A VERY Dirty Trick

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It was the summer after my senior year of High School. My parents decided to take a much needed vacation to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Since they would be gone for 10 days they decided rather then leaving me home by myself they sent me to stay with my Uncle and Aunt who lived on the Beach.. I had no complaints since I loved the beach. They were what you considered the cool couple in the family. My Uncle Tim, whom was my fathers brother, was 4 years younger then my father. Placing him at the age of 36. He kept in good shape and had a beautiful wife. I had only been there a couple of hours when Aunt Pam got a call from her boss saying that they needed her in New York A.S.A.P. She was bummed that she had to leave, and didn’t know when she would be back, but work calls. She flew out that night.

After my Aunt left things took a sudden turn. I noticed Uncle Tim looking at my in a different way. Initially I let it slide since we had been drinking. But his attraction to me became quite obvious as time went on.. We had a fun evening in the pool and then watching a movie while eating leftover pizza from dinner.. I noticed him looking at my chest when he suddenly asked a surprising question..

“Liz, are you a virgin?” he asked..

“Um, Uncle Tim, why do you ask?” I replied, not knowing what to say. I wasn’t a virgin, but my father didn’t know that..

“I was just wondering sweetheart..” he said as he placed his hand on my thigh. “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.” he continued.

“No, I lost my virginity in ninth grade.” I said, feeling a bit uncomfortable with the situation.

“Your a very beautiful girl Liz, I am sure all the guys are after you.” his hand inching his way towards my crotch.

I could feel my body responding to his bahis firmaları touch. I too had been drinking and was trying to convince myself that the feelings I was having for my Uncle was only because of the alcohol that I had consumed.

“You really think I am beautiful Uncle Tim?” I asked innocently. I couldn’t believe what was happening, let alone the fact that I was enjoying it..

“Yes, I think you are very beautiful Liz…” He said as his hand touched my pussy through my bikini bottoms. Very gently at first..

“In fact I think your so beautiful that my cock has been raging hard ever since you walked in our front door.. Truthfully, I have given Pam quite a workout since you got here.. But it is you I want” He whispered in my ear as he got closer and closer…

I was so turned on all I wanted was my Uncle.. He looked me in the eye.. and brought my face to his as he kissed me.. I was lost in his embrace.. Wanting him to take me. I had never been with a real man before. Just boys who are out to get off..

He laid me down on the couch kissing my body as he did so.. Slowly peeling my bikini off of my body. Kissing his way down to my pussy.. I gasped as his mouth came in contact with my wetness. Feeling as if I had never been touched before. His mouth was so talented. Licking and teasing in all the right ways… Before I knew it my whole body was shuddering in climax.. He looked up and smiled at me as my body relaxed.

He got up off the couch, removing his shorts and shitting on the sofa next to me..

“Liz, I do believe it is your turn.” he said winking at me..

I had never gone down on a man before.. I never thought any of the guys who I messed around with deserved that pleasure.. But my Uncle Tim did… I got between kaçak iddaa his legs.. kissing his cock first, testing the waters since it was something I had never done, and frankly didn’t know too much about. He moaned when my mouth encircled his manhood.. I began moving up and down on his cock.. licking and fondling it as his hips began to move.. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of my mouth..

“Did I do something wrong?” I said worried..

“Oh no sweetheart.. You were doing very well.. Too good in fact. If you had continued I would have cum in your mouth, and I am not through with the rest of you yet.” he smiled wickedly.

He picked me up into his arms and carried me to his bed.. Placing me gently on the satin sheets. Covering my body with his as he guided his cock to my pussy.. I wanted it so bad I almost screamed when he teased the lips of my pussy. Finally he put it in my pussy and slammed it in me.. My pussy responded immediately with a wondrous orgasm, pulling him into me even more..Just when he started moving in my pussy is when the night took yet another unexpected turn..

My Aunt Pam walked in the bedroom door.. Uncle Tim stopped his movement as well as I.. and we all stood there in shock. She walked into the room, looked and him, and started screaming..

“How could you do this?” she yelled..

“You mean this?” he said as he began to move his cock into my wetness again..

I was so shocked I didn’t move at all..

All the sudden my Aunt smiled, and walked to the other side of the bed. She began undressing and then joined us on the bed. Her body was so beautiful, perfect.. She gently brushed away the hair from my face with her manicured nails.. and said looking at me..

“What I meant is.. How could you start without kaçak bahis me?” with a sly look on her face..

I couldn’t believe it.. Obviously she could sense my confusion..

“Liz sweetheart. I have to admit you were set up. This was my brilliant idea, but of course your Uncle and his horny self was happy to oblige. My boss didn’t really call me in, I just wanted to see you fuck your Uncle Tim, and truthfully, now that I see what a hot little number you are, I want to have a piece of you myself”.. she said right before she took a nipple into her mouth.

Between her sucking on my hard little nipples and my Uncles big cock slamming into my pussy, I lost all thought of wrongdoing and was lost in yet another orgasm..not noticing Aunt Pam getting up until she straddled my face..

“Liz, my pussy got really wet watching you fuck your Uncle, you are such a slut.. Why don’t you lick it for me.. ” she said incredibly seductive..

The farthest I had ever been with another woman was when I was in Junior High and my best friend and I experimented with kissing.. But, I wanted to taste my Aunt so bad that I had no second thoughts and I grabbed her and pushed her pussy onto my mouth and began licking her wetness.. I could really tell that Uncle Tim was enjoying the view because he began slamming in my pussy really hard.. I kept nibbling on Aunt Pam’s clit and licking her pussy and could feel her enjoyment.. She was obviously really worked up because before I knew it she came all over my face.. She rolled off of me.. catching her breath as she played with my nipple…Uncle Tim continued to fuck me good, giving me yet another orgasm. He then pulled out of my pussy..

“Open wide girls..” He said..

We did as told and he emptied his balls all over our faces, in our mouths, and on our tits. We licked every drop off of each other and feel asleep peacefully content..

I now spend every summer with my Aunt and Uncle.. needless to say there is never a dull moment.

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