An Evil Woman

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An evil woman – Part 1

She wondered why she was sitting in a beat-up old Datsun 2000 Fairlady, hardtop, at 2 o’clock in the morning, in the middle of winter, then she remembered the pretty smile on her face and the pleading she had to put up with for a week. The begging and the promise of wild sex for a month of Sundays if she found who she was looking for. Which she thought was highly unlikely even with all the help she could get. But with that pretty smile and those beautiful blue eyes, she finally caved in.

The pretty smile on the pretty face belonged to Lisa Knights, a local barmaid, at Emily’s wine bar and a well-known knock shop for us local girls to visit and a very low-key, and out-of-the-way drinking hole in the back streets of Port Adelaide. A place only the real locals would go to, no tourists going in there.

Who was she, she was Corrine Myers, an out-of-work and out-of-luck cheap private detective. Cheap because she needed the work and she had rent to pay. Plus the offer of sex with Lisa be it a one-nighter or a month of Sundays was a pretty good payment. Lisa had a niece who had gone missing, went out with a group of friends and never came home. Not like her, they all said. I asked to see a photo and I wasn’t promising anything in advance.

Lisa took me upstairs where she was renting a room, it was a well-worn pathway up those stairs. Well, a girl has to make a living. Her room wasn’t too flash, it was neat and clean, old and tired as well. She showed me a photo in a frame, her and her niece, they were more like sisters than an aunty and niece. I asked if I could hang on to it. She smiled and that smile sent a shiver through me. She said she had a more recent one in her bedroom. She got up and walked into an adjoining room, I followed like a little puppy, or more like a dog following a bitch on heat. I watched her arse move from side to side, her dress was tight-fitting and I loved every little movement in her.

She bent over when she got to a desk in the corner of her room and pulled out an old school child’s lunch case, Micky Mouse no less, from underneath it. The dress pulled tightly over her rounded curves, I was about to run my hand over it when I thought better of it. Lisa stood up and turned around to find me with a wicked smirk on my lips.

“What,” She asked.

“I didn’t say a word,” I told her.

“No, you have a look a sailor has when he’s been at sea too long, I know a letch when I see one”

“Who me, never,” I replied with that same wicked smile.

“Do you want a deposit?” She asked, rubbing her 38Ds into my chest as she rested her arm on my shoulders.

I kissed her nose quickly, and said “Yes, but later.” And took a step back.

Lisa had her own wicked smile, which was more like I called your bluff kind of smile. Then handed me a current photo. “That was a couple of months ago,” She told me.

“She is a good-looking girl,” I told her and put the photo in my pocket.

She looked at me and looked down, then said “What’s your phone number Corry, and I’ll send you some pics even more recent. But they are just for you OK.”

‘Sure, so what sort of photos are these going to be Lisa, I take it that they aren’t PG then?”

“You take it right. But only you, Beccy and I know of them. Just so you know why she is important to me.”

I gave her my phone number and in about 30 seconds several photos arrived, one after the other. These were definitely not your typical aunty, niece-type photos.

“So is this a lovers tiff and you want me checking up on her or has she gone missing?” I asked, all the while looking at the very hot naked photos of the two of them, I wondered who the lucky so and so was taking the pics.

“Yes we had a fight, but she doesn’t stay out for more than a night, two at most. I thought she went home to my sister, but they haven’t seen or spoken to her for a month. They normally look out for her when we fight. Give her a feed and a bed,” She explained

“Can you give me a list of the friends she went out with that night?” I said still looking at the photos on my phone. “Fight often do you?” I asked as a follow-up question.

“Not often, but more lately,” Lisa found a scrap of paper and wrote down 3 names, June, Monica and Erica. I looked at them and then back at her. “Phone numbers would help Lisa,” I said in a plain, dull, tone.

Lisa smiled and wrote down the numbers from her phone. “Don’t tell Evie I gave you those numbers, she kind of gets jealous pretty quickly and puts 2 and 2 together and comes up with 5.”

“I’m really worried Corry, she doesn’t stay away like this, not without a message of some sort.”

I could see the pain in her eyes. I told her not to worry, “She is most likely pissed off so much she is making you pay with pain and guilt.”

“Hold old is she Lisa?” In genuinely enquired

“Just turned 18 last week,” She told me then looked down and blushed.

