Applevalyan’s Early Years

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My wife and I have been married 40 plus years. This is the true story of my and Val’s early life. Well as much truth as we can remember.

I was 20 years old and in the Air Force when I first met Valerie. She was an 18 year old senior still in high school. The first time I saw Valerie was in the middle of the afternoon, I’m pretty sure it was a Friday during the month of July of 1972. I loved to swim when I was young and the waters around her hometown in New York state were very cold to this Florida boy. The waters of Lake Champlain barely made it into the mid-50’s even during the warmest part of summer; anyhow, I discovered the YMCA/YWCA facility downtown and ended going there a couple times a week to swim in their indoor, heated pool.

One afternoon I noticed this cute girl up in the observation window looking down at me. I remember I was wearing a tight stretchy green swimsuit I had recently purchased during a short TDY trip to Ramey AFB in Puerto Rico. I check a few minutes later and she was still there looking towards me. I found out later she said she was looking at her brother near me in the pool. I really thought she was checking me out and I had never had anyone do that to me before so I did something silly, I splashed water up towards the window. She surprised me by giving me ‘the bird’! I started laughing and since I was sitting on the edge of the pool I leaded over a bit and purposely fell in. I looked up at her again and she was smiling at me so I motioned for her to come on down and get in the pool with me. She looked at her watch, looked at me, the stood and walked away. I was afraid she had left but was happy when I saw her emerging from the women’s dressing room door minutes later in her bikini. I thought she was beautiful and this country boy I loved her tiny bikini, well, back then it was tiny. It was green with blue, red and yellow flowers all over it. She had the sides drawn up tight which made the sides only about two inches. She showed me a couple days later, when untied the sides were adjustable to about four inches wide. She said she preferred it smaller, I told her I did too.

We introduced ourselves and I found out she was a local girl and I told her I was from Florida. We talked of different things but I can’t remember what, but that was when she introduced me to her younger brother and she told me that they had been down to the lake swimming when it started to rain so they left and came there. A little while later some others in the pool wanted to play chicken in the pool, I asked Val if she wanted to climb onto my shoulders and play. I was surprised when she said yes. Now, here is a pretty girl I’ve only know about 20 to 30 minutes and I was going to have my head between her legs. HEY! Stop thinking dirty! I sure didn’t back then; I didn’t know there was another reason to get my head between a girl’s legs back then. I was only 20 and still a sexually uneducated virgin. But anyway, we played and won four or five games before I was too tired to continue.

She said she need to go pickup her other brother from work. I said I needed to go also and I suggested we meet in the parking lot. I quickly showered and went to my car. Val showed up a few minutes later in cutoffs and a t-shirt. I couldn’t help but notice she was braless. I found out in the coming days she hardly ever wore a bra, she claimed she didn’t like wearing them and that she small enough she really didn’t need one, she was a 34B. Her car was parked next to mine and we stood there talking until her brother came out. As he got in the car, I asked her if she would like to join me at Pizza Hut just outside the base gate about 7 and she accepted, hurray! Then the unexpected happen! It was just like you see in the movies; we leaned into each other and gave a quick kiss, paused and looked into each other’s eyes and then gave each other a longer kiss, looked at each other again and then gave each other a long wet kiss and hug. I was falling in love with this girl I had just met!

I got to Pizza Hut a little early but didn’t see her car so I went inside and looked around, no Val. I was there almost 30 minutes when she walked in. She said she was sorry but her brother was late getting off work. But I couldn’t have cared less, because she actually did so up for our first date and she looked like a sexy angel to me. She was wearing a tight light blue t-shirt, no bra again; I could see her hard nipples as soon as she walked in the door. She was also wearing some tight cut-off jean short-shorts and wedge sandals that made her legs look real good. I was beginning to get a feeling that Val liked being braless in public and showing off her hard nipples or that she just didn’t care, either way I liked it and if it didn’t bother her, it surely didn’t bother me. I found out later it was a little of both, she enjoyed it when men stared at her hard nipples and she’d gone braless her entire life, she just didn’t care who seen them anymore. The date went good and we decided to go to a movie the next night. We suadiye escort kissed and hugged some more while at her car before we went our separate ways.

