Doris’ Private Secretary Ch. 01

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At 45 years old, Doris was a successful businesswoman. She built her Amazon Executive Women’s consulting company from nothing to a thriving business with six great women employees. Doris loved being in charge whether it was her business or her personal life. She was going to hire her first male secretary, who would open her mail, screen her calls and assist the other employees if needed. In reality, he would be used as her own personal oral sex slave and face seat.

There was nothing small or shy about Doris and she loved how her size intimidated submissive men. In fact, her special sexual needs required a man who was submissive and also had an oral fetish. However, it was not easy finding a man whose needs and desires matched her lusty demands. Since Doris had become an expert in hiring just the right employee for her business, she put out private posts, hoping to find a competent male secretary who would also be her perfect oral slave. She was eager to find a submissive man she could use and abuse for her personal pleasure. In her posts, she made it clear, that she was seeking an oral slave who could endure her sitting and riding his face for hours.

She received numerous responses from men claiming they would love to orally please her and be her secretary, but most of these turned out to be phony and insincere men. However, she finally found a response that was very promising. His name was Tom. He was a middle-aged man who had experience serving as a woman’s executive secretary in the past, but more importantly to Doris, his desires seem to match her demanding dominant sexual needs. She would have to interview and test him first to see if he was a true submissive oral slave.

Doris advised Tom that in reality, his secretary duties would be to open and sort her mail, screen calls and do other odd jobs in the office. However, his primary duties would be strictly personal, and that her main interest was in using his mouth, tongue, lips and face for her own pleasure and personal needs, whenever she demanded it, which would be often during the day at work. When Tom wrote back, saying this is all he also desired, Doris knew she had found the right oral slave.

Doris wrote back emphasizing that she demanded to be totally in charge when using an oral slave. She further wrote Tom, that she loved having her feet, ass and pussy licked and sucked for hours, and that she would be spending long periods sitting and grinding on his face to climax after climax. She also mentioned that she insists on having her slave bound and secure when using him for her pleasure. Finally, she advised him that he MUST be willing to lick, suck and swallow all her pussy juice and pee, no matter how much she might produce.

Tom wrote back, sincerely, telling Doris that He would be willing to be her complete and total oral sex slave AND THAT HE WANTED TO BECOME HER PERSONAL SECRETARY AND WOULD DO ANTHING SHE DESIRED. He told her he missed being a woman’s oral sex slave and hoped he would meet her standards.

Doris wrote back that she needed to test his willingness to service her exactly as she demanded before making a final decision to hire him. If he passed güvenilir bahis all the tests, she would use him for a one-month probationary period before he would be officially hired and become her permanent and official office oral sex slave. She set up an interview with Tom at her office at 10: am Friday morning.

Doris would make sure that Tom understood EXACTLY what he would be required to do to please her. Tom arrived early to show his eagerness.

Tom felt both fear and excitement when he walked into the office and saw all the women at their desks.

The receptionist asked, “Are you Tom Miller?”

“Yes, I am here for an appointment with Doris Haines.”

“Hello I am Karen. Sit down I will inform her you are here, but first please fill out these employment forms.”

Tom sat down and for the first time he noticed that all the women sitting at their desks looked like big, Amazon size women. Once Tom has filled out the forms he handed them to the secretary.

“Hello Doris, a Mr. Miller is here to see you about the secretary position.”

Doris advised Karen that she was not to be disturbed while she was interviewing Tom Miller. . Karen gave a knowing smile, which made Tom suspect that she knew what the secretary position was really all about.

“Ms. Haines will see you now. Her office is down the end of the hall.”

Tom knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Doris was a tall, big boned beautiful woman and met him as he walked inside the office. She looked straight into his eyes and shook his hand with a strong and powerful grip. “Hello Tom I am happy to meet you. ”

Tom realized this was a woman who was used to being in charge and who could no doubt force her demands on him. Though the thought excited him, it also sent chills down his spine. Tom was only 5:9 170 pounds. Doris was 5:10 tall, 300 pounds with large, thick thighs, long, wide feet and a big, beautiful jutting ass.

She closed the door and told Tom to sit down in a chair in front of her desk. Instead of walking behind her disk to sit in her chair, Doris stood directly in front of Tom leaning her ass against her disk as she looked down at Tom. She was the most intimidating and erotic woman he had ever met. He looked down and noticed her long toes were painted bright red.

“I have several questions to ask you Tom and I want you to answer them with complete and total honesty.” If you lie to me in anyway, we will end the interview.”

“I will be as honest as I can Mistress.”

Doris smiled hearing Tom already call her mistress. “I like your submissive attitude already, but I have not decided yet to take you as my slave, Ah I mean secretary. We will see if you pass my tests.”

Tom gulped, looking up into the dark eyes of this big, beautiful black Amazon.

“Have you ever served as an executive woman’s secretary in the past?”

“Yes I have worked for three different women executives many years ago. I did various jobs for these women as their secretary.”

” Did any of them also use you as an oral servant or slave in the past Tom?”

“Yes, two of the women demanded to be orally serviced by me as part of my regular secretary türkçe bahis duties.”

