Accidental Swingers – A GCSC Story

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The Guilford Court Supper Club (GCSC) is a group of couples who live on and around Guilford Court, a small cul-de-sac in an affluent suburb of Dallas, who get together once each month in a different couple’s home for a dinner party. This story is not about events that occurred at one of the monthly Supper Club get-togethers. Instead, it is a side story about an exciting adventure of one of the GCSC couples, Hank and Trixie Taylor.

The Taylors didn’t live on Guilford Court. Instead, their house was on an adjacent street called Pecan Court. Hank and Trixie were very outgoing and friendly people, who quickly made friends with several of the established members of the GCSC. So, when an opening came up in the club, they were the first people asked to join. They readily accepted and have been happy, active members of the Guilford Court Supper Club ever since.

This story took place about six months after they joined the GCSC. It was something that the Taylors were embarrassed about and only shared with a few of their closest friends. It will, however, set the background for some future fun-and-games at future supper club parties.

Hank and Trixie were from Arkansas and were very Southern. They were both relatively short. Her height was not an issue for Trixie. She was cute and cuddly, at 5′ 3″ tall. She was a little heavier than the average GCSC wife but had extra-large 40DD breasts, a plump ass, and a slight tummy. She was adorable, with shoulder-length black hair and thick black eyebrows.

For Hank, however, the height was a bit of a problem. He was very self-conscious of the fact that he was only an inch taller than his wife. He compensated for his lack of height by staying very active and working out regularly. He was not overly muscular, by any stretch of the imagination, but was able to keep fit and keep the extra pounds off. He trimmed his brown hair into an old-school-style crew cut that he felt made him look more manly.

Trixie was quiet where Hank was boisterous. She rarely drank, where Hank drank nearly every day. He’d had one or two beers after work Monday through Thursday and drank non-stop on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Trixie might have a glass of wine occasionally, but was daring when around the girls and might have two or three. Trixie was very popular with the other neighbors for her kindness, kind heart and funny sense of humor. Hank was a boor, a redneck, and a stuck up jerk. He threw exceptional parties and was married to Trixie, so most people accepted him as coming with her.

Hank owned a lighting supply company and loved to brag about his big contracts, country club membership, and fancy cars. Trixie rarely gloated and seemed almost embarrassed at their good fortune and lifestyle. Trixie had been a teacher when they first got married, but as they had the first of four children, and Hank’s business took off, she became a stay-at-home mother.

Hank doted on Trixie and would lavish her with gifts and presents. She, in turn, was generous with her friends, without coming across as arrogant. Often she would insist on picking up the tab for outings, lunches, and events, saying, “I’m just going to put it on Hank’s company card,” Most of the women in the GCSC appreciated it when she did that, but a few felt it was too much. One, in particular, was Betty Schmidt, who disliked Trixie immensely.

Hank compensated by being “big” about everything. He had a big mouth. Hank drove a big truck, had a big ego, and talked a big story. He was obsessed with sports, though he never really played any. Hank was the first to talk shit, tease or “rib” other people, but the first to back down when things turned tense. He referred to his cock as “big boy,” but would never shower in front of others for fear they might see how small it was.

Once the Taylor children were all in school, Trixie started feeling bored and unfulfilled at home. She wanted to go back to work, but Hank was opposed to the idea. He was a bit of a caveman in his belief in the role of women. Hank believed that women should stay home, stay pregnant and stay quiet. To hear him talk once he had a few Coors in him, he was not averse to applying a little discipline with Trixie when she got “out of line.” Nobody believed him and suspected that Trixie actually might “discipline” Hank when they were alone in their bedroom.

Hank and Trixie loved to go out to dinner. They usually would take the kids in the SUV and head to the Golden Corral or to the local Cici’s Pizza Buffet to load up. It wasn’t that they were cheap or miserly, it was that Hank liked the food there and you could eat all you wanted. Trixie, however, hated both places. She was a bit of a foodie and loved to visit all of the great new restaurant, gastro-pubs and food truck locations that had been popping up in the area.

As her extra free time turned to boredom, Trixie began to resent Hank’s uncouth edges, his Neanderthal-like attitude, and his apparent poor self-esteem. She spent more and more bağdatcaddesi escort of her time hanging out with the other GCSC wives, joining Girl’s Night Out get-togethers and her newest passion, reading online erotic literature.

