CD Asst. Secy. Ch. 06.1: Prez.’s Prop.

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Cock Riding

All the characters in this story are above 18 years of age. Also it is first part of my last story in this series.


9th January 2021, here I am in the presidential suite, on the top floor of the inpatient building of the Lion Fisher Hospital. wearing asst. nurse’s uniform riding on our President’s(Chairman’s) cock, which was the same in size as mine i.e. 5.5 inches. but fatter and was stretching my butthole almost to its limit, as I ride him in cowgirl style.

As I went up and down on his 80-year-old cock; one might think it was the worst part, but no what was the worst part, was that as I was servicing our 80 yr. old; young President, who, I told you in my earlier story was in his 70’s, was 79 last year.

While his wife who was, as told earlier was in her 60’s just 61 last year and 62 now, sitting next to us and was guiding me how to pleasure him.

And although my butthole was being stretched, I too was receiving a lot of pleasure, as he knew how to give one. With me facing him; with my hands on his chest, I had to close my eyes as he was playing with my breast which had now grown to A-cup; especially my caramel-brown nipples.

Now the question; why was I in such a situation? Well, what can I say was because of my own massive mistake. I was on the verge of losing my job; my everything and had to select any one of the options. What happened was…

Last Saturday i.e. on 2nd January 2021, I along with Mam and secy. went to have a meeting with the President and Board of LFC, to submit him the quarterly progress reports as per new guidelines framed in stormy corporate restructuring, last year.

The meeting went fine and all were happy with the progressive results and growth in the corporate image of the hospital, which was shaken in past years.

Anyway, when we were leaving suddenly my heel broke and I fell on a shelf of books which fell on another and by domino effect the last shelf which was behind the President fell on him.

Luckily, the shelf was about 5 feet; same as his height and he too being a strong man was able to save himself with only his right ankle getting fractured and swelling on his forehead caused by a bulky book which fell on his head.

So, we hurriedly rushed him o the hospital, where he was taken for treatment accompanied with Mam and secy., while I was sent by Mam and told to wait in the CEO’s office.

About 3 hours later secy. came and took me to the presidential suite where he was in his bed with his right leg hanging in restraint. Along with him was Mam, Mrs. Prez. Who was also his Secretary, his Son the Vice President & MD and his Grand Daughter let’s just call her PGD for now.

Mam called me near and told me to say sorry, which I did by bending from my waist as Japanese or Korean do. To which, The President said, “Stand straight; young guy, you committed a huge mistake today and I think you know what it means.”

And, “Yes, it means resignation or termination.” I said. A wave of questions was flooding my brain; like what will now I do?, Who will hire me with looking like a girl and growing breasts?, will I have to stop leaving like this and go back to day 1? etc.

“Well, I don’t want to let go of a good employee like you but you also need to be punished. So, let me make you an offer either you give in your resignation or… become personal property, my slave till I get completely cured.” The President said, while playing with my A-cup breasts.

Well, in reality for me there was only one option in front of me and that was to become his property, and thus; I accepted it and so, here I am now cleaning his cock with wet wipes, with one in my butt so that his cum doesn’t drip out and soak my panties.

Well, for two reasons; first it was his orders not to get them dirty and second I also don’t like to get them dirty. After cleaning I pulled up his slacks, threw the wipes in the dustbin, and went to clean my hands as well as his cum from my butthole.

Again after cleaning myself and tidying up my asst. nurse’s uniform, which was, of course, sluttier than original. It was sky blue with blue biding and the material used was 35% cotton &65% polyester.

It consisted of a wrap-on dress with deep plunge neck halter top showing ample cleavage and the bottom part came till whore length i.e. half of my round butts were exposed all the time for anyone to feast on them.

The dress was sleeveless but had a collar and was semi-transparent. Along with dress it also consisted of sky blue nurse cap with biding and light blue thigh high stockings.

Then to finish, with it I wore white 6-inch closed-toe inward curved pencil heel shoes. Oh! And I forgot to tell I was also wearing a collar with a dog tag with my name on the front and his on back.

So, I came out and sat near him on his bed to feed him some of the apple slices freshly cut and kept by his wife who was by then had left, along with wedges of oranges, grapes, berries, etc. And, that too not using my hand, fikirtepe escort but my lips so, that he can kiss me or smooch me on reaching the end.

