An English Boy Gets Turned Out Ch. 03

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Mr Tobias was at work earlier than normal today. He had an early meeting with Mick to discuss the new star of their porn website. The Porn industry used to be a license to print money but that had changed over the last few years. Now there was more free porn available than paid for porn. Between Porno YouTubes knock offs, torrents and all these other sites every nuance of every perversion could be watched for free.

You always had to offer your customers something new, something they could not find elsewhere. Mr Tobias’ business was in a better position than some as it had the Adult Book Store business on the side. But he was always on the lookout for the next big thing. He thought he might have it with young Sam but he was not sure how best to exploit it. He was sure the English accent would help but over and above that he was open to ideas.

Mike came into the room carrying to coffees from the local shop. “Morning Mr T. Did you get some good film yesterday?”

“I think so. It’s pretty hot when he is masturbating 2 cocks at once. It’s especially good when you compare it to his protestations. You definitely have good material to work with and with careful editing you are going to have some strong material to put out tonight.”

“I have got the results here for Sam’s first videos and they are very strong. It’s scoring about 8 out of 10 and the comments are all positives. Everyone likes a good slow seduction. But at the same time they all want to reach the climax as quickly as possible. There is a common theme where people like to see an Englishman suffer and they love his English accent.”

“I would suggest we add to the humiliation. You won’t like this idea but we need to get him to talk more. I know you hate hearing your subs complain but as I said our clients want to hear his English accent.”

“What have you got for me, Mr T? Let’s see some of the raw footage from yesterday.”

The 2 men started to watch the video on the big screen. It was a replay of all Sam’s doings in both the office and the shop.

Mike said “Stop, let’s go back and look at that again.” They were at the point Sam was stripping in the office and for the first time he was completely naked.

“Look at his chest, he has not got any nipples. Well I mean he’s got nipples but they are completely flat. You can see his areolae but the there is no actual nipple just a tiny bump to show the actual nipple.”

“So what.” Said Mr Tobias.

“Why don’t we focus on them? Let’s use a nipple pump, clamps etc. and see if we can grow his nipples. People like to see nipple play, it will humiliate the boi and we’ve never focussed on this before.”

“It’s not really enough to keep the audience gripped.” Replied Mr Tobias.

“I agree but it does give us something extra while we work out what sort of bottom boi we are going to create. We could give it another twist. Let’s just work on one nipple so it’s easy for the audience to see any progress and they can monitor before and after just by looking at Sam’s chest.”

“I like it Mike, that’s a good idea. I’ll talk to Tony about how we can make a start on that today. The more I think about it the more I like it. I love my bottoms to have big nipples you can really squeeze and torture. Once we get it big enough we can give him a big piercing to make it obvious even when he is civilian clothes. That’ll embarrass and humiliate him as people look at his one big nipple and ask him about it.”

The two men quickly finished reviewing the video.

“Mr T. did Sam run the Trojan video?” Mr Tobias looked unsure. “You’d have received an email with a link to the video and the control panel if he had.”

“No I never got that. I’ll call him now and get him to run it.”

Mr Tobias picked up his mobile and called Sam.

“Sam good morning. It’s Mr Tobias… Have you watched your training video yet?… Remember, I’m going to ask you questions on what you’ve learnt… See you in a few hours boi.”

A few minutes later there was a ping from Mr Tobias’ laptop. It was the expected email.

“Mr T let me sit at the computer and I’ll show you the controls.”

“Here you can see what’s on the webcam.” There was a picture of Sam looking bleary eyed at his laptop. “In the box in the corner you can see what he is looking at on the computer.” In the small window was the beginning of the video with the twink and the older man. “You can reverse the image by double clicking on the small window.” Now the screen was filled with the video of the older man holding the twink’s tiny dick and Sam’s face was in the small window.

“Click here and you can go to all the saved video, here are the controls to Sam’s computer. You can see all the programmes running and if you click this button you get total control. Pretty neat.”

“So I can look at his laptop any time I want?”

“Sure, just so long as it’s switched on and online. I have set it up to record the webcam image and sound continuously. But it is motion sensitive. It Demetevler Escort will only record when the video image changes.”

