CD Mistress Weak for Candy

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I have been a crossdressing Mistress for several years now. I have a petite body and always looked good in a dress. I take on many slaves but my favorites are other men who look great in dress. This is a story about my favorite slave I have ever trained.

I had been anticipating the arrival of my new toy all week, and he was moments away. My new slave, eager to be trained under my heels. The first time I saw him I had brief fantasies of my hands and mouth exploring every inch of his petite and toned body. He had green eyes that sparkled, smooth tan skin, and the sexiest little round ass I had laid eyes upon. He was going to make a beautiful sissy slut.

I spent most of my day preparing for my first evening with my new sub. I went shopping and picked out a few new toys, a sexy outfit for myself to wear, and some proper attire for my soon to be pet.

After shopping I spent a few hours at the spa so my skin would be as silky and smooth as possible. I felt radiant leaving that spa and couldn’t wait to get home to get into my new dress.

For make-up I had on some light blush, burning red lipstick, dark eye shadow, and I wore a shoulder length jet-black wig. Not only did this look make my blue eyes come alive but being in all black brings the kink out of me.

The dress I bought was a perfect fit, hugging the curves of my narrow waist just barely covering up the curvature of my small but round ass. I was wearing a black lace thong with thigh high black stockings attached to a garter belt. Some 3 1/2 inch shiny black heels and new pair of elbow high black satin gloves rounded out my outfit. The sight of myself in the mirror was enough to make my cock harden and try to fight its way out from tucked between my legs.

I was sipping on a glass of red wine when the knock on the door came. I decided to sit and finish my glass and make him wait a little. After a few moments I opened the door and commanded him in.

Eyeing me up and down my new slave said “You look gorgeous.”

I gave him a sly smile and walked a slow circle around him allowing him to see me front and back. I then forced him down to his knees and firmly shoved his face into my ass checks. I bent over slightly so that the bare flesh of the bottom of my ass just touched his chin while the rest of face was buried in the fabric of my dress. His warm breath felt wonderful coming through the material heating my flesh.

“You need to learn the rules.” I said in a firm but soft tone as I rubbed my ass on his face.

“You will always address as me Mistress Cheyenne and any failure will result in your punishment.”

“And for now your name will be Bitch till you earn another one, is that understood Bitch?”

I removed my ass from his face so he could answer clearly. “Yes Mistress Cheyenne.” he said.

“Now get on your hands and knees Bitch.” “Crawl into that bathroom and change into all those pretty clothes laid out for you .” I commanded.

“Yes Mistress Cheyenne.” he said as he crawled on all fours into the bathroom.

“Make sure you get everything on, make-up included too Bitch.”

I decided to poor another glass of wine while my slave changed in the bathroom. The anticipation was getting to me now which was unusual for me. I was wildly attracted to my new pet though. Just the thought of his bulging cock penetrating all my holes had me oozing pre-cum wetting the back of my leg. This was something different, this sub was gonna be special, I could feel the intensity building already.

When he stepped out of the bathroom I was sitting back with my legs spread open staring directly at him. And just as I had thought he had transformed into a gorgeous sexy slut. I had laid out a long brunette wig for him to wear. The dress I bought earlier for him was a sexy little red shoulder less mini dress. He had also put on the fishnets and pair of red heels I had laid out for him as well. The form-fitting dress really flattered his tight little bubble ass.

I commanded him over to him and ordered him to strut around the room for me. He walked with a bit of confidence wagging his ass ever so eagerly. My cock was raging at the sight of his tightly formed body swaying about the room. I walked over to him and put my hands on his waist.

“You are a sexy whore, you know that Bitch?” I asked in a low and sexy voice.

“Yes Mistress Cheyenne.” he said blushing a bit with a sexy smile.

Slowly I worked my hand down the front of his dress, pressing firmly until I felt what I had been yearning for. That juicy cock of his. Oh how the bulge felt while it was getting harder under my hand, several layers of fabric separating the flesh. Slowly I rubbed on his cock pressing harder and harder until I heard gentle moans coming from him.

