Adult Reality TV Ch. 3

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Bet That

The third day of our 30-day reality TV survival program had a few surprises for Celeste, Sam and me, Naomi. The first was the arrival of the producer, Fred and program psychologist, Julia at our camp, and the second was Julia’s massive orgasm. She must have been without sex for a long time.

We had to decide on the fate of our captives. Celeste turned to me.

“What’s the best punishment for Fred?”

I smiled. This man had double standards. I had to endure his sexcapades with other women but when I flirted with a film director, Fred blew a gasket. Okay, Fred caught us in bed but when I caught him with his hussies, he was just experimenting. I saw an opportunity to get my revenge.

“Untie Julia.” When Celeste in tied her Julia fell into her arms and gave her a big, sexy hug, her naked breasts pressing against Celeste’s, her arms around her neck and her mouth on those beautiful lips of Celeste. Julia slid her hands down Celeste’s back to settle on her bum cheeks. The smile on Celeste’s face indicated how much she enjoyed the way she was caressed, like she knew what she was doing. I was getting wet just by looking at them.

“Thank you,” I heard Julia said before she kissed Celeste again.

Despite the obvious pleasure Celeste broke the embrace and wanted to know why she thanked her.

“I would never have done what you’ve made me do today,” we heard her say. “I wanted to have that orgasm for two years but guilt prevented me.”

“Hold on.” Celeste sat Julia’s naked bum on a log. “I want to know what your evaluation is of our behavior. Would you describe my actions in your capture as domination or manipulation? How would you classify Sam’s fucking you from behind? Does he suffer from intimacy deprivation? What about Naomi? Is she an immature lesbian or a fully fletched bisexual?”

Julia got up and danced around, her tits bouncing up and down. “Who the fuck cares? Your charade did me more good than six years of study and seeing a shrink for three.”

“I’m glad you’re feeling better, but we still have to do something about this prick,” I said. The prick in question – Fred’s – was as hard as ever and it’s purple head oozed precum.

“I would love to fuck him,” said Julia, “but on my terms. He must stay tied up, and while Celeste fuck him, Sam must give it to him from behind. He always wanted to know what it feels like.”

“What about me?” asked Sam, “who says I want to fuck him?”

“It will definitely increase your chances to win that prize,” answered Julia. Well, she ought to know. “We’ll let the camera crew film it for your own private library and future use.”

“Sounds fair,” said Sam. Maybe he wanted to know what it is like to make love to another man. I always thought that any person is worth loving or fucking, man or woman.

The expression on Fred’s face was hard to fathom, was it lust, or anguish or both? Celeste was the first on her knees, sucking on Fred’s erection. Julia came in from behind and stimulated his bum hole. I took Sam to stand before Fred to pump his cock into my still wet hole. After a few minutes of fucking, when Sam was well lubricated, Julia came over to take him for his first man on man sex. Once behind Fred Julia proceeded to get Sam inside Fred.

Bending over Celeste turned around and inserted Fred’s cock into her waiting pussy. She controlled their actions and on the count of three Sam pushed his dick beyond the piece de resistance. Their actions looked like the pistons of the wheels of an old locomotive, going back and forth.

Julia dropped in front of me and pushed my legs apart. She looked at my smooth vulva and smiled. Her hand slowly lifted and with her delicate fingers touched my naked pussy. When she rubbed my clit between her thumb and finger my legs buckled. Steadying myself I hooked my one leg over her shoulder and pushed her face into my aching cunt. Julia slowly parted my lips with a helping hand and flicked her tongue across the entrance of my love canal. She slurped suadiye escort up the juices before she started to tongue fuck me.

She must have learned these techniques at another place than in a lecture room. Julia just knew how and where to touch me, and before I got used to her tongue inside my cunt, she moved away. Then I felt the knuckle of a finger traveling up and down my slit, causing a sensation to ripple through my body.

The grunts escaping from Fred signaled his own pleasure. Sam and Celeste were fucking him in unison and it seemed that their combined climax was close at hand. The camera crew tried to film both actions but got lost panning between the two groups.

I indicated to the crew to focus on Sam and Celeste’s action with Fred. As the cameraman got in position both Sam and Fred pulled their dicks out to gush their cum over Celeste. The three collapsed in a heap. Julia and I watched the spectacle as we embraced each other. The crew left us alone for a while. I still wanted to return the favor to Julia but it had to wait.

“You still haven’t fucked Fred,” I said.

“O yes, I did. You see, he tried to get into my panties for a year now and he will have to wait as long as he is my boss. I don’t fuck my way to the top.”

