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Chapter 133 � A Forever Home



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Adam Mann: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adrian Johnson: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Alex Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Alexander Federova: Highly valued Russian Scientist rescued by Special Forces

Alexander Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alexi Federova: Son of Alexander and Petrova Federova

Andrew that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.


Ricardo kissed the bible, hugged John as we Generals exchanged his Captain”s bars for his new Colonel”s Eagles. As John asked him to let him down for a minute he had a present for his new Colonel. Handing Ricardo a case which could only contained his dress Saber it saw it was engraved and personalized from the Generals and from John. He truly did have a loving family at Alpha Zulu and Fort Connors.


Our Pilots definitely burned the fuel and we made record time to Rome. Air Traffic Control in the tower was concerned if they had enough room to land our behemoth of a plane. Assuring them we”d land on a dime just clear the airspace. We have priority military authorization.


Leaving a security detail with the plane we entered the armored limousine provided by the American Embassy and with both Military Police and a Local Police escort we raced through the streets of Rome to the Vatican. We were forced to leave our transportation outside of the Vatican border and the Swiss Guard escorted us to the Papal private chambers.


The Cardinal Secretary of State for the Vatican greeted us stating we didn”t have much time left. The Pope is getting weaker by the minute and the only reason he is still alive is his desire to talk with this young man.


The Father can wait immediately inside the door but only the young man will be allowed to converse with the Pontiff. As the Cardinal walked John to the bed of the dying Pope the pontiff took his hand and thanked him for coming so swiftly. “I don”t have much time left on this earth but my father in heaven came to me with a message for you.” “You will face many challenges in life and he wants you to know he will always provide you with the bingöl escort strength and guidance to surmount any challenge.” “May God be with you my son!” The Pope then closed his eyes and went to his eternal rest as the monitors tone indicated his heart and breathing had stopped.


John was in tears as he walked to our transportation and was taken to the American Embassy. The American Ambassador was adamant he wanted to know what was said. The Generals only turned to the Ambassador and commented we only answered to the President of the United States so please show us our rooms for the night. We will be gone at first light.


Asking John and General Masters to join our six star Commanding Generals before they retired for the night they had to made John aware of a potential problem. It isn”t that we aren”t interested in what the Pope told you, but we are military officers and we can be forced to divulge information even given to us by our family. Unless you are ready for the entire world to know what you were told don”t tell anyone ever. Now go get some well deserved sleep and I would suggest in the arms of your father or your protector. You shouldn”t be sleeping alone tonight.


Video Conferencing with POTUS as we flew back across the Atlantic he only commented there was a leak somewhere and the White House “sharks” are already demanding access to John and wanting to know what the Pope would share with such a young man. If you can prep him inflight the sooner we get this done the sooner he can have a normal life.


As John awoke from an exhaustive sleep we told him we needed to chat with him. The White House Press are already demanding access to you wanting to know what the Pope shared with you. Whether or not you want to share this information with anyone is up to you but we can”t avoid the interview for more than a few days. When you are ready the White House Press Secretary will set it up.


John understood if he shared the information to anyone it would become public knowledge to everyone in the world. He respected this great man and for whatever reason he shared this information with him, he would value it his entire life.


As POTUS was setting the framework for the interview he was adamant that John went as a private citizen and not as a representative of the United States Government. He accompanied his father, a four star General in the Army and our two six star Ambassadors at Large for the United States. Only John was allowed to talk with the Pope and whether or not he wishes to share what was told to him by the Pope is totally his decision.


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press (and I do hope you will act like Ladies and Gentlemen) I give you John Allen Masters.


“I have a few prepared comments: I have no idea why the pontiff wanted to talk with me. I have great respect for this man and I will not under any circumstance share with anyone what he shared with me. So, please don”t insult my intelligence by using the back door approach to asking what was shared. The answer is and always will be NEXT QUESTION PLEASE!


John held his own against the White House sharks and would make Dale Gordon Longdick Allman proud. Whatever the future held for John, we Generals would only support any endeavor in his life.


Without advance notice, Worthington One was requesting permission to land at Fort Connor. Granting permission we Generals raced to the landing strip to find out why no advanced notice. Once we saw the Cardinal Chaplain bitlis escort walk down the ramp behind T&T we knew why the confidential nature of this trip.


Inviting them to retreat and our evening meal we knew T&T would never turn down a free meal. The Cardinal Chaplain was always welcomed as an old friend at Fort Connor. It truly was a homecoming and one he appreciated greatly.


After a lengthy period of sincere welcome from the men of Alpha Zulu and enjoying a fantastic Fort Connor meal, our Cardinal asked if we could meet in the Generals great room as he had much to discuss with us. As he held John”s hand as we walked to our quarters, he and the Fort Connor Chaplain sat comfortably with us Generals and John.