Unable to restrain myself any longer I dropped to my knees placing my mouth over the top of his throbbing cock. My wet lips and tongue caressing every inch of it, taking every ounce of self-restraint not to rip his dress and underwear off and ride him into complete submission. kaynarca escort

Faster and faster I worked his cock through layer of dress and panties until I felt it starting to pulse and throb. Now knowing that I was about to make him cum without touching his bare flesh made me work him harder. Soon I felt the front of his dress get warm and wet followed quickly by just enough of his hot sperm coming through the fabric, giving me a small taste of him. I had to have more but now he needed punished.

Rising up and slapping his ass and squeezing I put my mouth against his ear and whispered firmly “You came without permission.”

Before he could attempt a sorry I covered his mouth and said “Now you will read the rules.”

I had a piece of paper printed out with a set of rules and a pledge I would have my slaves recite for me. I grabbed the paper and slowly walked over the to the table across the room and bent over just enough for my dress to lift up exposing my ass. After placing the set of rules down I turned around and commanded my slave to go and place his hands on the table and bend over.

“Don’t you dare move Bitch, I will be right back.” I said as I went to the bedroom to grab a collar, butt-plug, and riding crop.

I came out and immediately placed the collar around his soft neck and then set the butt-plug down right in front of the set of rules he was staring at. I pulled his dress up exposing that gorgeous ass in his red thong. I stared at his ass wiggling in excitement, and paced back and forth a couple times.

“You need to learn to listen.” I said followed by a crack on his ass with my riding crop.

He let out a small whelp in pure joy followed by a “Yes mistress!”

I proceeded to flog his ass for a minute or so before dropping to my knees behind him and gently kissing and licking each of his ass checks. His ass was wiggling slightly in my face eager for me to explore it more. I traced his crack with my tongue, bottom to top, thong covering his sweet hole teasing us both equally. I finished up with a quick lick to his partially exposed balls before pulling back to speak.

“Start reading and don’t stop.” I commanded as I moved his thong aside and gently started to tickle his asshole with my finger.

His tight hole was opened up slightly begging for attention. I leaned forward and began to lick it gently, making small circles and pushing lightly but not quite penetrating him. His voice was now quivering as he tried to read the rules out loud.

“Rule 1 Mistress is to be obeyed at all times and never questioned. ”

“Rule 2 I will worship my uhhh!” he cired out as I plunged my tongue deep into his asshole for the first time. The combination of his sweet juices and tight hole pressing firmly around my tongue was making me hornier than I had felt in a long time. Grabbing his hips I pulled him back into my face, although it was not needed as he was in turn arching back into me. I smacked his ass firmly cueing him to continue reading as I lost myself in the deliciousness of tongue fucking his juicy little ass.

I was still enjoying eating his sweet boy pussy for several minutes after he finished reading the rules out loud. I was enjoying seeing his smoothly shaved cheeks and crack glistening in the dim light, wet with my saliva from exploring every last inch of his round ass.

Knowing I needed to stop soon because after all he was the slave, I started to force my tongue as deep in as possible, rapidly slamming it in and out, fucking as hard as I could. Now grinding his hips faster and faster along with me he was moaning like the dirty slut I was hoping for.

He let out a loud a gasp as I stopped and pulled away quickly. Wiggling his ass around in the air, hungry for more I coyly asked “Want more do you?”

“Yes Mistress Cheyenne.” he tried to say as best he could. I could tell he was fighting to control himself at this point as was I.

“Lie down on your back right now.” I said sternly pointing to the floor.

Without a response he got right to his back. He looked sexy as can be, his dress riding up, cock bulging out of the top of his thong, and his legs gently moving back and forth in anticipation. I walked over and stood above him, a leg on each side of his head, allowing him to look up at what I was about to let him have.

“Put you hands on my legs and worship them with your hands.” I said. “But don’t take your eyes off my ass.”

Slowly he started to work his soft hands up and down and around my calves, moving up inch by inch, taking his time to feel every part of me he could. This is when I caught myself wagging my hips and ass about, eager for him to taste me.

“Now worship my legs and feet with your mouth Bitch.” I commanded. “Actually we need to change your name now.”

“I feel you have earned one with that sweet tasting ass of yours.” “Your new name is Candy, do you like that candy?” I asked.

Taking a break from licking my heels he replies “Yes Mistress Cheyenne.”

I küçükyalı escort let him worship my legs with his mouth for a few minutes before walking away to grab the butt-plug I had put in front of him when he read the rules. “Forgot about this did you?” I asked with a sly smile.

