A Public Argument

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This short story is just an idea that was floating around my head I had to get down on paper but didn’t have the time to make into a larger work.


We were like fire and ice, always have been. Water and oil. Two fundamentally incompatible people. That would be totally fine, we were more than happy to go our separate ways, believe me. The only problem was that we were siblings.

Maya was two years older than me and she never let me forget that fact. It didn’t matter that we were both in college, I was always “little Danny” to her, the perpetual baby brother who could never in a million years be right.

In some ways, it was mutually beneficial to be constantly at our throats. All my life I’ve been trying to catch up to her and all her life, she’d try to outrun me both literally and academically. We were both active in track and field and both made it into the state college.

In other, more immediate ways, she was the bane of my existence.

“It’s not a problem at all, you’re just a spoiled brat,” Maya said.

The entire track and field team, all eight of us, were sitting around a table at the Huntsman Bar & Grill for our monthly “team-building” dinner. The topic at hand was the bus situation, a long-running complaint among students and faculty.

Over the last two decades, the number of people living in Marion had almost doubled. The public transit system, however, had not. That meant that during peak rush hour, the busses were crammed full to burst with the doors barely being able to close. People wedged up against one another in the humid, hot air.

Everyone I knew hated it and someone at Marion College had started collecting signatures for this year’s petition to the mayor. The third such petition.

Almost everyone.

“We grew up in the same house and it doesn’t have anything to do with being spoiled if you don’t like suffocating in a crowd of people,” I insisted and turned to the others. “Am I right?”

All six of our team members made a point to avoid my gaze, looking like they wished they were somewhere else. I wish I could say it was the first time we had a heated sibling argument but we did have a reputation.

“I have my own car,” Tom muttered and shrugged.

“Maybe one of the WOMEN at the table can chime in?” I pleaded. “Surely you don’t like being squashed up against people all the time.”

“What kind of sexist bullshit is that?” Maya growled before anyone else could reply. “What does any of this have to do with being a woman?”

“I read online that sometimes assholes like to grope women and—”

“Right, I know what kind of porn you watch.”

“It’s not porn!” I said feeling the heat rise to my face. “It was a feminist magazine.”

“You have no idea what it’s like being a woman, don’t you dare try to lecture me, baby brother.”

“I wouldn’t have to lecture you if you weren’t being so stupid.”

Maya rolled her eyes.

“What’s stupid is everyone having to suddenly pay more for our tickets just because you want to be able to sit your lazy ass down.”

“I don’t care if I sit or stand, I just don’t want to be suffocated by a bunch of people. Do you?”

“I’ve never had any problems,” Maya sneered.

That was a lie, of course. You didn’t have to be an expert in body language to tell she was just being her usual stubborn self but, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was. The jutted out chin, the crossed arms, it was clear. Maya was not going to back down no matter what.

“So you’re telling me you’re okay being sandwiched by two greasy, smelly guys?”

“That would never happen and if it did, it’s not a big deal. It’s just a bus ride, you’ll live.”

“It happens all the—” Greta started and cut off, wincing as she realized she had entered the conversation.

“Thank you!” I said immediately.

Maya turned her head to the twenty-two-year-old long-distance runner and stared a death-glare.

“Maybe not everyone is as prude as you,” Maya snarled.

Greta paled and looked away.

“Too far,” Sarah muttered.

Instead of an apology, Maya turned her death-glare on me. Her brown eyes were like daggers and I knew what was going through her head. “This is all your fault.” She knew it was an indefensible position as well as I did.

“Are you saying you’d enjoy getting groped on the bus?” I asked.

I received a nudge in my side from Tom’s sharp elbow. I ignored it.

“Maybe I am,” Maya said.

“Why don’t we order some ice cream?” Harry suggested.

“No, I wanna hear more kadıköy escort about—”

“HONESTLY, WOULD YOU TWO SHUT UP ALREADY?” Sarah shouted loud enough for the entire block to hear.

“Yeah, we’re supposed to be a team, not kill each other,” Tom added.

“But—” I started.

“One more word and I’m gonna have to tell coach,” Sarah threatened.

That did it. Maya and I were already on thin ice with her due to our squabbling and I wasn’t looking forward to another lecture.

I took a deep breath and realized just how tense my entire body was. I unclenched my fists and saw my nails had left a gouge mark in my palm.

Maya stuck out her tongue at me.


“I’ll see you tomorrow in math,” I said, waving.

“See ya,” Mike called out from the couch.

It was late in the evening but not yet dark. The air was warm with a gentle breeze carrying the smells of nearby restaurants into my nostrils. I closed the door behind me and headed down the stairs.

It had been an enjoyable Friday evening of pizza and video games, which I sorely needed after a strenuous week. I stretched my legs, glad that I wore shorts instead of something longer. It wasn’t the most comfortable jogging attire but it was better than nothing.

Mike’s house was about a mile from the nearest bus stop and I broke into a light trot. Not enough to strain my muscles but enough to make myself feel better about eating an entire pepperoni pizza.