We had a couple more dates but not much happened except a lot of kissing and hugging and more kissing. Val never complained or made any comments about my almost constant erection but never pulled away from it either when we hugged. Her nipples seemed to stay hard all the time too. I loved looking at them and I swear she was getting off on my staring at them. She seemed to always wear thin, tight t-shirts when we dated. The third or fourth date she wore a plain white t-shirt and I could make out her dark nipples through the material in the lights of ‘Carroll’s Burgers’. She seemed to smile a lot as I looked at her and them.

A couple days later over the phone, Val convinced me into going swimming with her at a place everyone call the ‘cliffs’. It was a deep spot on a dammed up section of the ‘Saranac River. A person could jump into the river from different spots on the cliffs from knee deep in the water to about 30 feet high. The water was ‘cold’ to me, not to Val; she was raised in swimming in cold water. But I did have fun jumping off the cliffs into the water. Valerie and I did a lot of hugging and kissing that afternoon, in and out of the water. There was a lot of skin I could touch as we kissed since she was wearing her bikini. When we got back to my car we made out some more and I confessed to her that I thought I might have seen her nipples a couple times after she jumped and came out of the water when her top had slipped a bit. She smiled and said it was alright, she didn’t mind and she kissed me, then after a short pause, she said she knew her top had slipped a couple times and left it as it was on purpose. Then she really surprised me when she asked me if I would like to see them. And I being a horny young man quickly said ‘YES’. I remember her smiling at me before she kissed me again and then reached behind her back and neck and untied her bikini top, slowly sliding it down and dropping it in her lap. She said, “I hope you like them, you’re the first man to ever see them.”

We spent another half-hour making out in my car, which was a 1963 Ford Fairlane with a large bench seat, she even let me touch and kiss those babies that afternoon. She even grabbed my dick, outside my shorts and stroked it a few seconds, but having never been touched there by a woman before; I blew a load inside my cutoffs in just seconds. Val knew something had happen because I started pulsing in her hand, but since she knew as little as I did when it came to sex she wasn’t exactly sure but had an idea. We had just recently admitted to each other that we were both still virgins so I was embarrassed to explain what had just happen to me. We got ourselves together and I took her home. Except for the mess in my pants, it was a great day! I had been seeing Valerie for just 7 days now and today she allowed me to see, touch, and kiss on those perfect tits of hers. I was rapidly falling in love with her. Once back to my room, I took a shower and cleaned my sticky crotch area up and also speed washed my dick.

The next day was Sunday and we decide on the way home that afternoon to go to her church this Sunday and mine the next. She wore a very short dress to church and she said she wore it just for me. The dress was white and molded to her body and nobody at her church said a thing about it. She looked fantastic and sexy in it. Talk about legs! I mentioned to her how short the dress was and that I loved it. She told me she always wore short dresses to church like the rest of the girls at her church did; I did notice that almost all the girls were in fact wearing short dresses or skirts that day. She also told me that she hadn’t worn this dress in a couple years because she had almost grown out of it. It had gotten so short on her that her mother suggested she get rid of it. She had quit wearing it but she just couldn’t get rid of it because she liked it. She thought she’d never get a chance to wear it in public again being as short as it was but that last night she decided that she really wanted to wear it for me today.

She said he wanted to show just how short it was, so she slowly raised her arms while standing beside her car and without even looking around to see if anyone else would see what she was doing, in the bright morning sunshine of the parking lot. I could suddenly see about 2 inches of white panty covered crotch in front of me. Valerie was smiling at me and said, “See how short it is! My Mom would probably be upset if she knew I was still wearing it but I still like this dress and if you don’t mine me wearing my dresses this short, I’ll still wear it for you.” I told her I loved it and she could wear it anytime she wanted and I gave her a big kiss right there in her church parking lot with a few of her friends nearby.

