Ann dance

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Ann drove up to a nightclub in an urban neighborhood. Actually her Limbo drove up. Her driver was one her slaves. She was a white busty 20 year old white girl name Lisa.

The music started pumping and she started moving her shoulder to the music. She knew all eyes were on him and most those men would be jerking off thinking about her. They wouldn’t admit it but they all wanted her. A lot of men secretly wanted a strong woman. Normally she would take some of these guys and have 5 of them given her a work out. She knew she would be the one left standing at the end. Not today. Today she wanted something sweet. She scans the room and saw our hero sitting alone by the bar. She waved at him and she waves back timidly. Ann walked to the bar stool shaking her tight ass in front of him. It was done in the way that it wasn’t obvious what she was trying to do. It was a game to her. She wanted this to last. She crosses her strong legs showing her calves. She turns to the barkeep and ordered a drink. She knew that the boy was looking at him.

All these young women in here and he had his eyes on her. If she was still in teaching sex physiology she would say he looking for a mother figure. That was just the nonsense she told to make the bills. She would be the mother figure if she liked. That was her favorite part to play. They were all her babies. The drink she orders was scotch. It had a straw with as sweet cherry on top. She saw that he was drinking coke. He was just cuties. Ann couldn’t wait to eat him up. He probably didn’t dance with anyone all day she thought

Ann took her glass and slowly but casually licked the top of it with her tongue. The straw went slowly in her mouth as she sucked off a cherry. He saw the cherry roll around in her lips. Her mouth open showing the cherry sliding down her long tongue before she let her tongue wrapped around the cheery. Her teeth clamped down on it chewing it. The boy spilled his drink on him self by accident. Ann laughed and drank her drink down. He saw a cigarette roll in her hand. He didn’t go by the clique that made women smoking automatically sexy but this time it did. She was strong and when she blew the smoke it was like she was controlling the fire itself. He watches as she sucked in the smoke and held it with her slender age fingers. He could see her cleavage and her breast heave as she sucked in the smoke. This girl’s breast was amazing. It was like a dream come true. Strong women were his secret fetish but this girl was out of his league. This girl was the one only guys like him dream about

No guy every gets her dream girl. That is what made it a dream. No a guy with him probably would settle down with some fat chick who had more hair on her chest then his dad. Then he would end up with like 9 kids and living in a trailer park. Man he thought this woman was a milf dream. She looked over to him. He put his head down. The boy didn’t want to be caught staring at her like this. Older women turn him on so much. The control and wisdom they had been intoxicating. The idea of wrap his arms around that body like a big teddy bear turn him on. To have her hold he would be a dream. He crossed his legs show his erection wouldn’t be seen. It was painful like it was going to be torn through his pants. His knees felt weak and his heart was beating 50 miles per hour.

She motions him over. He was a little hesitant. Ann slapped the bad table and motions him over some more.


“Come on. I want hurt you.” She said

He walked over to her and sat down. She pulled him closer to her. Her strong wrapped around making him looked slender next to her. He was so young she could eat him up right there. This was where she was going to start to do her work. She spoke in a soft motherly voice and added a bit of stern authority to it. Also she made sure to make eye contact like her eyes were devouring his body. She had him in a position where he was almost force to look down her cleavage.

“What your name Cherry.” She said.


“Nothing just a little nickname I like to call people sometimes. I all ways thinking up nicknames.”

Cherry told her his name.

“My name Ann” Ann said shaking her hand “mmmmm you got soft hands. It just likes a little baby.”

He blushed.

“Bet you didn’t do a day of work in your life. You young people probably play video games a lot don’t you” Ann said giving him a smile and little tickle.

“Hey I worked out hit the gym. I’m gangster” He joked. She laughed and touches his face.

“Just a soft little face” She said sipping another drink. She put it down and slapped him on the back. She took out her arm “Here feels this.”

He put his hand out nervously and felt it. His hand was shaking. She held it down. She knew the boy’s erection was killing it. It took all her willpower to keep the straight face as her little cherry was nervous.

“Wow so strong.” Cherry said.

“Wow so strong. No offense but you Ümraniye Escort got a really squeaky voice for a black guy.” Ann said.

“What I don’t sound like DMX.” He joked nervously.

