomiting up my lunch – cold chills scrambled up and down my spine, and feverish sweat enveloped my entire body.

Despite my shock – my revulsion – all I could think of, was – how damn large my Father’s cock was!

I was sickening myself mentally, but I couldn’t help it – it was like an image burned into my brain that I couldn’t get rid of, he and my Uncle were like fucking mules. At least, this could explain how such losers could manage to get women so easily!

Damn, the image of him shooting all over the slut’s tits – gobs and gobs and gobs of nasty goo!

He said he had to do that after he watched me, watched my tits bounce the other night. I disgusted myself, but I had to wonder – was he thinking about squirting all over my tits when he was beating off that night during Dallas? Do it for real if I gave him the opportunity to?

Somewhere amidst that point, I realized my panties were wet, wet with something other than pee – and I came face to face with the fact that the idea was, exciting e – making my heart race – and I spent the next hour puking!

Later that evening, I found myself staring into my closet mirror wondering how in hell my body could be going through so many damned changes so damned fast. Not only were my tit’s the only thing getting bigger, from the looks of my profile – my ass was spreading enough to accommodate two teenage girls.

“Damn! Look at my big fat fucking ass!”

The big titties I figured could eventually learn to live with, but the ass – good grief! I was just barely twenty, looking fifteen with an ass of a thirty year old with four kids – it was ludicrous – let me be the first to thank my Mother for her “fabulous” anal genes!

Fuck! I wondered if Dad had a thing for big asses too! He’d had a thing for Mom and she’d had humongous jugs and an ass you could park semi trucks behind without seeing the doors opening., and what about Lena – the slut sleeping on our couch in the hall, smelling of sex and whiskey? She was flabby as hell, just about what I’d call fat around the edges – and Dad and Uncle Tim rode her hard for hours.

Maybe Dad was just fucking with Uncle Time, trying to gross him out – they’d pick at each other like that sometimes, maybe he wasn’t serious about jacking off after seeing me.

The curiosity was starting to get the better of me now that the revulsion was fading, I began to wonder – and wonder enough to maybe, whether I was all that – or it was just a joke.

“What the hell do you want, turd?”

“Who’s the lady sleeping on the couch out there?”

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to, Ricky, and trust me – you don’t wanna know.”

“What are you doing anyway?”

“What the fuck does it look like I’m doing?”

“Admiring yourself, it looks like – don’t know why though.”

“Admiring, grandbetting yeni giriş shit! Far, far from it – really.”

I knew men liked big tits, but could they really be that gaga over them? I mean enough to pork their own daughters? The curiosity was starting to kill me, but I just couldn’t bring myself to make the move on my Dad to find out.

But my little brother on the other hand, was my little personal bitch!

“Ricky, do you think my tits are too big?”

“Do what?’

“You heard me douche bag, are my tits too motherfucking big?”

The opportunity to find out, was at hand – and Ricky wouldn’t dare tell on me, he’s too scared I’d kick his ass later – course – he’s only eighteen, barely! He might not even know a boner even if I gave him one.

“I mean look at ’em, they’re fucking huge! Don’t you think they’re too big?”

When I popped them up over my bra cups, the look on his face was absolutely priceless! His eyes glazed over, his mouth drooped open – and his expression was akin to something like a cross between litter revulsion and sheer awe, and after a second – awe was the apparent winner in the reaction contest.

He was so shocked he couldn’t even respond, and just stood there – gawking at my tits, while I played with them right in front of him.

“Well turd head, what do you think? Are they too big or fucking what? Why you just staring at ’em?”

“Uh, no reason – I mean, I was just, uh… put it back on Maggie!”

“Why? What’s wrong? Am I giving you a boner or something, huh?”

“No! I just, well – they, well..”

“Yeah I am, you got a fucking boner off my titties, didn’t you?”

“No! No I didn’t, uh, no I don’t I mean!”