“Held back in school was she?” I asked, nodding to the school uniform thrown in the corner. I shook my mersin escort head and then held up my hand, “None of my business, I will go looking for her but if I can’t turn something up in a week, the family had better go to the law and report her missing.” I told her. I looked at the time on my phone 16:07, an old army habit of using the 24-hour clock. Some habits die hard.

“Yeah sure Corry, you are a sweetie hon, you sure you haven’t got time for a deposit?”

I took a deep breath and gave it some serious thought. It had been a short while since I had some loving. “Would love to babe, but I should get started.”

I walked back down the well-worn pathway that they call a staircase, thinking about a plan of attack and then thought to myself. Shit, I could remember when I was 18, I was gone for a week at a time. Shacking up with Mandy somewhere, going out to see bands and ending up at somewhat dubious nightclubs at the bottom end of Hindley Street. Those were the days when you could do the circuit and see AC/DC, The Angels and Cold Chisel all in one night. Whatever happened to live music, then she remembered. Fucking pokies, that’s what happened.

I decided to set myself up in the corner of the bar, a little booth, horseshoe-shaped, and out of the way, but where I could see the comings and goings through the front door. I sat down, rested a leg along the seat and dialled their first number. It was June’s so I marked it as J1 to protect the guilty. It rang, and went to voicemail, ten seconds to leave a message “Ring me June.” Is all I said. She will see the number come up, most kids don’t bother with blocking caller IDs.

A drink was delivered to the table with a wink from the waitress. I looked up and a familiar face at the bar smiled and waved. So much for me keeping an eye on the front door. I took a sip of the rather large Fireball, neat, and then raised the glass to Jane as my way of saying thank you. She raised her glass in reply.

I rang the next number on the list Monica and recorded it as M1. A simple code that will end up fooling no one. It too rang out, the voice mail this time was full. Going well I thought. I took a sip again as Jane walked over kind of gingerly. “What have you been up to,” I asked her. She stood at the edge of the table and smiled awkwardly.

“I’ve been out the back with Miss D and had a bit of a workout with her.” I removed my leg from the seat offering her a place to sit down.

She smiled and told me “I think I will stand for a short while,”

“A good workout then?” It was more of a statement than a question.

She just smiled and nodded. Miss D is a genuine dominatrix, not someone an inexperienced submissive person would want to visit. As her name implies she is a single woman, hence the title of Miss although she would see the funny side of being referred to as one. And D didn’t refer to her name but her ample bosoms, of which she was proud.

I wouldn’t call her a sadist, but she is the woman to go to when you have been introduced to BDSM and want to explore your limits. Her studio out the back would scare the living daylights out of most shy submissive types. She and I got on well and often compared notes on those who visit her after being with me. I am the sort of Domme you come to, to get started, a watered-down version of a dominatrix, if you like or as she describes me a Domme Light.

“Are you busy or bored?” She asked me.

“Neither really, but I have a job to do, what’s on your mind?”

“Bobbi is being a pain again,” She told me.

“Whoa girl, I’m not going there, she is your ex, your problem,” I told her, “You should have treated her differently when you walked out, finally. I mean you went, then came back, then went a second time and turned up in places you said you wouldn’t go to. She has a right to be a PIA,” I explained.

I waved her away, then spoke loud enough for those who were watching, “She won’t hurt you June, her words are more damning than her actions.”

Then went back to the job at hand. I dialled Erica’s number and waited, not expecting anyone to pick up. It was and a sweet voice answered quietly, “Erica here, hello.”

I was taken by surprise, to be honest, and waited briefly for a second then asked “is this Erica, Evie’s friend?”

Silence but I could hear noises in the background, someone putting a phone in a pocket maybe, so I waited. I heard loud voices, Asian, I think. I couldn’t make out if it was Chinese, Korean or Japanese. Then shouting and more noises, as someone was being slapped around. I heard screams and more shouting. The phone was dropped then it bounced around by the sounds of it, sliding across the floor possibly. Then a voice came on the line, old, male, gruff, a dirty loud voice, and one with intent, “What you want!”

I sat there quietly, not saying a word. Then cursed myself for not disguising my phone number. The voice continued, “Hello, who this,” Then some more background noise as the phone was handed to another person, a younger voice, and female. mersin escort bayan “Hello, sorry about that my grandfather was asleep and you woke him, how may I help you.”