“No Mistress.” he answered.

“Liar.” I said back sternly as I squatted down right in front of his face, reverse cowgirl style.

“Put your hands on me Candy.” I commanded.

Immediately he started rubbing the curves of my ass and my tracing my hips with his gentle hands. Reaching back I pulled my dress up to my waist, exposing my round ass to him for the first time, still partially covered by my black lace thong. My cock was long hard by now and the front of my underwear were soaked with pre-cum. Teasing him a bit, I started to slightly wiggle my ass in his face. Then I put my hands down on his thighs and forced his legs apart. I then started pulling his red thong down slowly past his hips, taking a moment to watch his thick cock spring free of its cloth prison and smack against his stomach.

Unable to resist I grabbed his cock in my hand and starting stoking it firmly but slowly while massaging his balls with my other hand. “Kiss my thighs and ass!” I demanded wagging my ass in his face.

Wasting no time he started kissing my inner thighs but quickly moved straight to my firm cheeks, licking and kissing them all over, trying to fight his way around my thong for any taste or feel of my asshole he could have. Reaching up he grabbed my ass and pulled me onto his face. In turn I sat back and pressed my weight into his face, smothering him I commanded “No hands.”

Before getting up to allow him a breath of air, I rode on his face for a few more seconds. I then then leaned forward, as I heard him taking deep gasps behind me, I reached back and moved my thong to side pulling my ass open for him to stare at. Gently massaging and circle my eager hole with my finger I ask “Do you want this ass slave?”

Without hesitation he replied “Yes Mistress, I need it!”

Laying forward into the 69 position I grabbed a firm hold of his throbbing cock and licked his sweet tasting pre-cum from the tips and side, then said “Then worship me you little slut.”

He immediately began licking my more than ready hole, furiously making love to it with his tongue. I could tell he was not only trying his hardest to please me but he was enjoying my ass even more than I did his. The faster and deeper his tongue was going the louder I was getting, and the faster my hips would grind, fucking away at his face as hard as I could.

“Oh eat my pussy you slutty bitch!” I cried out as he buried his tongue deep into my ass. Reaching my face forward I took his bare cock into my mouth for the first time, the head warm and bulging, his cock pressing firmly against my tongue, throbbing and fighting to get as big and hard as it could. Up, down, and around I explored his cock with my tongue, taking breaks in between to take him all the way into my mouth.

Soon I was no longer licking on his dick at all, I now had him fully in my mouth, going up and down faster and faster. His cock not only tasted good but felt perfect. It was warm and soft but still hard and spewing out gobs of pre-cum for me to enjoy. The harder I would suck his cock the faster and harder he would eat my ass. We were moving in perfect harmony. Finally losing control of himself he tried to take as much of my partially exposed cock in his mouth as he could.

Immediately jumping up I said “No, you were being so good until then!”

“I’m sorry please forgive me.”he tried to beg. “I just want your cock so bad Mistress.”

“I don’t think so BITCH!” I said angrily using his old name once again.

“On your slutty knees now!” I ordered.

After scrambling to get to his knees I walked over and pushed his face into the front of my dress, allowing him to feel my hard cock against his face. “You want this dick bitch?” I asked in a sexy voice.

“Please Mistress, I beg you.” he pleaded.

“Well then, beg for it.” I said as I began to slowly remove my dress in front of him.

“Oh please Mistress, let me worship your beautiful cock.” he pleaded over and over.

Standing there in front of him, now just in a bra, garter belt, panties, thigh-highs and heels I watched as he looked my body up and down. I walked over to him and pushed his face into my crotch and said “Start kissing it then.”

Frantically he fought the lace of my underwear to taste as much of my cock as he could. His warm lips and tongue massaging every bit of cock possible. I let him ejoy himself for a minute before I pulled away and said “Too bad, your not getting that yet.” “You haven’t earned it.”

“Now bend your ass over.” I said in an aggresive tone.

With a look of disappointment he did as commanded and bent over. Taking my place behind him I once again began to lick his asshole, prepping it for the butt plug I had been teasing him with. After sancaktepe escort his ass was wet and juicy again with saliva I started to inch the plug in, slowly turning it as it went deeper.

After the plug was inserted all the way in his ass I stood up and ordered him to get back on his knees. “And don’t let that slip out of your ass.” I said.

