Blame It on the Night

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This is my first attempt at writing. Hope you like it. Everyone in the story is of consenting age.


Paul and I were sitting in a little booth in a diner in some god forsaken part of town. I was drinking coffee as he was eating pancakes. We had bumped into each other and decided to catch up over coffee. We’d been there talking for a couple hours already. He’d gotten married and had a steady job. I’d told him that I was getting a divorce and I was inbetween jobs. The usual stuff people say when trying to reconnect.

“Kora, you’ve got to try these pancakes, they are great.”

“Thanks but I’m good with just coffee.”

I smile and take another sip of the coffee. It’s not great but it’s warm and that beats the snow outside. I look at his almost finished pancakes and think of asking him for a bite.

“So do you have any plans after this?” He asked, jerking me out of my pancake longing stare.

“Just going to go back to my hotel room, probably drink and pass out.” I half smile

He wipes his mouth with his napkin and puts a $20 on the table.

“Come on Kora, let’s go.” He stands and heads for the door.

I blink and get up following him feeling small compared to him. With me at 5′ 6″ and him at 6′ 1″ I think almost anyone would feel small standing near him. As we walk through the parking lot I look at my reflection in a car window. My boobs looking bigger then the C cup they were normally because of the coat I had on.

As soon as we are in his car he turns to me and looks at me as if he’s studying me. I feel myself start to blush.

“What is it Paul?”

“You still have beautiful eyes. And your hair is still the beautiful blond color it has always been. It’s longer then I remember it though. “

I smile and start to look away but he catches my chin and pulls my gaze back to him. I stare into his eyes. I lean in a little bit, willing him to kiss me. Wanting to feel his lips on mine. He leans in slowly then stops before our lips touch. I try to move my lips to his but his hand on my chin prevents me from moving any further.

“Which hotel are you at?” He asks as he pulls away and starts his car.

I exhale quietly and dig in my purse for the room key. I find it and give it to him.

“The Flamingo Inn? What the hell kinda name is that for a hotel?” He laughs as I shrug and take back the key.

As he starts driving I sit back in my seat and close my eyes feeling tired from the almanbahis adres events of the week. A fight with my soon to be ex husband leading to a divorce which left me with a ton of money to spend after selling back my wedding ring. I breathe in and out deeply a few times and start to doze off.

All to soon I feel Paul’s hand on my knee and open my eyes and see we’ve arrived at the hotel. I feel myself blush.

“Sorry about dozing off.” I say keeping my eyes on his hand on my knee.

“I don’t know how you managed that, with all that coffee.” He smiles.

I look at him and smile back and grab my purse trying to think of someway to keep him around longer.

“Do you wanna come in or…” I trail off not sure where I was going with that sentence.

He shakes his head.

“I have to get home to my wife.” He says as I open my door.

“Right. Forgot. Sorry. Well have a good night!” I shut the door quickly and head to my hotel room.

I’m so stupid. Inviting a married man into my room. What the hell is wrong with me? I get to my room and open the door and shut it quickly not looking back. I breath in and out deeply thinking of his hand on my knee and of our not almost kiss. I can still smell his cologne and tears start to prick my eyes. I hang my coat on a chair near the door. Suddenly I hear a knock on the door.

I turn and open it. There he is. Paul is standing outside my door. His brown hair slightly messy, his blue eyes looking up and down my body. Paul was at my door. I couldn’t believe it.

“Kora.” Paul says as he pushes me into the room and grabs my hips and turns me around so I’m against the back of the door. I look up to him and he moves his hand and puts his fingers in my hair and kisses me hard with passion. I reach up and run my fingers into his hair as I kiss back.

“Oh Paul.” I say as I slip my tongue against his. He moans and pushes his body against mine so I can feel his body and his boner against me.

He pulls my shirt over my head, takes off my bra and starts rubbing my tits. His hands are rough but he makes his touch soft making me shiver in pleasure. I pull his shirt off and kiss him again this time he slips his tongue against mine. He starts rubbing my boobs and kisses down my neck and on to my chest. I get chills and start to breath heavy. He takes my nipple in his mouth and moves his tongue around it slowly while he plays with the other nipple. I moan softly and slowly buck at his touch. almanbahis adres He then starts sucking on my tit. I close my eye and moan louder. His tongue on my nipple makes me crazy.

