Better Late Than Never

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Big Tits

When Emma phoned me she sounded desperately unhappy but would not say what it was, just that she needed to talk things through with a friend. Emma had been my partner in circus skills classes for over two years and we had got to know each other pretty well.

She wouldn’t have asked me to come over without good reason, certainly not knowing that it would involve my taking a six hour train journey and a 20 mile bike ride at her end of the journey.

I quickly packed enough clothes for a couple of days and on a last minute impulse my aromatherapy oils.

It was a hot day and by the time I reached the train station I was sweating. On the train itself it was worse! The air conditioning wasn’t working.

To cap it all a train ahead of us had broken down so we were eventually diverted via another route, pulling into the station at half past one in the morning. It was at this point I started thinking that this had better be good!

Thank God I had brought some decent lights, still at least there was no traffic on the road. I must have made it in record time – an hour and ten minutes later I was ringing the door bell of the old high ceilinged house where Emma lived with her parents.

I heard Emma’s voice, “Is that you Dave?” I answered and there was a click and I let myself in. Despite having seen virtually all of Emma’s body except her pussy I was struck by how sexy she looked wearing as far as I could see just a long t-shirt.

“Go for it!” I called. With a grin Emma ran towards me. My hands found her hips and a second later she was above my head as I lifted her up a la Dirty Dancing. The t-shirt had ridden up and she was wearing only the most minimal of knickers. Had I not been so tired I would have had a raging hard on visible through my cycling shorts.

I put Emma down and gave her a hug as I asked her the reason for inviting me over.

“Too much to tell now almanbahis and you must be knackered.” She answered. I will show you your room and you can get a shower and I will tell you in the morning.”

“It is the morning.” I joked, kissing her gently on the lips, but I accepted what she said and 15 minutes later I was dead to the world.

I awoke to realise Emma was in bed with me and clinging to me desperately in her sleep. I could smell the freshness of her hair and guessed she must have had a shower before joining me. It was daylight and she had changed into a different t-shirt.

I also realised that she had not put on any knickers as my right hand, trapped between our bodies could feel her bush. With that and the feeling of her nipples that I could feel against my chest through the thin fabric she wore meant I was rock hard not long after I awoke.

I loved the feeling of her body against mine and with my left hand I held her body, pressing it closer to my own as I continued to enjoy the aroma of her.

It could have been fifteen minutes or it could have been an hour later that Emma woke up. I really had not expected us to have sex and had thought she had only got into bed with me for comfort and so was surprised when she said,

“Make love to me. I want your seed inside me, I want it to fill me and make its way down my tubes. I want your seed to meet my eggs.” I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Emma and certainly wasn’t sure that I wanted a baby. My penis thought otherwise and got harder still.

Emma must have sensed my reticence though and said,

“Please, do it for me. My parents, brother and both my sisters were killed in the car crash on the M5 yesterday. I will have plenty of money to care for the baby.” I would have to have been living as a hermit not to know of the crash but somehow we always assume that things like almanbahis giriş that have nothing to do with us.

I felt a wrench inside me. I knew all of them and counted all of them as good friends. If that was what it did for me it must have been a thousand times worse for Emma.

I kissed the tears away from her eyes, while fighting to hold back my own without complete success. I gently helped her take off the t-shirt so she was as naked as I before slowly kissing my way down from her eyes to her mouth while my hands stroked her body.

I kissed her neck and taking my time, gradually reached her small firm breasts. I licked and sucked each nipple in turn long after they were both hard. I continued down across her flat stomach and the piercing that adorned her belly button. I wanted to make this special for Emma, not just a quick fuck. Next I was kissing the inside of her thighs before tracing round the outside of her cunt lips with my tongue.

Her legs opened wider and I saw the one part of her body that had been hidden to me previously.

I continued to move my tongue over all the folds and petals of her flower, watching it open up as I moved towards the rose bud at it’s apex. I licked her clitoris, watching it’s erection grow before taking it between my lips to suck it and gently tease it with my teeth. Meanwhile my hands were squeezing her breasts and gently pinching her nipples.

Emma’s breathing grew faster and her hips rose up to meet my face. I increased my pace with tongue and lips and felt Emma’s feet pressing down on my shoulders as she shuddered with her orgasm.

My tongue probed deep into her vagina to taste her juices and I continued to lap them up and explore all the crevices of her sex organs with my tongue and lips for maybe half and hour before she said,

“I want you inside me now!”

I asked Emma just once if she were almanbahis yeni giriş sure, before rolling her on her side and lifting her right leg over my hip as I entered her tight hole. Emma gasped a little as I filled her and we found our rhythm together. Some times as I pushed right inside her as far as was possible we would just stop and enjoy the sensation of the contact between our bodies as our pubic hair, wet with her juices matted together. Other times during our long slow coupling one or other of us would tease her clitoris with a finger. Never in my life had I taken so long over sex. After about fifteen minutes Emma started to frig herself furiously and after a while I felt her muscles squeezing me as I stopped again to enjoy the sensation.

We kept going and after a while Emma spoke for the first time since she had said she was sure about wanting this.

“I want to feel you cum.” I kissed her before moving my hands to her bum which was pure muscle.

“It won’t be long once I speed up I warned.” Emma just smiled and as I started to increase the tempo her left hand really went for it with her clitoris while the right was squeezing her tits and nipples hard.

With each thrust I felt our pubic bones make contact and I soon began to feel the urgency of my own impending climax. I was just about to warn Emma when she started to orgasm again and her muscles milked my seed for all they were worth. I didn’t pull out afterwards but rolled over taking Emma with me, enjoying the feeling of her body lying on top of mine as the last twitches of her pleasure gradually faded away.

Later, much later we ate and talked, then swam in the lake in the garden where we washed the dried stickiness from each others bodies. Emma then lay down on a towel in the evening sun while I gave her a massage before we made love again as the moon rose to witness our coupling.

The postscript to this story is that Emma didn’t become pregnant then or any of the other times we made love, despite the fact that we never used any protection. We remain friends to this day however and whenever I visit we spend our time, talking, crying and of course making love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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