I stared as he knelt in front of me, barely able to stay silent or contain himself from the simultaneous pleasure and denial of his desires he was getting. I walked over to him and commanded him to remove my panties with his mouth. Slowly he began to fight with his tongue and teeth to inch my underwear down my thighs, sneaking a lick of my flesh whenever he could along the way.

After my panties were off I commanded him to kiss his way back up my thighs. I then guided him to my cock.

“Now take it in your mouth Candy.” I said.

He immediately began sucking on my cock, licking every inch of it methodically and meticulously. Turning his head and bobbing back forth he worked my cock like a true slut. Moaning and thrusting my hips, I buryied my cock as deep down his throat as I could. I then commanded him to start fingering my asshole.

Immediately he started fingering me while trying his hardest to get my cock to fill his mouth with cum. I was now starting to lose myself in the ecstasy of it all “More!” I cried out guiding him to put more fingers in my ass as he worked me to climax.

Unable to hold back I started to shoot hot loads of my cum into his mouth. As he felt me cumming he only started to work on my ass and cock harder. Quickly I removed my dick from his mouth and turned around and bent over in front of him. I placed my hands on the very table he had read the rules from then said ” Now eat my ass you little cum-whore.”

With his mouth still full of cum, he buried his face into my ass and started licking and probing my asshole with his tongue. The feeling of my hot cum mixed with his saliva being spread around my ass was driving my crazy and I needed fucked. I commanded him to go and grab some lube from the drawer next to the bed. Fetching it like he good slave he promptly returned to me still bent over the table, waiting for him to enter me.

“Is your cock hard?” I asked looking back at him.

“Yes Mistress Cheyenne.” he replied.

“Good.” “I want you to lube it up and stroke it nice and slow for me.”

“Yes Mistress.” he said as he began stroking his cock.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked while looking back at him slyly, watching him slowly stroke his big cock.

“Oh yes Mistress Cheyenne, more than anything.”

“Then get over here and shove that cock inside me!” I commanded.

When I felt him walk up and grab my hips with his hands I got butterflies in my stomach. I had been craving his cock inside me since I first saw him and it was about to happen. I felt the head of his cock smushing a little as he tried to force it in before finally breaking through, slowly he started inching his hard cock into my tight ass. Clinching the edge of the table in pure ecstasy I tightened my ass up causing Candy to let out a loud moan.

He slowly worked his dick all the way into my ass and began sliding it in and out. Nice and slow at first, his hands caressing my slim waist guiding my hips to his rhythm. The firmness of his cock swelling up inside of me was driving me wild. He was now starting to slam into me harder and harder but not at a face pace. Each thrust he would make would be followed by a moan of pleasure from me.

“Fuck me harder!” I cried as I started moving my hips faster and faster working with him.

I felt him grab me tightly and then he started hammering away, our flesh was slapping loudly together and I was crying out in pleasure over and over.

I needed him deeper in me and this position was no longer cutting it so I shouted out “Flip me over!”

Without delay Candy grabbed one of my legs and flipped me over, his cock briefly pulling out causing me to let a gasp. Without thinking I was reaching down trying to guide his cock back in me. Taking the cue he grabbed both my legs and lifted them high in the air and then quickly slammed his dick back inside me.

“Ohhhh god!!!” I cried as I felt him bury all the way inside me.

“Now fuck me slave!” I said with my teeth bared. “Fuck me!”

Candy started fucking me as hard and fast as he possibly could. His thick bulging cock pounding deep into my hole, balls slapping against my ass, and his sweat dropping down on to my bare stomach.

“Fuck me harder you…little..slut!” I shouted knowing that he couldn’t possibly going and faster. “Oh God Candy!”

Without stopping his motion or speed Candy asked “Mistress… May I… Please… Cum…?”

Feeling myself at the point of climax as well I thought it would be fitting for us both to cum at the same time to celebrate this new relationship.

“Yes Candy!” I cried out “Cum in me!”

Reaching up I grabbed my cock and started stroking it. As soon as I felt Candy’s warm load shooting into me I then shot my load all over my stomach, some reaching up onto my face. Candy had now slowed down and was barely moving back and forth. I could feel his cock swelling up and down inside of me still like he was still cumming.

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