So, after an intense kissing and smooching session or feeding time, as he likes to call it and reading him some erotic stories while he pinched, spanked and played with my butts, he demanded another blowjob before his lunch, third one from the morning, as it was 12:55 p.m. and close to lunch.

Anyway so, after pulling down his slacks, taking in my hand and sanitizing his cock, I took in my mouth and started licking and sucking on it and 2 minutes later when I was deep throating him, the actual nurse came with his lunch followed by a girl about my age and same as his height 5 feet, wearing 4-inch heels so, was looking 5’4″.

Anyway, the actual nurse went on the routine tasks of checking him and then serving, while the girl who I soon recognize was PGD, standing a few feet away from baffled and dumbfounded but not looking away .

Instead, looking with a spark in her eye, as I kept on taking him in and out of my mouth, when suddenly he grabbed my head and pulled me into his groin as jets of cum started flowing down my throat as the nurse went back and PGD still kept on looking.

Then, finally, as he stopped cumming, I removed his cock from my mouth and cleaning it, pulled up back his slacks and went to clean my mouth

Then after cleaning my mouth I came back and served him; his food which the nurse had kept and gone. While eating he asked PGD, “Sorry for what you have to see, but somehow; did you like what you see?”

To which, looking at me, “Are you a boy?” She asked

And, “Not just a boy, but a boy with boobs.” President said.

To which looking at him I said, “Mine is still not that big to be called as boobs” then looking at miss PGD, “Yes, I am boy even though I look like a girl and before you may ask; No, I am not gay, I am interested in girls only.”

“Then why are you looking like a girl, why do you have brests and why the hell are you taking his cock in your mouth.” Miss PGD asked.

“Well, first of all, I love crossdressing and more to do it properly. Second, I have breasts that are growing because of a mistake, during the vaccination and finally, I was taking him in my mouth because I broke his ankle.” I said.

Then finishing his lunch President asked, “Dear why are you asking him such questions are you feeling jealous that he took my cock in his mouth? Btw, tell you what he is nice at giving blowjobs and I think he is also good at giving cunnilingus too; wanna try him?”

“No, thanks, I am leaving, I will come to see you after work.” Miss PGD said as she stormed out of the room.

In the Evening …

Here I was bent over the coffee table of the room with my hands on the table and President’s on my A-cup breasts as he was going in and out of my butthole in a slow and steady rhythm; taking all his time getting his pleasure and also giving some amount of it to me in return.

It was, 5:40 p.m. when the door open and walked in miss PGD as she has said, again shocked and with a little bit of jealousy showing on her face this time to the President, “Grandpa; are you the gay?” She asked.

“No, maybe; I mean look at it, how can anyone not get tempt to feast on such nice round butts. I like them more because they just look so similar to yours.” He said. “To be frank, I would have by now taken our anal virginity, if you were not my granddaughter.”

Hearing this Miss PGD started walking towards the door and I look behind me at President, we thought that she was again going to storm out of the room.

But, instead, she went and locked the door from inside. Then coming back and standing on my left side, lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties below her butts, then bending and firmly planting her hands on the coffee table, assume the same pose as me.

And, “Yes, I was jealous earlier and I am even now because I wanted. I wanted you to take me, to lose my virginity to you from the past three years, from when I saw you having sex with grandma on my 18th birthday.” She said. “So, don’t you waste your precious cum on this whore, and please give it to me, take my virginity; please …”

Hearing her calling me whore, I lose my control and said [loudly], “You bitch; who are you calling a whore. I am not doing it for money.” And ‘SPANK… SPANK’ both of us got our round butts spanked.

Then, pulling our ears; her right ear with his left hand and my left ear with his right hand President said, “Paige, that’s not how you, call your senior and you too you call yourself a boy, but that’s not the way a boy should talk to a girl.” And, with that scolding, he let go off our ears.

And, we said, “Sorry,” both at the same time.

Then, President said, “Now, both of you shake hands and make friends, while I take your anal virginity, my precious granddaughter.”

Saying this he first took some KY gel on his forefinger and spreading it on gebze escort her anal opening, he entered, which made her jump. Then, he again took some more lube and this time used two fingers, which made her squirm.