Mr T looked thoughtful. “I can send emails and get on to his Facebook account.”

“You’ll be able to do those things from this desk soon. The next time he logs in we will record his passwords.”

“Can I turn it on when Sam is not there?”

“No but if he leaves it on even if it is locked you can take control.”

“MMMMM.” went Mr Tobias. “So I can turn on embarrassing video, images or emails for his roommate to see.”

“That’s an evil thought but yes you can.” Said Mike with a grin.

With that Mike left the office and Mr Tobias closed the control panel and went back to more mundane work.

Sam was woken by his mobile ringing. “Yes…No not yet…I will watch it now…Good bye Sir.”

He groaned to himself. What a way to wake up. The first words reminded him of the most embarrassing and humiliating moment of his life. And now he has to watch some gay porn. After last night he knows he’s not really gay. If only Mr Tobias would give him a break.

He looked around and saw his roommate had not come home last night. He could only watch the video in private so he may as well get started.

He clicked on the video to open it and there it was in front of him, the now familiar scene of the twink and the older man. He quickly moved to where the older man had just cum down the twinks throat. He looked at the progress bar and saw the video was over two hours long and he had only watched thirty minutes. He was going to miss breakfast because he had to finish this before his roommate gets back.

Sam went back to his bed taking the laptop with him. He may as well be comfortable as he completes this annoying chore. The video continues with the older man praising the twink’s cock sucking skills. He is then instructed to prepare his ass for a fucking. He is sent to a bathroom where he is given an enema. Sam was grateful he had never seen an enema before, it looked really disgusting especially the first one as all the shit was expelled. The twink was given 3 enemas in total and on the third the solution that came out of his ass was clear of all shit.

The twink went back to the old man. He was made to lie across his lap and the older man started to play with his ass hole. He was gently moving his finger around the brown star very gently. He then dipped his finger in some lube and continued to massage around the hole. He then reached for the bottle of lube and poured it directly onto the anus. With more lube his finger started to insistently push against the hole. Suddenly his middle finger penetrated the hole and it looked as if it was sucked deep into the ass.

The twink groaned at the intrusion but he seemed to be enjoying it. You could see the tip of his cock peeking out between the spread legs of the older man. The anal massage got more vigorous and more fingers were added to the hole. Every step of the way lube was added to the hole and as far as Sam could see there was no resistance from either the hole or the twink. The asshole slowly opened up gradually accepting more fingers as they pushed deeper into the guts of the twink.

The older man was continually praising the twink and encouraging him to accept more fingers. Then he slowly removed his fingers and reached to the table. He picked up a dildo that had four bulbs that increased in size towards the base. The first was small but the biggest at the bottom looked far too big to fit.

The older man poured some more lube into the open hole and also smeared it onto the dildo. Then he carefully ran the end of the dildo around the rim of the half open hole. Round and round and this brought gentle moans from the twink.

Then the he started to add some pressure onto the dildo and it started to go deeper into the asshole. The first bulb squeezed its way in without too much effort. He played with the dildo pushing it in and pulling it out just to the first bulb. I could clearly see the anus stretching over the bulb and then greedily swallowing it. Then being stretched outwards as the bulb was pulled from the anus.

I suddenly realised I was concentrating on the video. I was leaning forwards towards the computer and was fascinated by the sight of the anus opening and closing. Interested as I was I was equally happy to find it was not having an effect on my dick. I was not tuned on. I was not turned on. I can’t be gay.

I breathed easier at that thought and continued to watch. The dildo was completely removed and more lube was added to the asshole and the dildo. The older man pushed it back in and the first bulb was engulfed by the eager ass. But he did not stop this time he continued to push and I could see the asshole being forced inwards and bulb seeming unable to gain entry. Then suddenly it had disappeared into the dark hole. There was a loud groan from the twink.

The dildo continued Otele gelen escort to move just a little. It was pulled out and I could see the ass hole being stretched and pulled back towards the camera and then it was pushed slowly back into the hole giving a brief respite from the widest point.

