Behind Closed Doors

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The exploits of horny teens at university in England.


David loosened his tie as he strolled down the deserted corridor, it was late on an autumns day and the sky was shining crisp red through the tinted windows. There was hardly anyone around which wasn’t really surprising, it was pretty warm so most people were outside. As he continued through the winding corridors he heard soft voices coming through a door. He stopped slowly and looked through the corridor, making sure no one around before pressing his ear against the door. He heard girly giggles before soft, but high pitched, moans. He smirked, this was too good.

Taking one last look around he darted past the door and jumped through a window, slipping into all but empty classroom. David was perched on the edge of the upper balcony to the classroom, looking down at the desks below, who he found inside made his mouth drop in shock. Locked in a passionate kiss were the two goodie-goodie queens of his school Seren Ann Morgan and Stacy Robins.

He felt himself harden as he watched the two girls kiss each other heatedly. Stacy had her hands buried in Seren’s flowing brunette hair as their tongues visibly intertwined. Their bodies were pressed together as Stacy had Seren up against the desk, their hips making little circles against one another’s. Stacy was more or less straddling Seren, which surprised David greatly, he’d expected Seren to be the dominant one due to her need to control everything. Maybe she had a submissive side, now that would be something he’d like to exploit.

David let his hand travel down to softly stroke himself through his trousers, the sight of these two girls was almost too much for him. He watched as Stacy jumped of her and pushed Seren up onto the desk and stepped between the brunette’s legs. Stacy quickly pulled Seren’s short skirt off, revealing tiny black lace panties, and her hands kneaded the soft flesh of her best friends’ thighs. They hungrily pressed their centers together as Stacy began to suck on Seren’s neck.

“Oh fuck Stace, you feel so good,” Seren breathed as Stacy left a throbbing red mark on her throat.

Stacy smirked as she hastily un-did her best friends shirt and threw it behind them, revealing Seren’s heaving D-cup breasts that were spilling out of a matching black bra. Stacy licked her lips before snapping off the bra and taking Seren’s nipples into her mouth. David slipped his hand into his trousers, softly stroking his cock to the arousing sight of these two girls.

“Fuck,” Seren panted as she pulled her best friend’s head closer to her hard nipples.

After a few minutes of Stacy’s skilful sucking Seren brought their lips back together in a filthy kiss before quickly ridding Stacy of her shirt and bra to reveal her c-cup breasts, Seren pressed their chests together so that their nipples rubbed together as they licked and sucked at each other’s mouths. Seren leaned back on the desk and pulled Stacy up on top of her, so that they were both laying across the desk kissing and grabbing at each other.

David watched as Stacy slid Seren’s lace panties off and rid herself of her own leaving them both naked and writhing. He undid his trousers and pulled his throbbing erection out as Stacy hitched Seren’s leg up onto her hip and they began to grind into each other. Their hips pressed and pulled tantalisingly as their clits rubbed together. They were both panting and moaning softly as they almanbahis began to thrust against one another harder.

“You like this don’t you? You little dirty girl,” Stacy said pressing their clits together hard and rough, as they panted into each other mouths.

“Fuck yes it feels so good!” Seren moaned lifting her hips as she grabbed Stacy’s breasts and began to pinch and pull at her nipples.

“What do you want Seren?” Stacy asked after sucking at the joint between Seren’s neck and shoulder.

“Please fuck me, I need your fingers in me Stace!” Seren begged

She gasped when her friend did just that, Stacy pressed two fingers deep into her friends wet silky pussy.

“Oh Seren you’re so tight,” Stacy said moving so that her face was level with her friends wet folds as she watched her fingers slowly disappear into the velvety softness of Seren’s cunt.

“Oh god yes! I need more!” Seren begged lifting her hips.

She screamed loudly when Stacy took her clit into her warm mouth and sucked softly while simultaneously pressing a third finger into her. It was obvious Stacy wasn’t new to this as she curled her fingers inside Seren to massage her G-spot. David was stroking himself in earnest now.