Seeing her in the discomfort I unintentionally place my left hand on her right as she asked, “Ouch, it hurts. Does he do it every time he enters you and don’t you feel any pain, I mean he is still inside you and now his cock looks FAT? BTW, I am Paige, but you can call me Pg, and what’s your name?”

“Well, for months now I have been using Buttbuddy, so my butthole is already stretched, but yeah I also felt a light pain when he entered me with his fat cock for the first time, but don’t you worry he is well experienced so you too will feel more pleasure than pain,” I said.

“And about my name; well it’s confidential, but call me Leona and you can also add Slut with it,” I said.

“Yes, it’s one of the Secrets of the Lion Fisher Hospital that only a few knew about, even I don’t know it.” President said as he asked, “So, are you ready.?”

“Um… yes, but please go slow,” Pg said.

As she said it, President removed his fat cock from my butt and place it on her anal opening and asked me to get another tube of lube from the drawer on the opposite side of the bed.

Well, I don’t know why he told me to get another one when the first one was still half full. Anyway, I found and got it to him and by that time he was fully inside her as I saw that now the tube was almost empty, but still why another one, I thought.

So, he took the lube from me and order me to get back into the position as he started going in and out of Pg slowly and thematically, he said, “I have something in my mind that I want to try on you as I fuck Pg and fuck you too at the same time.”

Then he; with stopping fucking Pg, opened another tube of lube and taking a good amount of it on his two fingers and spreading it inserted them in my butt. To which I asked, “Why are you using lube on my butt, I mean it’s already stretched?”

“Well it’s true, due using BB for so many months, but, I want to try and see if I can fit my whole hand in you so that I can give pleasure to both of you at the same time, although I would not be coming in you this time.” He repaid.

Then shocked as hell I said, “What! You mean, you want to try fisting. Sorry, but I don’t think your hand will ever fit in me; it’s too big for someone my size.”

“Well, you can never be sure unless you try.” The President said; as he inserted his third finger in my butt, while still fucking Pg with any stop. 10 seconds he inserted his fourth finger and it was the limit and as he tried to insert his thumb my butthole started paining.

So, seeing me in pain and my discomfort, finally, he stops and said, “Well not bad, but yeah my hand is too big for you, but it’s still possible; not with my hand, but with Pg’s whose hand is even smaller than you.”

With this both our eyes got connected as I then saw her hand and Pg saw my butt and I said, “Okay go ahead if she is okay with.”

Then-President looked at her and asked, “So, are you okay with it? Do you think you can give him the same pleasure as I can give you because I think you can.”

And, “Okay, if his okay with it and yes, I can do it, I will try my best so, please guide me, Grandpa. Guide me to give him the pleasure he deserves.” She said.

So, taking some lube one by one, she got all the fingers inside my butt and with some more lube was able to finally insert the whole fist in my butthole with only a minor pain at first, but soon caught up with President’s rhythm and then what I felt was only pleasure and I think she felt the same too.

This went on for 5 minutes when, President reached his climax and cummed inside her butt and she fell on the coffee exhausted as it was her first time, but with her hand still inside my butt, which she finally removed and just lay there panting.

Pg was exhausted but neither the President nor his cock, which was regaining its hardness for round 2. So, as Pg was recovering herself, lying on the coffee table with cum oozing out of her butt, the President positioned his rock hard cock on my opening and went inside with only a swift push.

But, for round 2, instead of going slow and steady he went in full pace thrusting and thrusting, I could feel his balls banging on my butt. While banging me, he started saying to Pg.

The President said, “Well Paige, do you remember what I told you about trying him for cunnilingus. I think you should try him, I mean he is so good at giving blowjob; even better than your grandma, but please don’t tell her.”

To which Pg said, “Don’t you worry, I will not tell her but you also keep our secret that you took my anal virginity within the three of us.”

“Okay, and you too Leona stop calling me President, just call me Mr. Prez.” Mr. Prez. said.

And, “Four not three.” Said, Mrs. Prez. As she came from nowhere and thus we got shocked to death içerenköy escort by her sudden appearance.

“The door is a lock so where did you come from?” Pg asked. “Yeah, where did you come from and did you hear all I said.” Mr. Prez. asked with fear on his face.

“I came from the washroom and not only did I hear everything you said but also saw everything you did with both of them; especially to Leona” Mrs. Prez. Said, “And, Leona you should not pamper this old pervert.”