“Naaa not really. So you like strong women” She said.

“Yes. There great.”


“(playing his hair) I don’t know.”

“Come on your a big boy you can answer” She said in a sterner voice smoke blew in his nostrils making him cough a bit. She was close him forcing him to look up at her to speak.

“I don’t know there power. Maybe because they can just take you” He said.

“So you like to be dominated” Ann said.

“Well guess.”

“You dirty little devil. Don’t you know it very naught talking that way to an older lady?” Ann said.


“Just kidding with you sweetie (pinching his cheeks) your so nervous and uptight. It is amazing you youths now a day. Sigh what ever happen to the 60’s.”

“The 70’s I guess.”

“What a nice strapping boy like you doing all alone baby” Ann said,

“I don’t know just scoping the scene.

“Hmmm you were scoping a scene for a while. What I matter a little scared” Ann said.


“You shouldn’t be. Most pretty ladies tend to stay alone because guys to scared to ask them out.” Ann said,

“That’s called good extinct on the guys part” He said smiling.

“No honey most girls are proud for a sweet little thing like you to ask them out.” She said.


“Yea hot little black stud like you. Bet you make the white girls go crazy” Ann said staring him in the eye.

“Well maybe”.

“Do you have a big cock” She said.


“Well where adults right” She said in a condescending voice “We are a big boy and can answer that question right. Well right?”


“Is it big?”

“I guess.” He said nervously.

“mmm bet you have a huge black dick. Does that make you nervous baby. I sorry it just words.” She said.

“Yea I know it just.”

“They don’t hurt anyone. For instance if I said I want to grab you and fuck you over this bar it would be just word nothing to be afraid of. (lifting his chin up) now looks someone in the face while there talking to you. It rude otherwise. Also build up confidence. You understand.”

“I guess” He said his hear was beeping fast. This was unreal.

“Well let me explain. (speaking in a calm) Eye contact is important. When you look someone straight in the eye it show no fear. You ladies like that. They like the staring because it very predatory. I shows power which leads to sexuality. Look at you timid and soft. Look on how my eyes pierces. Undressing you with promise of lust. With a look I could officially own you.”

He gulped hard.

“At least that why guys stare. After all that only work on little women. You not a woman are you” She said.

“No” He said.

“Well then cherry lets have a man drink” Ann said. She orders a bottle of some hard looking drink. She gave him a shot glass and poured it up “Come on drink up Cherry.”

He drank it down. and started to cough. She slapped him on the back and took it from the bottle.

“Not so fast try another one” Ann said.

He drank a bit more.

“That’s my big boy” Ann said finishing a bottle.

Cherry started coughing some more. She hugged him.

“Shhh breathe baby. Breath. I think that little drink was a bit much from baby” Ann said “You ok?”

His eyes were watery.

“Hey want to dance.” Ann said.

“I can’t dance” He said.

“Don’t worry. I will lead.”

She took him by the hand where a bunch of people were dancing to some hip hop music. To his surprise the woman had rhythm. She shook her body and grinded to the beat. He felt awkward. Ann had his hand on her shoulder.

“Follow my lead baby. I use to be a dancer.” Ann said.

She guided him on the dance for. Ann dance step were wild. The both grinded to the beat. Cherry couldn’t dance that well but just followed ann. and soon got the beat. It still felt like he was being dragged around like a rag doll. His face was stuff in his breath making it hard for him to breath. Ann laughed as his arms flailed. The tongue song played in the back round.

“Mmmm love this song” Ann said “Come you can keep up with a white girl can you.”

She turns around showing off her ass and shook it. Her pants were tight and showed off her big butt. She slapped it hard and motions him toward her. She dragged him by a collar and grinded again him He felt a bit embarrass being dragged around. “You like this big milf ass sweetie. You like this fat ass grinding against you.”


“Y..yes is that all you can say. Come on everyone watch slap it sweetie.” Ann said.

He put his hand on her butt nervously and squeeze.

“That’s it grind that against me. (She felt his rod) mmm what this getting an erection during a dance floor” Anadolu yakası Escort Ann laughed.

Sweat was dripping down her breast as she was enjoying the music hit her body.

“Let me adjust this” Ann said.