Seren came with a cry of Stacy’s name and a gush of wetness that coated Stacy’s fingers. Stacy looked Seren in the eye as she seductively licked her fingers clean, her tongue writing around them as she wasted none of her friends orgasm. Seren pulled the younger up so that she could kiss her own essence off of her friends’ mouth. Seren flipped Stacy over and positioned herself at her friend’s smooth shaven pussy. Stacy draped her long pale legs over Seren’s shoulders as the brunette licked a line up her friends dripping slit. Seren was on her knees, her ass in the air as she began to eat Stacy’s dripping pussy. Stacy was writhing and moaning, her hands tangled in Seren’s wild curls as she pressed her further into her folds. Seren nudged Stacy’s clit with her nose as she stuck her tongue as deep as she could into her sweet pussy.

“Oh Stacy you taste so good, and you’re dripping for me,” Seren mumbled against her friends folds as she roughly pressed three fingers deep into Stacy running her tongue over her hardened clit.

“Oh my god! Yes you feel so good, eat that pussy! Fuck that feels good!” Stacy moaned as she bucked her hips into her friends mouth.

Seren pressed her thumb into her friend’s tight asshole, at the same time pressing hard against her g-spot with her three fingers and sucking deeply on Stacy’s clit. The red-head screamed loudly as she squirted all over Seren’s face and fingers. Seren licked her friends’ cum off of her hands and lips with a smile.

David decided he couldn’t take it anymore. He silently made his way down the wooden staircase and revealed himself, and his hard cock, to the shocked girls.

“Do you two need a hand?” He asked his hand still stroking his massive cock.

The girls were obviously torn, Draco was from the school house which was owned by the rich, so also their arch rivals, but they were also insanely horny and they both knew David would never talk about it. The pair glanced at each other and nodded.

“I could always use a cock,” Stacy said licking her lips at the sight of his rock hard shaft.

The two girls crawled off the desk and stood in front of it before turning around and bending over, their hands grasped on almanbahis yeni giriş the edge of the desk their breasts pressed the wood. They pushed their asses into the air at the perfect height for fucking.

“Please fuck us!” Seren begged as she wiggled her ass a little.

Soon both her and Stacy were making their asses jiggle back and forth. David placed a hand on each of their soft cheeks. He reared back and smacked their asses, making the soft skin redden slightly, the sound a huge arousal to all three. The two girls moaned loudly.

“Have you two been naughty girls?” He asked spanking them hard again.

“Really dirty! Such dirty fucking sluts!” Stacy moaned, her juices dripping down her thighs.

Smacking them one more time David pressed the tip of his cock into Seren’s pussy before pulling out and sliding it deep into Stacy. He alternated it between them for a long while, pumping into one before switching to the other teasing and mixing their arousal together.

“Who wants to cum on my cock?” He asked smacking their ass cheeks with his hard shaft.

“I want to cum!” Seren practically cried.

Stacy dropped down to her knees and began to suck on Seren’s clit as David began to pound into Seren’s willing pussy. She was being slammed almost painfully against the desk but she couldn’t care less, she was screaming and moaning as he finally fucked her hard and fast. Stacy was licking up all the juice spilling from her lovers’ pussy as David gripped Seren’s hips and slammed into her wetness over and over until she was a writhing and moaning in pleasure. She came quickly her cunt milking David and spilling cum into Stacy’s waiting mouth. David wasn’t finished yet though.

“Get on this big cock Stacy,” He demanded as he jumped up onto the desk and lay down.

Stacy hopped up onto him and slowly lowered herself onto his thick member. Stacy gasped in pleasure and pain as David pulled her down so his 9inches were fully buried in her dripping cunt. He gripped her hips tightly, she would definitely have marks marks there in the morning, and began to slam her down onto him as he thrust his hips into her. Her tits were bouncing with every stroke; she had her head thrown back in pleasure her long red locks bouncing with her movements. Seren had crawled up to sit on David’s face, lowering her dripping folds over his willing mouth. She gripped and pulled on her own nipples as David lapped at her sodden pussy.