A quarter-mile to the stop, the bus passed me. It was one of the long, articulated buses that serviced downtown. Line five. Even though it was almost seven, the carriage was crammed. I decided that I’d wait for the next one. Half an hour of waiting in exchange for some personal comfort.

But then my heart skipped a beat.

In the back car, wedged between two tall figures, was someone I would have recognized blind. Maya, looking down at her phone.

Without thinking, I picked the pace into a near sprint. The bus wasn’t going very fast due to traffic and the street light ahead was red. I passed the bus and arrived at the bus stop first, wheezing for breath. I moved to the front, putting a group of four between myself and the line of sight of the bus.

It was the best opportunity I could have hoped for to teach my sister a lesson.

Three people got off the bus and I waited patiently before entering at the front. It took me a full minute to squeeze my way into the back section, receiving more than one complaint. The air was very humid and it didn’t help that I had just sprinted at what felt like record pace. My heart was beating fast, not just from exertion.

As far as I could tell, Maya hadn’t noticed anything. She was facing away from me, still looking down at her phone. She had just enough room to raise her hand, standing next to an older gentleman. Her elbows were pressed up on the window.

It looked like she had been hanging out with friends, too. She wasn’t wearing enough makeup for a night out and she wore her usual clothes, yoga pants, and a cami top.

Briefly scoping out the situation, I decided the coast was clear. The older man had his back turned to her and the woman on the other side was just as deeply engrossed in her own phone. I took another step close and reached past the man.

I was just close enough for my fingertips to bump into her waist.

Maya looked around and I stepped to the side, pretending I was yawning while hiding from her view. When I took another peek, Maya was looking at her phone again.

It was go-time. I muttered an apology and wedged past the guy to stand behind my sister. Over her shoulder, I saw that she was texting her friend Amy.

Reaching out carefully, I touched her butt cheek with four fingertips. Maya startled and less than a heartbeat later, she batted away my hand. I grinned.

There wasn’t enough room to really swing my arm but I was still able to get at least a decent wind-up. I smacked her ass with an open palm.

Maya jumped.

“Fucking cut it—”

Her words died in her mouth as soon as she turned around enough to see my pretty mug.

“What’s the matter?” I said sarcastically. “You don’t like it after all?”

“No—I—That—” she spluttered. “I was just surprised, that’s all.”

“Uh-huh, sure. You’re still not gonna admit you were wrong?”

“I wasn’t wrong.”

God, why was she so damn stubborn? It was maddening.

“So you don’t mind if some stranger üsküdar escort does this?” I asked and put my hand on her ass.

“Nope, why would it bother me?” she countered, jutting out her chin.

“You’re seriously going to pretend like this is normal?”

“Watch me,” Maya snapped and turned to face the window again, dislodging my hand.

I wasn’t going to just let that sit with me and reached for her butt again. That time, Maya didn’t so much as flinch. She just kept tapping away and I didn’t have to look to know she was complaining about me to her friend.

Part of me knew that it was weird for me to touch her on the ass like that but another, much stronger, part of me was furious with her stubbornness. It was that other part of me that squeezed, surprised to find that my sister had quite the firm ass.

Maya ignored it.

“Seriously?” I asked, squeezing her flesh again.

No response.

Well, two could play at that game. I began rubbing her ass cheek, planning my next move. When she was dead-set on something like that, it would take serious effort to dislodge her. I have managed it in the past before, so I knew it was possible.

The bus slowed down and I looked up. We were still downtown and a sizable group of people was waiting at the curb. If her destination was the same as mine, home, it would take at least another twenty-five minutes.

The doors opened and I felt the pressure on my back increase. The humidity seemed to spike and sweat was running down my back. The only reason I was packed in like a sardine on the stupid bus was Maya’s fault and her idiotic refusal to admit she was wrong.

The sooner I could get her to break, the sooner I could get off and wait for the next bus. Time to make Maya uncomfortable.

I weaseled my fingers under the elastic hem of her yoga pants, touching her bare butt. I must have accidentally gotten inside her underwear too because my fingertips only grazed bare skin.

“Enjoying yourself?” Maya asked, sounding bored.

“Just admit you were wrong.”

Maya huffed.

I really thought that would have done it but she just brushed it off.

I shoved my hand deeper down her pants until I could cup her cheek. I squeezed it a few times without any reaction. It was unreal.

I double-checked just to make sure I hadn’t accidentally grabbed someone else but no, my hand was wedged inside of Maya’s yoga pants. She wore bubble-gum pink briefs; her cheeks formed a very neat crack.

Could I…?

No, I couldn’t. That was too much.

But if it was too much for me, it was definitely too much for her.

I moved my hand to the middle and pushed my middle finger between her buttcheeks. At once, Maya stiffened, standing up straighter.

“Something wrong?” I asked.

“Nope, all good.”

The warmth was intense. My middle finger made contact with smooth skin. I pushed my hand down a bit until I felt the wrinkly bumps of her sphincter. A wave of dizziness briefly washed over me and it didn’t hit me until then how odd it was to be touching my big sister’s asshole.

How had it come to that?

It was Maya who broke first. She started fidgeting back and forth, clearly uncomfortable. I made my move.

