Fellatio , White Women Pt. 01

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*Author’s note: This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached, as long as no charge is made for it and it isn’t changed in any way. If it is archived, it is done so on he basis that the author will have unrestricted access to the archive.

This story is a work of fiction. None of the characters or events herein is based on real people, either living or dead. It was produced for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upsets you, do not read any further. By reading further you certify that you have accessed/requested access to this material willfully, and that you are an adult 21 years of age or older. You also certify that you are NOT a city, county, state, or federal law enforcement officer, official of the United States Postal Service, acting in the capacity of a representative of a telecommunications firm, and that this material does not offend the standards in your area, nor is it in violation of any of local, state, or federal law.

* * * * *

Chap. 1

To tell this story, it must be told from the beginning…

Vaughn worked as a therapist at a residential adolescent treatment facility that specialized in drug and alcohol treatment. Vaughn stood 6’2″, 220 lbs. of strapping, dark-chocolate muscle. 28 years old. He was often told that he resembled a darker Kobe Bryant. Vaughn was involved in a relationship with his girlfriend of one and a half years, Deidre. Deidre was a very attractive brown skinned woman of 27. Very shapely, very pretty. He had let her move in to his place after dating her for six months. As of late, they had been having their problems and as a result, Vaughn had been spending consecutive nights on the living room couch. When they had met, Deidre seemed the type of woman he had been waiting to hook up with. But as time progressed, he was starting to see her for who she truly was.

Vaughn was one of the better therapists at the facility. His professionalism and manner were well regarded by all the staff. There were women who had expressed statements of attraction toward Vaughn to their co-workers, but his professional behavior and seriousness nullified many ‘attempts’. He was all business. Plus, most of the women assumed that his relationship with his girlfriend was strong as steel.

The hierarchy of the facility consisted of a director, a clinical supervisor, therapists and technicians (techs). There were five therapists and approximately 12-15 techs. The staff was predominantly white. Vaughn and three of the male technicians were Black. All of the female techs were white. Most of them were unappealing to Vaughn’s taste, especially the older ones. There were three younger techs that he found attractive, though he was very hesitant to make this known.

The first one’s name was Janet. She was 25 years old. She was a petite, short brunette with steel-grey eyes that were hard to ignore. Intelligent and creative. She was very pretty in a next-door neighbor kind of way. Her breasts were what seemed to be large B cups. They were very noticeable on her small frame. She was 5’5″. She weighed between 120-130 pounds. Another feature of hers that was hard to ignore was her shapely hips and ass. If she was walking away from you and you didn’t know her, you would have thought she was a video ho. She had ass like that! Janet found Vaughn attractive yet she was determined to keep that fact to herself. Vaughn did not exude any attraction toward her, which made him all the more appealing to Janet. Though he was Black, and she knew that everyone she knew would disapprove of an interracial coupling, she still found him unique, intelligent, compassionate and personable. She often mentally compared her husband’s shortcomings to Vaughn’s seemingly endless wealth of good looks and potential. .

The second one’s name was Erica. She was 24 years old. Blonde hair. Attention-grabbing blue eyes. She was also petite with a flawless pair of B-cups that always seemed to sport hardened nipples under whatever she wore. She was 5’6″. She weighed about 130 pounds. She would often rub up against Vaughn or touch him when they talked. Vaughn had noticed her sexy work outfits many times on her nicely stacked frame. She had been attracted to him for months. She had never been with a Black man but if she had to choose one, it would have been Vaughn. He was nonthreatening towards her and all her co-workers, plus he was sexy as all hell. Growing up, many of her friends had sat and discussed the myth of big, Black dick. Erica had often found herself watching the front of Vaughn’s slacks to discern the size of his bulge. She sensed that he was equipped with larger than average equipment. She was stuck between wondering if she should approach him (she knew he was involved, but didn’t give a fuck) or leave it as an interracial fantasy.

