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Stephen Valiant is the name and perversion is the nature of my game. I’m a tall, good-looking Black man living in Brockton, Massachusetts. Six feet two inches and two hundred and fifty pounds of tough African-American man. I just moved there from Atlanta, Georgia. Recently, I inherited a nice house on Brockton’s West Side. My chief occupation is college student at Massasoit Community College but my favorite hobby is the search for booty. If the study of booty was a college major, I’d have a Master’s Degree in it. I would be heading a booty research department. I’d publish articles on the subject. That’s how much I’m knowledgeable on the subject. Just call a Student of the International School of Booty Studies.

I was walking around the Westgate Mall when I noticed this chick with this awesome booty that was just begging for my attention. Her name was Gina Peterson. I sort of knew her from campus. I think she’s a nursing student or something. Nevertheless, she had a nice ass so I grinned and checked her out. A pretty-faced, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed Black woman. Her skin was dark brown and her hair short and bleached white. I like large women, especially those of my race. They have a certain appeal that skinny women just don’t have. I approached her and started immediately spitting game at her. I got mad game to spit at females. I could tell that she was feeling me because she was smiling and asking me all sorts of questions. I told her that I was feeling freaky. She told me she felt the same way. We headed to the bathroom to get busy.

Gina and I went to the bathroom to do our thing. We were both giggling like a pair of brats. I stood with my back against the wall, kissing her. She was feeling me up. I was already hard as steel. I wanted to tap that booty of hers so badly I could taste it. We kissed, and caressed each other. I felt up her breasts and sexy plump ass. Damn, this dame was fine. I wanted some of that. She went straight for my dick. Gina knelt before me and pulled my dick out of my pants. Luckily, I never wore any underwear. She gasped when she saw the size of my dick. Ten inches of Black Man Power stared her in the face. She smiled, and kissed my dick. Then she began sucking on it like her life depended on it.

Up and down that pretty little head of hers moved. Bobbing up and down on my magic stick. It was turning me on in a major way. She really knew how to handle a cock. Judging by the way she licked my dick head and sucked on my balls. This gal was aiming to please. I thrust my cock down her throat. She almost gagged on it but being an experienced cock sucker, she adapted to it. She sucked that cock like cock sucking was going out of style. I grinned, not believing my luck. Her expertise was remarkable. She got me to cum in record time. When I erupted in her mouth, she drank my cum without spilling a single drop. Once she was done, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and looked at me. I grinned, and nodded at her. Yeah, she had done a terrific job.

I looked at Gina, and told her that I wanted to go down on her. She flat out refused. I was surprised. Most females love it when a man licks their pussy. Many of them make it a requirement before they let a man stick his cock into their juicy holes. Oh, well. Gina surprised ankara evi olan escortlar me further when she told me that she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. I asked why. She told me that it was that time of the month and she didn’t want to risk any complications. I didn’t either. So I was totally down with that. I grinned. Man, this chick was something else. Oh, I’ve fucked women in the ass before. The first woman I took that way was my forty-seven-year-old Irish college professor, Martha O’Shea. I was only nineteen years old back then. Two years later, I had stuck my cock up the juicy assholes of about six women and I was about to make it seven. Thanks to the lovely and sexually adventurous Gina.

Gina removed a small tube out of her pocket and dropped her pants. She didn’t wear any panties either. I looked at her hairy, visibly moist pussy. Yeah, she was very much turned on by me. She poured some lube out of the tube and applied it between her large, sexy butt cheeks. Then, she handed it to me. I took the lube and applied it all over my dick. Gina got on all fours and spread her spectacular butt cheeks wide open. I grinned, and pressed my dick against her asshole. With a swift thrust, I ventured into unknown territory. What I first noticed was how easy it was going in. I mean, even with the lube, Gina’s ass ought to be tighter than this. Unless anal sex was something she did frequently. I grinned, and continued to thrust into her. Her ass felt wonderfully warm around my stick. Very welcoming. Holding onto her hips, I ventured deeper.

I got really turned on as I fucked her. There’s no feeling in the world quite like the one you get when you’ve got a big woman on all fours and your dick is far up her ass. No feeling like it. There’s probably nothing I love more. I continued to pound my way into the depths of Gina’s asshole. Amazingly, I didn’t get a peep out of her. Except maybe the occasional gasp or moan. None of the screams I was expecting. Damn, what was it with this bitch? I smacked her ass and got a yelp for my efforts. Grinning, I slammed my cock deeper into her asshole. I began to fuck her furiously. Just slamming it as deep as it would go, and beyond. I fucked that ass of hers so hard that her plump body shook under the force of my thrusts. Her ass was so wondrous. Tightening and stretching, accommodating the size of my cock. What a wondrous ass!

I slowly pulled my cock out of Gina’s asshole and she protested, asking me to put it back in. I laughed and still withdrew, then teased her asshole by rubbing my dick head against its opening but not quite penetrating her. I told her to beg for more, and she did! I watched her asshole with looked at me hungrily and obscenely, wanting more cock. Craving more. That’s how good I was. Still, who am I to deny? I slammed my cock right back into her ass. That finally got a scream out of her. She wasn’t expecting me to slam back into her at full force. Oh, well. She should have expected the unexpected. I rammed my cock into the forbidden depths of her asshole. Deeper than I’d ever been. So deep that I thought I might get lost. Gina howled like a woman possessed. She was screaming loud enough to wake the dead. I was thrilled by this and more excited than ever before. I smacked her plump ass as I rammed my cock into ankara olgun escortlar the depths of her butt hole. This was awesome!!!

