Babysitter with Benefits

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[This is the first chapter in a series; more will be posted as I get around to translating them from their original Norwegian. I’ve got five chapters ready for translation and ideas for another two or three more. Watch this space!]


Life, all things considered, wasn’t too bad.

It was a brilliant early September indian summer evening, my son had just fallen asleep – and I sat on the porch, enjoying an all too rare beer while lazily watching the sun head for the horizon. Not that I was paying much attention – I had a fairly good idea how it would end.

As an added bonus, the occasion was ripe for trying out the new outdoor speakers I had installed earlier in the week – having figured we tended to head for the porch whenever the weather was cooperating, we might as well be able to listen to music while we were at it.

George Thorogood blared from the speakers – next to ZZ Top and Motörhead, the best music in the world to have a beer to.

I heard a faint, metallic squeal which told me someone had opened the porch gate just around the corner; nine times out of ten, that would be Ella, the next door neighbour’s daughter – having just turned eighteen, she was my son’s favourite babysitter – heck, on occasion I believed she was Thomas’ favourite person – period – his dad included!

Bingo. Ella strode into view, all 5’11” of that lanky teenager which filled in for Thomas’ mom – Ella loved kids in general and Thomas in particular, and after I’d become a single dad…

I really felt I stood out in the statistics, my ex had voluntarily moved abroad after we split, and hadn’t even applied for custody. It almost seemed as if she considered me – and Thomas – a mistake she’d rather put behind her and forget about.

I could understand the forgetting about me part, but Thomas? Nah, that was beyond belief. Not that I was ungrateful, to put it that way – Thomas and I had become a small, happy family after a rather tumultuous start.

“Good evening – is… Is Thomas asleep?” she asked, a bit hesitantly.

I nodded. “Passed out fifteen minutes ago, having locked the kamikaze bunny in a death grip.”

She giggled. “Still the favourite, huh?”

“Mhm. Between the two of you, you and the bunny have got him pretty much sorted, I think.”

She reddened slightly while sporting a sheepish grin. “It does feel a little weird, but I somehow feel like he’s a little bit ‘mine’ too – I hope that’s not sounding too creepy?”

I laughed. “No worries, I believe he thinks of it pretty much the same way – he’s been asking on occasion lately whether Ella is his mom now.”

Ella went from wearing a tad of pink to beet red. “Really?!? Wow, do remind me to thank him tomorrow!”

“Just dropping by to see him will be enough, he can’t get enough of having you around, you know.”

“Mhm. Sure feels like getting a lot for nothing, as far as I’m concerned – I’m almost worried at times that I am growing too attached to him, him being such a wonderful kid…” She sighed just as George on the stereo started a blistering rendition of ‘Bad to the bone’. “Oh, would you be so kind and turn it up a little? This music is meant to be played loud, after all!” Giggle.

I lazily reached for the remote, agreeing that The Destroyers were at their best when you could feel the groove in your guts – though I wouldn’t want to either wake up Thomas or (less of a concern) annoy the neighbours. As the old saying goes – “I don’t listen to The Destroyers very often, but when I do, my neighbours do, too!”

Ella sat back with a contented look on her face before turning to me. “Now, there’s something I need to ask you, by the way – and please, do hear me out, OK, even if it may sound a bit outlandish at first?”

I nodded. “Shoot.”

“I had sex last week. First time. For real.” Well, if it was my attention she was after, she’d succeeded. But what the…

I held back. She’d explicitly asked me to hear her out, and she wasn’t done yet. She drew a deep breath, then commenced in a strained voice. “It sucked. Like hell. Stupid fuck jumped me, barely made it inside before shooting his load – not a single bloody thrust, even. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he also bragged to another couple of guys in class, and, boys being boys, at least three of them claimed they, too, had fucked me – so after having had what passes for cock in me for two seconds, I am now the school designated whore and pariah. Fuck. Fuck!”

I shook my head slowly, feeling extremely grateful my teens were long since past. What a waste, I figured, thankfully having the brains not to say it aloud – Ella was as nice as they came, and it was a shame if THIS was the memory she’d have of her first time for the rest of her days.

She paused and looked at me, seemingly expectant. I tried to compose a suitable response. “Well, what to say… It’s a shame it sucked that bad, but if there’s any comfort to be had knowing that, I believe your experience is quite typical.”

