Belinda and Sue – A Love Story Ch. 04

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It didn’t take them long to get down to the hotel pool, ready to claim a lounge chair and then jump into the water. Although it was quite warm in the pool, the initial shock brought out the inevitable rash of goose bumps but they quickly acclimatised and splashed about like a couple of kids.

There were quite a few people sitting around the pool and almost certainly the two knew that they were being observed by them, idle curiosity mainly, while they watched their kids or whatever people do while not in the water. They were able to touch about at each other in what would be, to the casual observer, an innocent movement.

One of the games they played was when Belinda stood in the water and Sue came up and got into the learners breast stroke position. Like that and floating Belinda was able to put two hands forward to support her underneath while she practised her strokes, this way, Belinda could feel her breasts under the water and touch her between the legs and nobody would know what was really going on. Being a bit naughty in the view of a lot of strangers was really quite fun and something of a turn on so they contrived to do that as much as possible.

One of the best parts of the pool they discovered was getting into the place where the bubbling water jet was, under the surface, pumping fresh water into the pool and causing quite a bit of local turbulence. They stood in this for a while with the water pounded in between their legs as they struggled to cling to the side.

It was doubtful if any of the other swimmers or poolside observers noticed the effect on them which was quite exhilarating and very sexy, with the exception perhaps of the young, Spanish pool lifeguard, who had a higher vantage point and knew well what they were doing. He had given the two girls larking around together quite a bit of attention. Without doubt other females had found the same pleasure as they had and he was aware of the results of the pulsing water pressure and bubbles between their legs.

When Sue looked up at him and made eye contact, he grinned at her and made a facial expression which said ‘I know what you’re doing.’. She nudged Belinda and told her that they were being watched by him but she had also caught the movement on his face and in return, she poked her tongue out at him moving it from side to side. He laughed and then turned his attention back to the rest of the pool although he did keep returning his gaze to them.

It was pretty likely that he himself was being watched as the young girl running the little food and drink bar opened her counter door and went across to him and although they didn’t catch any of the conversation and wouldn’t have understood anyway, from the body language, she was almost certainly taking him to task about flirting with them as at one point, they both glanced across while the two were still sitting in the bubble stream.

They did discover later that she was his girlfriend and she was probably ensuring that he didn’t get any ideas about two unaccompanied English girls. Unfortunately, this only made Sue worse and for the next half hour she took every opportunity to grab his attention, watched very closely by the girl behind the bar. Eventually after tiring of the little diversion, she turned her attention back to Belinda, swimming up to her and diving under the water, touching her and splashing around.

“You’re a real tease,” Belinda said to her with a smile on her face. “are you going to tease me now?”

“If you like.” she replied and flipped over onto her back and with a few paddle strokes her legs were around Belinda’s waist gripping her tightly. Then, she let go and with a few deft strokes was swimming at top speed towards the end of the pool, waving and laughing as she reached the far end and beckoning for her to swim up and join her. Of course, the minute Belinda started swimming towards her in her not very strong breast stroke, she was flashing by in the opposite direction with her over arm crawl and then calling her from the opposite end of the pool.

A few lengths of the pool later, she swam up to her and grabbed her from behind, put her arms around her and slipped her hand down the front of the bikini bottom right down between her legs, then kissed her on the back of the neck.

“Come on Lin, let’s go and get something to drink, we’ll sit out for a bit and then we’ll get dressed and go and get something to eat, what do you think?”

What could she think, she was so much enjoying their time together that she would have done anything asked of her. “You’re on,” she said “Race you to the pool edge.”

Silly challenge really as with a couple of moves Sue was at the side getting out and sitting on the edge, watching her friend as she struggled to reach her and climb out alongside her. Together, they walked towards the loungers where they had left their towels and dried most of the water off each other before Belinda walked over to the bar and bought a couple of vodka and oranges from a slightly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri petulant young lady. They sat and sipped their drinks just watching the people around them.

