Arora’s Fantasies Become Reality

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[This story is a cooperative effort by Arora and Will. She provided some details of her fantasies for Will to write. Then they edited the story for submission. Enjoy.]


Arora was about to meet her first white man for a date. Secretly she hoped sex also, but she felt embarrassed, shameful about sex. Her secret desire was to be forced, to be a sex slave. That way she might not feel like she was doing something wrong. She is a beautiful, full-figured, shy woman with dark, black hair, creamy chocolate skin smooth to the touch. She thought her clit was too small, her vagina lips by contrast too fat, her stomach and breasts too big. Being with a white man was taboo for those in her circle of friends and family. Many resented a white man dominating a black woman. It reminded them of their slave history, so they could get very hostile about it.

She had met this white guy, Will, online. He wrote stories about interracial sex. She enjoyed reading his stories and wrote to tell him so. He talked with her via e-mails for several weeks. His answers and questions to her were honest, she thought, and she knew they stimulated her, made her cunt dripping wet, sliming her kinky pubic hairs, drooling into the crack of her ass. Arora wanted to be fucked in the ass, and her pussy, she wanted to have her breasts spanked while she was tied, bound, near helpless. While reading Will’s stories and e-mails, she fingered herself. She fucked herself with dildoes, usually white ones, sometimes vibrating ones. She sucked them, slid them in her pussy and asshole. Turned on the vibrators and luxuriated in the tingling movement deep in her holes. She enjoyed using a variety of household items in place of the artificial cocks. One of her favorite toys was an electric toothbrush. She used it on her little clit, torturing it with the vibrating bristles, the hard plastic head of the device – the same one she used to brush her pearly white teeth.

For her date, Arora dressed conservatively but provocatively. She wore a long dress; the top crossed diagonally over one of her soft, dark shoulders, leaving her other shoulder exposed, the top of her ample breasts. She couldn’t wear a bra with the dress and decided to go without panties too. The dress hung loosely concealing the pooch of her stomach, lifted in the back, though, by her rounded, firm, full buttocks. She accented the dress with a knitted, white shawl, high heels that made the calves of her legs firm and rounded, her thighs the same.

Will picked her up at her place in his Maroon Chrysler Sebring convertible, the top down. He arrived before dark, and Arora’s nosy neighbors saw her greet Will at the door, then go obediently with him to the car. He let her in the passenger side, while admiring her rounded butt, the creamy chocolate of her skin, her full breasts, ruby red lips, glistening white teeth as she smiled at him and settled into the seat.

Will circled the front of the car looking still at her lustfully. He was an absolute satyr, a dark-skinned half white, half American Indian. His greatest desire was to please any woman he had the opportunity to be with, any way she wanted to be taken and used by him for his and her pleasure.

He took Arora to a mixed-race club. There they danced together, ate a marvelous meal, and drank, before dinner drinks, wine with the dinner, after dinner drinks. While they ate, drank and danced, he cleverly pried more information from her, intimate details of her desires. Shy as she was, she was surprised to find herself willing to share intimate thoughts with Will. Both Will and Arora were aware of others in the club watching them as they became more and more affectionate with each other on the dance floor and at their table. Will sat beside her with his arm around her. He held her close when they danced to the slow numbers, boldly touching her butt, sometimes holding her ass cheeks with both hands. She felt his big, hard cock pressing against her lower body, her big tits pressed to his chest. He nuzzled her neck, licked it even, and sometimes kissed her on the mouth as they danced.

After several hours of dancing and drinking, Arora was buzzed by the wine and good liquor. She felt really relaxed and an increasing horniness. She didn’t know he had an arrangement with the bartender and the waitress, both were women Will had bedded before, sometimes separately and sometimes in a three-ways. They doctored Arora’s drinks with a subtle powder guaranteed to make her receptive to Will’s advances and his later domination of her. The payback for the bartender and waitress was a videotape Will planned to make of himself and Arora that night, the next morning, maybe even longer, and possibly some time in bed with Arora themselves, with or without Will.

Eventually Will suggested they go to another club. This was a private club where Arora found special entertainment she never expected on a date, especially a first date with a man of any race. At this club, Will had a private Bycasino booth arranged for them, and more of the spiked drinks for her provided by another waitress. From the privacy of their booth, they could watch the special entertainment, but others in the club could not see into their booth or watch them as they created their own show.