Hank had been Trixie’s first and only lover. She had never seen another penis and had incorrectly assumed that they were all of a similar size to her husband’s. Trixie had never measured his dick, but when she closed her fist around it, only the very end could be seen sticking out the top. She estimated it to be no more than four inches long but suspected that might be generous.

At first, she had always assumed that Hank’s self-esteem issues were due to his height. She learned, from talking to the other GCSC ladies that there may be more to it than just being 5′ 4″ tall. First, she learned over lunch one day that the average erect penis was about 5.14″ in length. She knew he was considerably smaller than that. What surprised her when several of the women revealed that their husband’s cocks were six, seven, eight or in the case of Darla’s husband Jake, ten inches long.

This revelation increased Trixie’s curiosity about sex. She became an avid reader of online erotica and even ventured into watching porn. She had never really been into masturbation, but now she found herself doing it multiple times a day. She even invested in a small cache of dildos and vibrators of varying sizes. Her sexual curiosity also affected her intimacy with Hank.

Several times, she had tried to get him to attempt new things or to open up to new ideas. Each time she did, he shut her down. He refused to perform cunnilingus. He said it was disgusting and not something real men did. I only wanted the same tried-and-true formula. Rub her tits, rub her pussy, she blows him. Then, either he cums from her sucking his dick, or he pushes her on her back and enters her missionary style to pump for a minute or so until he came. He never showed any interest in her pleasure or if she had ever achieved an orgasm.

Trixie doubted Hank knew what or where her clitoris was.

Chapter 1

Trixie was having lunch one afternoon with two of her closest friends from the Guilford Court Supper Club: Jenny and Darla. Jenny was married to Dan, and they joined the GCSC over fifteen years ago. Darla and her husband Greg were relative newcomers to the group but had recently announced they were moving.

“So, I tried what you suggested, Darla,” Trixie began, sipping on her Pina Colada, “I put on the sexy nightgown. He told me I looked like a ‘harlot’ and that our kids would freak out if they saw me dressed like that.”

“You’re kidding,” Darla exclaimed. “What a jerk! Did you get anything extra fun out of it at least?”

“Yeah, did he at least give you some foreplay?” asked Jenny.

Trixie shook her head, looking down with embarrassment. “All that happened was he got drunk drinking beer and watching the football game. Then he crawled in bed on top of me and got his nuts off.”

“Did you even get close to an orgasm?” asked Darla.

“Oh I had a great orgasm,” she replied with a wicked grin, “about twenty minutes later in the bathtub with my dildo.”

“Do you think he’s gay?” asked Jenny in all seriousness.

“No, I mean he hates anything gay. He hates anyone gay. He says any good-looking guy is gay. I don’t think so, no, not gay,” Trixie answered with a frown.

“You never know,” retorted Darla, “he could be in the closet.”

The girls sat there in silence for a few minutes. Jenny then spoke up. “If you wanted to go out to a club would he take you?” she asked, leaning forward. She had an idea percolating.

“Not unless I threw a fit, but if I insisted he will,” Trixie replied. “Why do you ask?”

Jenny grinned and waved her hands to draw Darla and Trixie closer, conspiratorially.

“Ok, so you can’t repeat this to anybody. Promise?” Jenny asked giving both ladies a stern look.

“Of course,” replied Darla.

“Sure, not a word,” said Jenny.

“So, last weekend Dan and I had an exciting evening. We ended up at a special kind of club down in Dallas. If you want to get Hank excited and willing to try new things you should get him to take you there.”

“Special club? What kind of special club?” Trixie asked, growing interested.

“A swinger’s club,” Jenny replied. She raised her hands to shush the comments. “I know, I know. It sounds bad. But, it was a lot of fun and extremely sexy.”

“Did you swing?” Darla asked, gazing at Jenny with a shocked look on her face.

Jenny hesitated, then lied as convincingly as she could, “Not really. You don’t have to swing. It’s a dance club with a bar. You can hang out and dance. But the people there get frisky, and some even get naked.”

“Naked?” exclaimed Trixie, “in a bar?”

“Yeah, well some do. The club has private areas and an exclusive lounge, but you don’t have to go that far. Maybe just going and dancing or even just beykoz escort watching people will get Hank to open up a little.

Trixie thought about the suggestion, “I seriously doubt Hank would enjoy it or loosen up. Heck, if he knew what it was, he would never set foot in the place.”

