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An involuntary throb of tension pulsed through Brenna’s pussy.

“I’m so close,” she rasped. Caleb’s eyes were fixed on her pink, dripping center as the vibrator shuddered away. His mouth fell open a fraction more as another spasm moved through her. His cock jerked, dripping a line of precum onto the sheets.

“Cum for me,” he groaned.

“Not—yet!” she gasped. Brenna shot the vibrator across the bed. “Oh God, I almost came.” Caleb’s breathing hitched.

Teasing was their ritual. Every day of their year-long relationship ended like this: Brenna convulsing in ecstasy while Caleb watched, unable to cum. And while some men might enjoy this arrangement, it drove Caleb into fits of agony.

The specialists all agreed that his condition was neurological. Incurable. His peculiar problem was the envy of every man—the ability to dance on the edge of release for hours without tumbling over. The reality, however, was excruciating. Caleb’s balls constantly ached with unrealized pleasure. His sensitive cock cycled through dozens of erections throughout the day. He had to wear custom-made underwear to restrain his perpetual excitement.

He hadn’t had an orgasm in the whole twenty-six years of his life.

There had been wet dreams, of course. Several times a month he’d wake in the soak of his own cum, any memory of sensation long gone. His anorgasmia had destroyed relationship after relationship.

Until Antep Escort Bayan Brenna.

The two met in a chatroom for young people with sexual dysfunction. Her problem was virtually the opposite of his: multiple, rolling orgasms that turned her into a puddle of pleasurable mush at the slightest hint of arousal. Their edging ritual had fine-tuned her self-control; now, she only came when she wanted to. Brenna owed her success to a series of tantric meditations which she’d shared with Caleb in an effort to override whatever mechanism consistently failed to produce his release. In her mind, a long enough tease was the only thing standing between her lover and hollering ecstasy. This meant that he dedicated a half hour of each day to erotic exercises. It also meant that they’d never had sex.

Brenna’s fingers closed around his cock.

“How are we feeling?” she asked. Caleb groaned. He couldn’t cum, but he could certainly experience pleasure. She slicked a lotioned hand from the base of his cock all the way to the tip. Over and over again.

“Fuck,” he rasped. He was right on the edge. The edge of nothing. A searing jolt of pleasure shot up his cock.

“Remember your meditation,” she counseled. “No pressure. Just sensation.”

Caleb repeated the words, picturing, again, a small point of light.

“Imagine it growing. Growing, growing until it swallows you whole.” He felt her lips move up and down his throat. “I can feel it, Caleb,” she breathed. “It’s going to happen this time.” He smiled resignedly.

“You first.”

Caleb pushed her back down against the mattress and passed her the vibrator. Brenna squirmed and moaned beneath its buzz. He suckled her massive tits and flicked his tongue over her pointed nipple. Then—

“Oh, GOD!”

Brenna threw herself back onto the pillow as she was finally overcome. Caleb watched, hypnotized, as a series of contractions convulsed her slick pussy. She whined and kicked in a frenzy of bliss.

“Fuck me!” she cried, as one orgasm crested and the other began. “Fuck me raw!”

“Do you—really?”


Caleb pushed his writhing girlfriend on to her knees. He grabbed her hips, then plunged his cock inside her juicy cunt with an incoherent gurgle. Her silken walls pulsed around him as he slammed into her again and again.

“You feel so good!” he gasped. “You feel so good!”

Brenna whimpered as a third series of throbs sent her quaking. She had let herself go. It had been so long since he’d seen her like this, completely and entirely carnal. She cried out with every thrust.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” Her words twisted into a long, warbling wail as yet a fourth round of contractions seized her. Brenna buried her face in the pillow.

“CUM WITH ME!” she screamed. She bucked her hips wildly against him. The light, previously the smallest of sparks, rushed at Caleb all at once.

Caleb was lifted from his body in a cocoon of rapture. Liquid gold licked down his cock, shot through his arms and legs, lashed to the very ends of his hair. Every word he knew, every memory, every thought, his very self, all lost in a cosmic blast of ecstasy. He could scarcely process this initial awe before he was slammed suddenly back into his body.

Then the real bliss crashed down on him.


Caleb pummeled Brenna’s gooey center as it milked decadent pleasure from his cock. The sensation of her shivering pussy was positively obscene. Bullets of wonder shot inside him at the feel of her. Oh, slippery warmth! Oh, snug sheath! Creamy jelly quivered around him, massaging his cock as he fucked her harder—oh! Harder! OH! Sweet, sweet undulating cunt-flesh!

“Fuck!” Caleb whimpered. A continuous rope of cum erupted from his aching balls. Her pussy meat began to squelch and suck, sending Caleb’s eyes rolling in his head. Oh, plunging cock! Oh, slick, hot cunt! Oh, joy! Oh, oh, oh!


“Caleb? Caleb!”

He came to with the feeling of fingers probing against his clammy face. He opened his eyes. He was on his back, Brenna’s huge tits swinging in his face.

“What happened?” he mumbled.

“You yelled ‘fuck’ and then passed out. Are you okay?” He looked down to see a river of cum running down the inside of her thigh, pooling on the duvet. He smiled in profound satisfaction.

“Never better, ” he croaked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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