Big Bad Wolf

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She was nervous. Her heart raced as she drove down the dirt road. She knew he waited for her at the end of that road, although she didn’t really know who he was or what was going to happen. She wrestled with herself, back and forth, part of her wanted this so badly but the other part, the voice of reason, told her this was dangerous. She stopped her car in the middle of that dirt road, headlights shining down it illuminating the tall pine trees, and she debated her next move. Her brain was screaming at her to turn around and run home to her quiet life but the rest of her body ached and begged her to drive on. Not much further now…a couple more turns in that road and she would be at the small clearing by the train tracks where he was waiting. Just then her phone made a sound in the cup holder next to her. She jumped at the sound and quickly picked it up. She gazed at the four words contained in that text message and moaned slightly, I’m waiting little girl.

She put the car in drive and drove slowly forward. As she pulled up the headlights fell the a black ford F-150 parked in the clearing. She couldn’t see him, he must be in the truck. She parked and turned the engine off, her hands were shaking so bad she dropped her keys in the floor board. Deep breathing, in and out…… Her phone went off again and she read the message, Exit the car, shut the door, go to the end of the truck and bend over placing both hands palm down on the tailgate.

Her last opportunity to leave, the last chance to go home and save herself….. She did as he said, got out of her car and shut the door then went over to the lowered tailgate and placed both her hands firmly on it. Then she waited. She still couldn’t see him and the night was silent except for the wildlife singing in the dark. She stood there what seemed like forever, her heart raced and she shivered in a mixture of fear and excitement.

He watched her. She stood a few feet away from him, positioned leaning over his tailgate as he had instructed. Such a good little slut. He made her wait there, the fear and anxiety building in her as he watched her silently. She had some meat on her bones, just the way he liked it, her round full ass pointed invitingly toward him.

Finally, he was ready to begin. He slowly walked up behind her, making not a single sound, and wrapped a hand around her throat. She squealed a little from surprise when he grabbed her, her hands going instinctively to her throat. He held her tightly against his chest, his free arm snaking around her soft waist. He almanbahis whispered in her ear, “You shouldn’t be out here so late little girl. Don’t you know there is a big bad wolf in these woods?”

She was terrified. What had she gotten herself into? He was tall and strong, he held her tightly against him. She could feel his erection pressing into her ass and despite her fear she grew wetter between her quivering legs. She could smell him, he smelled like the outdoors, spicy and clean and wild. Was she ready for this? To give herself completely to a virtual stranger? Her body answered those questions for her as began to kiss her neck. She moaned and rubbed herself against him, wanting more.

He bent her back over the tail gate and ran his hands up her thighs to her ass, no panties just as he had instructed. “Good girl.” he said as he caressed her. He raised her skirt and tucked it into the waist, exposing her bare ass. He gave it a couple good smacks with his hand and she jumped and squeaked each time. “You are a very bad girl.” he said as his hand came down again.

He took her arms and tied them behind her before he stood her up facing him. She looked up at him with big dark eyes, fear and lust mixed seductively in their depths. He grabbed her by the hair and kissed her hard and deep. She moaned into his mouth as held her and thoroughly kissed those perfect pouty lips. When he pulled back her eyes were foggy with passion and she swayed a little. Perfect.

His hands began to unbutton her shirt, one button at a time, slowly. His knuckles grazed her flesh as each button was carefully undone. He pulled her shirt back to reveal her naked breasts, no bra just as he had instructed. She had large breasts and they lay invitingly on her chest. He dipped his head and captured a nipple in his mouth, sucking and licking as she groaned. The he did the same with the other one until both were hard and wet in the moonlight. He pulled the clothes pins out of his pocket and attached one to each nipple. She gasped at the pain as he caressed and jiggled her big tits.

God she was so wet! She could feel the liquid between her thighs, like a pool of lava. The pain from the pins on her nipples was fantastic, it hurt but it felt so good. God she wanted him to touch her, to fuck her. She needed him inside her so bad, she ached from the emptiness. “Please.” she said as he pulled away form her.

She watched as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his hard cock. She bit her lip as her mouth watered and her pussy ached. He grabbed her almanbahis yeni giriş by the hair and pushed her to her knees, the hard rocks cutting into her flesh. She stuck her tongue out and swirled it around the head of his cock before she took him deep into her mouth.

