All I Want is You and That Ass Pt. 01

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I knew she had a boyfriend now, though that only added to the challenge. My current girlfriend and I were swingers, and I’d been trying to convince her to have sex with me again for years since I’d last picked her up in a bar, a long time ago when she was younger and single. This weekend I had a plan. I’d booked a small cabin in the woods–a weakness of hers–and knew I could convince her, with enough time and the right persuasion, to be more…open minded. I stocked the fridge with wine and hearty breakfast food, stashed a few toys I thought we might enjoy in the bedroom, and went outside to chop wood for the fire. Checked the time. Game on.

— x —

She made her way up to the empty condo. Her boyfriend was out of town for work, and it had been a long day. Her feet ached, her stomach growled. She was sweaty from a hard workout–thoughts of quitting her job still plagued her, and she pondered if she should take a class, take a new job, make a change.

She walked in, tossed her keys on the kitchen island, gave the cat a head scratch and pulled out a bottle of red wine. Her phone beeped.

“Miss you baby. Long night ahead. Sleep well.”

She took a moment, then replied a bit absently. “Miss you too. Love you.”

She put her phone aside and heated up some soup, thinking of settling in with her soup, almanbahis yeni giriş wine and a good book. As an afterthought, she hit the button for her living room speakers and picked a random, relaxed playlist.

Her phone beeped again.

“Staying in the mountains this weekend….why don’t you come up here and keep me company?”

Intrigued, she checked the name she hadn’t seen in a while. Well, she thought. That was interesting, and pretty direct. Best to ignore?

She took a sip of wine, curled up in a chair. Contemplated.

“Thanks for the invitation. I’m busy this weekend, and no longer single, but I hope you’re doing well.”

Lame, she thought, but true. She hit send, kicked off her shoes, and picked up the warm bowl of soup. Her phone buzzed.

“Too bad…I really miss fucking you.”

Shocked, trying not to choke on a spoonful of minestrone, she stared at the words. Well, that was blunt.

“I want to take you to the mountains, fuck you all night and make you breakfast in the morning.”

Immediately, a picture of a very robust, very masculine appendage filled her screen. She rolled her eyes. Then, a picture of a cabin’s front deck with a beautiful view of trees and the sunset. It did look beautiful.

“The view is gorgeous. I want you in it.”

“Can’t, sorry. almanbahis giriş Not interested. I have a boyfriend.”

She hit send, then made her way to the bathroom. She stripped down, until she was looking at herself in the mirror in her bra and panties.

As far as looks go, she felt good about herself. But it had been a long time since anyone had made her feel good, sexy. She wore lingerie for herself, put makeup on for herself. Sometimes, especially lately…made love to herself.

She shook the thought away. She knew the guy was into more hardcore stuff, and that’s why he called things off to begin with. He was a more intense dominant type, at times a little scary, and she wasn’t. She was vanilla, plain and simple. Nothing exciting or hardcore enough to have interested him before. Why was he texting her now? And why was she even thinking about it?

When she got out of the shower, there was another message waiting for her.

“Boyfriend ain’t married. I want to tease you and keep you up all night. I miss that ass of yours.”

Her stomach was doing a strange thing, but she ignored it. He’d texted her once before, a year or so ago, when him and his S.O. been going through a rough patch. They had been engaged at one point, then called it off, and he’d sounded desperate for a rebound.

“You’re almanbahis güvenilirmi being weird. What about you and your girlfriend? Did you guys break up?”

“That doesn’t matter. This is between us. Let me have one night with you, and we can do some things you’ve never tried.”

Her lips firmed and she shook her head.

“You’re being weird. You sound like you’re looking for a distraction.”

“Not looking for a distraction. Looking for you.”

The butterflies in her stomach intensified. Best to cut this off quickly.

“There’s just something about you…I should have made a move when we met up last year. I’ve never seen you look so good. I can’t stop thinking about that dress you wore, and how I’d like to see you bent over in it.”

“Sorry you’re horny right now. Wish I could help, but I’m not available.”

There, she thought. Firm, easy, done.

“Pretend you are.”

Her brow furrowed, and a little spark of irritation ignited.

“Isn’t it easier to hit up some random stranger on the internet? You’re making this really hard on yourself. Also, I’m not really into what you’re into, remember?”

“You could be. You always struck me as the adventurous type. I can fuck you the way you want, the way you deserve. If you don’t enjoy every minute, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

The flame died down, then burned low in her belly. She bit on her thumbnail, thinking of the next few empty days off ahead of her, and her empty condo.

“Come up here. I’m sending a car to pick you up. Wear the black dress.”

— x —

TBC >}

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