When she sat during the service, all I needed to do was look down and see her panty covered crotch, yakacık escort she couldn’t even pull the dress down enough to cover it. It was that short! When she climbed in her car after church, she didn’t even bother to do that. The dress was closer to her waist than her butt. I told her I loved the view and she smiled saying she thought I would. She then said, “This morning on the way over here was the first time I’d ever driven my car with my panties so much on display. I was nervous at first then I discovered it was kind of exciting being so naughty. So on my way home, I’m going to leave them just as they are and see if I still like it. Follow me home and if my parents aren’t home, I promise to give you an even better look at them.”

Once at home, she waited until I approached her car door and swung it open. The dress was all the way to her waist. All of her panty was there for me to see. She stood, looked around and then walked to her front door, panties on display. Once in the house, she took my hand and led me to her bedroom where she promptly removed her shoes and dress. She now stood before me in nothing but her white bikini panties. Yes, she went to church braless too!

She kissed me deeply and whispered in my ear, “Take my panties off, I want you to see me naked and I want to be naked with you.” We were both naked and exploring each other’s bodies in it seemed like seconds. We did not have intercourse that day as neither of us was ready for that, yet! But we did bring each other off with our hands and fingers. Each teaching the other how it was done. Val seemed to enjoy my first attempted of using my fingers on her. I know I enjoyed her first hand-job. And we discovered we both enjoyed being naked together, DAA!

A few days later, Valerie decided to surprise me with a blow-job. What was really surprising is where it happened. We were lying on a blanket making out in the shade of an old apple tree beside her house not 50ft away from a paved road, when she crawled on top of me and flipped the blanked over her and quickly pulled down the loose baggy gym shorts I had worn that day. I figured I would be getting another erection that day and opted for loose and baggy over tight and snug.

Val quickly discovered I wasn’t wearing any underwear and she said she really liked that and asked me to go without whenever we got together. I promised and I still rarely wear them. When I told her I’d stop wearing them for her, she said “good” and then I felt something warm and wet wrap round my cock. It felt fantastic! She was just getting a good rhythm going when I got a strong cramp in my back of my right thigh. I hollered and reached for my leg as she jumped off me. It hurt like hell, she was laughing until she seen I wasn’t fooling around. I was finally able to get to my feet and walk it off after pulling my shorts back up. But we never did finish the blow-job there outside. Val said she had heard some of the girls in school talking about giving their boyfriends blow-jobs and she decided she wanted to give it a try. I told her I would let her try again anytime she wanted. Well she did try again later, then again, and again…

A few days later, my roommate was TDY and I snuck Val into my room in the barracks and we quickly got naked and got on my bed and things really got hot and heavy next thing I knew, I was slipping inside Valerie’s hot wet pussy, she grabbed my ass and was pulling me inside her, moaning and saying how good it felt. I didn’t last long that first time, but who does? We had our first sex just 18 days after meeting. We never did spent the entire night together until our wedding night though.

Valerie and I started having sex often after that night, two sometimes three times a day when we could get together and in very many locations. We found we enjoyed outside, semi-public sex. We had sex in my car often, usually in the backseat but sometimes in the front with Val sitting on my lap. We did it once in the K-mart parking lot in the daytime. Once in the busy parking lot of my barracks with people walking pass nearby. We liked doing it best outside in the woods near the ‘cliffs’ and then afterwards we often skinny-dipped.

We got caught skinny-dipping once by two couples that came there to swim. We knew we would probably get caught one day but that was the thrill of it. We had just finished having sex in the water while standing on a sandbar in water just above our waist in the middle of the river when hear them approaching. We knew we couldn’t get to the shore and our hidden clothing before they got to the spot to get in and out. Valerie and I were budding exhibitionist and decide not to worry about it and after the two couples got in the water, Val and I exited the river in our naked glory and walked naked along the river bank towards the car until we air dried a bit so we had put our clothes.

I bought Valerie her first halter top one day and she liked wearing it so much we ended up buying few more. The ones she like wearing şerifali escort the most wear a thin yellow one with blue edging and strings and a light tan one with dark brown edging and strings. Both wear small and barely covered her. You could see some side boobage and the darkness of her nipples easily when she wore them and she wore them everywhere. Another she wore often was a black lace halter with little red roses all over it, you also see her nipples though this one too but not as much as the other two.

