Corporate Rivals Ch. 04

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I first met Mr. Simi at a running track. He was running around it doing his customary half-marathon as he later informed me. He was wearing blue Asics runners and a full

track suit in which he looked rather small and scrawny. I would say he was an inch shorter than me and had an extremely wiry, taut look about him. His eyes flashed

penetrating intelligence. He gave me a once over and suggested dinner the following evening. I accepted.

Dinner was fantastic. I was fascinated by the experiences he had had and how it was that he had started Simi Corp. His Rolodex was obviously the size of a full

Britannica set. I never tired of hearing his stories. I had many, many questions and he never seemed to hold back any answers. I was amazed at the depth of knowledge

from someone only about 10 years older than me.

All too quickly, we were the last ones in the restaurant. As we finally got up to leave, he invited me to another dinner a couple of days hence. I accepted.

During the second dinner, Mr. Simi made his pitch and put an offer on the table. He was not playing games. The offer was a good one.

Wanting him to understand that I already had a plan in place, I took the opportunity to explain to him my vision of where I was taking Thoman. I explained how taking

Ansaldi was an important step toward attaining that vision and why I was on a good track to building something that would stand the test of time.

He heard me and was polite enough to let me finish without interrupting. Then, he quickly dismissed the market in which Simi and Thoman competed as ‘Hopelessly

niche…Profitable, yes, but far too niche for anyone with serious ambition.’

I listened intently.

“I have watched you, Tim. You do not need Thoman. You do not need the Ansaldi Account. Leave it all over there. Let them get their jollies with Ansaldi and play in their

little patch. We at Simi have much bigger fish to fry.”

It was then that Mr. Simi also mentioned to me that I may have discovered a bit of a “fraternity” of sorts amongst the Simi guys. He said that he wanted me to be part of

this fraternity. I thought I understood what he was saying, given my recent experiences with Simi guys but he erased all doubt when he said that he and I could engage

each other the same way that Morgan and I had and that when he won, I would come and work for him. But, I had also had another option, he said as he looked me in the

eyes. Either I could “experience” him physically and certainly get the benefit of learning a very tough lesson or I could just accept his offer of employment right away and

maintain my dignity, which would come in handy later on for one-on-one meetings with him. He then stated that the latter might be the better option for my overall mental

and physical well-being.

Wow, this guy was older and smaller than me (albeit he must be in great shape running the way he does all the time) and was essentially saying that he was already

mentally dominant, so I should just give in right away before he has to prove cock dominance. That took an incredible amount of nerve, if you ask me. I am all for talking a

good game, but come on. That was a bit much.

Then, as sort of as an aside, he added “Incidentally, we will need to finalize your arrival before next Wednesday. I will take a 3-month trip to New Zealand and Tasmania on

Thursday. So, if you feel the need for a lesson before you agree to come over to Simi, we will need to do it on Tuesday evening.”

I almost choked on my food. But I recovered quickly and explained, “Mr. Simi, I really think I will have a better negotiating position after you have, umm, “experienced” me.

So, Tuesday it is.” He looked at me closely for a brief moment and closed the topic with a curt “Very well then. Tuesday it will be.” For the rest of the meal it was as if

that part of the conversation had never even happened.

As it Ankara bayan escort turns out, my battle with Mr. Simi would happen at the same place that Morgan and I had used. Mr. Simi owned it and Morgan had rented the padded room for

“sessions” with his Simi boys. Apparently, this is where Morgan maintained discipline. As far as Mr. Simi was concerned, the room was now mine. Rent-free this time.

Once I came over, of course.

We each undressed ourselves in opposite corners and, as he approached me, I took the opportunity to make a full physical assessment.

I quickly concluded that Mr. Simi was the tightest package I had ever seen. It was like his skin was vacuum-packed over his slight but very clearly defined musculature.

The vascularity was stunning. I could count the veins. He seriously could not have had a single ounce of fat on him anywhere. I must have outweighed him by 30 pounds.

Compared to Mr. Simi, Jim’s lithe frame could be considered thick. I especially liked the veins on the top of his feet. This was one hard body…

But it was the size of his cock that stunned me even more. I think he had me by about an inch. His was as thick as mine, too. Also, he had the balls to match. That

sack was hanging really low…I had the amusing thought that when that cock was hard, he must tip forward (at least I thought that to be amusing at that moment).