Belinda had always been interested in watching other girls but in a non-sexual way, as mostly they are more attractive to the eye than the men and it’s nice to watch how they dress and move about. She did have to admit to herself however that her thoughts were beginning to stray to more erotic things like wondering what they would look like with no clothes on and she found herself staring with some interest at the woman attending to her small, probably four or five year old child who was sitting on the lounger next to them and as she bent forward to give him something to eat, inadvertently, gave Belinda an incredible view down her loose top, her breasts hanging free. She caught a glimpse of her nipples and was for a moment, captivated by her but her attention to this young mum, didn’t go unnoticed by Sue.

“Put your tongue away Lin.”

Belinda was mortified that Sue had caught her out, but realised that it was OK as she was smiling as she said it which perhaps ease the sudden feeling of guilt she felt.

“Uh, sorry ’bout that” she mumbled ” I shouldn’t be looking at other girls should I?”

“Don’t be daft, we’re having a fling on holiday doing stuff with each other but we don’t own each other do we?”

Thinking about that for a moment, “I guess you’re right, but what happens when we get back home, will you still want to spend time together.?”

“Lin, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me but there is no way that I want to make you break up with Dave. That wouldn’t be fair. Anyway, I want you in my bed as often as you want to be there. Do you feel the same about me?”

“You know I do, I only have to look at you and I get an urge to touch you and kiss you.”

“Come on,” Sue said after a moment or two, “Let’s go up to the room, I want you to make me come.”

Just those last words were enough to start the flow of the inevitable moisture between Belinda’s legs in anticipation so gathering up their belongings and holding hands, they made their way to the sanctuary of their room. As soon as the door was closed, Sue dropped the bottom of her swimsuit on the floor and sat back in the armchair with her legs wide open, and her fingers working their way up and down, touching herself on her clitoris.

“Come here Lin, kneel down and do me, make me come”.

Belinda didn’t need a second telling and was at the centre of her vagina, experiencing the slight taste and smell of chlorine from the swimming pool and then the more musky taste of her feminine secretions. She licked, caressed her clitoris, moved her fingers into her until Sue began to start to climax and then suddenly, Sue held her face away from her sex for a few seconds while she allowed the feelings to subside and then pulled her face back towards her.

“Go on, do it some more, but stop when I tell you.”

Once again, Belinda started on her ministrations, pushing her towards that delicious upwards climb and then, once more felt her face being held away.

“Wait a bit, just touch me with your tongue very slowly.”

Once again Belinda did as she was bid gradually turning the touch of her tongue onto her now sensitive clitoris to slow gentle licks. This time, she was so close to the edge that when she pushed her face away, Belinda could hear the little squelchy sounds of her mini contractions. After a couple of seconds she was ready to start again.

“Finish me now Belinda, I need it now, I am so close you wouldn’t believe it. I’m starting to come now, quickly, do it.” The second the tongue touched her clitoris, and started to lick, she was coming, arching up from the chair and pulling the girl’s face hard into her. Belinda made Sue’s orgasm last as long as possible, moving in time with her and pushing her fingers deep inside her in time with her contractions.

At last Sue sank back into the softness of the armchair, breathing heavily and running her fingers up and down between her legs, touching her clitoris and jumping every time she made contact with it. Belinda knew that she couldn’t wait any longer and dropping her bikini bottom, sat in the chair opposite her and opened her legs and began stroking herself. Sue watched for a couple of minutes and then took up the position Belinda had just been in. Her warm tongue slipped into the folds and then with some deft movements was doing all the right things.

“I can’t wait.” Belinda groaned, more to herself than Sue, “Make me come.”

In response, the tongue increased its movements and then it hit her, that most glorious feeling as the orgasm exploded. No wonder the French call it ‘la petite mort’ she thought, she was sure her heart skipped several beats. The orgasm was so intense and seemed to go on and on.

“Christ, we both needed that” Sue eventually said “That was so intense. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I’m sorry if I ordered you about, I just wanted it to last for ever and you were so good with me. I can’t believe how you can make it happen like that.”.