The urfa escort third one was an Italian girl named Melinda, who sported long, jet-black hair and a body to die for. In a word, she could be described as bootylicious! She was about 5’6″. She weighed between 125-135 pounds. She sported healthy C-cups. Her body was what swimsuits were made for! Full-breasted, thin waisted, and an ass that could be simply described as perfection! She was 22. She had had opportunities to date Black men but all the brothas that stepped to her were the stereotypical hip-hop, baggy jeans types with no type of intelligent conversation. They, of course, always complimented her on the size and shape of her tits and ass. She still lived at home with her parents and there was NO WAY her parents would tolerate her dating a thug…and a Black one at that! She had caught Vaughn catching quick, unobstructed views of her ass. She really didn’t hold it against him because ‘everyman’ wanted to look at her ass. It was like a Kodak moment whenever she was around. She thought that Vaughn must have been in a pretty committed relationship not to at least kick some flow her way. She had wanted to express her attraction to him on numerous occasions yet whenever the opportunity arose, her tongue froze! She was having a hard time accepting the fact that she was attracted to an attractive, intelligent Black man and could not get up the nerve to say anything to him.

Vaughn’s office was located next to the technician’s lounge. The lounge consisted of a couch, a few chairs, television, microwave, coffee and vending machines. The technician’s often took smoke breaks in this lounge. There was a heating vent that connected Vaughn’s office and the lounge area. While working at his desk, Vaughn often overheard conversations taking place. Most of the conversations were boring and he would often get up from his desk and close the vent. On this particular day, Vaughn had been working in his office tying up some documents when he heard Janet, Erica and Melinda enter the break room. The vent was open. The three women were giggling about something, when he heard…

“He didn’t last two minutes!” Melinda said.

“You mean all it took was two minutes?!” asked Erica.

“If it was that long! He talked all of that trash about how he was going to give it to me good and how many times he could cum. Shit, after he blew his load, he couldn’t get it back up! I was soooo fucking disappointed! I wasted an entire week talking to that jerk!” said Melinda.

“Well, how did he taste?” asked Janet.

“To be truthful, there wasn’t a lot of it to taste. For a guy who lifts weights and has a nice body, his dick wasn’t that big. Plus, he didn’t really seem to have any self-control, which turns me off to no end! He tasted kind of bland, to answer your question, Janet,” answered Melinda.

“Wow, I would have never guessed that he was small where it counted. Well, besides that, do you think you’ll spending any more time with him, Melinda?” asked Janet.

“Actually, I had thought about it, but he also has a macho attitude and he’s kind of thick-headed. Not much in the conversation department unless its about sports or some inane topic. So, no, I will not continue to put myself through another night with him, unless he’s treating!” giggled Melinda.

“That kind of perspective is going to get you into a situation, Melinda. Don’t take a man’s money or hospitality unless you’re willing to give him something in return. That airhead thinking is going to get you beaten or worse! Take it from me, it’s not worth it. Just cut him loose, all together,” Janet said.

“Listen to what she’s saying, Melinda. I don’t want to see you get yourself into a spot with that guy, okay?” Erica piped in.

“Alright! Alright! I hear you two! You both sound like old maids’ or something! I’m just trying to have a little fun, that’s all. I will heed your advice. Promise me! Can we change the subject?!” Melinda asked, losing her patience.

“Yes, we can. Erica. Erica? Do you have anything you would like to add to this discussion?” Janet said.

“I met this really cute, interesting guy last Friday night and…,” Erica said before pausing.

“And you fucked him! Tell us! You better not be lying either, you slut!” Janet said rather loudly while giggling.

“SHHHHH…I’m not trying to have everyone in the building know about my sex life, Janet! His name was David and he was really cute. He introduced himself to me and then he proceeded to buy me drinks for the rest of the night. He told me that he was studying to become a doctor or pharmacist or something. He had really nice eyes and blonde hair. Good teeth. Anyways, we drank until damn near closing. He invited me to his condo in the city. I was very excited and drunk so I agreed to follow him in my car. We arrived at his condo and promptly got undressed. His dick was a very nice size! 6 or 7 inches, at least! Kind balıkesir escort of slender, but it definitely LOOKED delicious!” Erica said.

“Did you at least wear a condom, hon?” Janet asked dryly.

“Janet, could you let me finish my story, PLEASE?! I have to get to that part!” Erica said impatiently.

“Well, it’s just that it takes you forever to tell a story!” Janet retorted.