“So, don’t tell him,” argued Darla. “Just tell him it’s a hot new bar and dance club that you heard about.”

Trixie grinned. It might be fun just to people watch. There was no way in Hell she would ever do anything with anybody else, but the idea of going there and seeing what swingers did was exciting. Maybe it could be the catalyst to put a spark into sex with her husband. Perhaps it would loosen him up and help him be willing to do more than their vanilla bedtime routine.

“Absolutely,” Jenny said, agreeing with Trixie. “Why don’t you work on it and see if you can get him to take you this Friday night. It’s couples only, so there won’t be a lot of solo men around to hit on you. It will only be couples that are there looking to play.”

“I don’t know,” Trixie said with a frown, “I think Hank would freak out and want to leave.”

Jenny giggled, “Just tell him that you heard it is extremely popular with all the ‘in crowd’ in Dallas. It’s a great place to see and be seen. And if he wonders why it’s a bit wilder than other places, tell him it’s the way the rich folks behave.”

“I don’t know if I can do that, but I’ll try,” Trixie said with very little confidence. She knew her husband, and it was doubtful that he would agree to go.

It was a huge surprise to her, a few days later, when Hank consented to take her. Of course, it had required some skillful negotiating and a blowjob. He gave in once she told him how it was the most popular club for celebrities and members of the local professional sporting teams. Hank liked status and liked being seen to have some, even if he didn’t.

Even more surprising, Hank decided to go all out. He hired a limousine and bought a couple of bottles of expensive champagne for the ride down and back. He even amazed Trixie with the gift of a beautiful golden choker before they left.

Trixie was speechless. Hank was trying to make her happy. Maybe he felt guilty for ignoring her so much lately, or for spending all his time with his buddies. She gave him a big kiss as they walked out the front door. “If you thought the blowjob you got the other day was incredible, wait until we get home,” she whispered in his ear.

Trixie wore a dress that she had picked out with Darla and Jenny, especially for the evening. It complimented her figure exceptionally well, making her full 40DD breasts pop out, with lots of cleavage on display. It draped in a way that was not binding but still accentuated her curvy figure. It was short for her tastes but longer than the other ladies had suggested. It showed off her legs nicely, but would not make her look slutty.

Hank loved how she looked. He continuously gave her compliments and could hardly keep his eyes or his hands off of her in the limo. Hank was dressed up in his usual fancy outfit. He had on a pair of jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, untucked with the cuffs turned up, and cowboy boots, made from some exotic animal.

“Damn,” he exclaimed as he refilled Trixie’s champagne flute, “that choker looks perfect with that dress. The little dangly part hangs down right to the top of your cleavage. It draws your eyes right down to your big titties.”

Trixie blushed. “You don’t think it’s too revealing?” she asked him, breathing in deeply. “I was worried you might not approve.”

He stared at her tits, practically drooling. “Naah,” he responded, “nothing’s hanging out. It just let’s all the men see how hot and sexy my wife is. They’ll wish they could touch them, but only I get to do that.”

“The way you say that makes me feel like you’re proud to show me off or something,” Trixie replied, sipping her second glass of bubbly.

“Hell, yeah,” Hank said as he chugged another beer. He brought the champagne for Trixie, but he brought Coors Light for himself. It was pretty much all he ever drank. “I am proud. You’re mine, and they can’t have you. They can look all they want. Plus, the more they look, the more it shows me how lucky I am to have you.”

Suddenly, Trixie felt guilty for misleading Hank about the evening’s destination. She had been excited to visit the club, to see how other people behaved. It was mostly just a fantasy for her, but now that Hank was so sweet, she felt terrible.

“You know,” she offered nervously, “we don’t have to go to this particular club. We can go someplace else. Is there a place you would rather go?”

Hank shook his head. “No way,” he replied, “you’re all dressed up. I’m excited about going too. I haven’t taken you to a club in forever. Plus, we might run into someone famous. Wouldn’t it be cool to have one of the guys from the Mavs or the Cowboys staring at your tits, knowing that I get to see them naked and touch them.” caddebostan escort He finished his third beer and cracked open his fourth.

Trixie had never heard Hank talk like this before. Maybe it was working. He certainly seemed to be excited about their plans. She looked at his crotch, but couldn’t tell if he was hard. She reached over and placed her hand on his package and could feel his little boner through the denim. “Oh my,” she whispered, “what’s getting you so turned on?”