Remembering ankara eryaman escort my first time, a faint smile flashed across my face. “I managed to hold back a little longer – more like ten seconds, I guess – but it was hardly an earth-shattering experience for the girl I was with. Luckily, it does tend to get better after a while.”

I was feeling rather uncomfortable during our conversation – I could -almost- have been her father, and talking to her about sex seemed quite inappropriate – then again, perhaps precisely as I could have been her father, it was easier to talk to me about this? Someone who’d been there, done that, wasn’t family, wouldn’t tell on her?

She kept on. “So, that’s that, I guess – luckily a lovely little silicone thing from Kondomeriet did away with my virginity almost two years ago. Come to think of it, it was a much better fuck than the real deal, but I digress.”

I blushed. Like hell. Surely it didn’t come as – well, shouldn’t come as – a surprise that Ella had been doing a little self exploration, but still… Her sharing it with me did seem quite inappropriate. She wasn’t done, though.

“And, here comes the bit I need you to keep quiet about and consider quite seriously before replying. I want you to have sex with me. Properly.”

I gasped. My God, I hadn’t seen that one coming. Again she fixated me with her radiant, green eyes, expectant. I swallowed. Made a croaking noise. Swallowed again. She didn’t flinch. Fuck. God knows part of me wanted to simply reply “Of course!” and carry her off to my bedroom. I glanced over at her. She was too cute for words as she sat there, eyeing me, awaiting an answer. Her long, reddish hair framed the slightly narrow face, the huge, green eyes, the ruler-straight ridge of her nose, her full lips… Fuck. I could already feel the little devil on my one shoulder winning the argument with the angel on my other.

It took all I had of strength to meet her expectant gaze. I sighed – deeply – and cursed inwardly at my cock, already springing to attention to the pleasures which were up for grabs, should I decide to throw caution to the wind. “Ah, uhm, Ella, I, ah… I… Fuck, I could’ve been your father! Well, almost, at any rate…”

She didn’t say anything; she just kept her gaze on me. She’d no intent of letting me off the hook easily, it seemed. “Ella, I… Well, I totally get how it sucked, especially with the drama afterwards, but… I might be thick, but I can’t see anything getting better by me, well, as you said, having sex with you?”

She sighed. “For fuck’s sake, just THINK! The sex, for one, would probably be better. Not that it would take that much of an effort on your part. And don’t you give me that “I could have been your father” sermon. I’m grown enough to want – hell, to NEED – sex. You’re most definitely grown enough, and, seeing as you’re a single father, I really cannot see that much of it coming your way, huh? And here it comes, served on a silver platter!

I’ve carte blanche to drop by here whenever I feel like it and stay a couple of hours without anybody, least of all my parents, worrying. After Thomas has fallen asleep, not even an earthquake could wake him! He sleeps, we sleep together, I shower and go back home. What’s not to like?”

I must have looked rather doubting. Well, perhaps ‘disbelieving’ fit the bill better, as she kept trying to convince me, as if I needed any prodding.

“It’s not like I’m dying to try any more guys my age, and waiting for them to gain experience? Hell, no! Fuck knows how long that’s gonna be, anyway. And you… Well, as I said – I can be here whenever I want without anyone questioning it, and, like, I don’t think you’re very likely to brag that you’re fucking the neighbour’s teenage daughter, are you?”

The little devil stabbed its pitchfork clean through the angel, ending the discussion. Ella didn’t notice, though, so she kept going. “Just THINK, will you? How often do you think an eighteen-year-old asks a thirty-something if he wants to sleep with her, no strings attached? Do you think this is likely to happen twice in your life? Hell, it’s now or never!”

I managed to put a faint smile on my face, shaking my head in disbelief. “Well, with that angle, it is hard to disagree, I’ll give you that…”

An instant, triumphant smile blossomed in her face.

“I’m probably going to regret this, but I’d regret if I didn’t, too. We’ll do it, Ella. If that’s what you truly want, we’ll do it. I’d rather regret something I did do than something I didn’t do.” Commitment made, I sat back. Here goes nothing, I thought.

She leant back in her chair, giggling as her smile grew into a big grin. “So shall it be written, so shall it be done, then.” She glanced over at me. “We just watched Ben Hur in history class. I nicked the line from there. Ooooh, I’m SO looking forward to this!!!”

Her gaze fell to my lap, where no amount of denim fabric could even make an attempt at hiding escort sınırsız çankaya my massive erection. “And, it would seem – as do you!” she giggled.