They sat opposite each other, sexually satisfied and both perfectly comfortable with each other. Belinda just wanted to sit and watch her lover, to look at her as though she was a work of art in a gallery, painted in subtle tones, ranging from a blush pink through all the spectrum of reds through to the darker colour of her lips with the whiteness of her teeth just showing between them as they parted in a sweet smile.

“Don’t move, just sit and let me look at you.” Was all Belinda could manage “I just want to remember this for ever.”

“Shall we take some photographs of each other.” Sue asked with a little giggle “You know, just for our private keepsakes. You’ve got a digital camera haven’t you.?”

“I have, and I have a spare memory card so that they won’t get mixed up with our holiday pictures which by the way, we had better get out tomorrow and take some so that Dave can see where we’ve been.”

Getting up, she rummaged in her holdall and brought out the little camera which produced such good sharp pictures. The light was starting to go outside so Belinda pulled across the curtains and turned on the two table lamps one each side of the two chairs. Sue was immediately bathed in a golden light changing the mood to one of languorous and breath catching sexuality. Belinda sat back down where she had been sitting previously, looking at this beautiful person in the armchair opposite her, almost forgetting the camera she had in her hand, captivated by what her eyes were seeing. Totally naked now that she had thrown off the top, the whiteness of her breasts showing in contrast to the pinkness of her shoulders that had caught the sun’s rays.

Sue, wanting to look as voluptuous as she could, threw her head backwards, her dark hair cascading across her shoulders and down the back of the chair, her throat so smooth and looking so vulnerable, a hand placed beneath her breast, just lifting it slightly, one finger just touching such a surprisingly erect nipple, her other hand in her lap She closed he soft thighs together but the dark pubic hair was till visible and which glistened in the light from the electric lamp. Changing the pose, she lifted one arm and placed it across the arm of the chair in a classic pose, her other arm, at her side waiting for the click of the shutter.

When Belinda released the shutter, there was a bright flash as the camera compensated for the lack of light, but the picture was hard and she wanted to capture the softness of that elusive golden light so this time with the flash off and the camera held tight because of the longer exposure time, pressed the shutter again. She looked at the preview screen and thought that if she never took a picture again as long as she lived, this would be the one for her.

“Do some more and then I want some of you.” Sue said moving her body to a new position, this time a little more explicit with her legs parted, one heel lifted onto the chair giving the ultimate view of those hidden lips, with their covering of dark pubic hair.

“Like this.” She giggled and slipped a finger down between her legs opening the little crevice to the inquisitive lens of the camera.

Click, Belinda pressed the button again and then with the lens closer to her, click again. Then moving back from her, told her to lift her hair from the nape of her neck and let it cascade through her fingers, Click again. Moving to her side so that she was in profile against the light, Click. Then close to her so that her face filled her view finder, Click.

“My turn, My turn Lin,” taking the camera from her hands. “OK get sexy for me”.

Belinda knew that she could never achieve the perfection that she saw in Sue when she was clicking away, but she seemed satisfied with her results, including the more intimate and close up shots she wanted.

“Belinda, does the timer work so that we can have one together?.

“I guess so.” As she fiddled with the controls. “Yes, here we go, sit on the end of the bed and I’ll start it going.”

She put the camera down on the dressing table and setting it so that Sue was in the viewfinder, pressed the start button, the little light started flashing and she went over and sat alongside her, their hands on each other’s breast, their faces close together, almost turned to kiss. The shutter clicked and when checked, the picture was so good.

“Do it again Lin, but this time, I want you to kiss me.”

Starting the camera again and taking her in her arms, she kissed her deeply. The camera shutter clicked but they held the kiss, both feeling the sexuality of the moment.

“Sue” Belinda asked as they sat apart afterwards,” Can we just mooch about in the Hotel for the rest of the evening, we can send güvenilir bahis şirketleri down for an evening snack and a bottle of wine, I might like to go down the gym for half an hour, what do you think?”