“Well, Doctor, are you ready to go?” Fred was the first to recover. We all trooped down to the river to wash off all the love and sand from our bodies. I used the opportunity to caress Julia’s breasts, her back, bum cheeks and her vulva. I gave her a long kiss before they returned to their 4X4 vehicle.

“Tomorrow is the weekly rendezvous, be there at noon,” commanded Fred.

Early the next day we picked up the map to our rendezvous point and set off to be there on time. Our camera crew had packed their equipment and left us the previous evening. They said that a new team would join us at the rendezvous.

Skirting around a clump of thorn bush, I wondered how the other teams were doing. Julia had told Sam that they were not doing to well. I insisted we take enough food along to feed the others as well.

Although Celeste had to use all her bush savvy to understand the map and find the rally point, we were the first to arrive. Sam quickly had a fire going, I prepared the roots and fruits while Celeste scouted around for the others. We made a lot of noise to help the teams find us.

A few minutes before noon the four teams arrived, looking the worst for wear. They were thin, irritable and dirty. Their clothes were torn and their knives were broken or gone. When the smell of the food reached their tired noses, they quickened their paces. That day we fed them all.

After they washed themselves and their clothes in the river the four couples’ appearances improved somewhat. They thanked us again and again for what we did just to stare at their naked saviors. Two men hugged me and pushed their groins against my pussy. The women openly kissed Celeste and touched her tits and smooth pussy. Sam was grinning like a naughty boy caught with his hands in the cookie jar. His erection was a tell tale sign of how the women expressed their gratitude.

Around one ó clock Fred and Julia arrived with the camera crews. One team decided they had enough and asked to leave. Then Fred had the last laugh. He placed Celeste, Sam and me with different teams. We tried to protest but Fred said that we know more about survival than the others, and he wanted more action in the other groups.

Then Fred dropped another bomb; we must exchange one item for something else. The three pairs swapped back their clothes for shoes or a pot. I returned my bag for an ax. I saw Sam and Celeste do the same. We were still working and thinking like a team.

I walked over to my ex-team mates and hugged them. I kissed Celeste and played with her clit ring and gave Sam’s penis a loving caress.

“I will miss this,” said I, “but I hope to get reacquainted with you soon.” Fighting back a tear I strolled over yakacık escort to my new team, Graham and Anne, two city dwellers who romanticized survival. They were also naked and trying to hide their genitals. Their arms and legs were tanned but their torso’s still pale. Anne had long brown hair, medium size tits and an unkempt bush. Graham was medium built with a medium sized penis.

I halted in front of Anne and forced her hands from her pussy to replace it with my own. She wanted to protest but I shut her up with a kiss on her mouth. I frigged her clit and pushed two fingers in her wet cunt. Anne was aroused by the situation and slowly relaxed to open her legs to my insistent hand.

Graham pushed me away from Anne. “Keep your hands away from her. She is mine.”

I grabbed his growing erection and started to pump while I French kissed him. His resistance crumbled against my onslaught. “No one belongs to anybody,” I whispered in his ear. “There is enough love for all to go around. If you want to survive, get with the program.”

Picking up my gear I set off to find their camp. Dumbfounded they scampered after me. The camera crew followed us at a distance. Graham took the lead and followed the signs he left on their way in. Good boy, I thought, you just might do. On the way to our destination I foraged for roots, berries and herbs.

Their camp was a shambles. They might’ve known how to decorate a New York apartment but how they survived for five days was beyond me. The tiny fire was in the wrong place, they didn’t have adequate bedding or protection against predators and the camp was too far from the river. I quickly organized them to move camp to a better place closer to the water, built the fire and get our bedding more comfortable. Using my ax I erected a secure fence, fashioned plates and a pot, and made a spear.

By late afternoon when our new camp looked in good shape we went for a swim. My teammates were getting used to being naked and we frolicked in the water for a while. When Graham left us to see to his ablution I used the time to do one more chore. I called Anne to sit on a rock in the water with her legs spread.

“We cannot have you walking around with such an unruly bush,” I said, taking my razor-sharp knife and shaved her pussy hair. Her frightened eyes were like two moons staring at me, waiting to be cut. Experience and arousal guided the knife in my hand as I removed all the hair from her mound. I even shaved the few strays around her anus. Sitting back to admire my handiwork I was amazed at the natural beauty of her pussy. Her long clit snuggled between the folds of her two puffy lips. A small pink knob peeked from the clithood, begging for attention. There wasn’t a crinkle in the pussy lips, which opened slightly at the base to allow me a look at the opening of her vagina. The sight mesmerized me.