I reached for my beer and had a good, long sip. This evening had certainly taken a turn for the unexpected.

“I’d be happy to have one, too. A beer, that is”, the girl which had, moments ago, taken the step from ‘nice neighbourhood girl’ to ‘femme fatale’ chirped.

I shook my head. “Not going to happen. No one is going to be able to come here and say I first got you drunk, then shagged you. Not going to happen.”

I got a massive eye-rolling for my trouble. “I don’t think a small beer is going to make all the difference in the grand scheme of things if someone were to find out you’ve been shagging me, as you so poetically put it. However, if it can ease your conscience somewhat, I can steal one. Would you like another, lover-to-be?”

She got on her feet, and I caught myself eyeing her with renewed interest – her lanky limbs, narrow hips, those oh-so-adorable, perfectly round, small breasts pressing against the slightly tight-fitting sweater… This could be fun.

I gave in. “Mhm. Make mine a Two Captains, will you? Thanks.”

She giggled as she floated past me. “I’ll just pour mine in that ludicrously big tea mug of yours. No worries, your reputation will be safe. For now, at least.”

I shook my head, still in semi-disbelief. I wasn’t convinced this was the smartest endeavour I’d ever agreed to – but of one thing I was certain: It wouldn’t be boring, either.

Ella returned, handing me a beer bottle and hoisting a mug in a mock toast. “Cheers, then, neighbour.”

What the hell. I popped the cork and toasted her. “Cheers, neighbour. To exciting times.”

“I sure hope so!” came the reply. She took a long sip from the mug, sighed contentedly and faced me. “Let’s get the practical matters out of the way first – I’m on the pill and as clean as fresh snow, Fred didn’t get within six feet of me until he’d put on a condom. Unless you’ve caught something I’d rather not have, let’s just have at it au naturel, huh?”

I nodded. “Duly noted. And when did you plan for, ah, our undertaking to get underway?”

She smiled her broadest grin and winked as she raised the mug to her lips again. “In half a beer’s time? It’s probably too late in the day for me to get the full treatment, but perhaps you could give me a quick teaser, just to make sure I come back tomorrow to get more, ah, to put Thomas to bed, I mean?”

Wow. I felt the pulse throbbing in my painfully erect member. Soon. Soon she’d be wrapped around me.

We shared our evening beer in silence; I hardly knew what kind of small talk was appropriate while counting down to having sex with her – and Ella? Well, she appeared to be perfectly content just nurturing her beer while watching the sunset. I’ll hand her that, though – it WAS a beautiful sunset.

Eventually, she glanced into her mug. “Empty.” she observed. “I’ll head in, just come along when you’re ready, huh?”

When I was ready? Heck. I had a last sip from my bottle, shrugging. I’d rather have Ella than more beer, but didn’t want to seem half as desperate to get her laid as I felt. I shrugged again. I decided to give her two minutes, then I’d follow.

Softly closing the porch door behind me, I headed for the bedroom – I figured I’d find her there.

Bingo. Her clothes were in a heap on the floor, suggesting the teenager under my duvets was as naked as she’d been when she entered this world; she’d pulled the duvet up to right under her chin, covering her fully. She giggled as I just stood there, mesmerized, looking at her while leaning against the doorpost.

“I’m sorry,” I said, voice thick with emotion. “I just need a moment to process this. As you said, this doesn’t happen every day. Hell, it is a sight I never, ever thought I’d behold in here.”

“Never? Have you NEVER fantasized about seducing the babysitter? Be honest!” she giggled from under the duvet, before pulling it aside enough to show a hip with a narrow, fading bikini line on it, before quickly covering herself up again.

“If you want to see more, you’ve got to come here…”

I didn’t take much persuading; stepping closer, I started undressing, trying my best not to rush it. “By the way, I honestly have never entertained the thought that you’d end up in here – I won’t pretend to be a saint, it’s more that the women I secretly undress in my mind are mostly, say, at least in their late twenties, preferably even in their thirties. Let’s just say you went under my radar. Until fifteen minutes ago, that is.”

I pulled down my jeans before stepping out of them, pulling off my socks – and then, without further ado, dropping my boxers. Ella let out a giggle and a muted whistle as my cock sprang free – while not the most generously endowed of men at some 6 inches, I’d been blessed with a rather significant girth as if to compensate.