The first few acts featured some really hunky, muscular guys dancing suggestively, even coming off stage and going to the tables between the booth occupied by Will and Arora and other the booths in the room. Couples, trios, and groups consisting of men and women, men with men or women with women, occupied the other booths. All the booths were draped with see through curtains. The dancers came off the stage to the tables where Will, Arora and others could see them, and to the booths where they could not be seen, except for their naked butts or fronts when they turned and bent over for the benefit of those in the booth where they entertained whoever was inside. The booths formed a semi-circle around the tables that were between the booths and the stage.

As the night wore on into morning, voluptuous women took the stage, alone, or in groups of two or more, dancing and touching each other, kissing, licking, sucking exposed nipples, navels and butt cheeks. The women dancers also went to the tables and booths. During these early parts of the show, the male entertainers had their cocks handled, balls mouthed, cocks sucked, asses licked. Similarly the women dancers nipples, pussies and asses were fondled, kissed, licked and sucked.

Arora grew ever more aroused by the show and her special drinks. Her pussy became wet, and then leaked her juices onto her dress, then onto the cushioned seat. Will had encouraged her to lift her dress for him to see her pretty legs. While raising her dress she took advantage of the idea to uncover her butt so her dress would not get even wetter than it was already. Her nipples were hard, well accented pointy nubs on the ends of her big tits pushing out the cloth of her dress.

Will smelled her arousal over the smoke wafting through the room, some of it the pungent odor of marijuana. Adding to the drugs being used in the room, some of the guests snorted lines of cocaine openly, others shared crack pipes, took pills, drank special blends of liquid stimulants.

Will knew it was time to take Arora a step further into depravity as her eyes gleamed, she trembled and broke a sweat, her arousal smelled strong in their booth. Without asking he pulled her close to him, leaned over, kissed her deeply on the mouth, probing with his tongue and getting her tongue in his mouth in return. He nuzzled, kissed, licked her ears, neck, kissed her more; felt her hardened nipples, the soft flesh of her titties. He eased the top of her dress down exposing her breasts. He kissed, licked and sucked each of them in turn, wetting her globes, nursing, nipping lightly her full areola and pointy nipples.

Arora moaned into Will’s mouth as he kissed her while fondling her tits. Involuntarily she relaxed her legs letting her thighs open. Will caught the more prominent smell of her sex as her cunt opened slightly. He felt her thigh, the other one, opened her legs further. Cupped, massaged her pussy, felt her kinky hairs, soft, puffy, fat outer lips. He opened her twat with two fingers feeling the lines separating her thick outer lips from inner folds. He eased his middle finger into her wet hole. “Oooooh,” Arora moaned, a fresh flow coating Will’s already wet hand, the finger moving deeper into her quim. With his thumb he rubbed her little clit. It was small but also hard, erect in her arousal.

He took one of her hands and placed it on his hard cock, jutting up, and bubbling pre-cum from the slit in the end of it. She felt his wetness, the firm softness of his cock, the veins, especially the thick vein underneath leading from his full balls in their hairy sack to the mushroom head that flared at the end of his long shaft. As Will massaged her breasts, with one hand he fingerfucked her with one, two, then three fingers opening her pink hole and still rubbing her clit with his thumb, she stroked his cock sliming his pre-cum all over the helmeted-head and onto his shaft.

“Yeah, baby, love that cock, feel my balls with your other hand,” he whispered into her ear. She complied, hefting his big nuts, then massaging them gently while she slid her hand up and down his shaft.

He lifted his mouth from her wet, aching hard nipples. He kissed her again swirling his tongue around in her mouth, reaching it as deep as he could back to her throat. Ending the kiss, he pushed her head down toward his groin. “Kiss my cock,” he ordered her. “Lick it, taste my sweet juice.”

Dazed by her drinks, stunned at his bold dominance in this public place, she resisted. She stiffened her back and neck. He felt the resistance, her hesitance. “Get down there and lick it, kiss it, suck my cock you horny slut.”

“Oooooh,” Bycasino giriş she moaned as he probed her cunthole deeper, rubbed her little clit harder, slid a free finger below her pussy crack to her taint, reaching for her crenolated asshole.

