A Visit to Dom House Ch. 03

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I thumbed through one of those glossy movie magazines as I waited for my slave to be prepared at Dominie House – known to its exclusive membership as “Dom House”, of course.

I was only reading it because the magazine had an interview with me, and was in the form of one of those Question and Answer things. The last question read: “And tell our readers, Linda, what do you do to get away from it all?”

If I’d told them “I go to Dom House and enjoying punishing my lovely 40-year-old, big-busted blonde masochist slave by giving her orgasm denial sessions”, they probably wouldn’t have believed me! Or, even worse, they just might!

At 28 I may be one of the world’s leading movie stars, but I’m one of those “pretty” blondes, with a tiny little 32-22-33 inch figure, which may account for why I like punishing big-busted women!

So I’d given them one of my stock-in-trade answers, something about curling up with a book of Alekhine’s best games of chess, or enjoying videos of Debbie Does Dallas – no, it was chess, honest!

I’d learned chess from my father, a former high court judge who was on speaking terms with the husband of the impossibly snooty woman sitting opposite me. At least she was preferable to that vulgar black supermodel, also waiting with us in the lounge – well, she calls herself a “supermodel”, but I think she’s just a trollop.

The snooty woman who’s married to the civil servant – he’s high-ranking, but a civil servant? I ask you – has a penchant for flogging her slaves.

The black bitch is into cock and ball torture, which is so gross, if you ask me. She talks about “putting the squeeze” on her slaves, which she thinks is funny, but I think is gross. Give me orgasm denial any day!

The civil servant’s wife got escorted away for her session first. It didn’t worry me, I knew it took a while for them to prepare Pat for my session, but it seemed to irk Madam Supermodel!

Then the black bitch, who drives this appallingly ostentatious Bentley Arnage, was called on. I’ll take my sporting little Mini Cooper any day. Understated, but with the kick of a little mule. So much more fun.

And I was looking forward to my fun this morning. I’ve been a member of Dominie House since its inception just over a year ago. With the high-ranking membership number of 5 I was one of the founding members and I’m on the board of trustees. I could afford to wait, I was in no hurry, Pat was going nowhere, already she would be strapped down and one of the staff acting as a “teaser” would be preparing her.

Last week, I’d played with her using a new, very expensive machine the club has just purchased. It’s called a SMART machine, which in this case stands for Stimulation Monitoring Automatically Regulated Tormentor, SMART, for short. I’ll explain all about it when we get into the downstairs basement torture chamber.

Just then, one of the staff – a lovely little dark-haired Asiatic girl – arrived to take me down to what we in the club refer to now as “the machine room”.

“Slave Pat has been fully aroused, Madam Linda,” she informed me. “Oh, and by the way, I just loved your latest movie!” It’s so nice to be appreciated!

Downstairs in the warmth of the torture chamber, I stepped out of my dress and laid it across a chair. The basement has fake brick walls to make it look like something sinister, with chains and hooks hanging along the walls. It’s all purely for show. The major piece of equipment in the centre of the chamber is the SMART machine.

As I disrobed to my lovely little black latex bikini and high heels, I was approached by a sweet little black girl, naked save for a bright red g-string. So much more classy than that awful supermodel!

“Slave Pat has been brought to arousal readiness, Madam Linda,” she informed me, with a lovely smile. I thanked her, knowing she would have enjoyed performing at Pat’s lush, pliant pussy.

The Asian girl removed the cork from the bottle of Dom Perignon standing on the control desk where I would supervise Pat’s domination acıbadem escort session, and poured me a glass. “Enjoy, madam,” she said, passing me the flute, then the two women left me alone with the lovely slave.

Pat is 40-years-old, has lovely long blonde hair, which is drawn back into a smooth, severe ponytail. Although only some 5 feet 6 inches in height, she has a stunning pair of 40-inch breasts, with long, prominent nipples, surrounded by areolae the width of golf balls. She is a large-built woman, with strong thighs and muscular buttocks. Her pussy is completely depilated and she has large labia lips and a bulbous clit. She is also one of the most devotedly masochistic of the club’s slaves, of either sex!

I sipped on the Dom and walked over to where she lay, her body strapped down to a sort of portable gurney, the upper part made of gleaming black leather. Her large body was strapped down at the shoulders, arms, wrists, thighs, calves and ankles, making her totally at my mercy – or, should I say, the mercy of the machine!

Her head rested on a rubber cushion and above her on the ceiling was a large mirror so she could observe the punishment her body would soon be undergoing. It was a nice touch and one that I thoroughly approved of. I knew that Pat found it very difficult to drag her gaze away from the erotic sights she saw reflected in the mirror.