Again I didn’t say a word and pressed the end call button. I put the phone down. And waited for the inevitable return call. It took them 2 minutes, but it wasn’t from Erica’s phone but an unlisted number. I let it ring out. It rang again immediately. This time I answered. “Can I speak to Erica?”

The young female voice answered straight away, “sorry you have the wrong number, who is this?”

“You rang me and you sound just like the girl I was talking to a minute ago, so how did you get this number?” A game of cat and mouse was in play. I heard clicks and some static, then the girl was on the line once more. “There is no Erica here, so stop calling us.” The line went dead but I know a tracer when I hear one. I hung up.

I picked up my drink, thinking carefully about what had just happened. Skulled it and walked over to the bar. Waved to Lisa who was trying to console a somewhat distressed June. Lisa came over and glared at me, “what,” I asked her.

“Nothing,” She replied, then looked over at June, sobbing in her beer.

“She’ll get over it, the truth hurts sometimes,” I told her.

“You can be a callous bitch at times Corry,” She told me, looking straight into my eyes with those powerful pools of blue ponds she uses as eyes.

“Report Evie missing and can you check with anyone about those other 3 girls as well? I have a bad feeling about this.” I said

“Yeah sure, what’s happened,” Lisa asked me with a worried look on her face.

“I’m not sure Lisa, but from a few phone calls and a very suspicious conversation I’ve just had, I would say the girls aren’t coming home, any time soon. Just a gut feel,” I said to her.

“Then get rid of your phone, get someone to transfer all the data you want then ditch it, and I mean quickly.” Her face went from worried to alarm in no time flat.

“You’re scaring me Corry, what’s happened?” She asked anxiously.

I told her as carefully as I could. “I’m not too sure, but the girl Erica is the only one answering her phone and that call didn’t reassure me at all.”

“Just tell me what happened for crying out loud,” She was beginning to raise her voice, so I grabbed her by the wrist and held it firmly looking her straight in the eyes, she was close to tears I thought.

“Do as I have just told you to, Lisa and I will find Evie.” And with that, I turned and walked out the door. Heading down to a tech nerd I kind of knew. If you want to chat on a phone with someone and not let them know where you are at, you will need a few sim cards and someone who knew what they were doing to help you. Terry was that person.

Now I have to be honest here, I didn’t really know Terry but rather knew of her, a street-wise kid, with both attitude and a smart mouth. I felt this was going to be some kind of lesson for me. I knew she called herself a skater girl and hung out at some of the skater parks dotted around the western suburbs.

The only time I have ever met her or saw her, was once when I was babysitting a moron who had upset some local street mob, by selling ‘shit’ on their streets, he needed to disappear and needed a ‘private’ phone. I was being paid 5k to keep him alive for 48 hours. Not an easy task as it turned out. Sk8ertoyinc was hard to find, she knew how to make phone calls that even the law had trouble tracing. She was very popular with certain types of people.

I went online and looked for the local skate parks, I knew Terry by her nic mainly ‘Sk8ertoyinc’. There were 4 parks all within a reasonable distance of the Port, any kid on a pushbike or a skateboard could reach them. I started down at Taperoo. It was small and not too well populated. Small preteens were practicing being hoons, teasing even younger kids.

The sky was darkening and it wouldn’t be long before the rains came I thought. I sat there looking at them when I saw a dark figure emerge from the public toilets, I couldn’t tell age or gender but they quickly looked up and around, spotted me, and disappeared behind the old stone and brick toilets. Two minutes later a pretty blonde-haired girl came out of the same female toilets, looked sheepishly around and quickly ran back to her friends at the park.

The prick I thought. Whoever it was never came back into view. And must have headed away onto the rail line that bordered the area. The kids seemed happy enough, laughing and looking at something the girl had in her hand. They learned about life the hard way down Taperoo way. There was nothing here and no sight of sk8ertoyinc to be seen. If I knew how to read the tags I would have known where I should be looking. But I didn’t.

I headed back towards Largs North on Victoria road, and pulled into the car park, next to a building the local football team called their clubrooms, the skate park was bare, but to be fair, it was starting to piss down, and had got dark quickly. escort mersin I didn’t want to waste time hanging around, so headed off to the beach front and down to Semaphore.