“Get off my bed, and come here you little weasel, and prove it!”

“Stop it Maggie! Get away, I don’t wanna see them – stop it!”

“Pull your shirt up and prove it, prove you don’t got a boner! Come on turd! It ain’t like I ain’t never seen your weenie before, damn!”

“Stop I said, I’m gonna go tell Dad on you dang it!”

“And I’ll tell him I caught you wanking off to me, how about that you little turd? Just show me, damn it!”

Oh, I’d seen his weenie plenty of times over the years, hell we used to bathe together as little kids – but the truth was, I hadn’t seen him naked in years. I wasn’t even half prepared for what I saw when I grabbed his shirt tail and lifted it up.

“Oh damn it, Ricky, where the fucking hell did that come from?”

No sooner had I asked the question, than I knew what the answer was, genetics – the same set that gave me my big ass and titanic tits, passed on to him an evidently larger than normal man-package!

“What are you talking about, huh? I told you I didn’t have no dang boner!”

Obviously, I wasn’t the only one in the house that puberty had been screwing with over the last couple years. My little brother was fucking hung from the looks of the bulge in his underwear.

“What? What? Shit, Ricky! Is that fucking for real or what?”

“What? What are you talking about, Maggie?”

“Hello? The sack full of goodies, is that a sock or have you inherited Dad’s jewels? Oh, just forget it, just take off your fucking clothes and I’ll see for myself!”

“What? My clothes? Screw that Sis! Aw, man, geez – come on!”

“Do it now, or I’ll kick your fucking ass!”

“You are so weird Sis, I hope you know that.”

“Hurry up turd boy, damn!”

“I don’t know what you’re so fired up about, I done told you I didn’t have no dang boner!”

“Oh, I can see that, now come on, lose the briefs – wonder boy!”

By that point I was absolutely enthralled with the prospect of inspecting a big penis up close and personal, even if it was my little brother’s.

“Chill out, would you!”

“Oh shut up and give me that shirt!

“You’re really starting to freak me out…”

“Come on, drop ’em damn it, I’ve seen you naked more times than you have! Quit acting like you’re scared…”

How could my brother have developed so hugely and I have not noticed it? Well, for starters I guess I didn’t make it a habit to inspect the size of his package on a regular basis.

When he finally lowered the elastic waistband on his briefs, I nearly fainted. I literally remember my knees buckling beneath me, and I dropped down on the mattress like a dead weight.

Awestruck, by the sight of his mammoth tube of male flesh as it flopped over the elastic band and slithered into view. I was totally completely, unable to speak at all – no words could describe my shear shock, and lewd fascination.

His balls were so huge, fat and round – and I kept wondering how much spooge they could possibly be holding. I felt my heart speed up and skip several beats – a chill climbed up my spine, and my nipples turned to pinks rocks – and then – my lecherous fascination got the better of me.

“Make if get hard, Ricky!”

“You’re kidding right?”

“No, I’m not – I wanna see it hard, big and fat and hard!”

Somehow, where my confidence to confront my Father had failed, grandbetting güvenilirmi it was now seizing upon the incestuous opportunity to, to, tantalize my brother. I still can’t say for sure what exactly, made me say that to him – whether it was my sheer juvenile fascination with male anatomy or, whether it was some sort of sick uncontrolled sexual urge.

I guess I could blame it on the hormones, or I could blame it on my Father’s lewd display and conversation that made me start thinking about dicks and sex and, shit – and incest!

Nut honestly, I don’t really think it was altogether any of those things – I really believe I just went absolutely, cock crazy – plain and simple – I saw what a big one could do – wanted some – and when Ricky popped his python out, my hormones just went insane.

“Well I can’t just make it get hard.”

“Well, it’s sure getting thicker all of a sudden, why’s that if you can’t make it do that?”

“Well, well it’s cause your – well – you know!”

“I know what? Oh, is it my tits? My tits are doing that?”