I suddenly realised my face was unnaturally close to the screen as if I wanted to get as close to the action as possible. I was riveted to the action. At the same time I realised my dick was still soft, sitting inert. What a relief I’m not gay. I also looked at my watch and realised time was moving on if I wanted to get to my first class.

So I started to fast forward through the action. No more of the dildo was forced into the boy’s asshole. It was finally removed and the boy was thrown to the floor. The old man got down behind him and fucked him from behind and then he turned the twink on to his back and fucked him from the front.

The video ended with the twink shooting come on to his own chest and the older man pulling out and shooting his come on the twink. He then smeared and mixed up the come on the chest of the boy. He would grab some on his hand and force feed it to the twink who willingly licked and sucked the proffered fingers.

When it came to an end I stopped and thought about my reaction to the film. I was surprised by how ambivalent I felt. A couple of days ago I would have expected to be completely disgusted watching a gay porn video, but I did not. I was also relieved it had not turned me on and I had remained soft throughout. The one thing I could not deny was how intrigued I was by watching the asshole stretch around the large dildo. I would have liked to see if the boy could have taken the third bulb.

I dressed in my normal clothes and put the sweat pants, lycra shirt and pink thong into the bottom of my backpack. I was certainly not going to wear them to my lectures. I would change into them at the store.

Mr Tobias had got on with his work for the morning. It was not until lunch time he had a chance to log into Sam’s laptop. He saw that it was switched off so he went to the archive section where all the video was uploaded to the Websites cloud. He was pleased that Sam sat down to watch the video almost immediately after the phone call. He took note of the keen interest Sam displayed when he was looking at the butt plug stretching the twink’s ass hole. He also made a note of the moment when Sam started fast forwarding; it was going to be too easy to ask Sam questions to which he would not know the answer.

Mr Tobias called in Tony and briefed him on this evening’s plans for Sam. Tony left with a broad smile as he was looking forward to seeing the proper little English boy further humiliated.

Sam completed his classes for the day. He stopped off at the rest rooms and decided make himself cum again. He wanted to be sure he did not get an erection this afternoon and he was encouraged that his dick had stayed soft this morning while he was forced to watch gay porn.

He went into a stall and pulled down his trousers. He started to think about some of his favourite fantasies about being on his knees licking an older woman’s pussy. But he was distracted by the new sensations created by the cock ring. It made his balls move in a different way, it pinched the skin on his cock as he got erect, it rattled as he whacked himself off. Each of these distractions made him lose his train of thought and remind him of his gay experiences. He carried on whacking off and although he told himself he was thinking about licking pussy when he came, deep down he knew he had been thinking about kneeling in front of a large man with a large cock.

He pulled the rest of his clothes off and put on the pink thong, sweat pants and the skin-tight lycra shirt. He listened carefully and when he was sure no one was in the restroom he eased the stall door open. He headed towards the main door where he stopped to listen. When it sounded like it was clear he headed out and walked quickly with his head down to his bike. He unlocked it and was away. He felt relieved no one had seen him and his secret was safe for a little longer but he got a sick feeling the pit of his stomach as he approached the bookstore. He wondered what questions Mr Tobias would ask him.

As he entered the store by the back door he went straight to Mr Tobias’ office. The older man was sitting behind his desk looking at his computer. He looked up as Sam came into the room.

“Sam I’m glad you’re here I can have a whiskey now.” He stood up to pour the whiskey careful to make sure Sam could not see the blue powder being poured into one.

He handed over the glass. “How was your homework? Did you enjoy the movie? Are you ready to answer questions?”

Sam sipped his drink and muttered “No it was not my type of film.”

“Sam you need to speak up when you answer questions. Remember you also need to call me Sir. Balgat Escort We’ll try that again. Did you enjoy the movie?”

“Not really Sir, it was not my type of film.”

“You seemed to enjoy it last night.” Mr Tobias said which caused me to blush. “It doesn’t matter if it’s not your type of film, just so long as you studied it and you can answer questions about the movie. I didn’t like maths much but I still had to do the homework, look at me now I’m a real whiz with numbers and I love Excel. You’ll find too that soon enough you’ll be an expert on sucking cock and I know you’re going to love that.”