He watched his cock go in and out of her pouty little mouth, the moonlight falling on her face as she pleasured him. She was quite good at sucking cock, taking him deep into her throat and then running her tongue down the shaft as she sucked at him. He tangled his hands in her dark hair and began to thrust hard into her mouth. He fucked her mouth hard as she gagged. He growled as he pulled her up by her hair and bent her over his tailgate. He kicked her ankles apart until she was open to him. With one hard thrust he was inside her waiting pussy.

She screamed as he entered her, his large cock impaling her. It felt so good. He began to pound into her and the sensations were amazing. All she could say was “Oh God.” as he fucked her.

He held her down and fucked her hard. She screamed and moaned and chanted Oh God as he used her wet little pussy. He was close to orgasm already, her tight pussy milking him, draining his self control. He pulled out and pushed her to her knees again as he stroked his cock. He came on his tits as she looked up at him with innocent eyes. She looked amazing kneeling there before him, shirt open, tits covered in cum, and eyes begging for more.

He pulled her up and kissed her. He dipped his fingers into her wet slit and rubbed her throbbing clit. She gasped and quivered as he rubbed her. He withdrew his fingers and insert them into her open mouth and watched as she sucked them clean. “Do you taste good?” he asked.

Breathlessly she whispered “Yes.” as he traced her full lips with his wet fingers. He lifted her onto his waiting tailgate and laid her back, spreading her legs wide. He admired her spread out before him like a feast. He licked her like a dog, long strokes from bottom to top. She moaned and arched her back, raising her hips to meet his mouth.

“Do you want to cum?” he asked her from between her legs.

She groaned, “Oh God yes.”

He inserted two fingers into her and began to lick her aching clit. It felt so good. She moaned and panted and thrust her hips. She came hard, screaming and jerking beneath him but he didn’t stop. He held her down and continued to lick her throbbing sensitive clit. She weeped and thrashed but he only held her tighter. When she calmed a bit he slid a wet almanbahis giriş finger in her tight little asshole. This made her scream out as another orgasm rocked her. But he didn’t stop. He licked her harder, fingering her ass. He slid a second finger into her ass and she screamed, another orgasm building.

Oh God. It was to much. She twitched and jerked as he sucked her clit and fingered her ass. She was going to cum again, she could feel is washing over her. Oh God, she might break into a million pieces. She screamed and arched, digging her heels into the bed of the truck and she was over come by yet another orgasm. She didn’t have time to recuperate at all before he pulled her down and bent her over again. He legs shook as they tried to support her.

He spread her cheeks and pushed his hard cock into her ready ass. She screamed and whimpered a little as he began to fuck her. “Oh yeah, Dirty slut likes her ass fucked doesn’t she?”

“Yes.” she whimpered as he thrust into her. It hurt but she liked it. He grabbed her hair and held on as he thrust into her ass. “Oh God yeeeeeeeeeees.” she moaned as he rode her hard.

“Do you want me to cum in your dirty little ass?”

“Oh God yes. Cum in my ass. Please.” she begged. She needed his cum deep inside her ass.

He came hard, spilling himself deep inside her ass. He stepped back and gazed upon her. She was panting, bent over, cum leaking from her gaping asshole and running down her leg. He ran his finger through some, gathering it on the tip. He pulled her up by her hair and put it in her mouth. She sucked at it like a hungry babe.

She looked thoroughly used. Hair a mess, cum dried on her breasts, skirt around her waist, shirt open….. she looked amazing. He buttoned his pants up and untied her arms, she just stood there. Must be in shock. He lifted her chin until her eyes met his, “Such a good little slut.” Then he kissed the end of her nose, got in his truck and drove off leaving her standing there half naked and used.

She watched as his tail lights disappeared in the night. She looked down at herself in disbelief. Her body was sore, her clit throbbed and pounded, her ass and pussy ached from being fucked so hard and she was covered in cum. She wanted more. She walked over to her car and leaned on the hood. She rubbed her pussy as she caressed her sensitive nipples. She thought about him fucking her ass, how hard and deep his cock had went…… she came again.

She was exhausted. She righted her clothing and gingerly got into her car. She winced a little as she sat, her ass really did hurt but the pain sent a fresh flood of desire through her. She heard her phone and picked it up. She read the message. Good little girl. I will be seeing you again very very soon. -Big Bad Wolf

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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