All at once, I was discovering my own sexuality – finding out that my body was, attractive – and the idea didn’t repulse me as it had with my Father. Now, with Ricky – for some odd reason, it made me horny as all hell!

“Oh crap! Maggie, what are you doing?”

“Just makin’ my big old titties bounce for you…”

“Oh, shit – dang – don’t do that Maggie!”

I wasn’t stupid. I knew what Ricky wanted to see, what he wanted me to do. I knew exactly why men liked big titties, because they bounced.

“Why not? You like it don’t you? Don’t you?”

“Yeah, but it’s making me hard!”

“Well good, I want you hard – cause I want you to beat off, I want you to spank it for me, Ricky!”

To my shock though, Ricky stood up and headed for the damn door instead of doing what I knew he wanted to do.

“Hey! Where the fuck do you think you’re going turd? Come here you little worm!”

“Fuck that! This is way too fucking weird ok. I mean – you’re my sister, I’m not supposed to do that!”

But, by that point – I was too riled to let it go at just that, oh no – I wasn’t just gonna let it end on that note.

“Bullshit! You’re supposed to do, whatever I fucking tell you to do, remember? Or do you want me to beat some memory into you?”

“Come on, Maggie -it’s weird – it’s just too weird! Don’t make me do this, please don’t…”

Man, to hear him begging like he was – you’d have thought he really didn’t want to do it, but his hard – and I mean – raging cock, well – it told a completely different story altogether.

The closer I stood to him, the harder it grew – until by the time I’d pinned at the door, the damned oversized bastard was purely maroon and swollen so fat that the skin was tight and shiny.

Oh no, I wasn’t making him do a damned thing he didn’t want to do, no – no – he just needed a little bit of coaxing, cause he was still a virgin, and afraid of pussy – and me being his big sister just made the whole thing all that more intimidating to him.

So, I decided to change my tactics just a tad.

“Fine, I’ll let you go if you look me straight in the eyes, and tell me you don’t want to jack off – when I do this to you.”

“Oh Maggie, don’t do that!”

“That’s what I thought, now go over there and get on my bed and beat off for me…”

“You better not tell on me, and I mean it too!”

Men! Ha! They are just total suckers for tits! Good pun, huh? He might have been scared to death of me, but he just couldn’t turn my big flopping tits down – even if he fucking wanted to.

“Uh, Maggie – you’re not gonna, you know – you’re not gonna do me are you?”

Until that particular moment, the idea had not even crossed my mind – but as soon as he mentioned it, the concept sang to me – wooing me into action – action that would forever change my life.

“Why? Do you want me to?”

“I, I don’t know – I never, you know – I ain’t never done it.”

“Neither have I, stupid – that’s why I’m messing’ around with you turd!”

“Dad would kill is, if he finds out…”

“So I guess you better not tell him then, huh?”

“Do you really, wanna do it? I mean you’re not just messing with me for a joke, are you? Cause this, this ain’t funny…”

“Do I fucking look like I’m playing a motherfucking prank?”

“No, and that’s what’s freaking me out Maggie!”

What the hell, I figured – you gotta have a first time at some point – at least if it’s with your little brother and you mess up, ain’t no big deal.

“Well then, just freak all you want little brother – cause you and me are fixing to fuck!”

When I lowered my panties – I thought sure he was gonna spooge himself – right then and there from the look on his face, and the way his hand leapt to grab his dick and squeeze it – I guess, to stop the flow before he erupted.

“Oh holy crap, Maggie!”

“Oh, yeah – beat it while I’m taking my clothes off – come on Ricky, don’t be a big pussy – do it for me, you know you want to – you know you wanna beat off to me, don’t you?”

I still wasn’t really sure I wanted to give my virginal pussy to him – my stupid little brother – no matter how big his cock was – but – if that’s what he wanted to think was happening, so be it – because at that point, all I really wanted was to watch him shoot off like my Father had earlier in the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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