“Janet, be quiet please! I want to hear her story,” Melinda said evenly.

“Well, we don’t have all the time in the world, ladies. We ARE on break!” Janet continued.

“Janet!” both Erica and Melinda said, simultaneously.

“Alright, alright! Go on ahead, Erica,” Janet said.

“Thank you. Now, like I was saying his dick looked DEE-licious, girls. I gave him my best head and he licked me quite nicely. Then he mounted me…stuck the head of his dick inside of me…pumped twice…and came! He apologized so I wasn’t too mad. I had displayed my best oral talents. He got himself hard a half hour later, and rolled over on me, again. He stuck his dick inside of me and began to pump and soon as the sex started to get good, he came again!” Janet said.

“That was a night wasted. What did he say?” Melinda inquired.

“He told me that he had had that problem for years. He actually told me that! He laid there and stared at my body and told me that crap! I was never so happy to have driven in my life. I promptly retrieved my clothing and left his drunk ass snoring happily away! I got my phone number out of his sports jacket, too!” Janet said, rather loudly.

Melinda and Erica began to chuckle and giggle at their friends recent plight.

Melinda slowly turned towards Erica. Janet looked at Melinda and immediately knew what she was going to say before her friend opened her luscious lips.

“So, Erica, how are you and Steve doing?” Melinda asked, suddenly.

Erica turned her eyes downward before answering.

Erica had recently married her boyfriend, Steve, after dating for a year. Steve was 20 years older than Erica and he also was a heroin addict, which added to their already steep problems. His numerous years of drug use had begun to affect his health…and sexual performance. They were having problems with keeping a roof over their heads and keeping up on the car payments. Both Erica and Melinda openly disapproved of their friend marrying such a loser, but Janet had claimed that she loved him for better or worse. The only problem that was beginning to weigh on her claim was that she had seen nothing but ‘worse’ since she had been with him.

“We’re doing okay. He has five months clean, now. I really think he’s done with dope this time. We’re having some financial problems, though. I’ve been getting advances on my check the last few pay periods. I also took out a loan to help him pay for his court fines and …,” Janet began.

“Nooooo! Janet, you shouldn’t do that. How are you going to pay the loan back? Stop messing with your credit. Hell, you just got married a few months ago. Why are you continuing to put yourself second to his needs? You’re going to end up flat broke if you keep trying to save his behind! Are you guys at least having sex on a regular basis?” Erica asked, thinking that her friend’s husband HAD to have had a large dick or ate a mean pussy because that’s all he could seem to offer her at this point. Her friend was enamored for some reason. He HAD to have something! “No. He’s still not feeling well enough for that yet. He doesn’t even like for me to give him oral sex, anymore. And you know, that has me disappointed. I love to have a man’s organ in my mouth. I have ever since I was young. I really can’t explain it, but I love having that kind of power over a man. I used to really have a reputation as having very good oral talents. And now, I can’t even seem to get my husband interested,” Janet said glumly.

Erica and Melinda looked at each other, silently. They both understood about the love of sucking a dick. The three of them had sat and talked many shifts about their joy of oral sex.

Janet had been sucking dick since she was 13 and had loved it from the first moment a dick had passed between her succulent lips. She had admitted that she loved to swallow thick loads and watch the reactions on men’s faces as she serviced them this way.

Erica had thought at one time that she was going to have to seek professional treatment, years earlier, because of her fixation on giving men oral sex. There was nothing more satisfying or relaxing to her than to have a stiff dick stuck in her throat as she ran her tongue along it. She loved to coax a dick to hardness and then suck and stroke him to orgasm on either her face, body or in her mouth. She orgasmed often while engaging in the act of giving oral sex.

Melinda loved the taste of cum. From the very first time she had given a young man oral sex, she loved the taste and texture of semen. trabzon escort She could sometimes tell if a man ate fruit or not. Many thick loads had been deposited in her mouth over the span of her young life. She also liked to have her face sprayed like a slut and anal sex.

Along with Janet, all three had confessed their frustration at not having had sucked a really BIG dick. All three also confessed to each other that they often wondered if Black men were hung like the myth claimed they were. None of them had ever gotten the nerve to sleep with a Black man.

