Encounter with an Angel

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It was another long night at work. Apparently there was some event going on, a charity thing. Word had it that there would be a lot of cigar smokers there. Great. A lot of grumpy old men throwing their money at Nicaraguan orphans. Not that I have anything against the orphans. It just means I am going to have my work cut out for me. I had drink detail. Even more fun for me.

I had been there for about an hour, walking around refilling glasses of single malt scotch amongst the robust smell of cigars. Dinner had been served and eaten and everyone was milling around on the porch waiting for the auctions to start. That is when I saw her. My regular, boring night was anything but regular and boring now.

She looked like an angel, perched on the ledge of the porch next to one of the country club’s river rock columns. She was perfect in her strapless summer dress and brown stilettos. Her hair was perfect and straight and blowing in the wind. My angel wore very little makeup, but looked fantastic. My cock went instantly hard when I saw her bring the cigar to her lips and light it. Again, perfectly, evenly and with the skill of someone who had been smoking for quite awhile. She then took several long puffs from her cigar, surrounding herself with clouds of smoke fitting for the angel in front of me.

I quickly shook myself back to reality and willed my hard on to go down. I could not help looking back to take another glance. She was not the only woman there, but she was by far the youngest, in her mid to early twenties, compared to the middle aged and wrinkled women that clung to their husbands sides. She appeared to be unattached. I knew I had to get closer to her somehow. But Reluctantly I went back to work.

After about another hour, there was a break in the auction for dessert. So I returned to the bar area to assist the guests as they needed drink refills. My cock hardened again at the sight of my angel sway up the bar with confidence. She waited patiently for her turn to get another drink.

“Single malt scotch, neat, please.” she said to the bartender with a smile.

I grabbed the bottle and moved to refill her glass. As I finished I looked up at her. At her graceful neck. At her full, sweet lips. At her round, smiling, green eyes. She was smiling at me so I gave her my best smile back with the slightest wink. If only she knew what she was doing to me. I was aching to put my hands on her body, to run them over her curves and squeeze her voluptuous ass. This woman was one of the few that should just walk around in nothing but stilettos all day. I’d want to see that body as much as possible.

As I watched her glide away, the auction started once more. Damn! I would have to go back to making my rounds. And I would have to do it with a throbbing hard on. Nothing was making it go down! Even thinking of these fat old men in their drawers! Each time I would even attempt to think of that, I would get canlı bahis a whiff of her perfume, something with roses, and I could only think of her. Her body, her lips, her eyes, her voice. I want to hear her moan at my touch!

Every once in awhile I would walk past her and offer her another smile. She would always place the cigar in her mouth and smile wickedly. She knew what she was doing! And she knew what she was doing to me! She was a vixen, a succubus, waiting to take my seed and kill me as she did. But I couldn’t help but want her! My aching cock simply would not go down until I had her mouth around it. Or took care of it myself. But that might take coming several times.

I moved over to the door that lead inside the country club, to try to locate my manager. I needed to take a break to fantasize about my woman and masturbate. But of course I wouldn’t tell him that. As I surveyed the crowd for the familiar bald head, the corner of my eye caught her. And she was right next to me. I gazed at her once more and smiled stupidly as she brushed past me, putting her hand lightly on my chest as she went through the small space in the doorway that was not occupied by my body. She smiled back over her shoulder with a small wink as she entered the restrooms just across from us.

Finally I found my manager and crossed the floor, letting him know I was taking a short break. He nodded and I entered the club, passed the restrooms and out the dining room door. Outside that entrance, it was quiet and the side of the building was covered with trees and bushes to hide the dark deed I was about to commit. I leaned up against a tree, unzipped my pants and my cock sprang free. It was fully hard and oozing, waiting to be touched. As I leaned back I began to stroke it slowly and get lost in my thoughts and fantasies.

“Mmmmmm. Ooooooh.” escaped from my lips. I couldn’t help it. I was feeling too good. But a giggle interrupted my thoughts and I surveyed the dark for the source. After a moment, I saw the brown and cream dress of my very fantasy moving gracefully across the dirt. She was smiling devilishly and slowly lifting up her dress. She was now standing in front of me, tilting her head up to slightly graze my lips with hers. A moan escaped my lips once more, this is what I had been waiting for all night. I parted my lips and was going to kiss her deeply, when she pulled away, paused, then moved in once more, teasing my tongue ever so slightly with hers.

“What is your name, Angel?” I asked. A giggle was her only response. A giggle and a wicked smile.

Turning around and lifting her dress up around her waist, she wiggled her round, perfect ass. I wanted to lean down and kiss it. It was too perfect. Before I could even get my hands on it, she started to slowly rub it against my exposed and throbbing cock. I couldn’t help but moan again. I raised my hands to her breasts and exposed the fullness of them by pulling bahis siteleri the top of her dress down. My Angel moaned as I caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples. Her grinding became faster and more urgent as her ass rubbed against my cock.