“Yea, that’s fine by me, I’m exhausted.”

Taking her at her word, Belinda got up and put her gym kit on and knowing that Sue wouldn’t be interested she kissed her on the forehead “Back in an hour. Have a look and see what room service have to offer.”

The gym was fairly small but with all the gear that one would normally find. She worked her way around the apparatus that she liked, working up a good perspiration but after thirty minutes, was bushed. There was only one other person in there at the time and coincidence, it was the woman with the child that she had been ogling by the pool.

When she caught her eye, Belinda smiled and made a tentative greeting after which they fell into a conversation and chatted about holiday things, husbands and in her case, her little boy. She was pleasant enough and had a trim little body but that was as far as it went. They sat in the steam room together and afterwards went into the changing room for a shower. She seemed to be quite shy and about the only diversion for Belinda was to catch a quick look at her naked breasts only this time from the side and to notice a few stretch marks on her back just above her bum.

When she got back to the room, Sue had ordered some food from the restaurant and it was on its way up. She had showered but was wearing her white robe. Belinda had taken her robe and a pair of panties to the gym with her and had put that on to come back up.

There was a knock on the door and when Belinda opened it a waiter was standing there in a smart, green trimmed white jacket, carrying a large tray covered with a white cloth. He came into the room and laid the cloth down on the side, placed the plated food on it along with a bottle of red wine which he opened with a flourish for them, pouring two glasses. Belinda thrust some Euros at him as a tip, he smiled and once again, they were alone again.

The food was nothing much to shout about but it was sufficient and the wine was nice and fruity. When they had finished eating, they both looked at each other. Sue was first to break the silence.

“What shall we do tomorrow Lin, I noticed that the tour company have a coach trip up to the mountains, fancy doing that?”

“That’s a good idea, do we have to book on it do you think?”

“There’s a number here, I’ll ring down if you think it’s a good idea.” After a short conversation with the rep it was booked.

Out of duty more than a need, Belinda made a call home to Dave, just to let him know that they were still alive and to find out how things were going with him. After that, they watched some television for a while but as it was mainly Spanish channels, it didn’t hold their interest and when she looked round to say something to Sue, she had nodded off.

“Come on girl, let’s get under the bedclothes and get some sleep.”

They both clambered in and with a light kiss goodnight, settled down to sleep.


There were beautiful panoramic views from the windows of the air conditioned coach as it climbed upwards along the dusty roads. The landscape was so different to what they were used to in England with its green fields and woods. Everywhere here was parched and brown but none the less there were some stunning views over the countryside. Little villages passed them by with old and gnarled olive trees and orange and lemon groves, local men sitting at tables outside the small taverns. Time had passed these brown faced men by, their world seeming to be going at a much slower pace although, taking their eyes from the outside back into the glass enclosed seats and the air conditioned world, it brought the reality into perspective.

They had grabbed a pair of seats in the back of the coach, and as it was only half full, the rest of their companions on the trip for some reason had taken seats near the front. It may have been so that they could be close to the tour rep who was up front, occasionally standing and turning to face her audience to point out various things of interest along the route.

As she had a microphone and the coach had a sound system, there was no reason to sit up front but as they had chosen to sit in the rear, the two of them were free to indulge themselves in a little sexual expression and sneak a feel of each other without anybody else being aware of their little excesses, sitting up straight when teacher turned towards her audience. They were like a couple of misbehaving schoolgirls, giggling and playing up.

The coach eventually came to a halt in the village square of a small town with views over the landscape on all four sides. They were invited by the tour guide to stroll around and visit the local tourist shops, admire the view and take a while to sit and take some refreshments.

Out came the camera with a new memory card in it, the one they had used the previous evening carefully secreted in her travelling purse and with it, she took shots of the local colour, the views out over the valley below and for the album, a couple of innocent pictures of Sue and when she was handed the camera, some of herself.

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