April Makes A Change

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April changes course.

She went black…and she came back

I hope you guys have read my four true stories from the 80’s about my damn fucking sexy wife April and her dark desire for black meat.

April likes white guys also, she just enjoys the attention black men give her. They treat her like a princess. Also, she really likes the contrast in skin color. Victor, her boyfriend of several years, had the blackest skin (even his 12 inch cock was jet black)He was fucking her before her tubes were tied, and she made him wear a white magnum rubber just so she could make sure he had it all the way on.

Recently, April had to have a knee surgery, (probably from all the time on her knees giving blow jobs, lol). But we had a talk and made a joint decision that after twenty years she needed to break her black cock addiction.

She recently started post op therapy here in town. She had not had any black meat since the surgery 2 months ago. Of course the therapist was a good looking black guy. How ironic!

April wanted to try him out as he was obviously hung and hot for her curvy body, but she was still in a good bit of pain, so she would just dress real sexy for their therapy sessions. I showed up for the first therapy session tuzla escort this past week, and the look on his face was priceless. First of all he was in shock that she would show in Victoria Secret top and sleep pants with no bra or underwear. Then, I’m sure he was also at least a little surprised that I was there to watch the session.

April had this guy so excited that I could clearly see the pre-cum leaking through his warm-ups. April would wince with pain on each rep in the session and ask the therapist to help her lift the affected leg. As he lifted her leg, April would lay her hand on his upper thigh and slide her fingers into the edge of his warm-ups and onto his thick shaft! The look on his face was priceless, and he would let out a little moan, I guess hoping I wouldn’t hear.

April had serviced quite a few black lovers and knew exactly what they wanted in the way of foreplay and sex.

April had a concern as she made the change away from black and back to me that my dick would no longer be enough. Luckily I could eat her pussy like a pro, and had also recently gotten a prescription for Viagra.

That didn’t help my length though. April has been very supportive and refuses to go back now that she göztepe escort is out of the lifestyle. I wish I had an extra 4 inches though. April’s pussy has been slowly tightening up, and if she really breaks the addiction, I agreed to get her a “vagina lift” at the plastic surgeons.

Every lover April had was at least 8 inches, and she swears that only one man told her his size before they got in bed. She always said she had a “knack” for ascertaining a man’s size by dressing sexy and “judging the bulge “All the men I saw her with had wet shorts and full erections before they got to the bedroom.

I will miss her black action also, as there is nothing as sexy as watching my wife when she puts her mind to getting her prey in the sack. Her tactics are impossible for any man to resist. She has been told by many men that she could never be a slut, as she has so much class, and that is the way I feel exactly. She is a stunning beauty and looks less than half her age, which makes me look like I robbed the cradle. That’s fine with me.

Now back to the therapist. April really wanted to fuck one more black man, and as I said this man was a real stud, probably as hot as any she had ever had. He was hot for her as well, even üsküdar escort in her little bandage.

We decided a little final hurrah would be ok, but it had to happen outside the therapy facility of course.

Well, April’s final therapy session is today, and her therapist is in for a surprise.

I rented a loft for the evening in the downtown area, and April is going to charm this guy and give him the fuck of his life. I’m not going to be there, as I don’t want to scare the guy anymore than I already have, but we have set up a webcam.

April looked so good when I left for work and she was outing on the final touches. I heard her in the whirlpool tub earlier moaning as she used her Lexington steele vibrator to get her now shrunken pussy ready for the chain sawing that is coming. I painted her toenails a bright red for her as her knee was hurting. The therapy session began at 9:30, and April has already texted me to say he had shown up with no underwear under his sweats. She said he was easily 10 inches but also very thick. She ended the text by saying she would see me in the morning, as he was going to take off early and they were headed for the loft.

April promised she would be home by 9 in the morning, which gives her about 10 hours to blow this guys mind. Just for fun, I slipped a chip off one of my Cialis pills into her water bottle, so she will have that on board later.

I can hardly wait for the video of this one

I will report on this escapade later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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