Just as he got in front of me, he stunned me with an unexpected addition to our coming encounter. “Jim, we will go at it for two falls because a) I want YOU to understand

that losing to ME will not be a “fluke” and b) I have not had a good rub in a long time and I doubt very much I will have one during MY 3-month trip. I have heard that you

are worthy enough to keep my member hungry for more and I now see that to be true so I will use me to to get my fill. As long, that is, as you have the stamina to keep up

with me.”

As he looked at me expectantly for a response, I kept thinking to myself at that point that he thought of me as a utility. Kind of like a cat with a scratching post. WTF?

His cockiness and lack of respect were not going to work out well for him.

I also thought about this new caveat and countered, “Whether I win both or we split the falls, I bring Jim Adelman back to Simi.”

He smiled enigmatically. “Jim told me he would not only get his vengeance for the Ansaldi screw up, but that he would go so far as to dominate you completely. I guess

he was right. Was he right, Tim? Has that young man gotten under your skin? Has he made you submit to him?”

That pissed me off. Completely.

I was raging behind my outwardly calm exterior. I could not tell whom I was most mad at: Myself for crumbling (literally) under Jim, Mr. Simi for knowing about it and

taunting me with it or Jim for telling someone else about something between me and him. All three, I supposed, and that left no room for physical pleasure with this little

runt. I wanted to inflict pain and then dominate that big cock. I wanted to send this guy to New Zealand and Tasmania wondering what kind of monster he had invited into

his so-called “fraternity.”

I refused to answer him verbally and advanced toward him. We squared up and by the time I quickly got my arms around him my intent was to crack his ribs. I squeezed

like I had never squeezed before. All I saw was red. He grunted and I picked him up bodily and shook him like he weighed nothing at all. Then I bent forward while bending

him backward with such force I thought that I would break his spine. He tried desperately to get his arms between us but I then simply fell forward on top of him, my

weight advantage working for me.

I then managed to get his arms into a double behind-the-back chicken wing and a grapevine in combination with the most furious cock-slamming I had ever unleashed on

anyone. It was like I was possessed. I knew I was striking home each Escort bayan Ankara time by his breathless grunts. I was amazed at my shaft-to-shaft aim and also mixed in some

side-to-side action that really started putting him over the edge rather quickly.

I could not stop myself from a withering verbal assault that matched my cock assault. I whispered into his ear, “You have a big cock, Mister Simi, but as you can feel by

now, the Top Cock does not care about how big you are whether or not you came here to really put up a fight. My cock is rubbing yours into submission as I expected all

along. Obviously, you came here to lose. Where is your stamina now? Maybe you will be able to use it to run home and hide under the covers of your big bed after I

make you shoot all over that wonderfully tight little tummy of yours. Admit that you have been crushed and I will stop now before you embarrass yourself. Or, we can

keep going, so I can hear you whimper. Those are your options, Mister Simi.”

A good dozen spot-on thrusts thereafter and his back arched, almost throwing me off him. Damn, his smallish frame packed a lot of strength, I was thinking. But the

damage was done and he was shooting up onto his chest the thickest stream of pure, stark white cum I had ever seen. Obviously, he had really needed to empty those

big balls.

I looked down on his tight, writhing muscles wrapped in that alabaster skin and that was enough to get me to let go all over his big, cut, pulsating cock. As I spent myself

and my breathing began to slow, he suddenly rolled on top of me and put his face close to mine. I had gotten to him and he was not ashamed to let me know it. “Tim,

sometimes it is best to keep a sense of decorum. Best to keep your mouth shut despite your ego. Congratulations on besting me the first time. I have no excuse. But

do not start to cry when I abuse you this next time. Because abuse you I most certainly will.” I thought, by the expression his face, that he was going to spit on me right

then. For the first time in a very, very long time, I tasted a bit of fear.

I got up, still fresh from my kill and faced him.

