All 4 One Ch. 01

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August Ames

First let me introduce myself. My name is Scott. I’m 5’4,dark brown hair & eyes, average build, 6 1/2 in., very sexual, and have been told I have a cute ‘bubble but’. Anyway I’m at home talking to my roommate and bi fuck buddy, Rod (5’7,black hair, brown eyes, slim, 7 1/2 in., really thick cock) one night and we both agreed it would be fun to find 2 girls to have over for a little group action. So I suggested we look online. I posted many ads on many sites and about a week later we had about 2 responses. The first one we got was from a really unattractive 48yo. single guy but the minute we saw the second reply we found what we were looking for. Two very attractive army girls from the post (1 hr. away) said they were really turned on by this kind of thing and wanted to meet us. I ask where they want to meet and they say that it should be one of our local bars so I set it up for Friday night at 11:30 PM.

We were told they would be wearing identical outfits: blue-green formfitting halter tops with denim shorts. So Rod and me arrive early and get a table. We end up waiting impatiently about 30 minutes when they finally walk in. I strolled over and joked about what had took them so long and led them to our table. They had just had trouble finding it. Let me describe these girls. Bella is about 5’4,straight dark brown hair, green eyes, a little meat on her but really cute with an amazing ass. Jackie was about 5’10 red ponytail, green eyes, slim, with an almost unreal set of all natural tits and full lips that looked like they were made for sucking. Anyway, we only order one round of drinks before Jackie takes a long drag from her cigarette and leans in REALLY close licking her lips and exhaling in a sexy manner and says “Let’s cut the bullshit. Is anyone bağdatcaddesi escort else ready to fuck?” These girls were obviously as anxious as we had been.

So we decided to go back to our place & we’re not in a minute before we’re tearing each other’s clothes off. In the midst of all the kissing and sucking, Jackie says we should form an oral chain and we all get into position quickly with Bella eating Jackie, Jackie sucking me, me goin’ down on Rod, and Rod eating out Bella. The moaning and slurping sounds coming from us are loud as hell as I am in complete ecstasy. On one end, I have this hot little beauty’s curvaceous lips and cute face attacking my dick like a starving animal while my own mouth is being filled with the thick, rock hard delicious cock of my best friend as I furiously bob up and down while watching everyone else simultaneously. I look over at Bella for a split second as she is going medieval on Jackie’s hot little snatch and I about cum right there when Bella hollers out “Ooooh yeah! Fuck me…Fuck me now!” So Rod and me tell the girls to lie side by side and spread their legs. I stand right in front of Jackie as my partner straddles up to Bella. I lean in and kiss Rod while grabbing his cock and rubbing it teasingly over Bella’s snatch as he does the same. Then instead of taking it in slowly, we ram it in in one motion and start pounding nonstop. All I could think was “damn this girl is fine and GOOD!” With my every deep thrust, she bucked her hips and squeezed her muscles as if not wanting to let go.

After a few minutes I look over and see Rod’s tight fine ass clenching as he is pounding away and simultaneously working Bella’s sweet back door much to her loud approval. I look back at Jackie, her tits beykoz escort bouncing all over and lean down to kiss her slow and passionate while I keep the pace. Just then, I hear Bella yell “Stick it up my ass! Come on!”

We stop for a minute and Jackie suggests we switch partners. I said we should go to the living room where there are two chairs perfect for the girls to get on top and do their thing. Bella approaches me smiling and asks “Do you like?” as she turns around showing off that plump, tender ass. She starts to back down onto me when I tell her to turn around because I want to suck her titties while I’m fucking her ass. She looks deeply into my eyes and kisses me. Then she shoves her beautiful breasts into my face as she slowly lowers her tight hole onto my throbbing manhood. Once impaled, she goes down slowly about one or two times before going into overdrive. I’m about ready to blow as I’m mouthing her right nipple as her left is bouncing like crazy. I feel her start to shudder so I grab her ass and hold her down as I switch to her left breast, licking and sucking as I blow my entire pent up load into her tight ass and she cums at the same time. We both kiss for a minute and look over.

Jackie asks Bella “Do you think they’re ready for it?”

Bella responds “We have a surprise. Do you want it?”

I looked at Rod questioningly and he was clueless too. He then said smiling “Bring it on, baby.”

They grab a bag they had brought and go into the bathroom telling us to wait. We were kissing and fingering one another while waiting and they come out surprising us. Both girls were dressed in full military uniform (BDUs) with one exception. They had 10 in. strap-ons which they were stroking with a menacing playful caddebostan escort look. Jackie then yelled “Get on your knees, NOW!” We both dropped quickly, really turned on.

Bella tells us we’ve been bad boys and need to be punished while they push their ‘cocks’ against our lips. I stubbornly keep my mouth locked tight and Jackie says “I love it when you resist, but don’t worry. I’ll still get in.” I can tell her pussy is wet as she grabs the back of my head and forces it in. She starts to fuck my mouth putting it about halfway in and ordering us ‘not to dare look at them’.

When Rod stops for a minute, Bella says “Now the fun starts.” She gives Jackie a half sneer, half smile as they slowly put the entire 10 in. down our throats.

I gag and Jackie then pulls out saying mocking “Ooooh I’m sorry. Is this better?” And with that I barely had a second to catch my breath and position as she pumps madly at me. I’ve never had anything that big so as soon as she starts I’m choking and coughing. She pumps harder as my spittle flies everywhere. She says “Good boy. You love that cock, don’t you? Wet it good. You know what’s coming next.” She finally stopped and they demanded us to bend over. I felt her apply some wet lube onto my hole and was half scared, half anxious. I didn’t have another second to ponder as she shoved the entire 10 in. into me at once. I felt it in my stomach. And from beginning to end, she barely slowed down or stopped once. After a few minutes, I started to really enjoy it squeezing my ass around her huge ‘cock’ whenever possible. I finally heard “God, you have a cute ass” as she squeezed it apparently reaching orgasm and I came on the mattress with her still in me.

The girls stripped off their uniforms and we all collapsed as Jackie lit up a cigarette and we passed it around. I say jokingly “I think I’m in love.”

Jackie responds “Oh, we’re not done yet”, with smoke curling seductively out of her full, pouty lips.

I tell her “I know. We still have to give you our surprise….”

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