She adjusted his cock straight up to his surprise. He pushed her against the wall. She bent down showing his ass in his face. He could smell it. He could smell her dripping pussy. They were now in the corner of the room. She started grinding faster. His dick was gliding between the butt cheeks of her skin tight pants. He felt the pressure building. Ann knew what was coming and held him show he couldn’t move.

“Noo noo” Cherry moan.

“Sorry can’t hear you over the music.” Ann lied.

He came in his pants.

“You naughty little pervert. I can’t believe it. You spooze yourself.” Ann said.

“Sorry Ann.”

“Well sorry not going to cut it cherry. Kiss my feet Cherry.”

“What kiss it or I show you everyone your little spooze pants” Ann said.

He kneeled down and kissed her foot.

“The other one cherry.”

He kissed her other boot.

“Good boy. Get up” Ann said. She lifted him up and had him wrap his legs around her. She started dry humping him against the wall.

He held onto her as his dick was grind. People was staring and laughing. Ann smiled kissing him with plenty of tongue. His arms with went weak as her big tongue filled his mouth. She sucked on his little lips as his arms hugged down at it sides. He knees felt weak and he felt like the air was being sucked out of him. It was the best kiss ever. She Knew had to explore a guy’s mouth and suck his tongue. He shot his load again.

“You naughty little shit.” Ann said.

She dropped him down. She dragged him by his hand. His pants could bee seen filled with cum. She took him out side in the back.

“Take you pants off” Ann said.


Ann grabbed him by the neck and slammed him against the wall.

“Don’t make me ask again.” She said.

He pulled his pants.

“It time for little boys to learn a lesson. This is for your own good sweetie” She said pulling down his underwear seeing his dick

“So much for that myth.” She said.

She took his underwear and made him suck it. She force it his mouth.

“Want you to lick your little cummy stains clean. She put him over her knee as she sat on some garbage bags. His ass was exposing. She slapped his ass hard. He let out a screamed but it was muffled through the underwear. She slapped him again and again across the ass.

“Maybe this time (Spank Spank) you will learn (spank spank) that is very impolite (spank Spank Spank) to cum in front of a woman (spank spank) with out permission (Spank Spank) maybe you learn that to be able to hold yourself (spank Spanl)” Ann said getting his ass red.

He was crying like a baby. His ass tried to avoid it but he couldn’t. His ass was being turned into puddy by her powerful hands. She playful gave in a pinch as she worked on each cheek. She pulled the underwear out of his mouth.

“You’re crying. Men don’t (spank Spank) cry. So what those make you?”

“I d..dont know”


“Yes you do?”

“A boy.”

“Boys can hold in there little sperm from the little cocks (Spank Spank) so I ask again what that makes you.”

“A girl (Crying). “

“Even little girls can look grown up in the eye (spank with out shaking) so what that makes you.”

“A baby girl.”

“Good close. But even babies don’t kiss women feet the moment they threaten like a little puppy. So what that make you.”

“a puppy.”

“And what is a female puppy.”

“A bitch.”

“(spank Spank) Good boy. And who bitch are you.”


“Say it (Spank Spank).”

“I’m your bitch.”

“Louder (spank spank).”

“I’m your bitch.” He cried.

“Good boy.” She said.

She stop the spanking after a half and hour. She lifted him up and looked at him.

“Know why I did that.” Ann said.


“I did that because every man much know his place. Young men today think they run the world. The don’t know the different the being men and being a child. Some people will all ways be a child. Your one of them sweetie. But don’t worry mommy will make it better.” Ann said.

He hugged her and started crying into her strong arms. His hand were on her biceps and her cried into her big breast. She comforted him.

“Shhh baby. My sweet chocolate princess. My little cherry.” Ann said petting him.

She opens her shirt and took out her gigantic tits. Ann stuck fat nipples in his mouth that he had a little trouble getting his mouth around. He started to suck. She held him in her arms and milk started to come out of her tit and spraying down his throat. He tasted her sweet juice as she held him.

“That it baby drink up. That my kid.” Ann said.

She held him till he falls İstanbul Escort asleep in her arms. Ann stripped the boy naked. She held him over her shoulder and walked through the club. She had a huge smirk on her face. All eyes were on her again. They all saw this Amazon carrying this wounded man through the club. No one dare question her.