Then in a very conversational tone, “Tim, since this will be two falls, and I do not want my cock to be sore for a week, we will lube our cocks up this time.” He came over

with a small bottle and dropped some clear lube into my right hand, which he grabbed as if he owned it. He also dropped some into his own right hand and, standing there

just a few inches away from me and looking into my eyes, he spread the lube over his cock and balls. I did the same. It felt sublime. It was the first time I had ever tried


He then moved toward me and brought that big cock of his into direct, hard contact with mine and began a standing grind on me. I could not believe the awesome feeling

of his lubed, large member sliding over mine. As I got into it and began matching his rhythm, he brought his arms around me and slowly, inexorably, began to squeeze. I

loved feeling the pressure and figured that I would let him exert it for a moment. I was certainly not expecting a smaller man to seriously try to bearhug me, so it seemed

rather cute. However, I did note that his squeeze was becoming progressively, tighter. He was applying more force than I thought possible from his size. So, I knew it

was time to put him in his place again. But before I could assert my size and strength, I was lifted up and then slammed to the mat, landing tailbone first.

More shocked than hurt, I looked up at his face as he stood over me. A wry smile played across his features. His eyes were hard and calculating.

It seemed to be in slow motion, at first, that he dropped a very sharp and well-aimed elbow onto my solar plexus. Now I could add pain to my shock. Not to mention that I

was out of breath.

I was helpless as he grabbed me by my neck and lifted my Bayan escort Ankara head high enough for me to watch him wrap his veiny, muscled thighs around my head and apply a crushing

standing head scissors. I felt the humiliation of his cock being only inches from my face as he stared down at me menacingly. Then, letting me fall like a sack of cement,

he reached down to position my head and then subjected me to something I had only ever read about: A standing ankle choke…It was truly as exquisite as it was painful

and exhausting… I could only look up at him while faintly experiencing the proximity of his strong, veined feet to my face…the slight smell of his foot sweat almost made

me want to stroke myself but I did not have the energy to even lift one arm to do so. I was fighting for oxygen.

Once he figured I had had enough of that, he dropped down onto me with all of his weight, straddled my chest and pulled my head again between his thighs like a vice

while his cock and balls rested on my face and throat. The pain was overwhelming and the sweat from his forehead dripped into my eyes, stinging them.

He then rolled a bit and positioned himself behind me to apply a murderous seated full nelson, stroking my cock with his feet while periodically squeezing my sides like he

really would try to break my ribs. I had never experienced that before. My cock was so hard and so willing but my body was so battered and so spent. I was ready to just

quit right then from the beating he was giving me and give in to having his big cock ride mine. I was coming undone.

Then, he let me go and rolled me onto my stomach. As I writhed and tried to catch my breath, he dropped a vicious elbow to the small of my back. The pain was such

that willed myself to just go numb, which, in my dazed state, made me think that perhaps I was paralyzed as a result of the blow. Then he easily rolled me back over and

got into push-up position over me. His feet were either side of mine and his hands were on either side of my head about 6 inches from each of my ears. At long last, he

had judged me ready for his cock assault. This was his finishing move. He expected this to be the end-game. Amazingly, he did not lower his body onto mine. He kept

floating above me; only his cock and balls grinding into mine. I looked up to see his face, red with exertion and still some anger in his eyes as he mounted his beaten foe

and brought me to shoot within three minutes of the start of his incredible, merciless humping.

After I shot and gasped, he shot on my cock while a low but surprisingly loud growl escaped his lips. Finally, he brought his body down onto mine. I could feel his

strained and taut muscles everywhere we had contact. I also noticed that even after all that, we were both still hard. It must have been the lube because I did not want to

stop the grind. Obviously, he did not either. He soon got up into push-up position again. This time, I let myself do what I had wanted to do when I first saw his unclothed

body: I brought my hands up to feel the graying hairs on his taut chest and then I felt down along his arms, exploring his sharp muscles straining through the almost

translucent skin on his shoulders and down his arms. I watched the cock action between us and saw his big, slick tool sliding on and all over mine and could glimpse

those giant balls of his as he would occasionally stop to re-position himself, careful to lower them slowly, crushing mine completely. After only about 6 minutes of this

spectacle, I shot another load with him doing the same shortly after me.

He was ready to call it and I was ready to let him. “Tim, we split the falls but I creamed you twice. Have you had enough? Are you a Simi Man now or do we need another

round for good measure?”

“I have had enough, Mr. Simi. I will give my notice tomorrow and be ready to report next week. Thoman won’t want me hanging around. I will be persona non grata there.

Since you will be gone, I will show myself around.”

“Good, Tim. I told the staff to expect you.”

It took me two weeks to recover from that thrashing. I still get hard thinking about it.

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