“Oh fuck yes! Fuck me you’re so fucking huge!” Stacy cried as David slammed his cock into her again and again while she rubbed circles on her own clit.

Seren grabbed Stacy’s face as they began to kiss heatedly, David still fucking them both. He was fucking Seren with his tongue while Stacy did most of the work on his cock. Stacy was getting close and she pulled away from Seren as David hit her G-spot over and over. Seren braced herself on his chest as she practically smothered him with her pussy, he was sucking on her clit and she was so close.

“Cum for me my little naughty whores,” He said from under Seren’s pussy and his dirty words brought them over the edge.

Seren screamed and spilled onto his face as he lapped up every drop, her orgasm fresh on his tongue and it tasted sweet and sour at the same time, it may well have been his favourite taste in the world. Stacy gave a loud moan and began to cum around his cock, her tightening pussy causing him almanbahis giriş to spill his load deep into her.

Seren, although exhausted, got up off David’s face and moved over to his cock which was covered in Stacy’s wetness. She took the still hard length into her mouth.

Seren had little experience with sucking cock but she wanted to taste both David’s and Stacy’s orgasms and there was no better way to do it. Seren experimentally but somewhat skilfully, sucked David’s length. She guessed that he would experience it better the more stimulating she gave.

Seren sucked the first few inches of his rock hard cock, rolling her tongue over the tip, she quickly stroked the rest with a tight fist and by the look on his face it was working. The taste of his cock on top of Stacy’s orgasm was incredible. His cock was still leaking a few beads of hot white fluid but it was covered in Stacy’s cum. Seren had never tasted anything better.

Spurred on by friends actions Stacy got up and pulled Seren off David’s length. While she continued to quickly stroke him, Seren pressed her lips to Stacy’s and the pair battle tongues for control of the kiss.

After a few moments of tasting both her and David’s orgasm on Seren’s tongue Stacy pulled away from the kiss and levelled herself with David’s cock. Seren released her grip on his length and, knowing Stacy had never sucked cock before, she leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“Come on Stace, you’re a dirty fucking whore and you know it. You’re gonna let sucking a cock beat you?”

Both in spite and in fear on Seren’s words Stacy leant down and began to suck on David’s throbbing length. She tasted the white fluid leaking from his length and found that his fluid tasted divine. Stacy used her hand to stroke David’s length just as she had seen Seren do.

As the red-head sucked on David’s huge shaft Seren kneeled behind Stacy and once again slammed her tongue into the other girls dripping folds. She lapped and at fluids still leaking from her pussy and could even taste David’s cum inside her. Stacy was bent over on her knees so her ass was full in Seren’s face.

So, taking full advantage of the already reddening flesh, the brunette took the red-head’s supple ass in her hands, squeezing it tightly before slapping it hard with both hands.

Stacy moaned in pleasure, audible even through the cock buried in her mouth. Quickly deciding that it was unfair that only two out of three were being pleasured from this Hermione reached back with her right hand and began to finger fuck herself, her wetness allowing her to slam three fingers straight inside. With her free hand she began to rub Stacy’s clit before forcefully, and without warning, pushing three fingers into Stacy’s dripping cunt.

Stacy squealed in pleasure and delight as Seren quickly slammed her fingers in and out of Stacy’s wetness. All three were close to cumming and they knew they wouldn’t last much longer. Stacy came first, her juices covering Seren’s hand and face. David followed, Stacy stroking him as he came into her mouth. Hermione was last, squirting onto her fingers and some of her juices ran down the inside of her thighs.

The three fell into a heap on the desk all panting and exhausted.

Seren and Stacy got up first, the pair locking their mouths in a final, filthy kiss before they began to walk to their clothes. They stood side by side swinging their asses with their hands on the others waist, one final show for David.

He was still lying on the table when the girls were ready to leave, Seren looked back at him and winked.

“We’ll have to do this again sometime.” She said, both girls blew David a kiss and they walked out with a subtle giggle.

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