Will pushed her head down as her resistance melted. Her hot, red lips met the slitted end of his mushroom head. She kissed his cock smearing his bubbling pre-cum onto her lips. She tongued it, tasting him, adding the musky taste to the manly smell of his pre-cum and hard meat, his sweaty balls.

“That’s it, bitch, suck my cock. Take it in your mouth.” He pushed on her head again, fingered, rubbed her pussy hole, cuntlips, clit and crinkled asshole.

Her tits touched his leg, somehow now naked, his pants completely removed. How is this happening, she thought? He’s almost naked. My dress is bunched at my waist. He’s fingering my pussy and asshole, rubbing my clit, feeling my tits now, lifting them and letting them drop one after the other onto his hairy leg, and I’m sucking his white cock. It’s sliding through my lips, over my tongue, the roof and insides of my mouth, his manjuice drooling into my mouth, while I play with his balls, and I love it.

As her saliva coated his cock and hairy ball sack, he lifted his hips, pushing his cock to the entrance of her throat. She gagged just a bit, her reflex irresistible. He stopped pushing his cock into her face, held it still, letting her recover, and stop gasping. Then he slid his cock into her throat. She opened her mouth wider, struggled for air through her nose, then closed her mouth and took his cock into her flexing throat. She bobbed her head up and down as he lifted his hips up and down in time with her movements, fucking her mouth. She felt his cock jerk, pulse, thicken and tremble, the head flaring even larger. He’s going to cum, she thought, and I want it. I want his thick, creamy cum to drink, fill my stomach, mix with my food and drink, give me his protein-laden globs, big wads of cum. She responded to his hand, fingers working her pussy, clit – small as it was but so hard, so stiff, erect, her asshole. Her rear hole flexed, opening and closing, her clit throbbed, more juice gushed from her cunt, and she came moaning on his cock. She came again, her orgasm rippling through her body, in her asshole, abdomen, flushing her tits, her hard nipples tingling.

“Yeah, you horny whore, cum,” Will hissed at her. “Let that hot pussy rule your nasty body, overtake your mind, and be the center of your existence.” Amazing herself she came again washing his hand with even more of her smelly juices.

Will held her head down tight against his crotch, her mouth filled with his turgid, pulsing cock. He would not let her move, as little ripples of small orgasms overtook her. As she shuddered, moaned and weakened in his grasp, he felt her go limp. He squeezed the base of his cock to keep from cumming and eased it out of her mouth. With his permission she lifted her head. His fingers still buried in her hot box and tight asshole, he told her to look outside the booth.

She turned her head, could see not the stage, not the tables in front of them, but a crowd at the opening of their booth, naked, near naked and clothed bodies, smiling, leering faces. So embarrassed and ashamed of her wanton lust for this man, his hot, hard, dripping cock still held in her slick hand, his balls in her other hand, she gasped. A flow of her saliva and his pre-cum drooled from her mouth, dropping on her already wet, aroused tits.

The crowd clapped in unison, cheering her performance, her multiple orgasms, her cocksucking, stroking, ball fondling skills. “Yeah, baby.” “Beautiful.” “Nice blowjob.” “Way to get off, you horny thing.” Ooooh darling you really know how to service a white cock.” ‘You’re one hot black momma,” a chorus of mixed race people praised her. “Yeah, brown sugar, give some of that to a brotha,” a big black man, stroking his long, thick cock an angry look on his face, said to her. “What the fuck you doin’ uptown here sucking this white man, sista?” a pissed off looking, black woman with another big black man cupping her large, exposed breasts, hissed at her. “The brothas ain’t good enough for yo nasty ass?”

“Leave her alone,” one of the white women, a blonde with a black man all over her lithe, skinny body with ample jugs, said to the critics. “Yeah,” said the large, black guy with her “Leave the woman alone. You know you just jealous, and you fuck white women every chance you get, you Mandingos.”

An announcer broke the tension, “Come on folks, one and all,” the woman announcer spoke in a sultry voice. It’s time for the onstage salt and pepper show. A little salt with salt. Some pepper with pepper. Then mixing it up. Take your seats. Go to your booths. Get naked and enjoy the show.”

As she finished her announcement, the crowds moved away letting the diaphanous screen drop back into place over the booth Bycasino güncel giriş occupied by Will and Arora. The music in the club, audible to Arora again, as she straightened her dress somewhat, covering her tits, lowering the front over her hair-tufted pussy still glistening with her juices, leaned back against her seat relaxing in the afterglow of her several orgasms. Will sat beside her, his arm draped around her cupping one breast through the cloth of her dress top, his cock still hard, wet sticking up between his hairy thighs, arching above his pubic hairs, balls still full of his cum.

