Finding my Place Ch. 04

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I don’t know how long I stood there, lost in my lust for Ann in my drunken state. Her naked tits, the tits I’d been imagining and masturbating to for the past years, were there, just there in front of me. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I wasn’t drunk enough.

“Ann, I’m sorry. You are a beautiful woman. But I must go.”

With that I turned around and walked towards the door. Just as I was about to open it, Katie pushed it open walking into the room. She stared in disbelief, staring back and forth between the half-naked Ann sitting on the bed and me standing there next to her. I tried to stammer out some kind of explanation and excuse but nothing quite came out and Katie immediately dismissed me, telling me to shut up. She was furious.

“What the fuck? I can’t believe you Shaun. My god, I don’t let you feel up my ass in public and that gives you the right to come up here; and what? What have you two been doing?”

“But Katie,” I tried to explain, “it isn’t like that.”

“Shut up!”

She stared, on the border of crying, ready to stomp out. I wasn’t sure how Ann was going to respond. For all I knew, she was going to lie and confirm Katie’s worst fears, that we were having sex. But she didn’t.

“Katie, listen, please,” Ann spoke, still trying to choke back her own tears. “It isn’t what you think at all Katie. Nothing happened. Shaun is the perfect gentleman. Yeah, I tried to seduce him, just to get at you; I’m sorry. I fucked up. I’ve always fucked up with guys.”

And with that, Ann broke into deep sobs. Katie was confused, still not exactly sure what was going on, but seemed to have moved beyond her initial response of anger. She walked over to the bed, sat down next to Ann and held her while she cried. Still crying, Ann confessed to her all that had happen. Katie listened patiently while Ann went on about Dillon cheating on Katie with her and how she felt vindictive and apologized over and over; also clearing the air that Ann and I did nothing, that I had refused her advances.

“I’m such a slut. I’m so sorry Katie. I’m sorry Shaun. I can’t believe I allowed myself to be so mean and stupid.”

Katie tried to console her, telling her she was not a slut; that she obviously had some sense of responsibility to have confessed everything and how strong she was for doing so. Katie was still holding Ann against her when Ann stretched up and kissed her, briefly, on the lips. Why I know I should have been caught up in the emotion of the moment, being an 18 year old male, my cock jumped seeing the topless Ann kiss my girlfriend.

After the kiss Ann gave Katie a big hug, making my cock even harder. Katie ran her fingers through Ann’s hair, comforting her. Ann looked up again into Katie’s eyes and briefly held them before she bent in for another kiss. This time it wasn’t a brief one. I could sense Katie struggling with the gesture, though she didn’t push her away. Watching them intently I could tell that Ann was licking Katie’s lips, which soon gave way. Katie opened her mouth and she and Ann began French kissing. I couldn’t believe it, staring intently at the two most gorgeous women starting to make out on the bed.

They finally broke their kiss and Ann whispered, “thank you Katie. Thank you for understanding. God, I’ve always wanted to do that.”

I’m not sure what came over Katie but rather than say anything she leaned in this time, taking the initiative and kissed Ann. She pushed Ann back onto the bed, not breaking their kiss and they laid side-by-side. Their hands began to wander over each other’s bodies. I was beside myself in lust, my cock in pain as it pressed against my jeans, harder than hell. I was mesmerized by what has transpiring in front of me. It was obvious that both women were comfortable with another woman’s body. I knew about Katie and her affair with Olivia and William, but didn’t know about Ann’s little bi secret. I had never seen anything so beautiful as Katie and Ann kissing.

I watched intently as Katie’s hand teasingly rubbed against the side of Ann’s naked tit. I noticed Ann slightly lean back, creating a gap between their bodies, just enough space for Katie to slide her hand onto her tit. Katie then broke the kiss, rolled Ann onto her back and started kissing her down her body, licking and sucking on her tits. Then Katie’s hand slid further down Ann’s body towards her crotch, which she firmly grabbed. I could hear Ann moan and grunt and swear and encourage Katie on. Both of them were lost in their own desires, seemingly forgetting that I was present.

While Katie was rubbing Ann’s pussy through her jeans, Ann reached down and undid the buttons. They both then pulled Ann’s jeans and panties down and off of her; she was now completely naked. Katie wasted no time and climbed between Ann’s legs that were now stretched wide and began licking, sucking and fingering her. Ann gasped, moaned, and within a minute her body began to shake as she climaxed.