“Finish your drink and then I want you to go into the store and bring me back the butt plug the older man used on the twink. It must be the exact same one.”

I gulped down my drink and walked out into the store. I headed over to the anal toy section and studied the plugs. It was made out of black rubber and had 3 rings. I found one that looked right, named Tool Trainer and next to it was an identical one only bigger, the Tool Master 4.

Which one was in the movie? How could I tell? I thought about the boy and how small he was and how there was no way he would be able to have the big one forced up his ass. The smallest bubble on the Master looked to be bigger than the biggest on the Trainer.

I took the Trainer and went back to the office. Mr Tobias took it off me and set it down on the shelf under the TV screen. He then handed me another whiskey. I was getting used to the strong liquor and could drink it down without gasping and I had begun to enjoy the feeling as it slipped down my throat and into my stomach.

“Is that the Master or the Trainer?”

“It’s the Trainer Sir.”

“Is that the one they used in the video?”

“I think so Sir”

“Think is not good enough. You were told to study the video and to expect questions. Did you watch the video?”

“Yes Sir”

“Then why can’t you tell me for sure which anal toy was used?”

“They look the same, Sir. It is only the size that is different and you can’t tell from the video.”

“Sam it tells you at the end of the video in the credit section which toys were used in the film and even how to order them. Go and get the Master toy now.”

I went back into the store and picked up the Master. I was conscious of the weight and the solidity of the toy as I held it in my hands. It dwarfed my hands. I was just turning to walk back to the office when a customer walked by and saw me holding this monster toy. He smiled at me and said “You must have a talented ass to handle that toy. It always turns me on to see slim little boys taking big toys up their asses. I would love to see your hole stretched to accommodate that monster.”

I blushed and scurried away as quickly as possible and returned to the office.

Mr Tobias pointed to the Trainer and I placed the Master beside. Seeing them side by side it was easy to see the difference.

“Thank you Sam. We will have the test after your shift. I’m going to ask you 10 questions about the video and for every wrong answer I am going to force one bubble up your ass. You’ve already got one question wrong so you are going to start with the Trainer’s first bubble in your asshole. If you get six wrong you will have the full Master tool stretching you out”

“You can’t force me to do that. I’ve had enough of your shit. You’re making me wear stupid clothes, a girl’s thong and I’ve gone along with it. I’m not gay, I’ve told you repeatedly I’m not a poofter. That’s the last straw, I am not going to let you put anything up my ass. You can’t make me.”

Mr Tobias stared at me for a few seconds. He picked up the phone “Tony, the little sissy is trying to act tough will you come and help me.”

“I’m not a sissy.” I yelled at Mr Tobias.

“Of course you are.” Mr Tobias smirked as he said this. “Just look at you wearing your girly yoga pants and a skin-tight shirt that shows you’ve got no muscles. You proudly wear a pink thong and let it ride up over the top of your pants so everyone can see it. You’ve got a little dick the size of my little finger. And the clincher is that you are hard the whole time you are in a gay book store. I bet you are hard now.”

That last remark silenced me because I could feel my little dick had inexplicably got hard in the last couple of minutes. Being in the dark about the viagra I had to believe there was another reason.

Just then Tony came into the office. He was wearing the same shirt as me but his was filled with large masculine muscles. He came to the back of the sofa I was sitting on. Mr Tobias came in front and he grabbed my legs. He forced them over the back of my head where Tony held them. He had a hand on each ankle and held them wide apart. I was spreadeagled.

Mr Tobias picked up some scissors off his desk. He used the point to make a hole in the yoga pants and then pulled them upwards through the crotch. There was now a large hole through which you could see my bottom and the pink thong. He used the scissors to cut through the thin back strap of the thong leaving it uselessly flapping. Everything was on display, my bottom, my asshole and my little dick.

“I said you’d be hard. Here Tony look at that sorry excuse for a cock. Hard as a rock but as small as a tampon. I’ve seen clits bigger than this little thing.”

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