Ben , Gabrielle Ch. 12

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Time and space seemed to be moving sideways, or maybe it was spinning; slowing down, then leaping forward. Ben couldn’t be sure how they got to the club, or how long they’d been there. The music was so loud it was hard to concentrate. His brain felt… fuzzy… and everything around him seemed as if he were looking at it through a sheet of gauze. In the back of his mind, he knew – or thought he knew – they shouldn’t be here. A fleeting thought, like a wisp of smoke, passed through his consciousness: We should be at the apartment packing. We’re moving to the house in three days.

He could see Gaby on the dance floor. He tried to focus on her – her hips swinging provocatively side to side; head bobbing to the thumping, hypnotic beat; dark-olive skin glistening with sweat. It still amazed him how she could stay upright, much less dance, in the black ankle boots she wore – the four-inch stiletto heels augmenting her 5’2″ height. As her petite frame spun, she raised her arms into the air. The movement lifted the loose black baby doll dress she wore, giving him – and every other person in the club – brief glimpses of the bottom of her ass cheeks.

Gaby knew she was putting on a show – teasing everyone in the club, especially Ben. She’d been doing it all night, and she enjoyed it. It excited her to know people were watching, possibly getting turned on, wishing they could see more, or touch her. The music changed slightly as one song blended into the next. Gaby lowered her arms and began fanning herself with her hands. She walked toward Ben. Their eyes locked as she approached. Reaching the booth, she turned and slipped into his lap, sitting sideways – her right side against his body. He reached around her and shoved the table several inches toward the far side of the booth, giving them more room. As it moved away from her, she picked up her drink – her third – and downed it quickly. Instead of withdrawing them, his arms encircled her, his interlaced fingers resting on her left hip.

“I’m hot,” she said, above the din.

“You certainly are,” Ben said, smiling.

“We should go home,” she suggested.

“Are you OK, Baby?” he asked.

“I’m fine,” she said.

“You looked like you were having fun out there,” he offered.

She wiggled her ass in his lap as the music continued. Leaning close, she whispered in Ben’s ear.

“Take me home right now,” she said. “Or, I’m going to tear off your clothes and fuck you right here!”

He looked into her eyes. She nodded and smiled, then kissed him deeply while running her fingernails down his chest.

“Well, I don’t mind if everyone watches,” he said, breaking the kiss. “I’m not shy.”

Ben was teasing her. Gaby knew what he’d said was only half true. He really wouldn’t care if every person in the club watched them have sex. But, when it came to social interaction, he was shy – especially around new people. And, he hated being in crowds, or in crowded places – like this club. It was a contradiction she’d never been able to figure out.

“Don’t make me beg,” she growled, putting the tip of her nose against his.

“I think that’s exactly what I’ll do,” he said.

Ben put his right hand on the top of her head. His fingers twisted into her dark brown pixie cut hair. He pulled, tipping her head back, exposing her neck – one of her most sensitive spots – to his lips. He let his tongue trail over her skin, tasting her sweat, and felt her throat vibrate as she moaned his name.

His hand fell from her head to her right knee. His fingers moved upward, sliding between her legs. She squeezed her thighs together, stopping his progress. She tried to pull away, but his left arm tightened around her, holding her firmly.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

He didn’t answer, as his fingers wormed their way closer to her sex; the heat of her skin under his fingertips further exciting him.

“Ben,” she said, trying to push away his hand.

“Open your legs,” he ordered, looking into her eyes.

“No,” she hissed. “We can’t.”

“You said you were going to fuck me right here,” he insisted.

“There are people watching,” she said, nodding her head toward the other side of the booth.

“I’m not going to tell you again,” Ben said, forcing his hand upward.

His fingertips brushed her clit through her cotton panties, and she gasped loudly. She tried one more time to fight him, but her resistance melted quickly as he rubbed her. She said his name again, pleading, barely audible above the pounding music.

As her body shifted, the cheeks of her ass kneaded his hardening cock. She leaned in and kissed his mouth, pushing her tongue past his lips. He could taste the alcohol she’d been drinking. His left hand drifted up to her head, and again he pulled her hair. She let her left leg slip off his lap and hang down toward the floor. Allowed full access to her, he grabbed her groin. Her body jumped as if hit by a bolt of lightning.

“Madre de dios,” she moaned, her breath washing over almanbahis his face.