Increasing pressure, I began rubbing back and forth over her sphincter. Very small come hither movements, repeatedly drawing my tip over her back entrance.

The squirming stopped suddenly and Maya sniffed. She was frowning out the window.

What if she was right? What if she really didn’t care?

No, that was nonsense. Her act was highly convincing but I knew it was just an act. She wasn’t going to fool me that easily. The screen on her phone was off, she wasn’t paying any attention to it.

I still had one move left.

Withdrawing my hand from her backside, I reached around her waist and slipped it down her front. Just an inch with my palm flat against her abdomen.

“All you have to do is admit you were wrong,” I said.

“Bite me.”

I found out two things very quickly. One, that my sister was shaved completely smooth, and two, that she was wet. My index finger slipped right between her folds and my palm was sticky with her juices.

I couldn’t believe it. My heart was pounding in my chest and I was breathing like I just ran a marathon. I pushed my hand in deeper between her legs and Maya widened her stance.

A second finger slipped inside of her pussy.

The bus slowed down again and the oddity of the situation tuzla escort struck me. I was fingering my own sister in a crowd of dozens of people and nobody had any idea. Through the window, I saw a group of four people waiting. The pressure around me eased up at first as people got off, then increased again.

The pressure inside me was at an all-time high. Maya’s pussy was sopping wet and I heard schlick-schlick of my fingers plunging inside her even over the rumble of the motor. My wrist began to ache and sweat rolled down my spine.

I wasn’t the only one feeling it. Maya’s eyes were closed and she supported herself with both hands pressed against the window, phone clutched awkwardly in her right. She was tense and her ribcage inflated and deflated with her shallow breathing.

All of a sudden, I felt her thigh begin to tremble. Then the rest of her body followed. She let out a long, drawn-out sigh that only I heard and bristled. She rolled back her head and her lips parted.

I was so fascinated I forgot to finger her. She slowly opened her eyes and she jumped, looking left and right. Her eyes went wide and I saw her big eyes in the reflection of the glass.

Quickly, I withdrew my hand. Risking a quick glance down, I saw that my entire palm and both index and middle finger were covered in a white frothy substance. The temptation to lick it was strong but I was sure my sister was going to blow up any second.

This was different than even the worst of our arguments. Yes, she had been stubborn and refused to admit she was wrong but I had taken it too far. Way, way too far.

Oh, God. I fingered my own sister. Despite that realization, my cock was achingly hard.

Why was she still looking at my reflection, not saying anything? Was she waiting for me to beg for forgiveness? Was she going to call the cops?

“Ready to admit defeat, baby brother?” Maya mocked, slightly out of breath.

That was it? After all that, she was just going to pretend like it was just part of their game? After he had fingered her to a climax?

I was dumbstruck.

The bus slowed down again. I barely noticed the weight of the people around us. The bus accelerated.

“So that was it?” Maya continued, looking over her shoulder at me. Her eyes practically glowed. “That was all you got?”

As she was putting the phone into her purse, a hand suddenly grabbed my dick through my shorts. I looked down and was surprised to see Maya’s hand, squeezing my shaft.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Maya taunted me.

My heart was thumping so loud I was sure that everyone in the bus heard. With one hand, I pushed on the small of Maya’s back and with the other, I pushed down my shorts just enough to pull out my cock. It slapped against her butt, wedged between our bodies.

Yanking down the back of Maya’s yoga pants to expose her ass, she conveniently widened her stance and leaned forward. Her body pressed against the window and she stuck out her behind.

Without another thought, I guided my cock between her cheeks until my tip touched the hot, warm spot between her legs. I pushed inside and grabbed her waist.

It was an awkward position but I was beyond caring. All I knew was that my cock was inside of a warm pussy and I didn’t care whose it was or where we were. I thrust in vigorously and only withdrew reluctantly.

Never in my entire life had I felt such an incredible need to cum. I needed it more than anything in the world.

And I did. Like a bolt of lightning, the powerful climax electrified my body and I plunged in deep, pumping cum until my balls were drained.

Breathing hard, I opened my eyes and nearly jumped in surprise, remembering where I was and who I was fucking.

My sister. On a bus.

Quickly, I pulled my already softening cock out and shoved it back in my pants. Maya grabbed the hem of her yoga pants, lifted it up, and shimmied until her butt was once again covered. She turned around, smirking at me.

“Ready to admit I’m right yet?” she asked, cocking her head.

Confused, it took my brain a second to process the question.

“You really… don’t care if a stranger fucks you?” I asked, puzzled.

The bus slowed down.

Maya threw her arms around me and moved in. She kissed me on the lips, a short but sweet kiss that tasted like watermelon.

“You’re not a stranger, are you?” she asked and moved in closer to whisper, “And next time you’re gonna have to try harder.”

“Next time?” I gasped.

Maya nodded and let go of me.

“That’s my stop,” she announced.

One second she was there, the next she nimbly squeezed herself between two people and was gone.

It was only ten minutes later that I realized it had been my stop, too. I got off at the next stop and decided to walk home the two miles. I needed time to process everything that had happened.

And I needed to come up with a plan.

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