Katie then crawled back up over her and they began kissing again, this time Ann licking her own juices off of Katie’s Antep Bayan Escort glistening face. Ann then rolled Katie onto her back and, kneeling over her, quickly undid her blouse and slacks, pulling them off of her. Katie popped the snap of her bra in front of her, releasing her beautiful nubile breasts. Ann dove right in sucking on them, nibbling her nipples, and squeezing them. She played with them for sometime before she slid down Katie’s body towards her waiting pussy. I was about to explode watching the two of them, not knowing what to do.

I couldn’t take it any more and walked towards the side of the bed. Katie, for the first time, noticed me and smiled as Ann went to town eating her pussy. Katie waved me over, giving me the OK to join the action. I couldn’t get out of my jeans quicker, kicking my shoes off and stepping out of them as I climbed onto the bed, kneeling to the side of Katie’s head, my hard cock waving up over her face. I lowered myself and she grabbed me, gliding my cock into her hot mouth.

On feeling me climb onto the bed, Ann awoke from her own desire-filled dream world and realized my presence. She smiled as she saw Katie devour my cock and then returned to her own work of licking and fingering Katie. On watching Ann lick Katie’s pussy and feeling Katie’s beautiful hot mouth wrapped around my cock, I couldn’t last long. My lust had been building up for sometime now, on first seeing Ann topless thirty minutes earlier. As I swore my appreciation of Katie’s sucking skills I came into her mouth, shooting spurt after spurt of cum. Katie tried her best to swallow as much as she could, but I just kept cumming, soon she pushed my cock out of her mouth, my cum streaming out and then another spurt hitting her across the face. With her hand she jerked me off with a few strokes, milking my cock, the last few drops of cum dribbling onto her chin.

Katie smiled up at me as she began to lose herself in her own climax as Ann fingered her harder and harder, faster and faster. Katie moaned and yelled out, her body shook with spasms. Ann then crawled up and started to lick my cum off of Katie’s face, making my cock jump, getting hard yet again.

Ann leaned down to Katie’s ear and I heard her whisper, “may I?” Katie just laughed, “be my guest.” It took me a second to realize what they were talking about; seeing Ann’s head move toward my cock confirmed my wildest imagination. She deftly took me into her mouth as she cupped my balls, just above Katie’s face. I looked down at Katie, questioning, wondering if this was OK with her, it obviously was as I noticed she reached down between Ann’s legs and started to finger her.

I was in heaven and felt like I was going to pass out just from the lust, the desire, the passion. Ann’s mouth was amazing, she sure knew how to give blowjobs, almost as good as Olivia. Even though I had just come, it didn’t take long for the luscious Ann to bring me to my second orgasm of the night. She swallowed most of it, but on pulling her mouth off my cock she opened wide showing off a load of my cum still in her mouth. Katie immediately reached up and pulled Ann’s face down towards her and they kissed. When they broke their kiss Katie opened her mouth and showed that she now had my cum, making a show of swallowing it.

Katie and Ann began kissing again, this time Ann lying on top of Katie. I watched them lustily as my cock began to get hard yet again. I then crawled to the bottom of the bed and spread both of their legs out. I kneeled between them, Ann’s hard ass sticking up in the air. Without saying anything, I guided my cock to Ann’s pussy, making her kneel up a bit for easier access. Katie realized immediately what I was doing and encouraged me on, telling me to fuck the little slut and give it to her hard. She then reached up and spanked Ann’s ass making her whimper into Katie’s mouth.

After a few minutes of fucking Ann in this position, she began to hump harder and harder backwards against my cock, nearing her own explosive climax. As she came, Ann yelled out and then started to quake and shake, setting off my own orgasm as I shot a load of cum into her quivering pussy. Ann then went limp, collapsing on top of Katie.

I collapsed next to her and the three of us drifted off to sleep. I awoke some hours later with a jolt.

“What the fuck?” I heard someone yell out. I wiped the sleep and daze from my eyes as Katie and Ann also sat up in bed. At the foot of the bed were Beth and Dillon; Beth with her mouth gapping open and Dillon chuckling with a smirk on his face. I’m sure he was wishing he was in my place!

“Katie? What…?” Beth yelled out.