Pleasure surging through her body, she struggled to embrace him, settling at last for clutching at his shoulder as he began moving his fingers around her clit in small circles. The pulsating bass washed over their bodies, penetrating to their cores. He released her hair and wrapped his left arm around her as she squirmed on his lap.

“Make me cum, Ben,” Gaby begged.

He yanked her panties to the side, baring her wetness to the warm air of the club, and let his fingers slide up and down her lips.

“Mas,” Gaby cried, her body trembling under his touch. “Mas, por favor.”

Ben pushed two fingers into her cunt, not stopping until he reached the last knuckle. She turned her head, almost screaming as she buried her face in his shoulder. He rotated his hand enough to massage her clit with his thumb. She writhed as he increased the speed and force of his thrusts, her nails clawing at his skin. He could feel the tension building in her body. Her left hand snagged the hem of her dress and she pulled it until it bunched around her waist. She surrendered herself to his protection, trusting he wouldn’t let her fall.

“Cum for me, Baby,” he said, whispering in her ear.

“Yessss,” she hissed.

She held her breath as her body began to shake and her cunt clenched around his fingers. Releasing the air, a long moan followed, and convulsions rocked her body. He squeezed her with his left arm, steadying her on his lap as she came.

“That’s it, cum all over my fingers,” he nearly yelled.

Ben watched her face twist into a grimace of pleasure. He had to admit he loved watching, hearing, and feeling her cum – maybe even more than he enjoyed his own orgasms. Her body continued to buck, but he did not cease his digital assault on her pussy. He stabbed his fingers into her one more time, leaving them buried deep inside her as he made the come here gesture, massaging her G-spot.

The sounds she made let him know his efforts were having the desired effect and within a minute – before her first orgasm had faded – a second rocked her body. Gaby began gasping for breath. She tried to speak, though couldn’t gather enough air to do so, managing only to mumble a string of incoherent sounds. Her body had not yet relaxed completely when he removed his slick fingers, letting them brush along her wet lips until he reached her clit.

“No,” she said, looking up at him. “Pleeeeease.”

He shook his head slowly, knowing she wanted him to stop – allowing her a few moments to recover before making her cum again. But, he did not relent. He loved her ability to have multiple orgasms, and he often tried to give her as many as possible, though he did sometimes worry she might pass out from euphoria overload. His fingers gently manipulated her clit, making her body thrash about in blissful torment. He heard her say his name in a long moan as she came again, her spasms becoming more violent as he struggled to hold her. His head was swimming. It seemed the world had shrunk down to only he and Gaby, and the feeling of her moving against him.

She grabbed his right wrist with both hands, pulling at him, as she mouthed a silent appeal for respite. He wanted to make her cum again, but he became aware of his cock, trapped under her body, throbbing with the ferocity of the beating music. Reluctantly, he walked his fingers down the inner thigh of her right leg. All her wiggling had left Gaby almost supine. As her breathing slowed, Ben gently lifted her into a sitting position.

“You’re gonna kill me one of these days,” she said.

Bringing his fingers to her mouth, he touched them to her lips. Her tongue slipped out and she tasted herself on them. He kissed her, savoring her pussy and mouth at the same time.

“I want more,” he whispered, breaking the kiss.

She twisted away from him and stood up, looking to Ben as if her legs felt like cooked spaghetti. She remained still for a few moments, ensuring her knees wouldn’t buckle. He reached out to slap her ass lightly, and she turned to face him. Her hands made their way up her thighs, disappearing under her dress. Her fingers found the waistband of her thong, and she bent at the waist as she slid it to her ankles. She carefully removed her left foot from the underwear, then straightened her body.

Looking into Ben’s eyes, she lifted her right foot and placed it on the bench, between his legs. Holding her ankle to keep her steady, he pulled off the panties and dropped them on the bench. He let his hands travel up her leg, once more savoring the feel of her skin. When he arrived at her knee, she stepped back. He tried to grab her, but she spun away from his grasp. He stood up quickly, surprising her, and she retreated a few steps. She pointed at his crotch and again swung her hips from side to side as she lifted her dress several inches, exposing herself to him.

As she watched, he unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. almanbahis giriş He pointed at her and gestured for her to approach him. Licking her lips, she moved toward him. She grabbed his pants and squatted in front of him as she yanked them downward roughly. His hard cock pointed at her as she stood up, and placed her hands on his chest. She pushed him backward and his large, 6’3″ frame plopped down on the bench.