A skinny white dancer with long, blonde hair, in a bikini – thong barely covering her enhanced breasts, shimmied onto the stage. After a few measures of the music, a big, black man covered only by a white pouch cupping his massive balls and long, thick, not yet erect cock joined the blonde on the stage. They danced around, coming close together but not touching, and were soon joined by a young, black woman in a see-through, short, white toga, her head shaved bald, and a white man wearing a black pouch. Rounding out the sextet, an Oriental couple shimmied onto the stage from a side entrance. She was wearing a short, kimono-like housecoat, the top open showing all but the nipples of her breasts, her long, black hair flowing. He was wearing a breech-cloth, covering yet occasionally revealing his half-hard cock and ample balls accented by black, thinly-haired pubes.

The erotic dancing soon turned into raw sex acts. The Oriental couple started the action. They came together in a hugging, belly-to-belly, breasts-to-chest, pubes-to-pubes rubbing, asscheeks-clutching, grinding, gyrating, humping, toungue-tangling dance of pure lust. The black couple paired off and engaged similarly in an upright dry fuck. His huge cock erected, the uncut head protruding above the top of his white pouch. The black woman dropped her toga. Naked, her prominent rump shimmying, her breasts quaking as they danced together. The white man and the little white woman coupled. Her bikini dropped to the floor and she kicked it aside, her pussy lips gaping open as she swung her leg to move the little cloth bits out of their way. His cock rose like the black man’s and showed a straining rod capped by a thick head reaching up to his navel.

Will drew Arora to him in the booth, had her remove her dress and sit on his lap. His cock slid right up into her still wet pussy. He cupped one of her breasts and rubbed her clit as she rode him, moving slowly up and down, her rump rubbing his belly as he kissed, nuzzled her neck, shoulders and upper back. Penetrated so deeply by his long, thick meat, she leaned forward slightly and rested her sweaty palms on his open knees, moaning quietly.

She didn’t know how or when it had happened she tried to take in all the action, but she now saw the Oriental couple in a 69, her slurping his stiff cock in her mouth, him kissing, licking and tonguing her pussy. Her few straight, thin black hairs matted wet with his saliva and her cunt juices. His cock pistoning in her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down, sucking him, his dick and ball sack wet with her spittle drooling onto him, his pre-cum flowing. They were on a part of the stage that rotated slowly giving everyone a 360-degree view of their oral action, hands feeling each other all over, eventually fingers in each others’ assholes.

Then the black woman was kneeling in front of her black giant, taking his cock as deep as she could get it, back to her throat. She looked up at him, lust in her eyes, rubbing her own breasts, fingering her open, hairy pussy.

The white couple were in a 69 for a while, then she knelt in front of him. He aimed his cock at her pussy folds, pushed the head between her cuntlips, and let her slide it into her by rocking back toward him. Once positioned they fucked slowly, his cock pumping into her, her tits swaying, his balls bumping against her engorged, prominent clit.

Damn, Arora thought, as she stared wide-eyed at the suckers, cuntlickers, fuckers, all of those women have such big clits compared to mine. I can see them clearly, erected, sticking out of their peeled back hoods, quivering as a tongue lashed over them, a finger diddled them, or a cock rubbed them as the couples sucked, ate pussy and fucked. Still riding Will’s big cock, she followed his lead, as he fondled her breasts, used his mouth on her body where he could reach it, and guided her own hand, fingers to her little clit. He had her stroking, rubbing it between two fingers, a third pressing on the top of it.

The couples moved from position to position; all fucking now, their bodies, wet with sweat, crotches slick with their combined juices squishing audibly, flesh slapping together in the sounds of hot, wet sex. Between Arora and Will, at the tables, couples, groups were on the tables, the floor, in the chairs happily fucking away. The sounds of sex – moaning, squishing, skin against skin, voices dirty talking, encouraging to better fucking – louder than even the now somewhat quiet music, a rhythmic-beat in time with the cockpumping, pussyhumping, some assholes penetrated, mouths slurping, tongues licking. The groups at the tables joined in many, varied arrangements.

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