I grab his face and bring it up to mine letting him look into my lust filled eyes and seeing his eyes as are clouded as mine. I kiss him shoving my tongue in his mouth. He grabs my belt and quickly unbuckles it and strips me of my pants and panties. As I reach for his belt he picks me up while still kissing me. I wrap my legs around him wanting him badly now. He takes me over to the bed and lays me on the edge and stands up. I start to sit up as he spreads my knees and looks at me.

“Play with yourself.” He says in a husky voice.

As he looks at me I start breathing erratically and feel myself getting wetter. I move my hands up my body and grab my boobs and start rolling my nipples between my fingers. I close my eyes and move my right hand down my body slowly. As I move my hand over my mound I hear Paul’s voice.

“Open your eyes and look at me.” His voice huskier then before.

I open my eyes and lock eyes with him. I move my finger over my clit and breathe in sharply. With him watching me I feel so dirty but very excited at the same time. I slide my fingers down and slowly slide my middle finger into my wet pussy. I start moving in and out, loving the feeling of being watched by Paul as he stood there still half dressed. It gave me such a strong and crazy feeling of desire.

“Do you like me watching you?” He asked as he pulled his pants and briefs down.

“Yes” I breathed as I caught sight of his now hard cock. It looked like it was 8″ and really thick. I felt the feeling of orgasm growing so I started moving my finger faster in and out of me. I closed my eyes ready for my release when I felt Paul’s hand take my hand away from myself. I groaned as I felt my almost orgasm slowly fade away. I opened my eyes and saw Paul on his knees.

“You closed your eyes. Shame on you” he said as he put his face near my pussy.

“I… I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to…” I tried explaining myself but was cut off as Paul licked my clit. I moaned.

“Next time, do as I say. Or.” He licked my clit again. I moaned again. “There will be consequences” he buried his tongue deep inside my pussy and brought it up to my clit. I moaned loudly as he did.

I reached down and grabbed his hair, wanting more of him inside me. He started flicking my clit with almanbahis adresi his tongue. I arched my back feeling the familiar pressure of release returning. He slides a finger into me. I moan as I start rocking my hips toward him wanting him to eat me out compleatly. He slowly moves his finger out and in. I moan louder as my release gets closer.

He stops, “Do you want to come?”

“Yes” I breathe.

He moves quickly, sliding his arms around my back and moving me up the bed. He positions himself on top of me and I feel the head of his cock at my entrace. I kiss him, tasting my juices on him. I push my tongue into his mouth loving the taste of myself. I suck on his tongue and feel him slowly enter me. I gasp at his girth, he’s bigger then I thought.

He slowly pushes his way inside me, never looking away from me. As he gets all the way in he stops and lets me adjust to him. He drops his head next to mine. I feel so full with him inside me.

“Are you ready?” He whispers in my ear.

I shiver from his voice in my ear and nod.

“Yes” I whisper back.

He straightens up and looks at me and moves one of his hands onto my shoulder and pulls himself almost all the way out slowly. Before I have time to miss his absence inside of me he rams himself fully into me. I moan and almost scream because he feels so good inside me. He starts to pound me hard gripping my shoulder tighter and tighter slamming into me with such force I think I might pass out from the pleasure of it. I feel his other hand on my ass, pulling me up as the hand on my shoulder pulled me down. His thrusts getting quicker I felt my orgasm returning with force. I pulled at his hair and kisses him again. I wanted to orgasm with him inside me.

“Cum for me Kora.”

I gritted my teeth and let out a scream of satisfaction as I finally reached my climax. I cringed not able to move because my body was exploding with pleasure. I arched my back as I felt Paul pounding me harder and quicker.

“Cum for me Paul,” I said through gritted teeth, “come in my mouth.”

I heard him exhale as he pulled out of me and stood on his knees. I quickly crawled over to him, opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. A stream of hot cum landed in my mouth, then another and another. I closed my lips around the head of his cock and two more streams were sent to the back of my throat. I swallowed and sucked every last drop utill his dick went soft again. I pulled away and licked my lips.

He smiled at me. “My wife doesn’t do that.”

I grinned back at him “what else doesn’t your wife do?”

He laughed and wrapped me in his arms and laid down with me. The rest of the night we tore that room apart, but that my friends, is another story for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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