Crystal Falls

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My father never told me how my mother died.

“I’m going to this concert. I don’t care what you have to say.”

She passed when I was born, so I never knew her.

“Cortney, you aren’t going. I forbid you. You nearly got stomped to death.”

My sister says father seemed distant after that, not that she was old enough to tell the difference.

“It was a little rumble. No big deal. Rose has my back now.”

To me, he was always this way. No point in regretting before you were born.

“She’s going too? Since when?”

He’s up there with my mother, now.

“Since she bought me a ticket. I’m getting off this godforsaken farm, out of this town, and away from here. Mom would have wanted me to. She wouldn’t let you squash my effort like a bug.”

Irony, it seems, happens in the last place you expect it. It was he who got squashed. The whole planet, really. Should I have warned him I was leaving? Hell no. Was it right to yell it out? No. Do I regret my decision?

Not in the least.


Cortney’s boyfriend Ros (short for Roswell) was in the passenger seat, asleep. Their favorite band, Galactic Errand, was having its last concert in its last tour just two states Ankara escort away, and they were going. An earthquake wouldn’t scare them away from it.

An old hit, Generic Melody, from their first album, was on the radio. Cortney turned it up. Ros blinked a couple times, and wiped the drool from his mouth. “How’re we on gas?”

Cortney looked at the dashboard. “We’ll need some soon.”

“How long was I asleep?”

“Couple hours. Not sure how you fell asleep in the first place.”

“My truck’s comfy.”

Cortney disagreed, but that was beside the point. They were on our way to the best concert of our lives. He was too wired to sleep.

“The hell it isn’t. I want to switch with you in the next hour or so. It’s your turn to drive.”

“Wanna stop someplace?”

Cortney looked at him. “To do what, exactly?”

He pushed his tongue into his cheek.

“What are you thinking! You just woke up. That’ll put you to sleep again, you’ll be too tired to drive.”

He laughed, and looked out his window. He was a tad shy about that stuff, but not in the bedroom. “I meant for you. You’ve driven the past 5 hours, so I thought, well, you know.”

Cortney sighed. “You’re sweet, Ankara escort bayan you know that?” He patted Ros’s thigh and glided a hand over his denim-clad package. Ros jumped.

“Hey! Watch the road.”

“We don’t have time to do that, and I’m not one to receive road-head. I’ll crash into something.”

“Come on, Cortney. We’ll stop somewhere private, I’ll do the honors, and then we’ll be back on the road.” He couldn’t see him very well in the dark, but he knew Ros was looking at him. Pleading, even. “Please?”

“You can get your end of the deal, and I’ll get mine. After that, we’ll keep get going.”

“Fantastic.” He kissed Cortney on the cheek and held his hand. “There’s a gas station up ahead. Wanna stop there?”

“We might as well fill up.”

“Oh, I’ll get my fill alright.”

Cortney shook his head. “You asked for it.” He parked around the back, in the dark. “Is this alright?”

“Fabulous.” Ros said.

Hands made their way under the waistband of Cortney’s pants. “Take no time, do you?”

“Hush, you.” He tugged on Cortney’s cock.

“Woah! Handsy. And… warm. And wet. Oh lord, I…” He was short of breath. “You gotta slow down, babe. You’ll Escort Ankara suck me over the edge.”

Ros chuckled. The feeling sent sparks up and down his dick. “Shut up and enjoy it.”

“I’m enjoying it alright. Just a little too quickly for my taste.”

Ros covered Cortney’s mouth with wet lips. “I. Said. Hush.” His hand stroked quick, making Cortney squirm.

“I can’t help it! My mouth just won’t stop running.” Cortney moaned. “Oh. Oh! Oh, I’m gonna–oh!”

Ros dived to send him over with his tongue, and the truck shook.

A shot rang out, and the car choked until it stopped running.

“See what you did? It was just too much. Ah!” Cortney spasmed. “Finished?”

Ros licked his lips. “Now I am. Best part is touching you after.”

“We have a concert to go to, and you’re driving.” Cortney pulled up his pants and stepped out of the truck. ” Should I open the hood?”

“No, just restart it.”

Cortney turned the key, but nothing happened.

“The truck died. Maybe we need someone to jump-start it.” Roswell sighed.

“We drove too far to have this break down. Who’s gonna help two fags out this far? Dammit!” He slapped his hand on the dash.

The lights on the radio flashed, the headlights flooded the trees beyond the parking lot, and the truck shook back to life.

“The fuck?” Ros said.

“My orgasm was just too great to let me down, I guess. Your turn to drive, mister.”

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