“Beth, be quiet. And you, you two-timing, cheating, SOB, wipe that smirk off your face!” Katie commanded. Everyone, including myself, looked at her in surprise. Katie was asserting herself in ways no one would ever have expected. I chuckled internally as I recognized the ‘Olivia-effect’.

Katie crawled up out of the bed, completely naked, my cum and Ann’s juices on her face and hair making them glisten, but she didn’t care. She stood in front of Dillon, her face inches from his and read him the riot act. Beth looked on shocked, whether by her friend being so aggressive or the realization that Dillon had cheated on Katie with Ann, I wasn’t sure. But when Dillon backed up away from Katie it was Beth who slapped him across the face, yelling at him to get out of the house and that they were over.

Dillon stuttered a bit and then chose to flee, knowing this was one battle not worth fighting. Now Beth was crying and Katie walked up to her and hugged her. Ann then crawled out of the bed and they had a three-way group hug.

“Can I join too?” I pleaded, trying to add a bit of lightness to the moment.

“Shout-up you pervert, this is a girl’s thing,” Katie replied as she smiled at me and winked.

“I like girl’s things! Now all we have to do is get Beth naked!” I said with a big shit-eating grin on my face.

Now it was Beth’s turn to tell me to shut-up. Though, at least my pleading did grab me some attention as Katie broke away from the three-way hug and came back onto the bed and hugged and kissed me.

“Don’t want you to feel too left out.”

Ann and Beth both laughed lightly, still with there arms around each other. I never knew them to be friends, but somehow I guess given all that had just transpired, Ann was now part of their little clique.

Holding Katie naked next to me, seeing Ann standing there naked with Beth next to her I responded the only way my 18-year old body knew how, with a hardening cock. Katie immediately noticed,

“No way buster! You had your treat for the night. Don’t you ever stop? Besides, I think I need to get home before my parents slaughter me.”

Of course, while she was saying this she was jerking my cock off, sliding her hand up and down my shaft under the sheets. She made no attempt to hide her movements from Ann and Beth who stared on, wondering what Katie had in mind. She immediately stopped, jumped out of the bed and started to get dressed; leaving me behind with a very noticeable hard-on and Ann and Beth laughing at my predicament.

“You are so cruel! I’ll get you back, just wait”

“Promises, promises!” Katie replied, laughing.

She was at least kind enough to toss me my boxers and jeans so I could dress without being the center of attention.

Once we were all dressed again we went out and down the stairs to the main living room. There were still a few stragglers left, two couples making out quite heavily on the couch, one of the girls topless another seemingly fucking her partner, straddling his lap with her skirt hiked up, rocking back and forth. Needless to say, I stopped to watch the action, but Katie immediately grabbed my hand and tugged me along. There were also a few people passed out here and there. Beth said she would clean up the mess and see us next week at school. We dropped Ann off who again apologized to Katie for having an affair with Dillon, breaking down crying while doing so. Katie consoled her, holding her hand. She stepped out of my car with Ann and they hugged tightly, before Ann ran up to her house.

Katie did not say anything during the few minute drive to her house, obviously deep in her own thoughts. I tried to speak to her, but she wasn’t interested. I reached out and grabbed her hand, giving her a slight squeeze. She squeezed back, looking up at me, thanking me for being such a good friend. She kissed me passionately before getting out of the car and then waved just before she went inside.


Over the remainder of the spring semester Katie and I continued to date, make out, and have sex whenever we could. Ann became part of our little clique and I found myself the center of attention and lots of jealousy, being the one guy hanging out constantly with Katie, Beth and Ann. Ann was a big tease, flirting with me mercilessly, giving me a new status at school, though she always made sure it was when Katie was present. Even so, I was feeling good, dating one of the most beautiful and desirable girls and having one of the hottest and sexiest flirt with me. It was quite the turn around from my previous existence just a month ago.

Despite the pleasure of dating Katie, there were tensions in our relationship. I wasn’t attuned to dealing with the usual high school angst, pranks, and nonsense. Katie was above all that, but somehow she seemed to find comfort in that world, whereas I was prone to shun it. Though I loved the new found status I had at school and of course delighted in being with Katie, I was constantly reminded of why I was a loner and shied away from socializing. Besides my shyness, I just couldn’t deal with the immaturity, preferring my books over talking with others.