“Tell me the details.” Doris demanded.

“The first woman was named Susan; she was the manager at a computer company. Susan was an assertive divorced woman. It began when she said her feet were tired and asked me to massage her feet. I began using my hands, but than she demanded, I use my tongue to massage her feet. She liked keeping me under her disk licking and sucking her pussy and ass as she worked. From that time on, Susan demanded more from me. I will never forget how scared I was when she first had me place my face up on her chair my face with her big ass smothering me. She would sit on my face, grinding her pussy on my face, soaking me in her juices. The only thing she wanted was to be orally pleased by me. For six months, almost every day after opening and sorting the mail, she would order me under her disk for oral worship of her pussy, ass and feet. She also told me she belonged to a dominant women’s group who shared oral slaves with each other. I doubted such a group existed but I was wrong.”

“Who was the second woman Tom?”

” When Susan was transferred to New York, I was out of job. However, about one month later, I received a call from a woman named Rita, who said she was a friend of Susan, and belonged to this dominant women’s group. I immediately realized Susan must have told Rita about my submissive oral fetish. She asked if I would be interested in doing exactly the same type of service job for her. Rita was a librarian in Rolling Meadows and was looking for a personal secretary. Rita made it clear what she expected of me was the same kind of oral service Susan received from me. I told her I was very interested and she set up a meeting at her home on a Sunday morning. ”

“As she ordered, I was at her house at 8: AM. She came to the door wearing a blue robe and slippers. She asked if I wanted some coffee while we discussed the secretary position. She was a stern looking, serious, dominant middle-aged woman who was clearly used to being in charge. She was a shorter than Susan and had a huge jutting ass. She mentioned that she had an opening at the library and that I would be working in a small closet space office next to her office. I would be sorting books and material, but mainly I would be orally servicing her at anytime she desired during the day. She also asked if I had any reservations about a big woman sitting on my face. I told her no and that as her oral slave I expected to be used in anyway that gives her the most pleasure. She was pleased with my answer. She said she would like to sit on my face now and told me to lie down with my head up on the couch chair. That was the first time Rita sat and fucked my face. I worked at the library for about four months orally servicing her almost every day at least once. Sometimes she would also have me give her a tongue bath, but mainly she loved just sitting on my face getting her pussy and ass licked and sucked. When she decided to move Indiana to be closer to her daughter, I left that job. ”

“Did any of those previous women tie you up while you orally serviced them during your sessions?”

“No, mistress.”

“You güvenilir bahis siteleri know from my e-mails to you that I demand your hands be secured and I would have collar and leash on when I use you for my pleasure. Would you be agreeable to that kind of requirement?”

“Yes, mistress, I expect to be under your complete and total control as your oral sex slave.”

In your experience in oral slavery, I noticed you licked and sucked the women’s feet, but have you experienced a woman forcing her foot into your mouth and throat making you gag?”

“No mistress but I admit to having fantasized about that.”

“If I choose you Tom, you can be sure it will a painful reality for you because I demand total and complete oral worship of my feet, especially after a long day at work when they will be sweaty and smelly. I also love raping your mouth and throat with my feet. Do you think you are going to be able to handle that?”

Submissively, Tom answered “yes.”

The answer excited Doris because she was able to climax raping a man’s mouth and face with her feet.

“You mentioned in your e-mails that you have licked and swallowed a woman’s pussy juice and loved it, but how about a woman’s pee?”

“To be honest mistress, the only experience I had was with Rita, who would have me lick her pussy clean after she peed. I grew to love licking her pussy clean. She sometimes threatened to pee in my mouth, but she never did.”

“As you know from our previous correspondence, I would require you to drink and swallow ALL of my pee every time I needed to pee while you are working for me. Is that going to be a problem?”

“No mistress I desire for you to use my mouth for anything that gives you pleasure.”

A cruel smile came across Doris’s face as she stared down directly into Tom’s eyes. “You have no idea how that pleases me, because I fully intend to take you further into oral slavery than you have ever been in your life. Are you ready to serve me any- way I desire?”

“Oh Yes my Mistress.”

“We will see slave.”

This was the first time Doris had actually called him slave and this excited him because it meant there was a strong chance she would choose him for her use. Tom wondered what the tests would be, but he was determined to do whatever was required to pass her strict tests.

” This is the last question Tom. You can See I am a very big woman and as I told you, I love to sit with all my weight on a slave’s face when I face fuck him. I do not believe in holding anything back when riding a slave’s face and will not get off a your face until I am completely satisfied. I also love to grab a slave’s head with both of my hands as I wrap my big, strong thighs around a slave’s face in order to get the maximum pleasure using a slave’s face. Do you think you could handle being ruthlessly, face fucked without mercy by me?”

“Tom raised his head up and down and said, Yes Mistress.”

“Good. Now I have a lot of work to do and I would like you to leave and be back in my office at 4:15 PM when I will test you. The staff will be gone so I will not be disturbed during my testing.”

Tom got up and said, “Thank you for this opportunity because I really need this job. I will be here at 4:15PM.”

Dorothy smiled as Tom closed the door. She hoped Tom would be able to endure her tests because he seemed to have great potential.


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