Asking his aide to give him the package delivered to him by the Vatican, he gave it to John saying it was a gift from the late Pope left to him in his will. Opening the package, we looked in awe on a jewel studded solid gold reliquary. It was beautiful beyond belief and as we would learn later worth more than what we Generals were paid in a year. Opening the reliquary was a rosary with a solid gold crucifix. This had been in his family for over 500 years and was priceless. He hopes it will give you the strength to meet the challenges of your future as it helped him to meet the challenges in his life.


Now Generals, if you will break open one of your precious bottles of 20 year old single malt Scotch Whiskey… well, it has been a long trip. We all chuckled as we broke out the scotch and glasses. Colonel Jackson commented John had an exhaustive few days and they would be calling it an early evening so please excuse them.


As they exited the room, we all wondered what the future held for John and how much his Protector would be needed. T&T commented if the Cardinal wanted to get back to the Ambassadors Resident before midnight they needed to get “wheels up” shortly. Saying goodbye to our old friend as we knelt in respect and kissed his ring regardless of our religious affiliation. He had always been and always will be a man of God and dedicated to the service of man.


The White House Press Conference only stoked the fire and didn”t stop the massive amount of inquires as to what was shared between the two individuals. It was no surprise in my morning secure mail was a Congressional Subpoena for us three Generals… AND JOHN!


POTUS went ballistic and invoked EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE! That really threw gas on the fire. Every time we were in Washington the Marriott lobby was full of local, national and international press trying to get a “sound byte”. John cried as he apologized for causing so much trouble for the people he loved. We held him, kissed him and told him it is part of being a family. Do what you feel is right and we will always support you. “Please, take me back to Fort Connor and let me live a quiet and peaceful life.” We Generals turned to Colonel Jackson and commented we felt he needed a partner in bed tonight. The Colonel smiled as he took John in his arms and carried him to bed.


T&T were playing “hard ball” and posted all access to the Penthouse level: “Restricted Area”. No warning shot will be issue. Use of lethal force has been authorized. Trespassers will be shot! (or eaten by Monster)


With all the stress in his recent life we Generals were in shock when we received John”s test scores. He tested above average but the tests they use to show potential rated him in the upper 1% of the 1%. We had an underutilized bolu escort genius again at Fort Connor. Perhaps Dale Gordon Longdick Allman had returned from the grave. (A thought that never escaped the lips of any General or Protector. John Allen Roberts would be what he wanted to be. We would never force him in any way to do anything against his will.)


The days of easy homework assignments were a thing of the past and fortunately John had a great study partner in a Protector who had received multiple Ph.D”s. Something we failed to notice or consider when we were selecting him as John”s protector. We really lucked out, but we also realized with these two being in constant contact with each other a budding romance would develop. His father accepted John could do far worse selecting a partner in life.


Finally, one night John knocked at the office door of his father and asked if he had time to chat. Embarrassed to the MAX he candidly admitted every time he is around his protector he gets a raging erection that won”t go away. General Masters could remember his teenage years and had to smile at his son. Telling him it is normal and there was nothing to be embarrassed about. Every young man going through puberty has the same problem. But, you my son I fear have feelings that go far beyond friendship with your protector. When you are ready, you need to share these feelings with him. Even if he doesn”t have romantic feelings for you a good friend is even more valuable than a partner but when you can have both it makes for a fantastic life.


One evening at sunset John and Colonel Jackson walked hand in hand to the meditation garden and sat on the marble bench just to talk. Looking at the bronze statue of Dale and Duke John commented he knew why Dale had such intense romantic feelings for Duke. To the shock of the Colonel, John freely admitted he had the same feelings for his protector.


As John wrapped his arms around the neck of his beloved Colonel, their lips met and they shared the most passionate French kiss that caused their rock hard erections to explode and it was evident as the cum seeped through their BDU”s. Yes, we have an imp and a protector in love and it wasn”t a new occurrence at Fort Connor.


It would be a few years before John was old enough to be married but General Masters had to smile that John”s bed was never slept in. Some details of his son”s life he need not know but he was happy for John and would never stand in the way of his happiness.


A few weeks later during the night General Masters felt a cold draft and realized someone had opened the secure door to their quarters. Exiting his bedroom armed General Masters immediately went down with a single shot to his chest. The intruder then packed John”s bedroom door with explosives and destroyed it to gain entrance. By the time he realized the room was empty Colonel Jackson had taken his side arm from the secure gun cabinet. Exiting his bedroom, he saw the armed intruder and emptied his ammo clip into the face of the intruder.


Declaring a medical emergency all hell broke loose as Doc tried to stabilize General Masters and our Commanding Generals wanted to know after all the precautions that had been taken how an armed intruder could get so far into Fort Connor to threaten an imp. They wanted answers and they wanted them YESTERDAY!


Getting T&T out of bed they were demanding answers and they wanted them now. Activate your “Brain Trust” and tell OPS if they can”t figure it out there are going to be a lot of men demoted to private and booted out of the military. We want answers and we want them now!





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