Gaby put her hands on his knees and began to kneel. He seized her upper arms and dragged her into his lap. She gasped at the ferocity of his action and tried to wrest herself free of him, but his left arm slid around her back and pinned her to his chest. He shoved his right hand between their bodies and wrapped it around the base of his cock. Kissed her mouth, he guided the head to her wet cunt. She moaned as it touched her lips.

“Damelo,” she begged.

Normally, they had to start slowly when things progressed to intercourse. The disparity in their statures dictated a certain degree of caution and restraint until he became sufficiently lubricated, and Gaby’s body adjusted to him. Now, however, as the head of Ben’s cock slipped inside her, she forced herself down on him, taking half his length before stopping.

“Fuuuuck,” she cried.

She didn’t hesitate long, raising herself an inch, then descending again, engulfing the rest of him. They both moaned loudly. Gaby looked up, placed her hands on his cheeks, and their eyes locked as she began moving up and down, working his cock into and out of her tight cunt.

“Te amo, bebe,” she whispered, as she rode him. “Te amo.”

She leaned in and kissed him, stealing his breath as she sped up. Their tongues danced around each other for more than a minute.

“Me encanta mi interior,” she cried, parting their mouths.

Ben pushed her hands away from his face, and snatched the bottom of her dress. Pulling the fabric upward, it slipped up her arms and over her head. He dropped the gossamer fabric to the bench. Except for her ankle boots, Gaby was now naked. Ben tilted his head to take her left nipple in his mouth. He sucked hard as he flicked it with his tongue. Gaby wrapped her arms around his head and held him against her chest.

With his right hand, Ben smacked her left butt cheek. Despite the music, the sound of the slap seemed to echo around the club. Gaby screamed, but did not break her rhythm, gliding up and down the length of his cock.

“Yes, slap my pretty little ass,” she demanded, her hands slipping to his shoulders.

He repeated his action, striking her harder this time.

“Hijo de puta,” she grunted, through gritted teeth.

As Ben’s hand clapped against her skin once more, he felt her cunt lock tightly around his cock. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she came yet again as the cheeks of her ass rested on his balls. She stayed there with him deep inside her as an electric orgasm coursed through every nerve in her body. He struggled to raise his hips, trying to move himself inside her. She groaned and her nails dug into his skin as his efforts prolonged her ecstasy. Gaby fought to control her body. Tremors continued to roll through her as she kissed her way along his collarbone, up his neck and chin, to his lips.

“I wish I could do that for you,” she said, looking into his eyes.

“What?” he asked.

“Make you cum four times,” she said.

I know, Gaby,” he said. “It just doesn’t work that way.”

“Poor men,” she said, a tired grin creasing her lips. “Just one orgasm at a time.”

Her eyes widened as a thought struck her brain.

“I know what to do,” she said. “It’s time for you to get what you want, Baby.”

Ben tilted his head quizzically and opened his mouth to ask what she meant, but she silenced him by pressing a finger to his lips, and giving him a wink. Holding his shoulders, Gaby lifted herself, gasping as his hardness left her. Carefully, she again slipped off his lap and lowered her feet to the floor.

“Are you ready?” she asked, looking into Ben’s eyes.

He nodded. Gaby pushed his knees apart, and stood between his legs. She turned slowly until she faced away. He admired her perfect ass and the Spanish-style cross tattooed in the small of her back. She looked at him over her right shoulder. He watched as she brought her right hand to her mouth, and spit on her fingers. His eyes followed her hands as she reached around and spread her cheeks. She pressed her wet fingers against her hole, lubricating it with her saliva. She took half a step backward, and her moist skin touched his – the head of his cock brushing against her bottom.

They’d never had anal sex. It was one of the few things Gaby denied him, claiming he was just too big for her to take him there. They’d tried once, Ben getting no more than the head of his cock inside her before they’d had to stop. Ben certainly didn’t begrudge her this. He realized the difference in their sizes simply precluded this one act. He loved Gabrielle, almanbahis yeni giriş and didn’t want to injure her. Nor, did he want her to feel guilty about not being able to do it. Every facet of his life with Gaby – sexual and otherwise – was better than he’d ever had before.

“Gaby,” Ben said. “What are you doing?”