She got into her Limo with her female slave Drive name Lisa. She was a busty stripper with a collar around her.

“Time for a ride.” Ann said.

“Yes Miss” Lisa said.

Ann closes the windows. They were soundproof. She woke her new boy up who head was on her knees. He was shocked to find he was naked and in a car.

“Where we going” He said.

“Just driving around. Do you like this body?” Ann said.

“Y..y..yes..very much.”

“You like these muscle bounds bodies,”

“Yes I would do anything to worship it.” You say,

“Well good boy” Ann said. She pressed a button by the chair and the back of the chair turn into bed. The Limo was a stretch limo with a lot of the room. The lights dimmed and music started to play. She laid Cherry back on his back. He was about to speak,

“Shhh don’t talk” Ann said starting to undress. Her breast was huge. It was bigger then his face. Her nipples stuck out erect about 3 inches. Ann had worked out and her body was now tone and little tan. She looked deep in her black lover eyes with her piercing blues eyes. She started kissing his body. Her big lips kissed his chest and felt him up with her hands. She rubbed him all over. He felt every part of his body tingle with. She kissed his chest and held her down. Her tongue circled her nipples as she started to suck them. She stroked him with a freehand and uses her strong biceps to fuck him.

“Like that baby. Those little brown raisin mmm” Ann said.

“Ooooo” He said.

He felt like he was about to cum but she stopped him by squeezing her bicep around his cock whenever her was about to burst. She kept doing this bring him closer to the edge. She played with his mouth tasting him.

“Not let my little dark cherry” Ann said.

Ann took him inside her and started riding him up and down faster and faster. He felt like his whole body was being crush as her legs held him like a vice. Her pussy was sucked into her dick. It was muscle that could crush steal. She held him against her and buried him into her soft breast.

“Like that baby. You know I fingered myself while you fail asleep my arms. I made myself cum. going to make you cum buckets” She said.

She was grinding into him using her power and years of experience. Her squeeze on her breast kissing and sucking just for something to grabbed on. She moan as his little tongue guided across her tits.

“That it baby sucks mama milk” She said.

Tears were running down his eyes. This time when he cried it was with pleasure. She grabbed his hair and kissed his neck. She then kissed him long. When they broke there kiss and long necklace of salvia connected them.

“mmmm you’re a great kisser pet. Mmmmm cry if you want baby. Yea let it on. Nobody can hear us. Mmmmmm I want to see those tears” She said fucking him harder. He cried into her huge tits and sucked for dear life. The milk shot into his mouth making a calm affect. It filled his mouth the point it came out her nose.

She came on his cock squeezing his dick to keep him from cumming.

“Yesssss” Ann said. Her muscles flex with power as her use her strength to drive it home. The power and control alone gave her multiple orgasms. She loved the control. He young lover couldn’t take it anymore. It was too much but his screamed went on death ears as he pounded on her. It was just a massage to her.

“Shit can’t take your to much” Cherry said.

She laughed filling the car. She slipped a finger in his ass and soon was fucking his in the ass with her hand as she rode him. His ass cheeks was stretch out as she hit his prostate. He came like an explosion. He shot stream of cum into him passing out. He was slapped awake. Her pussy continued massaging his cock.

“You’re not going soft on me let. Can make you get hard as much as I want with these pussy muscle slut” Ann said slipping a finger deep in his ass. His cock got hard

“I can’t take anymore. You’re so wonderful.” He cried.

Ann spoke to Lisa. “Better get your nursing skill ready we may have to revive this one like the others.” Ann said.

“Got the Life support in the back miss” Lisa said.

“Grrrr” Ann said devouring him. “You better get use to this. Your going to be here all day an after that your going to be my fuck toy” Ann laughed.

“Ohhh Ann your a goddess” He cried before cumming.

“Call me mommy.”

“Ohhh mommy” He said with joy .

“You want me to be your mommy.”

“Y..yes ohhhhhh.”

“You’re just a sick little pervert. But don’t worry. I will be your mama slut.”

4 hours later.

He laid pass out hooked up to a little life support system.

“Lisa dropped this one off at the home later. Put him in the children ward.” Ann said.

“Yes mistress” Lisa said “You want me to drop you off somewhere”.

“To the next dance club. The night is still young Lisa.”

The end

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