“But, I have to. To get rid of my guilt for breaking his ankle that too his right ankle.”

A bit confused Mrs. Prez. Asked, “What breaking his ankle? Did he tell you that?”

And, I said, “Yes, he said I broke it and he got a major fracture because of it which will take quite a time to heel.”

To which Mrs. Prez. Said, “Oh! Leona, you are a clever lad, but you still are too naive and he is too smart that he took advantage of you. Just look at him, his properly standing on both his legs.”

As she said I took a look and, “what the hell.” I said. “So, I did not break his ankle.” While he was still going in and out of me at full pace.

Laughing Mrs. Prez. Said, “No, not at all, not even a major fracture just a hairline fracture. This old pervert is tough as stone.”

Just then Mr. Prez. reached his climax and emptied his balls into my butthole and said, “Sorry.”

“What! You used me and you are saying just a single sorry for all that. I will make you pay for it, just see what I do now.” I said and with that, I clenched his cock using all my butt and pelvic muscles.

Well, he didn’t notice it immediately, but when he did, he surely got terrified while both Pg and Mrs. Prez. Got confused as he started sweating.

Worried on seeing him sweating, “Grandpa are you okay, why are you sweating? Leona, what did you do to him why he is sweating?” Pg asked.

While Mrs. Prez. looking at him noticed everything and started laughing and then, “Calm down Pg, he is getting the best punishment that a pervert like can get.” She said, “Oh! you got his cock stuck inside you, what an idea Leona, keep it up to don’t let him get out of you, make him beg for your pardon.”

He tried and tried, but he couldn’t get his cock out of my butt as now both Mrs. Prez. And Pg Was going LOL. Finally, after 5 minutes, he got exhausted and begged me to release his cock.

So, after asking Mrs. Prez. And getting a confirmation, I relaxed my butt and pelvic muscles and removing his cock from my butt I clean it using sanitizer and wet wipes with again one in my butt so that his cum doesn’t drip. Then his cock in place and pulling up his slacks tied the drawstrings very tightly.

Then I clean the cum from the coffee table and took Pg to the washroom to get his cum out and clean our butts.

Inside I first cleaned myself and then went to help Pg, but by that time most of his cum had dripped into and soiled her panties so after asking her I removed it and kept it with Mr. Prez.’s dirty linen and I too got changed into another pair of uniform.

Then after getting remaining cum out and her butt clean we came out and sat at the coffee table as Mr. Prez, lay quiet in his bed while Mrs. Prez. Were sitting next to him cutting some apples to prepare for his evening feeding time.

A minute later a pantry boy brought coffee, but for only three of us which I drank quickly as I had to feed Mr. Prez. So, while Mrs. Prez. And Pg was having their coffee while gossiping, I got back to my work of feeding him, and of course, not with my hands, but with my lips as I was still his slave and he was my master.

And, when Pg saw it and how he was kissing and smooching me, she almost lost her breath and coughed out some of her coffee, while the remaining fell on her dress and bra; to end up fully naked.

So, Mrs. Prez. Call the nurse and informed what had happened. 2 minutes later the nurse came and took all the dirty linen, and while leaving she handed Mrs. Prez. One of the asst. nurse uniform, but the actual one with SNAFI skirt, not like my slave nurse uniform.

Anyway, before Pg put the uniform on let me describe to you her naked beauty. While we all were looking at her as the feeding got over before the nurse came in, Pg stood at the coffee table wearing only her 4-inch heels.

Pg was, 5’o” and with her heels, she was 5’4″, 4 inches more than me even with my 6-inch heels. She had black curly hair just like me, which came only till her shoulder and with a cute face, light brown eyes, and round lips; anyone would like to kiss.

Then came her breast which was neither B nor C; somewhere between and size if I am correct, 34-28-34 with a beige skin and honey tone nipples. And, yes both our figures, are almost in proportion, at least from the waist down cause my size is 30A-26-32.

So, she wore the uniform and what to say she was looking great; especially her thick legs which were now accentuated by those stockings. Then, I sat near Mr. Prez. On his bed to read him an erotic story as Mrs. Prez. And Pg went back to gossiping while watching the news on T.V.

At 7:00 p.m. when it was time for them to leave Pg requested her grandma i.e. Mrs. Prez. To stay as the next day was a Sunday and she didn’t have anything to do.

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