She didn’t answer. Wrapping her right hand around his shaft, she held him firmly as she squatted just a fraction of an inch, letting the head of his cock press against her asshole.

“Oh, God,” he moaned, invoking the name of a deity he didn’t believe in. “Are you sure, Baby?”

Gaby lowered herself further, adjusted him, and the tip of his cock began to stretch her sphincter. Her eyes closed and her mouth fell open as she continued downward, taking more and more of him.

“Si, bebe, llenar mi culo,” she sighed as her ass steadily accepted his cock.

In his peripheral vision, Ben could see people gathered around them. He felt like he knew them, but couldn’t discern actual faces. Each time he turned to look directly at them, everything blurred. His brain focused only on the incredible sensation sheathing his cock. Gaby didn’t stop until her cheeks rested on his hip bones. The heat of her rectum was intoxicating; the pressure of her wrapped around him heavenly. She looked back at him again.

“Is this what you’ve wanted, Baby,” she asked, “filling my ass with your big cock?”

“Yesss,” he groaned.

“Does it feel good?” she continued.

“It’s incredible,” he sighed, as she smiled at him. “Like something out of a dream.”

She let out a long sigh which turned into a whimper.

“Are you OK?” he asked, in a fleeting moment of coherence, worried about hurting her.

“It feels wonderful,” she said. “Why, do you want me to stop?”

“No, no,” he cried. “Please don’t stop.”

She gave him another wink.

“I won’t, Baby,” she said. “I promise.”

He leaned forward to kiss the back of her neck, then dragged his tongue down her spine – again tasting her sweat – until he couldn’t angle his neck enough to go farther. Straightening his head, he slipped his hands around her – his right moving between her legs; his left seizing her neck – and pulled her back against his chest. Her head fell to his left shoulder. Without speaking, she began moving her hips, lifting herself until only the head of his cock remained inside her, then thrusting downward, impaling herself on him.

Ben was filling her as he never had before, and she couldn’t remain silent. Each time she took him – her ass enveloping his entire length – a guttural noise escaped her throat, as if his penetration forced it from her. It began as a low grunt, but the intensity grew as she fucked him faster and harder. He became aware of her warm juices running down his balls and over his inner thighs.

While the scene around them appeared hazy, everything about Gaby seemed so intense, as if Ben had never truly seen her; felt her; tasted her; smelled her, or heard her. It was driving him toward madness. He whispered her name over and over as he rubbed her, making her body spasm violently – causing her asshole to constrict around his cock. Gaby’s hands sought something to hold onto – something to help support herself as she rode him – her fingers finally settling on his left arm. She exhaled deeply as he held her. Her ass clutched at his cock, creating an unbelievable suction. If his brain were capable of rational thought, he would have wondered how she could possibly move him in and out.

Ben felt a knot growing in his lower belly, and the inexorable ache in his balls. He knew he couldn’t last much longer, needing to explode; desiring nothing more than to fill Gaby’s ass with his cum.

“Ben,” Gaby whispered.

She stopped. He squeezed her neck and rubbed her clit as her cheeks rested on his hip bones one more time. He felt her body begin to quiver, and realized she was cumming again.

“Gaby,” he groaned, trying to move himself in her. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Ben,” she repeated, louder this time.

He felt light-headed, as if he were floating – losing focus and feeling. A mute realization coalesced in his fevered brain: He was dreaming. Trying to direct this lucidity toward desire, he found himself locked in a desperate, futile battle to stay in the dream – like Wile E. Coyote trying to climb a rope even after it’s been untied at the top of the cliff – and every conscious effort to do so only made the unraveling edges of his fantasy fray faster. Finally, a fissure opened through the middle, widening as he struggled to achieve orgasm before waking.

“Baby,” he said, trying to hold on to Gaby as his entire world began to shake.

“Ben,” she said, again.

“I need to cum,” he appealed.

“Wake up, Ben,” she insisted.

His eyes opened suddenly. Gaby shook his shoulder as she called his name. A regretful coherence crept into his sleep-clouded brain.

“Damn it,” he groaned.

“You were dreaming, Baby,” Gaby said, needlessly.

“I know,” he said, reluctantly.

“It was about me, wasn’t it?” she asked.

“How did you know?” he returned.

“You mumbled my name,” she told him. “Are you OK?”

“Yes,” he said. “Just disappointed it was only a dream.”

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