Hank chuckled, “You are! I mean, look at you, Trixie. I’ve never seen you be this daring in your choice of a dress. Your stylist deserves a bonus.”

“Darla and Jenny from Supper Club helped me pick it out,” she said giving him a naughty grin and scooting closer. “Do you want a blowjob now? It’s kind of on my bucket list to have sex in the back of a limousine.”

“You have a sex bucket list?” he asked as he reached across to feel her large breast through her dress. “I thought I was the only one.”

“You’re kidding?” Trixie asked, surprised by his comment, “You mean you have sexual fantasies and things you want to do, and you’ve never told me?” She slid out of her seat and onto her knees in front of Hank. She started undoing his pants.

“Well,” he said nervously, “you know, it isn’t something I felt comfortable talking to my wife about.”

“If you don’t tell me what you want, how do you expect me to do it?” she asked as she pulled his hard little cock free of his pants and stroked it.

“Oh fuck,” Hank groaned. He slipped his hand inside her dress to feel her tit through her bra. He could tell it was lace and that her nipple was poking through the gaps. It was hard and elongated. He teased it with his fingertip.

“You’re going to make me horny if you keep doing that,” she whispered, looking up into Hanks’s eyes.

“Yeah?” he asked grinning, “then what will happen?”

“This,” Trixie replied as she leaned down and started sucking his cock.

Hank moaned and leaned back against the cushions so that Trixie could get better access to his dick. She took the whole thing in her mouth, swirled her tongue around it and sucked hard on it. As she did, she thought about the big cocks the other ladies talked about and the ones she had seen in porn videos. Those cocks scared her. She would never fit them in her mouth, and if she did, she could never do to them the things she could do with Hank’s little dick.

Trixie pushed her mouth all the way down his cock to the base. The tip of his head was barely pushing on her tonsils. It never went far enough to trigger her gag reflex, which was good. She’d heard about deep throating, but with Hank, this was as deep as he could go. She used her tongue to rub firmly along the underside of his shaft.

Hank bucked his hips up and down. Trixie lifted her head and smiled at her husband. “Are you trying to fuck my mouth, big guy?”

“Yeah, baby!” Hank answered, “You suck it so damn good.”

“Do it harder,” she whispered, then licked up and down the shaft. “I want you to fuck my mouth hard. That will really make me horny.”

“Then what will happen?” he asked between gasps.

“You might get lucky tonight,” Trixie replied, then wrapped her mouth around his dick. She moaned as she felt his dick push slightly into her throat and she realized he had gotten just a little bit harder and longer.

“I already am lucky,” Hank said as he pumped his hips harder up and down. “I already have you.”

Trixie groaned, and the vibrations sent tingling sensations into Hank’s cock. She was feeling adventurous, and she put Hank’s hand on the back of her head and pushed down on it, sending him a clear message of what she wanted. Hank didn’t hesitate. He pressed down, forcing his dick a bit deeper. For the first time in their marriage, she gagged, nearly retched and pulled off his cock, drool running out of her mouth.

“Sorry, Trixie,” Hank apologized, “I got carried away.”

She wiped the spittle off her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled. “Damn, baby,” she said breathlessly, “do that again, just don’t stop next time. I never felt anything like that before.”

She lowered her head to his lap and drew his dick back entirely into her mouth. Hank put both hands on her head and pushed down as he thrust up. The head pushed partially into her throat. Trixie gagged but swallowed hard. Hank gasped at the intensity of the pleasure and started fucking her mouth. Each time he hit the back of her mouth, he shoved down hard on her head, giving her an extra half-inch of his dick. On his third thrust, he let out a whiny sounding moan and shot his cum into his wife’s mouth.

Trixie choked as semen shot up her nose. She struggled to get free, but Hank held her in place. She swallowed as fast as she could. After three or four spurts, he relaxed and let go of her head. She jerked free, coughing and gasping.

“Oh, damn, Trixie,” Hank said watching his wife’s reaction, “I’m sorry! I couldn’t stop.”

She glared at him as she recovered her breath, cum running out of her nose and mouth. She grabbed a napkin, wiped her mouth and blew her nose. She stared at Hank and started laughing. “If you had stopped, I would have been pissed. That was the hottest blowjob I’ve ever given.”

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