Anne was shaking as I bent down to lick her pussy. When I touched her clit she nearly jumped off the rock. Steadying her with my hands clasping her thighs I sucked on her long clit, giving it a blowjob. Her cunt juices began to flow and I wanted to taste it. Abandoning her clit I opened her pussy lips with my tongue like Moses did with the Red Sea, and stuck it into her love hole.

Anne’s shout of pleasure alerted Graham who was taking a dump somewhere in the bush. He came running to see his fiancé in the throws of passion. Washing himself before he arrived he was shocked to see Anne’s shaved pussy. Lust took over and before he fucked her he planted kisses all over her vulva. Straddling Anne’s face looking at Graham between her legs, I opened my own pussy lips for her to pleasure. She wasn’t at first sure what to do but when I pushed my vulva onto her mouth and rubbed it across her face a couple of times, she got the message.

His face still dripping with her juices, Graham got up and started to fuck her. Leaning over I frigged her clit while Graham pumped his dick into her cunt. Anne was getting the hang of şerifali escort pussy licking and combined with the sight before me, my own orgasm was reaching critical mass. Then Graham kissed my open mouth inserting his tongue down my throat. That sent me into a climax and buckling my knees.

Anne also reached her orgasm when Graham spurted his cum on her freshly shaven mound.

After we washed the sex from our bodies, I saw the camera crew standing on the riverbank, filming. I walked over to chat. This was the first time I took notice of the crew. The cameraman, Curt, was a man in his thirties, well built, dark and handsome in a rugged sort of way. The sound person, Delia, was a sexy young woman, with long legs, large breasts and a winning smile.

“If you’re going to film us fucking, you better strip off al your clothes,” I said.

“We’re not supposed to interact with you,” said Delia.

“The rules have just changed. I want to see the both of you naked.” Graham and Anne have joined me, both looking comfortable with their nudity. Anne helped Curt out of his clothes while Graham removed Delia’s t-shirt and jeans. The crew could do nothing but accept the change in dress code. I was impressed with Curt’s manhood, at least a thing eight-inch fuck-pole.

“You’re also moving in with us,” I said.

That night we slept together, five naked people with an inquisitive hand touching an erect penis here and a finger caressing a clit there. We fell into a sensual deep sleep.

The next morning Curt’s bumping against me while fucking Anne woke me. I looked over to see Graham’s reaction but he and Anne was in a 69 position pleasuring each other. I was not invited to this fucking party so I did the next best thing. I went out to hunt.

That time of the morning many animals were on their way to the river or returning from their drinking. The best place for an ambush was on a game trail. My deductions were correct and within an hour I found a trail frequented by smaller game. At a strategic place I set traps and continued my hunt.

Coming around a bush I surprised a warthog coming out of his den in the ground. My reflections were instant and with a heave I shove my spear into its body.

After I skinned it and cut out the choice pieces I rushed back to camp. We need to get the rest of the meat back as soon as possible. The four lovers sat around the fire discussing their newfound interest.

“Sorry to break up your little love nest,” I said, “but I need your help to carry the rest of the animal.” Graham and Curt accompanied me while Anne and Delia prepared the meat. When we got back the meat was ready and I quickly picked Maroela fruit from a tree close by.

After our feast we quickly settled into a routine of survival. The one thing we kept as a surprise was our lovemaking. With Curt and Delia joining in the sexual fun we had variety and kept boredom at bay. The two different cocks and pussies made the time fly.

The best surprise I got was when Anne and Delia took me to the river to wash every part of my body. They lingered on my clit, my pussy and my tits. They both suckled on my nipples and finger fucked me. They also licked my backdoor and even slipped a finger in. They then put me in the sun to dry and continued to stimulate my clit.

As I was wondering what they were up to I saw Graham and Curt moving in. Their erect cocks fascinated me, so different, yet so similar. Anne pushed me onto my knees before the two cocks. Taking one in each hand I put both into my mouth, rubbing their dicks together. I took turns to deep throat their cocks and played with their balls.

Anne broke our little show up and indicated to Curt to lie on our soft bedding. Delia made me straddle over his cock and pushed it inside my wet pussy. Graham got behind me and pushed his pole into my well-lubricated ass. This was my first double penetration experience and I enjoyed the stuffed feeling. Being sandwiched between the two men meant that I couldn’t do a thing but let go of all control. As I shook with a passionate climax I saw Anne and Delia grinding their pussies together. With so much pleasure going around, we could survive on love.

(If you’d like to read more adventures, please let me know.)

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