The height of Pat’s body would, I knew, have been perfectly positioned by the club staff so that I could stand above her face and, without squatting, rest my pussy on her mouth whenever I felt in need of oral adoration. Such attention to detail is so admirable, isn’t it?

“Hello, my dear,” I smiled down at her, after sipping on my Dom. “Comfy down there?”

The blue-eyed beauty smiled: “Yes, thank-you Mistress Linda. I’m so looking forward to our session after last week’s. I’ve thought of little else all week.”

“Great,” I told her. “Now let’s see, last week you enjoyed nine orgasm denials. Well, I can’t promise you 10, I don’t believe in rushing things, but we’ll just see how things pan out, shall we?”

“Yes, mistress, thank-you mistress,” said the beautifully behaved slave. I do so like it when a slave appreciates what you do for them, don’t you?

I sat at the desk and saw that the SMART machine was switched on and ready for action. It’s a sort of fucking machine, of course, but it’s a fucking machine with a difference. Most decent fucking machines can cost between $500 and $1000 US dollars. This one is $3000, if it’s a penny.

The machine was purring away, ready to strike, so I switched it to “Penetrate” and the first probe started extending from the machine and approached Pat’s pussy. On the end it had a black dildo, some six inches long, with fake balls, and a clitoral excitement pad.

The machine has three speeds, 20 thrusts a minute, 40 thrusts a minute and 60. In the autopilot mode it will start off at 20, then increase pace to 40, then 60. There is an override switch.

The tip of the dildo pressed against Pat’s cunt lips and entered her aroused vagina, drawing a groan of pleasure from her. At full penetration the clitoral pad stroked her clit, then the machine was drawing back to the cunt lips, then thrusting back inside her.

Now, as I said, this is an expensive machine and it’s expensive because it has an uncanny knack of knowing when its victim is on the verge of coming. When Pat is about to come, she will reach a certain vaginal temperature. The machine knows what that temperature is, and it knows how far it can go when it has reached that point.

Sometimes it pulls out 20 seconds from the orgasm, sometimes 15 seconds and sometimes, when it’s in a really teasing mood – that’s if a machine is capable of teasing, and sometimes I think this one is – it pulls out 10 seconds from her climax. And that’s what makes it so deliciously expensive!

“Enjoying that, Pat?” I asked – often I call her simply Pat instead of “slave”, it’s so much more friendly, don’t you atalar escort think?

“Yes, thank-you mistress,” she replied, and I increased the tempo to 40 thrusts. Finishing my first glass of Dom I walked over to my lovely victim and placed my pussy, still covered by the slippery PVC, on her face and felt her tongue worship the material. Just a brief taste, nothing too arousing. That’s another thing I like about using the orgasm denial machine on her – no orgasms for the slave, as many for the mistress as she wishes!

As I sat back down at the desk and poured my second glass of Dom, I noticed that she was starting to pant. I overrode the machine and flicked it into the 60-thrust mode. Soon Pat was panting and gasping and then she started to moan: “Oh yes, yes please, mistress, more.”

But it was nothing to do with me, of course, unless I decide to hit the override button, it was all to do with the machine. Then, about a minute later, SMART’s sensors told him – he’s got to be a male machine, hasn’t he? – that Pat was close to orgasm and he pulled the dildo out of her gaping cunt.

I checked the computer read out and noted the words “12 minutes 35 seconds to first orgasm denial; machine withdrew 15 seconds from orgasm”. I could, of course, have hit the override switch to allow Pat her orgasm, but that wouldn’t have been any fun, would it?

Now, the second part of the machine swung into action. From a rod beneath the black dildo, came another dildo, also black, only this one was aimed for her anus. It’s an eight-inch intruder and it thrusts into her slowly – a mere 15 strokes a second – until her body temperature has cooled sufficiently to signal to the machine that it’s time to resume fucking her.

After a minute or two, the anal intruder withdrew from her arsehole, making a slight plopping sound as it disengaged, and the cunt invader was moving forward on its next foray to her pussy.

I stood up and removed the anal intruder from its prong, then walked to the head of the gurney and placed it against Pat’s mouth. Obediently she sucked and licked it clean, then I replaced it on its probe ready for arse attack number two.

This time, the machine took some time before it went from the slowest speed to 40-thrusts a minute, and it must have been a quarter of an hour before it accelerated into 60-thrust speed.

Then Pat was groaning and sobbing, as the clit caresser worked on her sensitive nubbin. “Oooooh, oooooh, please, please, let me have one now,” she begged me, but I laughed.

“Silly thing, Pat, this is only OD number two, you’ve got lots more,” I told her (OD being orgasm denial, of course).

Then she was sobbing and the machine was withdrawing. The read out announced “36 minutes, 33 seconds to second orgasm denial; machine withdrew 10 seconds from orgasm”.