I çankaya eve gelen escort bayan didn’t wait for another invitation. It was, after all, my bed. Quickly getting down on the sheets, I tugged at the duvet and joined her. She jolted as our bodies first brushed against each other – I put my hand on her belly, slowly stroking her glowing skin until my hand rested on her hip, pulling her onto her side, facing me. My hand came to rest on her ass, my cock pressing firmly against her stomach.

“So, how long do you think you can stay?” I asked.

She contemplated it for a moment. “Well, the old ones won’t find it strange if I stay a little after Thomas has fallen asleep, so… Well, say, an hour, tops?”

I nodded. Fuck, this was awkward. One thing was sleeping with someone you were in a relationship with – that made all sorts of caresses, petting, kisses and whatnot seem natural. But now what? Ella must have sensed my hesitation, because as if on cue, she kissed me softly on the cheek. “Just treat me like you would a girlfriend, huh?” She half whispered, half moaned in my ear. “Just don’t tell me you love me. That’d be creepy.”

I answered her kiss, a bit hesitant at first, then I just felt any resistance melt away, and surrendered to the passion welling up in me. Our kiss grew more passionate, almost desperate, before I reluctantly broke it. “An hour. Tops. Well, let’s see what we can do…”

She giggled and pressed herself against me, firmly.

I was dizzy with desire. It was a year and a half since I had last had sex with someone. Heck, it was a year and a half since I’d even kissed someone, been so close to someone. And I was about to come closer. Much closer.

She was eager, warm and driven as she snuggled ever closer to me; we kissed again, she went all in, seemingly trying to push me out of the bed, so eager was she to join our bodies. I forced myself to break the kiss again, putting my hands on her shoulders and gently pushing her over on her back, before leaning on an elbow, gazing at her in lingering disbelief that this was even happening.

“I really haven’t come to grips with you being here, us about to do what we’re about to do,” I murmured. “I’ll do my best. Just… Well, the first time with a new partner may be exciting, but it most often gets even better with time.”

She giggled, then burst into a brief, chirp-like laugh. “A bit early to try to sell in repeat performances, isn’t it? No worries, I’m sure you’ll make it worth my while and then some. Just, please, do it, huh?”

I nodded, pulled the duvet aside and exposed for the first time her naked body. Beautiful didn’t cut it. Her pert, perfectly round breasts arrogantly ignored gravity, rock-hard nipples crowning them, surrounded by wonderfully bright pink areolas. I stifled a moan as I softly let a hand fall to her flat stomach again, gently caressing her while taking in the sight – from her neck down her cleavage, she had a lot of small freckles, gradually becoming dimmer before disappearing fully just under her breasts. Her belly, so soft, yet firm, below which a full, dense mat of red hair covered her sex. Well, for the time being, it did. Not for long. Easing myself south, I stroked her hip, then her thigh as I kissed my way from her chest, playfully biting a nipple, over her belly… Her time to moan. “Wow, seriously? Are you going to…”

I was. She eagerly pulled her legs up a little, spread them, making room for me. I moved, soon sitting between her thighs, leaning forward as I gently pressed them further apart. The scent of woman was intoxicating. I wet a finger in my mouth, then pressed it against the dense mat, playfully parting it, finding her slit. A couple of quick rubs were enough to make her groan. I moved in for the kill, my tongue darting along the length of her slit, finding her just as wet as I’d hoped. I started licking her in long, lazy strokes, starting at the very bottom, working my way up, teasing her labia apart, savouring the taste. Oh, it had been so long, way too long…

She bucked against me, her hands ruffing my hair, pushing me closer. I grew bolder, pausing a little every time I reached the top of her slit, tickling her hood without any real effort to push it back, biding my time. The familiar taste and scent of aroused woman was all around; salt; sea; spices; Ella. I grew greedy, almost frantically lapping away at her, homing in on her clit, the thought that I was moving too fast just forming in my mind when Ella put me at ease by weakly whispering “Yes, yes – just like that, just like that, just…”, her words fading into a guttural moan.

Well, I could keep doing just that. Intensifying my efforts, I closed my lips over her clit, gently sucking, feeling it grow. The tip of my tongue teased it briefly before withdrawing, giving her a second or two of respite before tickling her again. Her moans grew louder. Still sucking, I softly let my tongue slide over her by now fully engorged clit; moans turned to groans turned to almost pleading yelps as I went to work on her. Slowly and deliberately would have to wait until some other time – all that mattered now was to bring her to the orgasm she so desperately was chasing – and, with any luck, there’d be time for me to have one, too, before she had to head back home.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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