Action this raunchy wasn’t something I could keep up for too long. I finally came, amazingly too. I sent my hot cum into the dark, forbidden depths of Gina’s asshole. She screamed as I came inside her and collapsed on the bathroom floor. I collapsed on top of her, my dick still lodged into her asshole. She winced, but didn’t say anything. I laughed and looked at her. She smiled and looked at me. Slowly, I squeezed my cock out of her ass. Afterwards, she readjusted her clothes and so did I. We both left the men’s bathroom and I went into Radio Shack. I had some things to check out. All the while I was in the electronics store, I felt the urge to giggle about my daytime sexual experience. This was hot! I was new on campus but if all the females were anything like Gina, this brother was going to have all the fun he could handle, and then some.

I went back to school the following Monday. What happened there was something else. I ran into this good-looking, Hispanic female police officer. Her name was Maria Fernandez. I’ve seen her around campus before. A tall, large and lovely woman with dark bronze skin, long black hair and pale green eyes. Usually she looked hot in her policewoman’s uniform. She still looked hot. A sexy, chubby, fine-assed, plump policewoman. This time, though, she was in civilian clothing. I’d noticed her checking me out a few times so one time, when I saw her at the Student Center, I stopped for a little chat. We both enjoyed the conversation and went back to the cafeteria for dinner and a little chat. I could tell that this dame was feeling me. So, I asked for them digits. She told me that even though she was affiliated with the town’s police department, being part of the school police made her a faculty member. She couldn’t date students. I told her that I wasn’t interested in dating. Just some good fucking. She smiled. We went downstairs.

Maria the Latina policewoman and I checked into the bathroom, after I grabbed some condoms from the Health Office. We had a lot of fun in the bathroom. First, she got on her knees and sucked my cock. Man, this chick looked good with a cock in her mouth. She licked my cock and sucked on my balls. I must say that I really liked it. When she got done sucking on my cock, I gave her pussy a good licking. Then, she was all over me. I bent her over a toilet seat and spread her cute butt cheeks. I lubricated her ass, then pressed my cock against it. Then, I pushed. Maria’s asshole was quite tight, tighter than I expected. You’d think a hot Latin chick with a nice ass would have experimented with anal sex before. Apparently not. I took my sweet time as I began pounding my cock in and out of her tight asshole. The Latin policewoman screamed as I rammed my cock down where the sun didn’t shine.

I love banging a hot, chubby woman in the ass. There’s no other pleasure quite like it. I held Maria by the hips and slammed my cock into her asshole. She screamed, and begged me for more. I rammed my cock into her asshole. Maria howled as I plunged my cock deep down where the sun didn’t shine. I stretched her asshole with my massive black dick, pounding into her like there was no tomorrow. ankara sarışın escortlar And you know what? Not only did she take all of it but she also begged me for more. I came, filling her formerly tight asshole with my manly seed. I watched my cum leak out of her asshole. Damn, it was the prettiest sight I’d ever seen! Afterwards, we shared a good laugh and cleaned ourselves up before leaving the bathroom.

My next adventure led me into the arms of Lisa Steinbeck, a tall and plump matron from Berlin, Germany. She was a professor of Criminal Justice at the school. A really hot dame who once worked in the House of Corrections. We had a lot of fun together. Man, she was the kinkiest woman I’d ever seen. I was open-minded, so we did a lot of crazy stuff together. This chick was something else. Six feet tall, with a round, plain face but shiny green eyes. Her hair was long and blonde. She was thick, and definitely heavyset, with broad shoulders, wide hips, plump thighs and a big, round bottom. Like I said, I felt like trying something new. This is what happened during that unforgettable night.

Lisa told me that she had many fetishes. She often liked to get fucked in the ass by Black men. She also liked to use her strap-on dildo to fuck men in the ass. She told me that she liked doing that almost as much as she loved getting a hard cock up her asshole. She even showed me her black leather dominatrix gear and her sleek, seven-inch black strap-on dildo. I found it pretty interesting but it was not really my thing. She insisted on licking my asshole and I let her. I did have a lot of fun with her ass, though. I bent her over and spread those plump butt cheeks of hers. I pressed my cock against her butt hole, and pushed. Lisa gasped as I thrust my cock into her butt hole. Her ass was so damn tight. I asked her about it and she told me that she’d only been fucked in the ass twice before. Both by the same man. And he was far smaller than me in terms of dick size. I grinned and resumed pumping my cock into her ass.

Damn, that beautiful white bubble butt of hers was jiggling as I slammed it with my dick. I held her by the hips and thrust deeper into her. Exploring bold new territory. Going boldly where only one man had gone before. Into the tunnel of darkness. My continuing penetration of her ass proved to be a challenge for Lisa. This dame could take pain, she told me, but a giant-sized dick up her ass was another thing. I thrust harder and faster into her ass. She screamed, yet backed her booty up against my groin. Clearly, she wanted more. And I was just the man to give it to her. We went at it like this for some time, until the wave of ecstasy caught us. I screamed, and completely let loose. I came, erupting inside her. Her screams soon echoed my own. Our bodies trembled with the force of it. Until finally we lay exhausted on her floor. Yeah, it was that intense!

Afterwards, I took a shower and parted from the wonderful company of Lisa, the kinky German woman. It was a lot of fun. I went back to my West Side house. I had a lot of work to do for a certain elderly policeman who taught several of my classes. The man wouldn’t take any excuses. As I lay on my bed, I thought about the events of the past few days. I was definitely liking Massachusetts these days. What’s not to like? The weather was lousy, the land was cold but the women, well, the women were hot! And I must say I’m loving these nights of mine! I’ve got plenty more stories coming up in the Adventures of Valiant. Check me out, folks! Don’t you forget about me! Peace, this brother man is out!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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