She also shortened a couple of her jean shorts, at my suggestion, to a couple really short jean short-shorts to wear with them. She cut one pair so short, her underwear hung out the bottom. I suggested she do like me and not wear underwear under them. She did and she liked the way they felt and looked on her. I loved all that ass cheek hanging out of them. She wore them almost everywhere and didn’t seem to care about how much of her ass was on show when she wore them.

Val started wearing nothing under her average length skirts and dresses so it would be easier for me to get to her pussy when I wanted. But of course her not wearing panties in public made us both even hornier. She did into the habit of carrying underwear in her purse to put on, if and when we had sex. She loved sitting in my lap and teasing me while wearing a dress or skirt with nothing on under it. It didn’t take me long to get hard and she would get my dick out and impale herself on it in many dangerous public locations. She loved the thrill of public sex and the possibility of getting caught.

We once had sex in a TV lounge on base while I was on duty. We got in the front row of very large recliners and there were three couple in the back row in their recliners talking as Valerie got naughty, first she unzipped my flight suit a pulled put my cock and started sucking on it. It quickly got hard, she stood up and looked towards the back and gave me this evil smile and lifted the short skirt she wore that day surprising me that she was pantiless in a short skirt and climbed in my lap and started to ride my cock with 6 people not 20 feet away.

Another time she surprised me, Val, me, and her brother went camping together one night and slept in the same tent. Val’s parents suggested we take along her younger brother, I think they suspected Val and I were having sex because of the way Valerie’s was always so happy and the fact she was wearing less clothing lately and having her brother along would prevent it happening, WRONG!

Val slept in the middle with me spooning her from behind. I was almost dozing off when I felt her hand slide between us and started rubbing my crotch. She soon had my dick out and had it hard. She then pushed her loose gym shorts down and grabbed my dick and put it against her slit, I pushed and it slipped right in, she was wet and horny. I pushed in and pulled out slow and quite as possible, not wanting to wake her brother. In a few minutes I felt Val tense and tighten up; I quickly dumped my load inside her and we fell asleep still joined. I was awaken in the middle of the night by Val moving back and forth, I then realized I was still inside her so I pulled her closer to me and let her do the work this time. She started moving and making so much noise I thought she would wake her brother but he slept through it. We fell back to sleep with me in her again. I was out of her when I awoke but both of our shorts were messy.

We were once caught by the police when we were out looking for wild blueberries. We wear in the backseat of my car and had got my pants back on and Val got her t-shirt and panties on before the cop got to the window. He asked for our ID’s, the first words out of Valerie’s mouth were, “I’m 18 yrs. old and of legal age.”

The cop asked what we were doing out here and I told him, “We were looking for wild blueberries and my girlfriend here started teasing me and we got a bit carried away, Sorry.”

He said, while looking at Val in her t-shirt pulled partway down and her blue panties, “OK, everything seems fine, Have a good day.” And he left. We got dressed and left.

Another time we were almost caught naked and having sex was one day we were swimming nude in the Saranac River near Kent Bridge. We had exited the river a few hundred feet from where we left our clothes and laid in the grass on the bank to rest and warm up. Before long, Val was on her hands and knees and I was behind her pounding away when we heard voice getting nearer. We were both almost ready to cum and didn’t want to stop. Six people walked no more than 10 ft. away from us on the other side of some rocks and brush that was between us, we never stopped but we did so quietly! Val and I both admitted later that it was frightening and exciting at the same time and that we would both willing do it again if we had the chance.

My roommate at the time was a fellow named Charlie and he had a girlfriend named Vicki. We wear all over at Vicki’s house one day a couple weeks before our wedding and had been playing cards for a couple hours. We had taken a break for a bit and when we got back to the table, Charlie asked if anyone wanted to play another game. No one said anything then Valerie blurred out, “We could play some strip poker.”

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