I leaned in and kissed her neck. “What is your name, Angel?” I breathed into her soft flesh. And she moaned for me again. One hand slid down her soft stomach to her pubis, perfectly shaved. My fingers parted her folds. My Angel moaned again, louder, as I began to rub her throbbing clit with my thumb and slid a finger into her hot pussy. Her movements were now focused on my hand and not rubbing her ass on my cock. She quickly realized her neglect and expertly gripped my cock with one hand to jerk me off while I worked her pussy to orgasm.

It didn’t take long before her insides were squeezing my fingers and she was crying out in pleasure, but she did not stop working my cock. I spun her around and she released me cock. I gave her a deep passionate kissed. She mewed into my mouth, still turned on, still wanting release. I kissed down her neck slowly then down further. As one hand found her left breast, my mouth found her right and I flicked my tongue over the hardened peak to more moans. I continued my trail of kisses on her stomach until I found her pussy with my puckered lips. I crouched on the ground as she stood before me and separated her legs slightly for better access.

“What’s your name, Angel?” I asked. “I’m Jordan.” Thinking offering my name will help her be comfortable enough to give me hers. She responded by tilting her hips towards me. And I responded to her movement by lightly licking up her pussy with the tip of my tongue and running my hands over her ass.

“Oh, do that again, Jordan!” she purred.

And I did. I slowly licked and sucked her wetness, teasing her clit, sucking on it lightly, then increasing pressure. As her breathing increased I slid two fingers into her quim and swirled around. She practically screamed with the combined sensations of a finger filled pussy and tongue tickled clit. I kept going, intensifying my sucking as my cock wanted to explode. I was so turned on by the movement of her hips and heavy breathing that I was oozing precum from the head of my cock. It was dripping onto the ground.

I needed some sensation on my cock so I slowly removed my fingers from my Angel’s pussy and began to jerk myself off as I continued to suck and lick her. Her juices on my cock were an amazing lube. I adjusted my position and was able to tease her wet entrance with my tongue. I began to tongue fuck her as her movements became more urgent. I could feel her muscles tighten and relax. She was about to come.

The quiet night exploded with her satisfied scream and her body shook as she released an intense orgasm. I almost came at the sound of her, but held back. As she recovered I unconsciously continued to play with my cock and bahis şirketleri balls. She noticed and once more gave me a devilish and satisfied smile. She helped me up from the ground and brought me over to the tree. Lowering herself to her knees, she removed my hands from my cock and teased the head with the tip of her tongue, licking up my precum. I watched as her luscious lips wrapped around my cock head and she began to slowly move up and down. She wrapped a hand around the base of my cock to move with her lips.

The sight of her on her knees with her lips and hand around me was enough to make me want to shoot into her mouth. But I held back, I had other plans for her. God, i enjoyed her sucking my cock, a fantasy come true. She fondled my balls as she would deep throat me, then proceed with quick sucking on the tip as her hand moved up and down my long shaft. Then she stopped to run her tongue over my balls, licking, sucking teasing. She didn’t stop working my cock with her hand.

Before I could come, I pulled her away from my cock to a standing position and kissed her. A deep lingering kiss. I felt her surrender in my arms as I kissed her. I put my arms around her and my hands under her ass. I pulled her up and her legs wrapped around me. She began to grind her pussy on my cock then slowly lower herself over me. The beginning penetration felt so amazing as she took my length into her hot, wet, sensual caverns.

“Arden. My name is Arden.” she breathed into me.

“Oh, Angel. Beautiful Arden. I am going to fuck your brains out.”

“Jordan, fuck me. Pin me against the tree and fuck me!!”

So I spun her around, pinned her against the tree and slowly began to fuck her. Her legs were wound tight around me, wanting me deeper and deeper. Her hips met my hips thrust for thrust and she moaned in my ear. She kissed me deeply as I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft, over and over.

She was going to come.

And she was going to take me with her.

Our orgasms were intense and in synch. I exploded hot, sticky jizz into her cunt while her body shook and spasmed and she screamed again. I stayed there inside of her for several moments as our breathing calmed. I kissed her neck, her cheek, her lips. I didn’t want this to end. An unexpected night of amazing sex with a mysterious Angel Arden.

Arden was the first to move. She lowered her legs to the ground and stretched to straighten her hair and dress. I stepped back to zip my pants and tuck in my shirt. When we were tidied up I leaned in for one more kiss.

“Arden….” I whispered.

She didn’t reply, just gave me one more smile, grabbed my hand briefly and releasing it, turned and walked away into the night.

I watched her walk a few steps then noticed she had slipped a piece of paper into my hand.

“Find me” the note said with a name underneath. A club name? I went after her into the nearby parking lot, just a few steps behind. But when I got there, it was empty. No one was there, just several expensive cars. The only movement was the rustle of the leaves. I knew then, I had to find her again. I had to find my beautiful angel Arden.

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