The session was almost an hour old, and the cunt dildo working her up to her third orgasm denial, when I decided it was about time for my first orgasm – I try to achieve three orgasms on her mouth for the three-hour session, which is about right, I estimate.

Pulling off my bikini bottom and I stepped over to the sweating slave strapped to the gurney and placed my bare pussy on her eager lips. I shave down there, of course, name me a movie star who doesn’t these days, but I leave a little strip of fair hair at my mons. Pat began her oral adoration as I slid my pussy back and forth on her.

I must have been on heat, because I soon came, panting and heaving, crying out “Pleasure me, Pat, pleasure, Pat, pleasure!” and then coming with a great big grunt.

No sooner had I spent myself on her mouth than the machine had her in the final throes before orgasm and as I pulled off her she gasped: “Now me, now me, please mistress, please!”

But I slowly walked away, looking back over my shoulder as she sobbed and gasped when the machine withdrew from her wetness. The read out told the story: “59 minutes 29 seconds to third orgasm denial; machine withdrew 20 seconds from orgasm.” Poor aydınlı escort Pat!

I sipped on a cool glass of Dom as the anal intruder worked its way up her arsehole once more, doing its slow “calm down” task in her chute. Then, as the clock showed that her second hour of torment had already started, the dildo was driving itself relentlessly back into her vagina.

For her fourth OD, I thought I’d give Pat a hand – or, to be more precise, a tongue. I took a stool from by the desk and placed it to one side of her sweat-covered body. As the dildo did its slow, thrust-up, thrust-down task in her cunt, I bent and kissed her right nipple, savouring its ripe erection.

I know that Pat has very sensitive nipples, possibly due to the amount of nipple torture she also receives at Dom House, and this is a lovely way to drive her to distraction before the fucking machine drives her even wilder!

“Oh god, that’s so fucking great,” she sighed, as my mouth went work.

“Now, now Pat,” I chided, “less of the bad language, you know I can’t abide bad language.” There’s far too much of it about, if you ask me. Personally, I blame Hollywood!

At last she was screamingly near her orgasm, but the machine was relentless and pulled from her panting body, before the anal intruder started on its journey into her rectum. I placed the stool on the opposite site of her body and sucked on her nipple, as soon as I heard the “Ploppp” noise of the anal dildo disengaging from her bondaged body.

Then she began to become aroused again and after another quarter of an hour or so of probing she was shuddering and pleading – to no avail whatsoever, of course – for her relief. “Sorry, Pat,” I smiled, pulling from her swollen nipple, “that’s not the way it works.”

After the dildo pulled back to be replaced by the anal attacker, I placed myself back on her mouth for my second orgasm of the session, then it was time to sit back in my comfortable chair and watch her endure the frustrations of orgasm denial number six.

At last, with some 30 minutes to go, she had received the agony of eight orgasm denials, and I had finished the Dom. Now it was time to allow her to quench her thirst.

Standing over her mouth I inquired as sweetly as I knew how: “Thirsty work, my darling Pat?”

She knew, of course, what was coming, but was duty bound to answer in the affirmative. I would have played with her, drawing out her agony for a few more minutes, but by now I was bursting for a piddle, so I simply said: “Then open wide, my darling little piss slut!”

As she did I let go a horsepiss-strength stream of golden urine, which she gurgled and gulped down as if her life depended on it. After having enjoyed the relief of dispelling the pressure in my belly, I then enjoyed the more erotic relief of her bringing me once more to orgasm with her mouth and tongue.

The dildo was already working slowly in bringing her to arousal once more, but I stepped smartly over to SMART – sorry about that pun! – and kept it at the 40 stroke speed for a while, so that it took her rather longer to reach arousal.

This time, the poor perspiring woman sobbed and pleaded and begged for relief, but I was in no mood to accede to her requests. The machine was remorseless, and pulled away from her dripping cunt, a trail of ooze for a while linking the tip of the dildo with her pussy, until the machine moved further away and the liquid link snapped.

I switched the machine off after observing the final read out: “2 hours, 55 minutes 38 seconds to orgasm denial number 9; machine withdrew 10 seconds from orgasm.”

I walked to the poor woman and kissed her on her pussy-stained mouth. “I’m thinking of having one of these machines installed in my exercise room at home, Pat,” I whispered in her ear. “Would you like to visit me one weekend when you’re not on duty?”

Pat responded with a kiss in reply. “You know I love it and I love you, please invite me around,” she said, in a voice still strained from her final orgasm denial.

So sweet.

That snooty bloody civil servant’s wife is welcome to her floggings, that tart of a “supermodel” to her cock and ball torture.

Give me orgasm denial with Pat any day. And I hadn’t even laid a finger on her!

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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