Even though it was the middle of winter, the Semaphore foreshore park was buzzing, the rain had passed, and the family types were still hanging around. I parked the old Datsun on a side street, where I had a decent view of the skate park in particular. It was busy, with a lot of teenagers and older lads, and the lights were sparkling after the rain. I was looking for a girl sitting on her own. Toying with a phone. What teenager doesn’t toy with their phone? None were there. I waited for another 30 minutes just in case.

But it was all a waste of time. I watched the passing parade of families as they headed home. I needed a coffee and the seaside kiosk was still open, and it will give me an opportunity to stretch my legs. I walked slowly across the main road, and across the grassy park towards the kiosk, and out of the corner of my eye, a sudden movement caught my eye, I wasn’t even sure I actually saw anything, by the time I focused on the corner of the building where a shadow had been, it was gone.

I kept walking taking in a wider view now. Looking at all the dark places, in and around the shrubbery, at the corner of buildings. Nothing unusual, maybe I was just getting jumpy. I walked up to the counter at the kiosk, and looked at the stale food that was left from the day’s trading, nothing caught my attention. I ordered a large flat white to go, 3 sugars. A bored-looking teenager looked back at me and faintly smiled and asked “Anything else?” she asked, I shook my head, keeping eye contact, I smiled at her, and she blushed.

“That’s $6.50, thank you, is that on card or cash?” She asked as I gave her the exact amount in change from my pocket. “It won’t be long,” She told me. I nodded once again and kept looking at her, but it was the movement behind her that made me even more interested in her.

Two people one obviously a male, the other with their back to me, wearing a black hoodie which was the same as every other street type wears, I leaned on the counter out of sight of the two in the back and asked the young teenager who the two out the back were, she just shrugged her shoulders without looking. She handed me the large cup of coffee and kept hold of it as our fingers touched when I wrapped them around the takeaway cup. “You hang out at Emily’s don’t you, pretty sure I have seen you in there,” She enquired of me.

“You’re a bit young to go into a wine bar aren’t you?” I stated.

“My girlfriend takes me there, now and then,” She told me.

“She best not leave you unattended, there are some unsavoury types that hang out there,” I said to her with a smile as I wet my lips.

“I can take care of myself,” She replied with certainty in her voice. Her eyes hardened for a second, she then smiled and went off to serve another young lad at the other end of the counter. I leant back onto the counter and watched the activity in the skate park, some of the more serious players had come out into the night.

They went racing back and forth over jumps, down a balustrade, doing tricks here and there. The Alpha flip and bullflip, some of the more adventurous were trying out the front slide heelflip. A lot of laughter as the various ones ended up on their backsides. Just teenagers out enjoying themselves.

The young assistant returned and said to me, “I finish in 10 minutes, maybe you could drop me off at my place, or I could come home with you,”

“A bit forward aren’t you? Not saying no to dropping you home but I’m looking for someone and thought she might be here.” I told her.

“Is it your girlfriend, she’d be a bit young for you if she is hanging around at a skate park, wouldn’t she be?” She asked with a smile on her face.

I laughed, “Not a girlfriend, just someone who can fix a phone for me.”

“Arrgggg Terry Cookson, you mean, she is good at fixing phones, she normally is here during the day then heads down to West Lakes after dark, more money down that way for her, plus she doesn’t get hit on by the masses.” She explained. “The skaters are hard-core down there, they don’t like their park being invaded, a bit older too. Plenty of ‘joy rides’ in the bushes, if that’s your scene,”

“I’m closing up so stay there,” she asked, then turned to the bloke in the back of the kiosk and told him, “Tong, I’m closing up mate, want me to leave one counter open for the skaters?”

A very Asian voice in the back shouted out, “Fuck the skaters, they don’t have any money so just close up sweetie,” She rolled her eyes at me and closed the shutter.

She, as I found out was Chloe, smallish, around 5’4″, slim, a cute androgynous haircut, shaved on one side, shades of pink on the tips at the back, which were quickly fading. We walked back across the grassy park towards my car, and soon we were out of the light of the kiosk and skate park and into the dark of night.

The pale yellow street lights just gave off enough light so you could see where you were heading. Chloe slipped her hand into mine and squeezed it. We got to the car in no time. She looked down at it, and asked, “How do you have fun in something so small?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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