The biggest challenge for Katie and I wasn’t dealing with high school, but rather college and where we would be the following fall. She had been accepted to Colorado College and I was planning on going to Dartmouth. Though she was reluctant, Katie did apply to Dartmouth, but was put on a waiting list as it was so late into the year.

Over that summer we began to drift apart, knowing that when I headed east to college our relationship would fade away. We tried our best to keep it afloat, though both of us recognized it wouldn’t survive. We each began dating others, but remained in contact for another year until our lives just drifted apart.

Some years later when I was home visiting my mother before heading to my first overseas assignment in the Foreign Service, Olivia and William invited me over to dinner. Melissa must have been thirteen then, growing into a beautiful young woman, the spitting image of her mother.

All of this happened thirty years ago, in another lifetime. It all came flooding back to me recently when I had one of those “it’s a small world” experiences. I have been back in DC for the past two years working in the State Department, about to head back overseas next spring. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I decided to go out for brunch. I was sitting in the café, reading the Washington Post, when I looked up and saw a very familiar figure. I could of sworn it was Olivia, just as she looked when I knew her thirty years earlier. By now, Olivia would be in her sixties, so I knew it wasn’t her. I had not even thought of her in many years.

I kept staring, remembering with great fondness Olivia and how she helped me out of my shell. Lost in the memory, I did not see the woman get up from her table to walk over to me.

“Shaun? Is it really you?”

I shook my head and then it dawned on me, “Melissa? Oh my god, I can’t believe it.”

I stood up and we hugged, gushing on about how strange it was, what a small world it is, and on and on. She was just finishing her meal with some friends who she returned to before coming over and settling into the free chair at my table. We spoke briefly about what each of us were doing in DC, she is a professor of international relations at Georgetown, thanking me for giving her the interest in world affairs.

I then asked her about Olivia and William and she fell silent for a moment. I questioned her on what happened and with glistening eyes she related how they met with a car accident the year before. She said how she tried to contact me, but did not know how to find me. She did find Katie and Ann both of whom were still living in Denver and attended the funeral. The three of them spent some time together reminiscing about the old days.

Katie was a lawyer, while Ann married a successful doctor. I wasn’t aware that Melissa had known Ann and she related how Ann started to baby-sit for her after Katie and I started dating. Apparently Katie introduced Ann to Olivia who then adopted her too. I of course immediately had images of the three of them having sex together and must have had a smirk on my face thinking about it.

“What are you thinking?” Melissa asked.

“Nothing. Oh, nothing, sorry.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m not as naïve as you think. You were trying to imagine Katie and Ann having sex with my mom, weren’t you.”

I just stared at her, wondering how much she knew. She knew everything, including about my affair with Olivia as well. Olivia was a very open and honest person, sharing with her daughter all her intimate secrets once she grew older. Melissa reminisced a bit about her mother and what an amazing woman she was, how free, open, passionate, and giving she was. She began to tear up talking about her parents. I instinctively reached across the table and held her hand, squeezing it lightly, trying to comfort her.

We went on talking, spending another hour in the restaurant before deciding to move on to a nearby café. We spent several hours there before moving on to another restaurant for lunch. The conversation just flowed freely, like we were old and dear friends.

Rather than going to another café I suggested we go for a walk and head up to my house. It was nearing six o’clock by the time we reached my home and I offered her some wine. We took the bottle and sat out back of my row house, she admired my garden that I had built and the hot tub.

Well into our second bottle of wine Melissa said she was ready to soak in my hot tub.

“Looks like I forgot my suit though.”

“Well, you won’t be the first naked woman in there,” I teasingly suggested.

“Yeah, I’m sure, you and your massive orgies, all that girl-on-girl action!”

“Hey, I’m just a guy! Though it sounds like you may be a little jealous.”

We were a bit drunk and teasing one another, but when I said that Melissa turned a deep red. She finally admitted that she always had a crush on me, particularly after the last time we had met when she was thirteen and I was twenty-six some twenty-two years ago. I looked at her shocked at her revelation.

We stared at each other awkwardly for a few moments. I saw Melissa close her eyes, and take a deep breath. She then stood up, walked around the edge of the table and sat on my lap. We kissed, hard, passionately; our tongues dancing in desire to devour one another. I had obviously never thought of Melissa in such away, but all afternoon I noticed what a beautiful, sincere, engaging woman she has grown up to be.

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