“Don’t worry about it, Janet. Steve’s health will improve soon and your thirst will soon be quenched. I’ll pray for you,” Melinda said.

“Me too. I hope that he recovers soon, for your sake,” Erica added.

Janet thought she’d have better luck finding Osama Bin Laden at the flea market than getting her husband’s dick to rise again. It had been months since she had been with him!

Meanwhile, Vaughn kneeled next to the heating vent in his office with his beefy 10-inch dick painfully twisted between his legs. He could not believe the conversation he was hearing! He had always known that the Italian chick, Melinda, was an undercover freak. But Erica and Janet were cocksmokers, too?! He thought all three were extremely sexy, but he had been carrying a secret torch for the married Janet from the minute he laid eyes on her his very first day at work. There was something about the unintentional sexuality she exuded whenever he was in her presence. Her presence was intoxicating to say the least! Melinda was a dick-tease with a stripper’s body. He had often wondered how she would react if he approached her. Erica seemed to be attracted to him. She seemed to be down with whatever. But Janet was prim and quiet. At least, that’s how she carried herself at work. Who would have guessed? Girly was an undercover dicksucking fiend! Vaughn decided that all bets were off! It was time to assert himself, somehow.

Vaughn stood up and closed the vent. He slowly stretched himself into his chair and clasped his hands behind his head as he began to devise a plan with the information he had just overheard.

Chap. 2

Over the course of the following week, every time Vaughn had an opportunity, he engaged Janet in some kind of light-hearted yet flirtatious conversation. He conned her by seeming to predict what she was going to say about her relationship with her husband before she finished. He poured the charm on like a pimp talking to a runaway at a bus terminal! He now knew from the conversation he had overheard that her husband was a dope fiend. He often wondered how the fuck her fine, delicate ass ended up marrying an older man with a substance abuse problem?! It must have been a ‘trying to save a motherfucka’ type of relationship. Nonetheless, dude’s woman was getting weak and Vaughn could sense it.

Janet was overwhelmed with the attention that Vaughn had bestowed on her over the course of the last week. Melinda and Erica also took quick notice of the events that were unfolding in front of their envious eyes. On yet, another visit to the break room, they interrogated Janet like seasoned detectives.

“What’s going on between you two?” Melinda asked first.

“What two?” Janet said, mockingly.

“Come on with the details, Janet!” Erica said while smiling at her friend. She was happy that someone was showing her friend the attention she needed.

“Look, you guys, there are no details to tell. There is absolutely nothing going on between Vaughn and myself. Honest! He’s just being friendly, that’s all. He’s a nice guy. He’s not like that and you guys know it,” said Janet.

“Yeah, but why all of a sudden has he started burning your ear?” asked Melinda, suspiciously.

“It has not been all of a sudden, Melinda. Vaughn, at one time or another, has had conversations with all of three of us. Alone or together. Plus, he has a girlfriend!” Janet replied.

“And? They’re not married. In my book, he’s free to do what he wants,” Melinda said.

“And what book would that be? The Kama Sutra?!” Janet shot back while laughing.

“Well, maybe things aren’t going as good as we think with him and his girlfriend,” Erica chimed in.

“Girls! Stop it! Get those thoughts out of your head! Him and I are not that way, okay?! He’s a very nice man who happens to be a therapist. He’s been offering me some advice on a couple of things. There! That’s what we’ve been talking about,” Janet said while sighing heavily.

“Ahhhh… we’re sorry, Janet! If I had a problem, Vaughn would be someone who could offer really good advice. I’ve seen him in action. He knows what he’s talking about,” Erica said.

“Me too,” Melinda added kindheartedly.

“Would you like to go out for some drinks, Janet? It is Friday and we haven’t been out together in ages?” asked Erica.

“I wish I could. But I have to work tomorrow, remember?” Janet replied.

“Oh shit, I totally forgot. I hate working on the weekend, girl. Gets in the way of my party time,” Erica said.

“What therapist is working this weekend?” Melinda asked.

“I think Gloria is,” Janet answered.

“That’s too bad. That bitch thinks she runs the building on the weekend. Good luck,” Melinda said wryly.

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